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Found 39 results

  1. snaillad

    MOC: The Station hotel

    Hello everyone, The latest modular inspired me to make my own hotel with a theme a little closer to home, a Victorian era hotel. Some typical elements of the period I have included and some newer ones too. Arched windows, red brick, steep roofs and more. Anyway a couple of shots are shown below, as always any comments are welcome and any questions I'll try to answer! You can also view them on my flickr page here:
  2. Ahoy there, and welcome to Jose's Inn, located on the scenic Skull Rock boardwalk just a stone throws away from the pirate port itself! This Inn has all amenities of (both ship-or-land-based) home, such as five cozy beds and a large wine cellar stocked with all best ale's, beers, wines and spirits. The food served is guaranteed by our cook Dan "Dysentery" McGee to be the best served in all the world's navies, with no-maggots* crackers a staple of the pre-dinner meal! We are also proud to feature twice-a-week amusements by "Davy Jones and the Cursed Immortals" as our house band on Monday and Friday nights. Come around for such hearty songs such as "Point of Know Return", "Wooden Ships", "Octopus's Garden", with "Hotel in Tortuga" as their usual closer. The rear of the tavern, with the crow's nest-like lookout on top. Inside and upstairs are the (cost is per night) beds. Downstairs is the tavern area. So come on down to Jose's Inn, where our famous waitstaff (Manfred the waiter on left, Rosemary the barkeep on right) will treat you like old friends! (*Crackers may or may not contain maggots. Resulting disease may vary; Check with your local barber for more details on whether the crackers may be safe for you!) Davy Jones and the Undead Immortals Band are, from left to right: - Cpt. Vanderdecken, on drums (cursed God on a trip round the horn of Africa, so God cursed him) - Corporal Punishment, on guitar (from a Spanish expedition to El Dorado) - Major Paine, on bass guitar (officer from the English Civil War) - Davy Jones, on vocals (made a deal with goddess Calypso to ferry souls to underworld) NOTE: Their instruments are made from ectoplasm and not visible to living beings, thus they are not visible here. MODEL NOTES: This tavern idea came to me in early February, and was built in late May, and is based off set 31109's B-model with the printed sign from set Pirates of Barracuda Bay (from the Ideas set 21332 number . I thought I should build accommodations for my pirate crews upon arriving at Skull Rock, and it will hook into the boardwalk via clips on both sides of the model's dock easily. The song list is the one I thought long and hard about... thinking of REAL songs with pirate or ship themes, however slight, was hard! However, the easiest one to add was because of @Professor Thaum and his awesome pirate-y rendition of Hotel California, as seen in the post linked to above in the actual song list and again here, because I love it so much. Comments, questions, suggestions, and complaints welcome!
  3. yankschamps

    Legoland Park & Hotel

    This is our Legoland scene with the Park, Hotel and other buildings. The Legoland Hotel was submitted to Lego Ideas 3/29/2021. You could see other pictures at that site. Any support is appreciated!!!
  4. snaillad

    MOC: The Coral Hotel

    Hello fellow EB members. Long time no MOC! I've had a bit of a break due to house moving and having to put all my bricks into storage - that sucks and I never want to have to do it again! Anyway I've eased myself back into building with this relatively speedily built Art-Deco hotel I've had drawn for a while now. An excuse to have another go at building with the curved glass pieces. Anyway onto the pics, 5 in all. I've been influenced by many Miami based hotels so this is not a direct replica of any particular one. Any questions about techniques, comments or suggestions welcome. Cheers!
  5. ReplicaOfLife


