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  1. LEGO Creator Expert London Bus 10258

    Finished my bus, but didn't post pics of my final build. Changed the headlights and the position of the grey 1x2 grille to the place where they actually belong. Cause in fact they are anti-slip coating and no vents.
  2. Lego IDEAS 2017 - Women of Nasa

    Minifigures are always printed
  3. [MOC] 31070 alternate Porsche

    Sharing the LDD with me aswell?
  4. LEGO Creator Expert London Bus 10258

    Thanks! U need to buy extra bricks (I don't have alot of stock) to alter it (frame and base of seats above axle) On my first attempt, the wheels couldn't move freely, cause of the seats above the axle, so I had to find a way to higher those seats, without the higher looks (read: in front of windows) So with altering the place of existing bricks from the rear seats and ordering some new ones, I now have a steady, same looking model. But what did Lexa use for the headlights: Thanks!
  5. LEGO Creator Expert London Bus 10258

    Yes I'm back with some pics. I continue to work on the Lego London Bus bit by bit. Almost finished now, maybe the headlights, if somebody can give me a tip! I made a pic of the front of the bus now (used a black 4x6 plate, instead of the original grey one, with red grille and red jumper plates) and some of the rear axle, totally complete now. What u think? Front: Seats above altered rear: Altered rear axle (bottom view):
  6. Candyman (1992)

    Maybe add the mirror aswell?
  7. LEGO Seasonal 2017

    40254 is the number of the box
  8. Review Review: 10252 Volkswagen Beetle

    Mine for the moment: Ordered some new tyres yesterday, so have to wait for those a couple of days
  9. 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V (LEGO Ideas)

    At the F1 engines, those grey pieces in front of them (those u need to turn), sometimes they don't stick together and leave a gab
  10. 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V (LEGO Ideas)

    A shame they didn't create some new parts for this model (Lego Ideas I know)
  11. [MOD] 10252 Creator Expert Volkswagen Beetle

    Busy with fixing the Wheels here!
  12. LEGO Creator Expert London Bus 10258

    Still people busy fixing front? Complete rear axle is redone here, together with the rear seats above the Wheels. Finished those this evening! Now still need to redo my front a bit, maybe the grill, a dark base with red grill on it
  13. [MOC] Apollo Launch Tower (WIP)

    Very nice and then make the tracks and such so it can move