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Found 7 results

  1. November 24, 620AE Corwin Ragnarrson had just received an urgent dispatch from his homeland of Vikendia in the far north. His worst fears had been confirmed; his uncle, the ruler of their tribe, had been killed by an ambitious nobleman seeking to rule himself. Now, Corwin's cousin Ivar, was engaged in a civil war with the usurper, fighting for his life and to keep the tribe unified. Upon receiving this devastating news, Ragnarrson recalled all of the Black Wolf Company military assets that could be reached quickly, and immediately set sail for Vikendia to aid his cousin. The remaining army, along with all of the BWC trade assets, were left in the hands of his most trusted Lieutenant, Freya. He had complete faith in her management skills, he only worried about the Terraversan war spilling into other territories, and the decreased numbers of soldiers in New Nassau left it vulnerable to attack. But it was a risk he was willing to take, as his only remaining family was in danger. _____________________________________________________________________________________ February 6, 622AE It had been almost 15 months since the fateful day that Corwin Ragnarrson had departed New Nassau in support of his cousin. Now, many months and battles later, the war was finally over. The enemy was vanquished, and the tribe reunited. On the shores of Vikendia, Corwin and Ivar say their goodbye's as the BWC soldiers load the boats with supplies for the long journey back to New Nassau. As they said their farewells, Ivar motioned to a small group of men standing a few feet off. "Take these men with you back south. They are some of my finest intelligence agents. They have no direct connection to you or the BWC, so use them as you see fit" he said with a wry smirk. "I owe you my life, and I hope these men plus that blasted traitor's gold can only start to even us up. Send us a ship once a year with any news or requests you need to help you in your ventures south. Goodbye cousin." Many of the Black Wolf Company soldiers were new recruits when they sailed north, but now with many battles under their belt in the past year, they moved and acted as a veteran unit, loading the boats with speed and precision. _____________________________________________________________________________________ June 4, 622AE New Nassau After a long but uneventful journey, Ragnarrson and his men were back safely in New Nassau. Corwin immediately made his way to his private office where Freya could meet him and fill him in on the Company business in his absence. "Freya, come in." said Corwin, as there was a knock on the door. "I'll keep it brief, as I am exhausted from the journey. Here are letters to all the leadership in the BWC, please distribute them for me. I've set a meeting for next month to discuss what the future holds for us. Is that the master ledger you have? You can leave it with me, I'll take a look at it tomorrow, but I'm sure all is in order. Anything special to report?" Freya thought a moment, then replied "as of late, it has been pretty quiet and non-eventful. Our businesses and properties have continued to rake in steady profits. The soldiers that remained here have continued to train and stay ready should they be needed. Our ships the Akela and Nymeria had some great trade runs at the height of the Terraversan War, delivering some much needed goods at a HEALTHY markup, as the situation provided", she finished, with a twinkle in her eye. "The rest, I've included in the ledger, which you can read at your convenience. I'll drop these letters off right away. Its good to have you back, Commander." _____________________________________________________________________________________ Just a little free build, to say "I'm back!" after a year and half away. Can't wait to get rolling again Some bonus shots of the two scenes I built for this post.