    Welcome to Green Brick Grand Hotel! After over seven months in the making, it's finally time for me to present my newest modular MOC to you. Green Brick Grand Hotel is my biggest MOC to date, it is the largest both in footprint and height. It is built as a regular corner building, but features an inverted corner! Inside, it is fully furnished, featuring a lobby with reception and bar/loung area, dining room, kitchen, manager's office, an indoor pool and 6 rooms (two single & four double). I estimate this one to consist of about 7000-8000 pieces. Building time was February to September 2019. Except for the top of the tower, I did no virtual planning, it was all done as a free build using pieces from my collection (and a couple of bricklink orders I had to place...). More pictures can be found in the flickr album. A couple is just arriving at the hotel... Upon entering, you can't miss the reception. To the left is the grand sweeping staircase leading up to the other floors. The room for the couple isn't quite ready yet, so they enjoy some refreshments in the bar/ loung area. The dining / breakfast room. Currently, there's just one couple in. Overview of the ground floor Coming up from the reception area, there is a nice atrium from which you can look down to the ground floor. This also gives access to the manager's office, the small pool and a huge double room. The small indoor pool. There's only one room on the first floor, but it's a spacious double bedroom. The second floor also has two single rooms and one double room. Both singles are rather small, but they offer everything you might need! The other single room. Double room on the second floor. There's only two rooms on the third and topmost floor, both very spacious double rooms. One of them even features a small balcony with wide, opening doors! The couple we saw earlier arrives in their room. They booked the other spacious suite on the top floor. Again, there are some more pictures on my flickr account! Hope you like it - I'm looking forward to your feedback! Greetings, Tobias (RogerSmith)
  7. wooootles

    MOC: The Vybe Hotel

    Hey all, here's the 4th skyscraper in the Wasabi District - The Vybe Hotel. With 10 stories tall, 6000+ pieces, this is a 3/4-star hotel aimed at and caters to the younger demographic. Follow @wooootles on Instagram to see the WIP pics, and browse my Flickr page for more finished pics! Let me know what you guys think!
  8. Aliencat

    [MOC] Brick Hotel

    Here's a new modular MOC, the Brick Hotel: It has a full interior with everything a hotel needs, check out the Flickr albums for pictures:
  9. Elysiumfountain

    The Glacier Falls Lodge!

    This was one of my first large-scale MOCs, that came before the Orient Express Thriller or Winterfield Academy were even conceived! (back in 2014) I had watched the miniseries for "The Shining", and I've always been enamored with National Park lodges. So, the product was The Glacier Falls Lodge, the official lodge for Brickler Mountain National Park! A perfect getaway destination/luxury hotel catering to any minifig's vacation needs! This MOC went through at least six different iterations, before finally being pared down to a (very) downsized version fit for LEGO Ideas. At its prime, though, the Lodge contained an enormous lobby, full dining room and kitchen, and several guest rooms upstairs, with two bathrooms per floor (kind of in the style of Chico Hot Springs in Montana). The first iteration was built in 2014, during that summer we had a major fire that caused us to evacuate. This hotel was thrown in a box and taken with us in a car at night fleeing to Seattle. Later, when the fire season was over and we returned, the hotel sat on the desk for several months without being worked on. The Second Iteration had a change to the tower, it was more octagonal and separated from the roof. And I used the Town Hall Skylights for the Lobby. The Third Iteration sadly has no pictures, as my computer had crashed and we lost them. But it was pretty ugly. I had the idea to try and make octagonal towers on either side of the main doors, with the idea not turning out very well. That iteration was fragile, and fell apart easily. The Fourth Iteration was a HUGE model, with an upgraded, fancier porch and a sign out front! This was also when I made it into more of a Victorian style hotel, with a large wrap around porch, and the two towers on either side. These were half-octagonal towers, which made it a lot easier to stay together. (I had actually figured out how to build them, and gotten the pieces for it). The roof was a major challenge, but we made it work! This iteration also had an enormous, well thought out and beautifully built dining room, as well as a large kitchen with three to four walk in freezers! The Fifth Iteration was downsized in terms of length to make it fit through the door, lol! The basic hotel structure remained the same, however, with the exception of a large rearranging of the rooms inside. This was the first project that I submitted to LEGO Ideas, before having to downsize it again for it to be accepted. This was by far the best iteration of the six, and the only one we have interior pictures of. 5th Iteration furniture and Grand Fireplace 5th Iteration First Floor Porch Detail Lobby Facing the Dining Room Lobby picture 2 Piano Music Room Lobby Picture 3 The cool part was that the interior walls of the 5th Iteration were removable! 1st/2nd floors This was also the first iteration to have major interior decorating and fancy chandeliers! The 6th and Final Iteration of this MOC kept most of the basic structure, subtracting much of the width, in order to make the 3000 piece LEGO Ideas limit. This unfortunately was at the cost of sacrificing the entirety of the interior minus several pieces of furniture. This iteration currently, sadly does not exist anymore. It was torn down and the pieces used for Winterfield Academy (pictured below) However the 6th Iteration is still up on LEGO Ideas right now, and currently has 2036 Supporters! If you would like to give your support as well, I'll include the link here. We would really appreciate any support given! :) Anyways, that's the whole story on the MOC! This was by far (not counting my disastrous attempt at a county courthouse when I was 15) my first successful MOC that I thought looked relatively decent! Please tell me what you think, anything you like about it, etc., in your replies! I'll finish with a couple shots from last December and our promotional Winter Photoshoot! :) Thanks for reading! :)
  10. cimddwc

