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Found 7 results

  1. Big Red, "Gros Rouge," was raised in Eltina and now has opened his very own small factory in his home town. Having apprenticed with a smith in Breshaun, he would regularly see folks from home having travelled clear across the island to by a new ax head or shovel for the vineyards. When his skills had finally matured, there was no question about his next move, only how to finance it. One day, a member of the noble house of Beauchamp, the Admiral's young son Edward, had come to collect a specially commissioned ax head for a tomahawk. Happy with the work, the two struck up a conversation and eventually came to Big Red's plan to build a smith of his own in Eltina. A few weeks later, Red had his chance to demonstrate his skill by presenting his work to Admiral Beauchamp himself. Recently opened, the Gros Rouge Smith has been a godsend to the townsfolk in Eltina, no longer having to wait for a transport or make the journey across the island themselves. Big Red's shop is thriving and hums at a busy pace. Part of the financial deal worked out with the Admiral was the apprenticeship of the Admiral's young nephew Jacque. Wanting nothing more than to run off and join his older cousin in the campaign on Terraversa, Jacque is finally busy enough to stay grounded day to day and is learning a skill from a young talent. The dual "spires" of the workshop make the Gros Rouge Smith stand out. An ingenious design, the windmill drives a screw to keep the bellows pumping and has a second screw to drive a drop hammer if the wind is strong enough to turn hoist the weight.
  2. My dear Emile, I hope you are well. It has been far too long since I have heard from you. I pray you are safe. Lots of things have been happening since I last heard from you. Oleon is raising forces? I pray you can have leave to visit me soon, although I fear you will not be able to. Outside one of the taverns we supply, soldiers have set up and begun recruiting. The children seem to love it, the idea of playing soldier. Was this you when you were younger? They are buying people drinks and women to get them to join up, promising them more on the other side of the sea. I hope you are not partaking, although that is the life I married into. Please come home soon. I've heard from Gilbert and William since you sent them to El Oleonda, and somehow they ended up on the wrong side of the war! Can you imagine that? I'm sure you can, love, those two always seem to get themselves into trouble. Please stay safe, and come home soon. All my love, Elise After seeing merc's build of Eltina's walls, I figured I had to continue with them for continuity. Thanks for an easy addition, merc! For raising troops, I am raising a platoon of 10 men.
  3. The road from Breshaun to Eltina, June 620, Le Bellan Le Bellan, the most prestigious colony of the Empire of Light, represents the beating heart of Oleander commercial routes. In spite of this, however, the infrastructures of the island are quite old, absolutely insufficient for the huge traffic of people and goods moving every day from Breshaun to Eltina and vice versa. The ancient trail of compacted earth, with small wooden bridges and even a couple of river crossings, was built decades ago, in a completely different time: a road for a couple of reckless riders, some wondering merchants and a few hunters... definitely not enough for the continuous flow of heavy carriages transporting wood and sugar from the inland, silver and wine from Breshaun outskirts, but also all kinds of goods crafted or imported in those bustling cities. And, obviously, it's not enough for the movement of naval artillery from Breshaun foundries to Eltina shipyards, where the largest and most beautiful ships of all the Brick Seas are built. As often happens in the colonies, the difficult task of building a road, a bridge or even one of the few tunnels cutting the mountains is done by the army, rather than by civilians. While it may seem a dull manual job, building a road that will last more than the first hurricane requires knowledge and expertise. Mile after mile, the red flags will be replaced by the milestones, sand and crushed stones will give way to a regular, tidy pavement. While most of the men are simple diggers and bricklayers, the officers are expert engineers, who attended Breshaun military school: the use of measuring tools and the difficult calculations needed, in fact, require several years of studies and remarkable skills. The Ingènieurs du roi are often employed in similar civilian tasks, but also in the construction and repairing of military structures or fortifications. This, however, shouldn't deceive you: if the situation requires, military engineers must operate under enemy fire, opening a safe passage across obstacles or even assaulting fortifications. If destroying a barricade or building a bridge requires the... well... dislodgement of enemy soldiers, the Oleander military engineers are ready for that! A quick build to show my version of Oleander sappers. Soon you'll find more about them in the Grand Military Encyclopedia.
