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  1. EmersonDAnite

    Excalibur Mafia 4 - Day Three

    vote: Lt Cheseelo (Zepher) And it will be up to Pherson to decide our fates.
  2. EmersonDAnite

    Excalibur Mafia 4 - Day Three

    After a quick review of yesterday, I'm personally a little suspicious of Duvors. There was a lot of vote flip-flopping, and - more interestingly - his initial choice of lynch was later murdered by corrupted in the night. I'm not sure if it's enough to go off of though. I will obviously not be voting for myself (as I am thouroughly convinced of my innocence!) but I am trying to sort out how I feel about everyone's analysis.
  3. EmersonDAnite

    Excalibur Mafia 4 - Day Two

    Well, this is my first time in a murder situation. I'm spitballing, and trying to figure out strategies as I go.
  4. EmersonDAnite

    Excalibur Mafia 4 - Day Two

    The mood has turned dark fast. I vote: Lieutenant Reechsavo Heecan (Jimmynick), but I expect us to be held accountable if we're wrong. Even though I've been quiet, I am also more ok with losing a quiet officer.
  5. EmersonDAnite

    Excalibur Mafia 4 - Day Two

    For what it's worth, I missed voting yesterday as I was a little confused about the timing. I would favour voting someone out today, but I'm rather stumped about who that would be. We might get lucky, but if we're wrong we'll be left with only 4 un-corrupted going into this night. If we don't vote for someone, we'll be relying on the investigator to survive and provide us info tomorrow.
  6. EmersonDAnite

    Excalibur Mafia 4 - Day Two

    If we assume a doctor and an investigator, wouldn't we have had equal odds of picking one of them or one of the corrupted? We might have ended up forcing our heros to expose themselves too early.
  7. EmersonDAnite

    Excalibur Mafia 4 - Day Two

    A darn shame. They were a credit to their field. We will have to work carefully to catch the culprit
  8. EmersonDAnite

    Excalibur Mafia 4 - Day One

    Science officer reporting in! The main dish calibration was being a real bear, but I came as soon as I heard the news.
  9. EmersonDAnite

    Excalibur Mafia 4

    I'd like to join!
  10. EmersonDAnite

    [MOC] TIE Fighter - Minifig Scale [Instructions]

    Hey this is really cool. Great work!
  11. EmersonDAnite

    [MOC] Alfa Pendular CP4000

    Man that colour-scheme is clean
  12. EmersonDAnite

    Vehicles in my town: updates

    The mail-van is super neat!
  13. EmersonDAnite

    10183 - any concurrent builds?

    I own it as well and there are definitely some that you can build at the same time. I remember really liking the long flat-bed and building alongside maybe an engine? While I'm here. I have pdfs of the instructions, but they're pretty inscrutable. Can I still find LDD and the files for each of the models online?
  14. Great work with the SEGA lettering!