    [MOC] Grand Palace Hotel

    Hi everyone, I've been building this hotel off and on over the past couple of years - most of the interior is still not built, but it was ready for display last weekend on Bricking Bavaria 2017: Hotel lakeside 5 (BB2017) by cimddwc, on Flickr Covering 5x2½ baseplates (including pavement and lake), featuring a total of 80 beds in 12 suites, 24 rooms and a group section, plus dining hall (presented earlier here), bar, two conference rooms, sun terrace, pool, gym, sauna, massage, lake access with a small beach and jet skis. Hotel streetside 2 (BB2017) by cimddwc, on Flickr Inspired mostly by the belle époque hotels in Montreux on the Lage Geneva shoreline, and others. In detail: General architecture: Montreux Palace, Suisse Majestic, Eden Palace Au Lac. Main colors: Montreux Palace, Suisse Majestic. Level of decoration: Montreux Palace. Raised ground floor: Eden. Corner turret: Eden. Main entrance: The Langham (London). Dining hall: Salle Empire (Hôtel de Paris, Monaco). Lego inspirations: Some gables by Jonas Wide Partial entrance decoration by eliza Hotel streetside 1 (BB2017) by cimddwc, on Flickr Hotel main entrance 2 by cimddwc, on Flickr Hotel jet skis by cimddwc, on Flickr Hotel sun terrace by cimddwc, on Flickr The interior of most of the basement and raised ground floor is complete: Reception, annual gathering of mascots and advertising characters: Hotel reception by cimddwc, on Flickr Hotel mascot conference by cimddwc, on Flickr Some shady business conference: Hotel business conference 1 by cimddwc, on Flickr Gym, pool, sauna and massage: Hotel gym by cimddwc, on Flickr Hotel pool by cimddwc, on Flickr Hotel massage and sauna by cimddwc, on Flickr » More images on Flickr Future changes will include a complete interior, a detachable side wall (on the left, opposite the dining hall) so visitors can look inside, and probably some lights. Further ideas and comments welcome, of course. Hope you like it. :)
  11. snaillad

