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  1. To BoBS- I thoroughly appreciate this community and by no means am I leaving the community entirely, but for personal reasons I felt that I needed to take a step back. (i.e. even if that means reading the Corrington PM and new topics on occasion) Corrington Rules the Waves!
  2. Sir Kingston

    [COR - FB1 - July 620] Dispatch: Part 2

    Sorry for the late response, I think I'll go with the 2nd Colonial Lancers. (I'll also get some alternate photos that better display their uniforms)
  3. Sir Kingston

    [COR-MC] The WTC Storms the Beach!

    The WTC is doing what it does best- profiteering!
  4. I agree with @Brickwolf, definitely a good move!
  5. Sir Kingston

    Phase 3 Discussion

    I also support all of these ideas, as a more casual gameplay would definitely help with retention of players. I know that I won’t be able to match the scale and amount of builds others make; nor will I make a build for every event. A major flaw I feel with the system is the number of countries compared to the number of actually active players. While creating your own personalized state and armed forces is great, this also puts more demand on individual players/teams. The effect is that every state has a less developed identity/military/storyline due to the limitations in number of builds (one player can only do so much). I feel that the vast scope of the world that is attempting to be captured falls short frequently, and it’s not the players’ fault but the lack of them. Short Answer- Good Ideas
  6. Sir Kingston

    Adventure MRCA

    @Bregir The next steps in the Terraversian situation/Ricketts have much to do with NPC reactions and the success of his story; I think this warrants GM input.
  7. Sir Kingston

    [COR aMRCA] A Diplomatic mission

    Guardian Angel The past few days in Nola Mar were far from bright, and evidence of the incessant showers had muddied the city's streets. Ricketts knew that Cooke could be in any alleyway, wagon, prison, or mound of dirt; and there was little he do about that. However, with every day, it was increasingly more obvious that something was amiss. Be it the armed columns in the streets, or the distinct lack of proofing marks on the lockplates of their arms. Something had rocked the boat in this town, and Ricketts was going to find out... After sleeping off a bit of rum, Ricketts descended from his loft, and stepped into the kitchen. He wasn't much in the mood for preparing food and instead opted for some evening tea. He figured that a small meal from the local pub and some catching up on the local rumours would be in order anyways. After taking his freshly dried stocking off the mantle of the fireplace, he proceeded to buckle his well-worn shoes. Once more, he stepped out from the doorway, latching the door behind him. The jolly laughter from the street's nightlife was already in full swing. He walked towards the main avenue, the hobnails of his shoes joining the chorus of the foot traffic. Surprisingly, he found Mr. Johnstone (the logistical officer dispatched ahead of Ricketts' arrival who had established the safehouse), briskly approaching him, umbrella not far behind. "Aye, you'd best hear this, we're already hours behind." "Let's hear it then", replied Ricketts. "As I was entering the market, all the talk was about a foreign spy or an officer dressed in the red of Corrington, who had just left the prison at gunpoint by local militia. I also heard that he was to meet Archduke Oldis in King's Port!" "Do we know for certain this is Cooke, Mr. Johnstone? "Indeed, I was similarly skeptical and went after the crowd. I saw him, it was most certainly him." Looking ever more exasperated by the minute, Ricketts cursed and furrowed his brow, "This... This is diplomatic nightmare.." Johnstone shared his frustration, "I agree, this is a most undesirable situation." "Now that we know where Cooke is, we must act quickly- while we still can. They've forced our hand, but not without revealing their cards. You will go to shore party at the docks in the cover of darkness and deliver my message to the lieutenant." "And you? Command may not authorize the risk of destabilizing the situation further..." "I'll be in King's Port by then, I don't know who or what is causing this internal shatterbelt, but Cooke is under lock and key somewhere. I was sent to locate and protect him, and we've allowed this go on for far too long." To Whom it May Concern, Cooke is on the move, at gunpoint of local forces. Clear signs of foreign military influence, unsure of national origin. I will travel to King's Port, where it is said that he will meet with Archduke Oldis. If possible, immediate diplomatic pressure recommended, I do not yet know if an escape attempt is achievable, and I cannot assure Cooke's safety in the hands of the Terraversians. -Ricketts "You were tasked as his guardian angel then?" Johnstone mused. "Precisely"
  8. Sir Kingston

    [OL - FB] Recruitment in Eltina

    It does appear so... Lively vignette all the same!
  9. Wouldn't be out of character...
  10. Beautiful cavalry! I especially appreciate the black/red combination in the likeness of the Colours!
  11. Sir Kingston

    [GoC - COR] ‘Redcoats Rule’ - Task 3

    Thanks, I consider this to be more of a transitional build for myself, as the overall quality leaves much to be desired in certain aspects. However, I do hope that future builds will represent an enhancement in appearance and detail. The blue pants (while they weren’t exclusive to officers) are inspired by the Royal Marines’ winter service wool navy trousers.
  12. Sir Kingston

    [GBW] Island Rush - Plighia - 3 of 4: Operation Ur

    The terrain gradient is expressed very well, and of course the missile deployment vehicle is a nice centerpiece.
  13. Sir Kingston

    [OL - FB] It's a dirty job...

    I agree with the others, the process is well explained and shown in the build!
  14. Sir Kingston

    [SR-FB] A Short Drop and a Sudden Stop

    Nice gallows! I like the reference towards Norrington from PotC!