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Found 3 results

  1. After the arrival of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines, and the establishment of the settlement, civilians followed. One of the first of these new arrivals was a mapmaker, naturally. It was a sound business move as the ever-growing Corrish scientific community was eager to have the most accurate and novel maps. In addition, a new settlement is a great place to find work, whether you’re a sailor, farmer, or carpenter. With little shortage of manpower, small shops and dirt streets were established along the coast of the Landing. Furthermore, Annettaskrona must be surveyed for possible foreign troop movements and/or positions. Karlton will be at the forefront of this endeavour, where his marines will penetrate further into the dense and rather muddy jungle. (The SNOT tiles on the front give the appearance that the studs aren’t connected to the plate, an oversight noticed too late) Task 3 for Redcoats Rule, and small artisan in Brickford’s Landing- C&C welcomed (I now see the merits of BrickArms muskets)
  2. Name: Brickford Landing Ownership: The Crown of Corrington Location: Annettaskrona (Island 12), Southwest New Haven Sea Map: New Haven Sea Political Map by Ayrlego, on Flickr Mayor: No active mayor at this time as all known inhabitants are military personnel. Major Nathaniel Brickford @LM71Blackbird is the current commanding officer, supported by Lieutenant Karlton @Sir Kingston and Major Edward Brown @Legonaut. Trade Value: Coming soon! Town Bank: Coming soon! Who can own property in Brickford Landing: Loyal subjects of the crown of Corrington Who can freebuild in Brickford Landing: Loyal subjects of the crown of Corrington Description: Coming soon! Builds in Brickford Landing: Please help us out by posting a link to your Brickford Landing builds in this thread. Licensee is Listed after the type of license. Properties: 6/11 Trade Value: Coming Soon! Size for EGS purposes - Level 1 'Hamlet' Required for Level 2 'Town': 5 properties of any type including at least x0 Residence, x0 Factory, x0 Artisan, x0 Commerce, x0 Education, x0 Arts & Culture, and 0x Royal. Notable Events: Stationed Troops: 0 Stationed Vessels: 0 Residence: 3 Brickford Landing Field Camp, Brickford Landing, License status: Small Residence, Brickwolf (+1 settlement size) Officer's Camp, Brickford Landing, License status: Medium Residence, LM71Blackbird (+2 settlement size) Factory: 1 The Boats Brisket, Brickford Landing, License status: Small Artisan, Sir Kingston (+1 settlement size) Plantation: 0 Mine: 0 Artisan: 1 Cartographer Shop, Brickford Landing, License status: Small Artisan, Sir Kingston (+1 settlement size) Commerce: 0 Education: 0 Art & Culture: 0 Forts: 1 Island Battery Brickford Landing, License status: Small Fort, LM71Blackbird (+1 settlement size/Licensed by Faction) Unlicensed Builds: 0
  3. After valiantly gathering supplies, Lieutenant Karlton ordered the creation of the settlement's first bakery, properly named "The Boat's Bisket". While most of the Marines were familiar with the twice baked biscuits served on long sea voyages, as they had consumed it over the past few weeks. However, in addition to Karlton's skill with the more ungentile musket, a year-long stay in Oleon at his uncle's Boulangerie had taught him the finer points of baking the 'long bread'. Karlton was of course a loyal Corlander, and considered the food one of Oleon's few reputable qualities! While Karlton was quick to establish rain catchments and source food from local wildlife, he took it upon himself to establish a more enjoyable source of nourishment for the settlement. With time, a shack was constructed and quickly pressed into service using the flour brought with them. Bakery at Brickford’s Landing by WanderingSalad Dressing, on Flickr Bakery at Brickford’s Landing by WanderingSalad Dressing, on Flickr Untitled by WanderingSalad Dressing, on Flickr Bakery Preparation Station by WanderingSalad Dressing, on Flickr