    MOC: The Brixton Hotel

    Hello EB members and all! I put together a quick build (Quick for me - 1 month!) whilst I was waiting for a delivery for another project and got pretty into this 1930's Art-Deco themed hotel MOC. I very much enjoy doing interiors and this was a good excuse to have a go at some new SNOT techniques - for me. The new rounded tiles were a great alternative to an otherwise straight patterned floor. It was also fun to go with some darker colours for a change, although I found them very difficult to photograph with all the reflections. Shout out to @timmyc1983 - I stole the name for the hotel after your town layout, I suppose every town needs a hotel though! Thanks again! Anyway on with the pics, all 3 of them; You can view them at Flickr here if you prefer: Comments, questions about techniques etc all welcome! Cheers!
  12. CAMPAIGN 6: Toohati - Amry Base "HOTEL" Studica E8 Under the cover of darkness, and amid the distraction of other raids, a small force of Toohati soldiers assaulted the army base objective designated "Hotel." Intelligence from the Servants of Freedom has designated this base as a possible storage site for nuclear weapons in transit. As such, this raid may or may not successfully capture any of these terrifying weapons. However, the results are still positive: either a piece has been taken off the game board, or a location be scratched from the list... [GBW-CP6] Assaulting "Hotel" "Command, Hotel has been found, with no one at the front desk." [GBW-CP6] Assaulting "Hotel" [GBW-CP6] Assaulting "Hotel" "Command, we're in the penthouse suite!" [GBW-CP6] Gaining Entry... [GBW-CP6] The Goal "We'll be sure to leave a positive review of this place..." __________________________________________________________________________________________ Hope you guys like the different styles of building here, I had a lot of fun with the mini vehicles, even if the tank doesn't have the right proportions.
  13. I present you my MOC. It is a four-star hotel "Riviera" in the city of Kazan. Date of construction of hotel is 2008. It is situated on the bank of the river Kazanka. Hotel photo: Thanks for viewing and your comments!
  14. This hotel was inspired partially by the B model in set 31069 and partially by a prototype 1920's theme LEGO tested sometime in the 1990's as seen below: (not my pic, seen here first.) My version of the building is modular with four levels, with four rooms, a lobby level, and the roof / tower that lift away. The neon sign out front is double-sided, and can be read from either left or right sides, while the awning above the door should say RITZ in printed 1 x 1 tiles. The rear and front of building features a ton of windows, while the left and right sides feature none, due to this model being placed in close proximity with other buildings. The "L" shape of this building gives it a unique feel, in my opinion. The lower floor currently features a check-in desk with cash register, piano, dining room table and several seats. The second floor features two separate rooms with a bed, desk with lamp, table, chairs, and a record player in each. Third floor also features the same stuff as the second floor. NOTE: Here's the LDD file of the whole model. As usual, comments, questions and complaints always welcome! EDIT 2/25/18: added two more rooms a better styled roof with revised color scheme and an updated LDD file. This model is now on the to-build list, to be built sometime later this year.
  15. sander1992

    MOC: Wonder Woman

    Hi everyone, I participated on a contest of LowLUG. The contest was to build something what has something to do with: in fire and flame. Maximum 16 x 16 studs and 20 bricks high. This is the second build for the contest and it is based on the Wonder Woman movie. I wanted to create the fighting scene with Ares on the airport which was on fire. But with a max of 16 x 16 studs, I abandoned the idea had focused on another scene from the movie. Steve Trevor and Wonder Woman have liberated the town called Veld from the Germans. After dancing, drinking and singing, Steve and Diana staying at the hotel and kiss each other for the first time. For more pictures visit my Flickr album Wonder Woman Questions and feedback are welcome. Sander
  16. Hey everyone, Like many LEGO fans around the world, I've built some MOCs too for the Rebrick Mini Building Madness contest, not only because I saw the awesome prize package, but I realized that I've never built a model in this scale and I thought it would be fun. Well, yes, it was so much fun, and it was quite challenging at some points, so I think now could share my mini modulars with you. :) Grand Hotel Every LEGO city needs a hotel, where the tourists and guests can enjoy their spare time. This is actually my first ever mini modular and I really enjoyed building it. The most challenging part of it was to connect the different sections/floors. You can see all building techniques that I've used on the last image below. I built some bits of the ground floor and 1st floor using SNOT techniques and the roof is actually completely built upside down. Erling's Café This is my 2nd and unfortunately last entry to this contest. I think this was my most challenging MOC ever, but I enjoyed every moment of it! :) Erling's Café? Yes. I've used many 1x1 headlight bricks (also known as Erling Brick after its designer) in my model, so I thought it would be a cool name for it. Oh, have you noticed the custom sticker? The inspiration for that came from the coffee shop (Assembly Square set). I've tweaked the brick built logo a little bit and made my own version. :) (Psssst, have you noticed the custom sticker?! ;) ) Not sure if I can post links here, but you can find more images of these mini modulars on Flickr.
  17. I made these for the Rebrick contest for the 10th anniversary of modular buildings. The task was an interior vignette up to 16x16 studs in size which would thematically fit in any of the modular buildings. I tried to refrain as much as possible from using many ready-made items and accessories. Hotel Lobby for the Cafe Corner Baby room for Pet Shop (the building, not the store, lol)
  18. Dfenz