  4. Keymonus

    Armour foundry

    November 618, Le Bellan, Eltina The settlement has grown quickly during the previous years and Eltina, today, resembles almost completely a large town of the Old World, except for the palms and the parrots: elegant bystanders walk along paved streets, flanked by houses built with stones. Even the new troops garrisoned in the city, in particular the courassiers recently arrived on the island, are something quite unusual for a colonial settlement, more used to militiamen or, at most, a couple of infantry companies: Eltina citizens proudly consider them a sign of the importance of their island, now a province of Oleon, more than a godsforsaken, unexplored angle of wasteland. Armoured cavalry, however, needs new armours: a new furnace was built for the purpose, with specialized smiths coming from Granoleon. Making an armour, in fact, is not an easy task, and requires the best iron and the best expertise: first of all the iron ingots are heated in a coal furnace, the bellows keeping the temperature high enough. Then the comes the core of the work: the steel bars are hammered, bent and hammered again, cooled and heated, cut in foils and moulded in the wanted shapes, again and again for hours. The number of different layers of steel determines the resistance of the armour: three layers (meaning basically three concentric armours welded together) represent a reasonable balance between weight and protection, but require a lot of time and work to be produced. The armours are quenched in cold water to further improve their resistance and durability: the process must be quick enough to work, but not too brutal or the steel, instead of reinforcing, will become fragile and will crack. At last, since courassiers are elite soldiers, the armours are carefully polished with a grindstone and finely decorated, one by one, by a specialized (and hopefully talented) artisan. Even if armoured cavalry can still route almost anything with a frontal charge, the times of legendary kings, jousts and spears shining in the sun have ended centuries ago, and knights must be protected accordingly: the main menace, nowadays, is represented by infantry with firearms. For this reason, each armour is tested under the sight of state officials: it must endure without damage a short range gunshot... ...or a musket ball from a longer distance. The armour the courassiers wear, in fact, is not only a distinctive sign of the regiment or a decorative object: it can be pierced by a close range shot of a musket or of a modern rifle, this is true, but still provides a good protection aganist swords, arrows, pistols and blunderbusses, that means aganist weapons frequently used by cavalry and militias. Armoured cavalry is not at its sunset yet: it's not invincible, but still can decide the result of a battle with its powerful charge. To do that, not to be cut down before reaching the enemy is a good start and, if that is possible, part of the credit for that also goes to Eltina armour smiths.
  5. Al'Sayeed had made his way further west. His meeting at the Cherry Blossom Tea House had been most... enlightening. Now he had arrived in Eltina, there to meet with some contacts on his way to Pan. Personal diary, 21st of September, 618 AE. Someone have been following me ever since I landed in port. Assassins, I believe, although they have not yet made a move to attack me. I have made no efforts to lose them, although a few tricks did keep them on their toes. I believe they are spying to me, and will kill me once they find who I am here to meet, or what I am here to do. I cannot let them learn my secrets, but must find out who sent them. /al'Sayeed Trouble in Eltina Personal diary, 22nd of September, 618 AE. Today they picked up the pace and closed in. It will be necessary to end it and get some answers. I shall take a stand. /al'Sayeed Personal diary, 23rd of September, 618 AE. It was quick work. One was dispatched, and the other was only too happy to talk. Unfortunately, he knew nothing, and I let him slip. I shall slip upon my vessel and be out of here before the local authorities drag me into a long and fruitless investigation. They will find nothing on the dead man. And even less from the one who fled. /al'Sayeed Another little installment in al'Sayeed's storyline. His story continues westward. At some point.