  2. Isla de Barro stands apart from any other island of the New Haven seas, due it its unique soil composition. Just below the topsoil sits a foul-smelling yellow loam, which as it erodes, stains the beaches of the island yellow. The natives of Isla de Barro have developed used for the soil over the years, namely as a bug repellent, by mixing it into mud and smearing it over their bodies. Even the hungriest of mosquitoes wouldn't dare attempt to bite though the soil. In his travels though the islands, Neville Robertson, an avid Chemist and Alchemist, had long hoped to land on Isla de Barro, and study the unique makeup of its soil, and its potential uses. Now, after much experimentation, he had presented his findings to the Black Wolf Company, and received a grant to establish a refining factory. Why? For in his experiments, Neville had found the primary ingredient in the soil (and that which gave off the foul smell) was indeed the Devil's Gold, more commonly known as sulfur. Which, being one of the 3 primary ingredients in gunpowder, made it a precious and valuable commodity. The interior of the island was home to vast mudpits of the foil earth, which made harvesting it exceptionally easy. As these pits were on the claimed land of the natives, the BWC struck an agreement paying the natives to dig and transport the mud to the refining factory. The soil, when delivered to the factory, was first dumped into the holding pit, where any larger clumps were broken up into much smaller pieces. It was then shoveled into barrels. The barrels of soil were then carried up to the refining vat. They were dumped in the vat, and stirred until any impurities (dirt, sand, plants) were burned off, leaving pure refined sulfur. You can see Neville Robertson here with an oar, standing on the edge of the vat, mixing the soil thoroughly to avoid burning and ensure an even mixing. Once refined, the sulfur was poured into the cooling molds, where it was allowed to cool and dry completely. As it dried, the sulfur was smoothed and packed down into dense "cakes". Once cool, the cakes of sulfur were cut down to more manageable sizes, noted in the production log, and prepared to be sold off at the BWC Warehouse. To be licensed as a medium Factory in New Nassau. _______________________________________________________________ Here are a few more full shots for anyone interested Its been a minute since I've sat down and planned out a proper build. I've had this one in mind since I started settling New Nassau, (I took inspiration from the South American jungle drug labs you always see in movies lol), and adapted it to fit how I needed. Finding photos of period correct sulfur processing practices proved to be a challenge, so I kind of just made up my own version of the process based on some descriptions I found. Even though its fairly simple, I prototyped each component of the build a few times before I settled on the ones seen.
  3. Colony Name: New Nassau Ownership: Sea Rats Location: Island #21 Blond Beach, Mud Beach Island Map: Geographical Features: Just a finger's depth beneath the soil of this island is a foul-smelling yellow loam, for which it is named. The island's beaches are stained yellow as the soil is eroded into the sea. On the interior of the island, amidst great tropical trees, can be found mud pits of the self-same yellow earth, dug out by boars, or other beasts. The Island's southern side has several fresh-water lakes. Island Rumors: It is said that the natives wear this mud to prevent getting bitten by the island's insects. Who can own property in New Nassau: Anyone - who wishes to live free from tyranny and control of any crown. This is a Pirate Haven. Who can freebuild in New Nassau: Anyone - click below for settlement builds -
  4. Presiding over an execution was not how Corwin Ragnarsson envisioned spending his first day as Mayor of New Nassau. But the events of the previous night required a swift action to be made, to reassure the citizens of New Nassau of their safety, and maintain order in the streets. A man had been caught breaking into the fort in the town, and on his person were found documents detailing the military strength and layout of the town, along with observations on possible weak points in the defenses. During aggressive "questioning", the man would give nothing but his alias "the fox". He would not divulge his employer or any other details about himself. Ragnarsson was summoned, along with a tribunal, and with the accused spy offering no legitimate defense to his name, he was convicted of being a foreign intelligence agent, and summarily sentenced to death, by hanging. As he walked up the the gallows, the grim realization of what was about to take place come over "the Fox". He tried to speak to his captors, but was met with stoic silence. His fate had been decided and sealed that morning. Nothing could be done now. As the realization crept in, he began crying and balling unintelligable things. Once on the gallows, with the noose placed around the spy's neck, the head executioner, a stern man dressed in a black robes and cloak, faced the crowd and addressed them. "Citizens of New Nassau! Before you today we have a weasel of a man, found guilty of espionage, committed to do harm to YOU and your families. The safety of this town, island, and its people is of the utmost importance to the government. Let today serve as a warning to any others who wish to commit any act harmful to this city or its residents. This settlement was started with the ideology that men could live free of tyranny and corrupt imperialist governments. Any actions that hinder this goal will be met with swift and hard justice, regardless of your flag or affiliation." With this words said, the crowd previously