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  1. EmersonDAnite

    TIE Fighter - Minifig Scale [Instructions]

    Hey this is really cool. Great work!
  2. EmersonDAnite

    [MOC] Alfa Pendular CP4000

    Man that colour-scheme is clean
  3. EmersonDAnite

    Vehicles in my town: updates

    The mail-van is super neat!
  4. EmersonDAnite

    10183 - any concurrent builds?

    I own it as well and there are definitely some that you can build at the same time. I remember really liking the long flat-bed and building alongside maybe an engine? While I'm here. I have pdfs of the instructions, but they're pretty inscrutable. Can I still find LDD and the files for each of the models online?
  5. Great work with the SEGA lettering!
  6. EmersonDAnite

    LL-928 Galaxy Explorer remake (with instructions)

    I do like seeing everyone's different interpretations of the classic sets; this is a great one!
  7. EmersonDAnite

    Our New Fish Overlords

    I love the old dinosaur head use!
  8. EmersonDAnite

    [MOC] BTL Y-wing Starfighter

    Great greebling all over!
  9. EmersonDAnite

    [MOC] Scarif | "Make 10 Men Feel Like 100"

    Yeah the two-tone leaves really sell the palms!