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Found 8 results

  1. Hey everyone, There is currently a promotion in the European Flagship Stores to get a printed 2x4 "Skyline" Tile with purchasing the 40574 LEGO Brand Store with the corresponding name of the City on the tiles. There should be tiles with Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, London, Milan, Paris and Rome. Is anyone located in these cities to help me getting those? Help is really appreciated!
  2. Antha

    Two men

    My entry for the contest CREATE ART on Lego Ideas The man with the studs is tired. The man with the tiles is cheerful. Two characters built with practically the same parts. There are a few more plates for the cheerful man and one piece has been changed. Lego or the art of pieces and colour.
  3. When Lego redesigned the 1x1 tile with clip (15712) to be rounded like a minifigure hand, it became possible to wedge a tile inside the clip. However, this technique seems to have been used only rarely, I'm only aware of it appearing in the retired UCS Shield Helicarrier (76042, for the nanofigure control room) and the Creator Blue Jet (31039, for the heads up display). I've not even seen this used in many MOC's, so my first question is, why not, is it bad for the parts? I was hoping to use this technique on a MOC with 1x2 grille tiles to represent micro-scale safety railings: However, in real life the tile-in-clip assembly is very stiff. It's hard to get the tile into the clips, though it does snap in. However, the tile seems to prefer sitting in the clip at an angle (as done in the helicarrier) instead of going in straight (like the heads up display on the creator Blue Jet). So is this technique really "legitimate"? Does it strain or damage the parts? Is it safe to do this to the grille tiles, which have much less plastic to force apart the clip? I'd be interested to hear your thoughts or see MOCs where this has been done.
  4. Hi everyone! I am facing quite a difficulty: I want to build an oval-shaped building (here is the base piece), but the problem is that I don't know which tiling method I should use in order to create the floor. Should I use round 1 x1 quarter ones or other round tiles ? The U-shape bugs me. Please give me your impressions. If needed, some photographs (taken from an iPhone, sorry if the quality is not perfect) in order to catch the angles of the piece.
  5. LegoSjaak

    Lego Road tiling design.

    I made a design for a 48x48 studs baseplate in Excel and will use 4 baseplates in total to make a 'U' shaped road, with parkinglots on the inside.. The Dark Bluish Grey road is wide enough. Along it, you can find the parking lots, and the middle section could contain lampposts, parkingmeters, trees, benches, garbagebins and so on as well! This road should cover the light bluish grey 48x192 area that is still empty! Here some pictures!
  6. Hi guys, I am still a tad new so I did not know where to post this. But this is the thing, I am building the Temple of Airjitzu and there is a tile which acts as a room seperator, kind of like a paper sheet. The issue is that it is a bit crumpled and I was wondering if anyone has any idea on how I could straighten this piece out. Here is a picture.' alt='24532799326_d299212a60_k.jpg'>Airjitzu tile by Vincent ST, auf Flickr[/img] This is really bothering me and any help is deeply appreciated. Also if there is a specific forum subsection for this let me know. VIncent
  7. LegoSjaak

    Lego Modular City Square

    Since two days i'm working on my latest project...a Modular City Square... or, a square for my is a rather large surface, so i had to do a few bricklink orders...but this is what i started with..updates will follow!!.
  8. I've got some bricks and tiles that have been in my collection for a while and are starting to really show the wear and tear. I know there's a method of restoring the shine and transparency to old transparent bricks, but I'm curious about the traditional non-transparent pieces.. You know how when you open up a new set, and the tiles and bricks are smooth to the touch, and glossy, and are just pleasant to the touch overall? That's what I'd like to return my pieces to. My question, therefore, is: Is there a method of returning the glossy, smooth, 'new' feel to used bricks? (Let's assume the pieces in question have been cleaned of dust, etc. beforehand, and aren't covered in tooth marks or bent/dented corners.) In particular, tiles are notorious for this, as they have this large smooth surface that's just perfect for attracting the micro-scratches. I suspect at least some of the loss of 'new feel' comes from the oil in our fingers, so whatever method used would be temporary - but that's perfect for taking final pictures (you'd just have to wear gloves and be willing to put in that extra bit of time to keep your model nice for the photo shoot). Anyone got a method for this?