    [MOC] Davenport Hotel

    Completed just in time for the Brick Live exhibition in Birmingham was my latest MOC based on Dublin's Davenport Hotel. That particular building was chosen because Scooby Doo needed to check out something more than just the haunting ghouls on the roof and scary lanterns awaiting those who entered, namely the 'illegal' gambling on the first floor between the centre columns. This particular feature is a fully functioning Mindstorms powered 'push-button' operated 'slot machine' that releases gold 2x2 coins out the front right door once the three barrels line up with the same colour. Reloading is through the roof. At the weekend the colour sensors worked very well once the rechargeable battery wasn't depleted. The photos below show an overview of the model, its rear (pre-swimming pool), roof swimming pool and close-up of the spinning barrels. Enjoy. A collection of photos from Bricklive at the NEC 2016. by Dfenz, on Flickr A collection of photos from Bricklive at the NEC 2016. by Dfenz, on Flickr A collection of photos from Bricklive at the NEC 2016. by Dfenz, on Flickr A collection of photos from Bricklive at the NEC 2016. by Dfenz, on Flickr A collection of photos from Bricklive at the NEC 2016. by Dfenz, on Flickr
  19. wooootles

    MOC: Azure One Hotel & Suites

    Here's my latest creation, something I've always wanted to do since I was... 8 years old? I'm getting it ready right for Brickworld 2016. With 18 stories, measuring over 6 feet tall and more than 9,000 bricks, this is by far my largest creation. Since it's an absolute hassle to move around, the interior shots will come in later (though you might have seen a few already in my WIP thread). But for now, enjoy the exterior shots. Stay tuned for the interior shots! And this won't be the last skyscraper in the Wasabi District; I'm already planning a second tower adjacent to the One Azure!
  20. Tobysan

    [MOC] Classic Hotel Modular

    Hi All, Here's a Classic Style Hotel MOC that's I've had in storage for some time. I originally started this MOC with the concept of a Grand Hotel to explore classical exterior features and builds but somehow hit a creative block when it came to interiors. The Hotel features a working elevator, large lobby area, classical style entrance facade with glass awning, 2 rooms, a rooftop cafe with large balcony area and a removable skylight roof. Built on a usual 32x32 baseplate the Hotel MOC features standard connector pins to fit other modulars, as mentioned the MOC still needs some major interior work and floors so do pardon the somewhat minimal furnishings. Enjoy.
  21. cimddwc

    [MOC] Hotel Dining Hall

    Hi everyone! Granted, this is just a part of my planned big Grand Palace Hotel, but it works on its own too, so here it is: Note that the black rigid hoses around the windows are not genuine Lego, but a cheap nylon tube. Shinier, but similar strength. Let's remove the walls and have a look inside: The piano is from the Friends Grand Hotel, by the way. Maybe I should have added more gold to the ceiling... It's afternoon, so mostly drinks, coffee, pastries and ice cream are served. Painting on the back wall: » More photos in the Flickr album, as usual Hope you like it. :) But don't expect the full hotel anytime soon...
  22. F0NIX

