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  1. Mazin

    Top 10 Pirate Forts

    Hi Mike! I must confess that i like this video better than the one about pirate ships ;) I mean, not that i have any knowledge about lego forts or ships at all, but still i find Your fort list better, in a matter of both - playability, design, and in the sentimental way ;) ...while with pirate ships i'm definitely much more a classic sets kind of a guy... just because new ships are bigger doesn't make them any better in my own eyes ;) well, i think that Your pick number one - imperial ship - is actually ugly and wouldn't bother buying it even for parts as i would prefer to buy more classic ships instead ;) Same with other classic ships... for me first soldier's ship is way better and prettier than this whole ugly black pearl, with terrible terrible sails ;) but... as this is my own opinion... going back to forts, as said above, i do agree with Your choices, especially the top of the list as the pirate rock fortress in my favorite pirate set next to barracuda ;)
  2. Hi guys, It's been a while! As most of people here probably know, TLG tends to realease a mini game with each licensed series, and they are available to play trourgh their website. Some of them are cool, some are not. Sadly I've learned that one of the good ones - Lone Ranger - has been removed. Damn! I really loved this one, particularly for it's great music! So I guess, they throwed the thing away, simply because LR has been canceled. Perhaps some legal issues with Disney forced them to do that as well. So the question is, since some of You might have dealt with the same problem before... is it possible to still play it on line or download those old licensed mini games ( particularly Lone Ranger ) somewhere? Or is it possible to find it's music anywhere? I mean, I've been searching for days already and couldn't find anything except gameplay on Youtube. I'm also aware that some of these mini games are available trough certain online gaming sites, but couldn't find this one anyway. I'll be very happy if someone could help
  3. Mazin

    Which Comic Do You Read?

    Yeah, although i didn't do that on my recent voyages. Guess it's more because those were always trips to work, and didn't want to bring a souvenir that would remind me of something not enjoyable realy. Would be different if i was simply traveling for fun, or if there would be a specific comic book market that would make me interested. Though i remember now that did buy some Zagor black & white classics in Croata, pretty costly actually, haven't read them till now though. But wanted to read something at that time and croatian is pretty undestandable :) Oh, and i got myself that first Knightfall volume while coming back trough Amsterdam. Cost me like twice the original american prize, but was worth it
  4. Mazin

    Hi! I'm Robin

    Welcome on board buddy Tell us where're You from.
  5. Mazin

    Which Comic Do You Read?

    Phantom used to come out in Poland but it wasn't much of a succes, though my cousin had all of the issues so i used to read them when had a chance. Can't realy remember much from though. But i do own one Phantom bought in Sweden! I had this tradition to collect a comic book from every country i visited. Even though i coulnd't understand those languages, well, illustrations speak for themselves. So in 95 or 96 i bought one, with a story about than african general or marschall, have it till this day. It also had some additional stories from other comics. And yeah, i guess that most of us don't collect that much anymore. In our childhood there were always toys, stickers, chewing gum stickers, collectible cards from chewing gums And it's sad that it was almost always just a fashion. Some people are sentimenal till this day, though day focus on different things. What is sad and stupid, is that a lot of rich kids used to get tones of this stuff from their parents, and were very proud of it, and now they are acting like if these toys and comics never existed. Seriously, that's a bit egoistic, having all those toys that other dreamed about or dream till this day, and show no respect. Yeah, i like collected stories as well. Bought myself all 3 parts of Batman Knightfall. That's like 1800 pages!! Nothing better to take for a long trip. Single issues are kind of fast-to-read and it's not really worth to take them for a jorney
  6. Mazin

    Hello from down under

    Good to have You with us buddy Say hello to Mick Dundee Enjoy the site!
  7. Mazin

    Hello from French Guyana

    Sure thing I guess that kids gonna like it even more ;)
  8. Mazin

    Hello from iceland

    Welcome to Eurobricks
  9. Mazin

    Eurobricks name?

    What i meant is not that members' origins don't interest me, but that it's not realy the interest for our moderators, or at least i haven't ever seen them interested in the nationality matter. And statistics and origins are two different things. I can be interested in someones origin and it's always fun to have a group of 20 friends from 20 different countries, but i don't bother to check how many of them are from which part of the world. And i keep forgetting where someones from a lot of times Seriously, i remember them more by their passions, and builds, not by nationality. Would be probably different if we could be able to see their faces or follow them on facebook. Being faceless they stay faceless and nationless On the other hand i know that there's a lot of Poles here at Eurobricks, some of them realy involved but somehow i don't really talk with any of them, so i don't care if theres 10 or 10 thousand of them Personally i always like to discuss the issue of a country or an area where somene lives, cause it's always a subject one can easily catch into, and its fun to learn more about other places. Even more fun and important if you're stuck in a certain place or country, as i am, well right now at least
  10. Mazin

    Hello from French Guyana

    Now it's realy exotic Anyway, i hope that this the decision will turn the right way for You and Your family It's actually nice to have a possibility to make such decisions, a lot of people are somewhat "cursed" to live in the same place all of their life. And now, here's an adventure
  11. Mazin

    Hello, from a long time lurker

    Good to have You with us! Enjoy
  12. Mazin


    Welcome on board! Enjoy
  13. Mazin

    Eurobricks name?

    I don't they woudl bother, and number of members is one thing, active members is a completely different issue. As we can have a lot of one time guest from China or whatever and origins of some most involved participants may vary. I don't think that anyone cares realy. Most important thing is to have good time and discussions with everyone, no matter where they come from and what ethnicity. But there is a map here if You wanna check it one click to show that "european members" form like only a 1/3. Though of course there's just a very limited number of members who wanted to be shown here. But... statistically there might an element of truth behind it
  14. Mazin

    Which Comic Do You Read?

    A lot of Asterix recently. Those are a lot of fun! I like Lucky Luke too, but i have to say Uderzo is a bit better. It's a masterpiecie on every page. Pocket Disney, although these are sometimes better or worse, one can get bored actually. But it;s like the only regular series coming out here in Poland. Well, i think it's actually like the only regular comic series coming out everywhere in the world Also used to collect a lot of regular issues from Marvel and DC that came in 90s, especially early 90s. With Hama's G.I.Joe being my favorite. Then some Batmans, Punisher, Spiderman read from time to time. Have a lot of Transfomers to this day as well. And pretty much every title from time to time. Being a kid you always wanted to have one with you in a train or at the beach, so you bought or asked mom to buy you anything taht was available Actually i'm trying to create my own comic books, write a lot of scripts, but it's hard to get a good artist to cooperate with, even if you offer money
  15. Mazin

    Hello from French Guyana

    Well, it's surely much more exotic I mean, even LA is pretty exotic comparing to east coast and most of Europe So how's life there? Why did You dedided to move? Some good job oppotunities or is just cheaper and a climate is much warmer? Anything You miss about Europe? Well, obviously snow is one of the things You won't get there