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  1. Sir Kingston

    [MOC] Europa

    The shaping/sloping is magnificent!
  2. Sir Kingston

    [COR-FB-EBFS] Arlinsport Botanical Garden

    It’s pleasant dash of colour for BoBS, great work!
  3. The house, the vegetation, all great!
  4. Sir Kingston

    [LDD] Greek Sacoleve

    That is truly an astonishing build! The angles are done so well!
  5. Sir Kingston

    POTC HMS interceptor

    Look's great! A larger picture would be nice like the others said.
  6. Sir Kingston

    [OL - Challenge III - Cat E] In extremis

    A good story for sure, along with the more cinematic shots.
  7. I agree with the others, a real nice job on the office!
  8. Sir Kingston

    [GoC - COR] ‘Redcoats Rule’ - Task 3

    Bayonets do really add to the appearance. It’s simple for sure, but hopefully I can provide some more elaborate builds in the future.
  9. I guess in a way he is, but it could also be interpreted as an OL dragoon’s jacket... I could have used the more common officer torso with red sash, but it has problems, most notably the strange layout of the facings and buttons. There really is a lack of choices when it comes to LEGO age of sail uniforms.
  10. Sir Kingston

    [GoC - COR] ‘Redcoats Rule’ - Task 3

    Thanks, I’m glad you like it!
  11. Sir Kingston

    [OL-FB] Class 8 warship - l'Etalon

    Definitely a beautiful ship! It’s nice to see variations in design, for example the enclosed helm, which is a nice touch. My personal opinion is that the helm would be enclosed to shield the helmsmen from rough weather. Certainly better than being blown around on the quarterdeck during a tempest!
  12. Sir Kingston

    [OL-FB] Terraman le Clairon

    Another great ship! The rigging is stunning!
  13. The breastplates and helmets are always nice to see, along with the simple torsos and legs.
  14. My second SigFig- Field Operative George Ricketts, Corrish Intelligence. Recent correspondence between Ricketts and Corrington Intelligence: Mr. George Ricketts, It is increasingly apparent that quality informational and situational intelligence in foreign and domestic colonial possessions is necessary for the security of Corrington. Your assistance in internal operations to protect the citizens and informational assests has been invaluable, however the Secretary is in need of more operatives for programs abroad. Furthermore, the Intelligence board officially offers you a position, in which you will operate covertly to eliminate threats both foreign and domestic. You will operate only under the Queen’s and the Secretary’s jurisdiction, by accepting this position you assume all risks associated. At your appointment, you will be dispatched iverseas immediately. I hope you consider this opportunity. -Corrington Board of Intelligence Corrington Board of Intelligence, I, George Ricketts, accept this offer and have informed the appropriate authorities of my transfer. -Ricketts Background- Ricketts is known for his reform and professionalization of city watchmen and the constabulary. Before his offer, he worked in the Juniper regions, arresting and executing spies and criminals. Recently, he uncovered a Lotii spy ring, which was attempting to predict Corrington’s next move in El Oleonda. His is noted to be quite the partygoer, but not by choice. (It isn’t uncommon for attendees at these parties to ‘disappear’) He has a pleasant personality that can quickly turn sour when needed. -He is pictured in his dress uniform, which is rather plain, but he seldom wears it in the field.
  15. Sir Kingston

    [SR - FB] Liqor Merchant - The Sereen Cay

    I agree with the others, the use of parts and overall attention to detail is excellent!