    [MOC] The Edge

    This is another model of a real building from my home town Tromsø in northern part of Norway. Clarion Hotel The Edge was opened 1.may 2014. When they started building it, there had already been some pictures in the local newspaper of how it was supposed to look when finished. And I liked the shape. The architect was inspired of some other spectacular buildings in the town: Ishavskatedralen and Polaria that I have made a model of in LEGO before. I like this type of architecture. I also like some challenges and thought all those angles looks fun and interesting to build. I settled on minifig scale (1:42) just to get as much details of the buildings as I could (there are not many). I used photos that I took myself and some floor and facade drawings to help me plan this out. This is my first LEGO MOC in this huge size so I tried to plan as well as I could. I had a few criteria beside the scale of the building, that I wanted to follow: * It needs to be easy to set up and taken down. * It needs to be stable enough for a public exhibition. * It needs to be as compact as possible when packed down. Used LEGO Duplo bricks as support columns inside. Used LEGO Technic for structural support rack/scaffolding inside to hold up the brick built walls. And it can be dismantled and packed down as a IKEA furniture set (without the umbraco keys) :) The pictures is taken on the first exhibition it was on. PKH2015 in Trondheim, Norway. Not 100% complete yet. Missing some parts that had to be substituted with the closest part I could find until the new parts arrive. The new parts has now been placed and the model is again ready for a new exhibition. PKH is short for "På Kloss Hold" that translates to "at close range" but the word "kloss" could also means like a LEGO brick. So it is a play on words. PKH is the Norwegian LUG Brikkelaugets annual meeting and exhibition. Right front facade: Left front facade: Right rear facade: Front facade: Top View: The Real Building: More pictures here. Some numbers: Real building: 42m high Model = 100cm high Number of bricks: more than 20.000 And here is a video from when I was setting it up for the first time at the first exhibition it was shown at. It was on "På Kloss Hold 2016", the Norwegian LUG Brikkelauget's yearly event. I have fixed a few things on the building since those pictures was taken: Swapped the black bricks with trans-black panel and bricks in the front where I ran out of bricks before PKH. Made the sign on top of the building. Made one of the huge air conditioning units that sits on top of the first floor in the rear right corner. Fixed some of the gaps on the roof where I had trouble finding a wedge plate that matched the angle of the wall. Fixed some other small gaps here and there. Fixed a little low wall on top of the roof of the first floor. I will maybe set out some more minifigs with bags and suitcases and a taxi in front of the hotel. But that depends on how accessible the parts are for small fingers ;) There are also a few other things that I may do with the model in the future: Around on the facade there are some vertical glass panels on the real building. But since they are made of glass they are not very visible in the day. But in the night they are lit up from behind with some cold white-bluish light. But I have not found a good way to implement this feature so it is not very visible in the day. The small posts in the front has a trans clear round 1x1 plate in every second post. On the real building those post are lit up at night. I have already made the model so it is possible to put in light here, but I have not put in the LED here yet. There are also some cranes here and there on top of the building. Those cranes lower down a basket so they can clean the facade of the building. I may put in those at a later time to. I have to find a nice way to build them in the right scale first, and here I only have pictures from below to look at.
  23. Loves Houses

    [MOC] Grand Hotel Ocean View

    20% OFF - The famous Grand Hotel Ocean View has re-opened this weekend after a major renovation. Lots of people from all over the world are already shuffling in taking advantage of the nice re-opening deal. Front side of the hotel. Back side of the hotel. The seasoned reception chef Mr. Smith is quite unimpressed by little queues and special request of all sorts. He's heard it all before. The first guest have found their way up to the roof top and are enjoying a sunbath - astonishing as I forgot the stairs. Some more impressions of scenes @ the hotel. For convenience the hotel is right side by side with Palace Cinema and Brick Bank. On hotel booking pages the chambers with showers and king-size beds on belle etage are highlighted. Here is the overview of the elements of the modular build. . More details and pics can be found on Flickr. C&C welcome.
  24. Loves Houses

    [MOC] WIP Grand Hotel Ocean View

    Here I present to you my Grand Hotel Ocean View - work in progress. That is the outside facade is ready, but I still need to add the interior and the roof garden. Inspiration to this came from last years summer holiday. And then the friends hotel came, and I bought it and used many of its elements. But alas, to build a hotel is such an undertaking... The project plan got delayed. It is still WIP and the interior needs to be added. And now if I'm not careful these agents start sending the tourists already. I know some of you have been awaiting this, so here you go. Tipps for interior appreciated. The forefront can be nicely integrated into a Grand Esplanade. The palm shaded garden side invites to have breakfast outside. I'm not yet decided what shades to use for the rooftop. And of course the gardeners have lots to do still. The belle etage has lofty rooms with a balcony each and ocean view. Rooms are flooded with beautiful sun light. The impressive carpet for the Great Hall has been delivered, but the clerks are missing their desks. Of course the MOC is modular and can be integrated with other Lego City buildings. C&C welcome. Some more pictures and sizes can be found on Flickr.
  25. ivanych

    Hotel with a small pool

    :15163 The hotel was built in the late 19th century, it is located in the historic city. The crisis that modern trends and insistent demands of discerning customers prompted the owners of the hotel to spend the reconstruction and plastic embedded in the right wing of the building a small swimming pool. I have greater influx of customers after the reconstruction? Definitely, yes! Do all liking the changes in the architectural appearance of the building? Perhaps this question is best answer those who are viewing this topic at the moment. P.S. Floors removable light over the pool area (on the 2nd floor of the hidden battery pack and Plate protruding from the wall of the right side of the building, including a light switch)