  6. June 618 "More than just fake news!" Excitement continues on the Brick Seas as various adventurers continue to explore the world, new and old. We here at the Eltina Courier bring you a sample of what's happening on the Brick Seas, for only half a Db! Bastion is Busy! Corrish Warships, Eslandolan Warships, and a lot of pirates have found their way to Bastion recently, and just before the World Football cup! Will peace be brought with some good old ball kicking, or will this be the final spark to a powder keg? Terraversa is getting crowded! Our sources inform us a new ambassador to Esl is in the works. A dock worker informs us that he overheard Guilder discussing plans for the ambassadors arrival in Kings Port. The Capitan of the Valiant Phoenix was seen toting a large packet with an official seal. But the plot thickens as an unknown man made quite the show as narrowly lept from the dock landing on the phoenix's decks. We will keep you updated. Dialogue of the blinds! Thaddeus Calvo's expedition reached its goal only to find the island inhabited by blind but not deaf natives. A subtle dialogue is about to arose. Now the choice is clear : a tap dance or let the bullets do the talking. Whatever the choice, we're listening alright. Andromeda to Altonia! Professor Thaum's hunt for the mysterious "Red Oktober" took another turn as the item was salvaged by Altonians, and taken to the capital of the Kingdom of Windmills, Ulric. With new studding sails installed, and instruments to explore both sky and sea, the Andromeda might be the best equipped ship on the brick seas. But will this be enough to reach their goal? Mesabi at the gates! According to our sources, Count Mesabi has reached the mysterious and far off southern kingdom of Kemblar, but is now trapped outside the gates. As the Count has packed a large collection of explosives, it can be presumed he might blow up the walls potentially sparking a war between the far off kingdom and Corrington WTC off the gates! According to sources, the Cranky Parrot has reached far off northern seas. The instruction of the Count were clear "Join us to reinforce" . As the Cranky Parrot's crew has packet a large collection of booze, it can be presumed that the Count's instructions will be followed to the letter. Sure after a whaling interlude, will the Cranky Parrots ends its round the world trip southbound and down. More Terraversan Drama! The RNTC adventures in Terraversa continue to become more complicated and they seem to be faced with a choice of who should control Terraversa. As Eslandola sails quickly towards the isle, they might find their own options complicated. Damaximous leaves Tendorn!The Prince of Stedor has reportedly left the island nation of Tendorn, and is now sailing into Loti waters. Our sources report the waters are heavily patrolled for Madrician vessels, So we can only expect that he might meet a patrol. How he reacts is another question. Pirate Hunt Nears Conclusion! The Hunt for the Red Rascal Pirates nears its conclusion, as the location of the Red Rascal Pirate Hideout has been located. As the WTC prepares to assault the fortress, we can only expect the conclusion will involve a ton of explosives and shenanigans! WTCM: Fact or Fiction? The WTC Monthly continues to be fiction according to our sources. Not only does it provide fake news, but it also posts terrible recipes. 'I burned my house down making that spicy tortilla thing!' said a poor reader of the magazine. 'Now I live in the outhouse!' We can only hope the mad fiend Drunknok starts publishing real news and better recipes. This edition of the Eltina Courrier brought to you by the WTC- Corrington's best trading company after the ETTC. W.T.C. Your solution to chaos. Thanks to @Professor Thaum and @Roadmonkeytj for help writing this. Looking to help out with the next round of AMCRA writing? PM @Legostone or @Bregir
  7. The travel from Astrapi to Eltina was quite smooth, but strong headwinds delayed the arrival of a couple of days. Tristan Rimbaud was late, and knew that soon someone would have jokingly reproached his poor punctuality, unless the situation was even worse than expected... he drove away the thought: Eltina was a quite large city, but Alexander was an high-ranking Varcoastan officer, and anything too serious would have been noticed. Anyway, seeing his friend at the end of the driveaway of the luxurious house, Tristan breathed a sigh of relief. At least, he was still alive and out of jail. "You are late, my friend!" said Alexander Braun with a slight Varcoastan accent. "And you are a damned thankless Varcoastan... and by the way, nice house! You made a fast career in the King's guards... did you corrupt someone?" Replied Tristan relieved: there was surely a serious problem, but his friend was in good least the Great Raider wasn't going to retaliate aganist them. The friends exchanged a few words: Alexander was recently named Varcoastan Consul in Eltina and so, as he told with some measure of pride, the Government provided him a house "appropriate to his rank". The august Varcoastan consul (Tristan would have made fun of him for a long while) became serious again: "Thank you for coming without asking anything more: as you probably imagine I have a very thorny problem, and the last thing I wanted was a leak. Moreover since yesterday I had to accomodate one of your stake-organizing compatriots... somehow he discovered about our meeting" Tristan was a little shocked: "Wait, wait... the Order? I wish you don't have troubes with them!" "No, as you see I'm still alive! And I think that the help of Father Costantinus will be useful, since he is here as Oleander intelligence agent rather than as inquisitor. Please, follow me in my library: I'll finally tell you my problems." "Welcome, monsieur Rimbaud. Interesting library, Herr Braun. The books that a man reads tell a lot about his mind, at least to the ones able to understand." "Nice to meet you, Father. But, since you are here, I can guess that our country itself is endangered... What's happening?"