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  1. Welcome to Kaliphlin, @Menofthewest! Awesome sig-fig.
  2. jtooker

    [WIP] MILS Train Layout

    Looking great!
  3. jtooker

    Some thoughts after YEARS without a castle theme

    I agree. My view on some of the castle lines in the 2000s/2010s have changed a bit, but some were not as great as others. I do not believe a castle line is coming soon, so I've been buying up more of the current castle sets than I would otherwise (that and the fact LEGO hasn't had any castle sets for years before this!). I still haven't picked up a second Lion's castle though. Maybe next year sometime.
  4. jtooker

    The House at Wither Woods

    Awesome collaboration! Always good to see Wither Woods builds. The little house at the bottom is my favorite part - the curved windows fit in well and the colors are fitting to the rest of the scene. The boomerang piece on the well is perfect! I like using dark red tiles for the roof, but I don't like the layering/angle (looks like they are upside down). I like the roots of the tree, but would have liked more colors in the foliage. Having more colors on the ground is nice with the shrubs and pumpkins. I love the expression on the minifigure and the posing.
  5. Haven't seen this thread active for a bit - but I just discovered The Black Knight's Retreat by keineAhnungBonzo and had to share it. https://ideas.lego.com/projects/161e1c91-2e90-49a2-b0bd-0c41e5c36f71 Besides looking fantastic, it has a bunch of mechanical details.
  6. jtooker

    Black Falcon Castle

    Still looks amazing! It was fun to see this build again.
  7. jtooker

    [CaTC] Medieval Village Life

    Excellent build!
  8. jtooker


    Beautiful village - I love all the landscaping
  9. jtooker


    These are superb! That first tree is awesome - and the others look great too. The round bases are a great idea.
  10. jtooker

    Justice Road

    Great landscaping and the wall is terrific.
  11. jtooker

    [CaTC] Galen's Row

    Awesome façade and great characters
  12. I fully support this! Especially if it aligns with the CCC/Brickscalibur winter contests. Kaliphlin is way too peaceful lately.
  13. jtooker

    [Freebuild] Guard of Rockwail

    In general I think it is a fine build, but I like some of your other builds better; Merodaquinas - Trout's Crossing being my favorite. I'm often shocked which of my builds are liked more than I think they'll be and ones I personally like but get a luke-warm reception. The build as a whole, is my favorite part, I think it works together well. But as I look at the details, there isn't a whole lot that stands out on its own. The noxious swamp is probably the best individual part, IMO. The interior is great - I do like how it is visible from the back while having a 'complete' view from the front. The stonework around the roof is great, but I don't like the roof tile technique itself. The courtyard and tree look great - I wish there were some view that could capture this from the front angle. The short writeup/store pairs very well with the MOC. It brought me in quickly and leaves me wondering what is going to happen next. p.s. awesome job getting on LEGO Masters! I need to find a way to stream over-seas.
  14. jtooker

    The Cake

    You're getting some good use out of the gold-yellow tooth pieces! They make a great roof. I like the combination of the classic yellow flowers on the new brown stems. Good to see the journey continue too.
  15. BrickHammer's Viking Village ideas set, which was previously passed over, may now be produces with Target X LEGO. If you'd like it produced, vote at: https://ideas.lego.com/blogs/a4ae09b6-0d4c-4307-9da8-3ee9f3d368d6/post/cc2956f4-d9d2-40f3-8d81-2b98ec9a1bd9?sf164923057=1
  16. jtooker

    [Freebuild] Valendiell

    Wow! I love all the diversity in this micro build. The large tree is eye catching and offers contrast to the buildings. Having the light house, multi-house village and castle with appropriate landscaping is great.
  17. Creepy. Well done. I like the overgrown foliage.
  18. jtooker

    The Hideout

    The trees look great - they make for a bright scene.
  19. Salt is the chief export of the Westersands. A critical ingredient for preserving food across Historica makes the work in the heat of the desert a worthwhile venture. Camels carry it out of the desert into the towns and cities of Kaliphlin and beyond.
  20. Welcome to Kaliphlin, @Trevidor!
  21. jtooker

    [Freebuild] Vampires!

    The floor mosaic and curtains are my favorite parts! The blue flames and lanterns fit well with the style. My biggest critique would be the transition of the main arch from vertical to curved stone is not smooth. The new BAF torsos fit well too.
  22. jtooker

    [Moc] Forestmens Hideout

    Awesome build! It is quite the forest fortress.
  23. jtooker

    [Freebuild] The Kelp Harvest

    Great details and techniques in such a compact space!
  24. I submit this MOC for the following credit: Trade and Law → Caravan
  25. jtooker

    GoH Book III

    Kaliphlin is a nice warm place for reptillians - and not so far away from Nocturnus.