being quiet erupted with shouts of "down with the imperialists!" "for the free people of Terra Nova!" "death to the spy!" With that, the Executioner stepped back to the lever which operated the gallows. "Any last words?" He offered the man, who mumbled something incoherent, before sinking into silence. The next sound heard was of the lever being pulled, and the trap door on the gallows swinging down, followed by a gasp from the man, as the air was squeezed out of is writhing and twitching body. It took only a short time for him to completely still, and the executioner pronounced him dead. "Leave him up until sundown, then feed him to the crows" The crowd fell to silence, and slowly dispersed. Ragnarsson remarked to his companion "I don't particularly care for these sort of things, but in this case, it was an absolute necessity. I'd much rather meet a man face to face in battle, than to watch him die in a way such as this. But these are the times we are in, and the safety of our small settlement is of primary importance now. Lets hope today discourages any more agents of ill-will from preying on New Nassau." A few more photos of the scene:
  5. With the success of Lock, Stock, and One Smoking Barrel in New Nassau, Ragnarrson and the Black Wolf Company have deemed the settlement suitable to expand their operations on Isla de Barro. They have further expanded the Docks, to now reach their newest property, the Black Wolf Company warehouse. The warehouse was built to be the trade hub of New Nassau. While Flintlock deals in weapons and arms, the warehouse is where individuals and pirate crews alike can go to purchase stores for voyages, or to maybe procure some imported products from Halos. Here is a little closer look at some of the details in and around the warehouse.... BWC sailors unloading their boat to restock the warehouse. Crew members of a certain notorious Pirate ship waiting outside while their comrade concludes a purchase inside A few Natives stand outside chatting, while two BWC soldiers guard the front gate. Gate open, with the warehouse workers bring in barrels Obligatory photo New Nassau's resident drunkard, Capt. Ironhook, still living his best life Wrapping up a transaction.... Gifts from the natives in honor of their trade agreement What's through the gate? A secondary exit, and some chests of booty. That's about it for this one. This is probably the biggest project I've taken on thus far, and it definitely stretched some of my brick collection with certain colors. This is also part of the reason why the white roof isn't complete all the way to the back, as I ran out of white flat plate pieces. But, it also makes viewing the interior easier. C&C welcome as always!
  6. Despite being only a humble "hamlet" on paper, New Nassau is a bustling place. As the easternmost port under Sea Rat control, it is the gateway to El Oleonda and the rest of the unknown eastern isles. While sea trade is currently limited to only a few companies and properties, New Nassau is rich in inter-island trading, with both residents and the natives of the island setting up small bartering stalls throughout the town. With the Black Wolf Company's recent arrival and setting up their first shop, they have since expanded the docks to accommodate their needs. Preparing for departure, the Nymeria is loaded full of weapons to sell at other Sea Rat ports. The crew load up the goods, while Captain Barlowe confirms the manifest is correct one last time. ] The Black Wolf Company put out an advertisement in search of any able body Sea Rat wanting to earn a steady wage. With the expansion of the company in Terra Nova, more manpower is needed in the form of soldiers, sailors, and workers. Extra motivation was provided in the form of a Sea Rat's favorite meal....rum Freya Torstein and Clarice Barlowe embrace one last time before the Nymeria's departure, while two Black Wolf officers transport a chest off the docks. While his sailing days are long over, Captain Ironhook is content to spend the rest of his days in rum-fueled bliss absorbing the sights and sounds of the docks. Unlike many islands in Terra Nova, the Sea Rats have a strong relationship with the Natives of Isla de Barro. The locals trade modern Halosian goods and weapons to the natives for fruit, animals, and other products from interior of the island. Two canoes are arriving at the docks, laden with supplies to be bartered. This is just the start of a period of renewed rebirth and growth for New Nassau. Be on the lookout in coming months for more additions to the town! I originally planned on including some of this setup in Lock, Stock, and One Smoking Barrels, but since it is now licensed as a small commerce, I was limited on space for that build. In addition, I was working on a "recruitment" build, but figured this expanded dock scene could serve both purposes perfectly. I wish I had a good collection of gray round tiles to make stonework a bit more realistic, but unfortunately, its still on my "wanted" list of bricks to buy, along with a bunch of longer brown tiles to imitate wood planks. Slowly working on expanding my collection of these pieces to help with more realistic builds in the future.
  7. 29 May 620AE Ragnarrson and the Black Wolf Company have made their way to New Nassau, and established their first property on the island. Welcome to Flintlock, Stock, and One Smoking Barrel. A one-stop-shop for any Sea Rat's weapons needs. Muskets, pistols, cutlasses, black powder, hatchets, name it, we have it. No shirt, no shoes, no eye? No problem! We serve any scoundrel who walks through our doors. Doubloons, gems, and all other forms of booty accepted as payment A 16x16 free build to be licensed as a small commerce property in New Nassau.