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  1. Dragunov2

    [MOC] N1-Starfighter (Royal and Modified)

    Indeed it is. Modified the two nozzles of the engine with silver paint once I bought it in year of release
  2. Dragunov2

    [MOC] N1-Starfighter (Royal and Modified)

    I have still the original one, once released, bought in Billund
  3. Dragunov2

    [MOC] English Electric - CP1401 1:45 Scale

    Lego really needs to release some trains like this. I really hope they do this year!!!
  4. I moved both top floors and placed the balcony to the front of the building. I also moved the broken window to the top, as seen in the original movie
  5. Dragunov2

    Mjolnir - Thor's hammer

    And now they release an official one ;)
  6. Dragunov2

    [MOC] Rantanplan Diorama

    Amother thing we all love, Lucky Luke
  7. Dragunov2

    [MOC]: The Moon Rocket - from Tintin

    I live in Belgium, the land of Tintin, so I really want to build this ship aswell!!! Possible someone send me the file aswell? Thanks!
  8. Dragunov2

    10295 Creator Expert Porsche 911 Discussion

    They better made a new windshield for the Targa, but with clear glass, instead of those milky ones
  9. Dragunov2

    10283 NASA Space Shuttle Discovery Discussion

    But.... members of Lego Ideas build a great model, they get in the finals, Lego rejects the model and suddenly an official one appears...
  10. Dragunov2

    REVIEW: 10295 Porsche 911 Turbo/Targa

    They need to get rid of those bright colors used, it's an Expert car, so why treat us as kids??? Also the front axle and the rear axle are different in color, just give us black axles or grey axles all the way... But ordered it aswell to get the GWP
  11. Dragunov2

    10295 Creator Expert Porsche 911 Discussion

    Bought it aswell here in Belgium (Europe) and the GWP is added to my order