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  1. Dragunov2

    [REVIEW] 10268 - Vestas Wind Turbine

    I wonder if we are able to change it to Powered Up one day
  2. Dragunov2

    (MOC) (LDD) Autorack car carrier

    Really impressive! And u can really load cars in it? And how?
  3. Dragunov2

    60051 Fleshed out

    Quite old this thread, but I don't like the original design either, windows put where they placed the battery box and such, so u can see everything, instead of just normal seats!!! I wonder how much extra pieces u need for the engine part!?
  4. Dragunov2

    Pop-Up Book - LEGO IDEAS

    Somebody already an idea how to fit the hinge again?
  5. Dragunov2

    MOC: Vintage truck Volvo F88 timber transport

  6. Dragunov2

    MOC: Vintage truck Volvo F88 timber transport

    Very nice truck! What's part number of those timber printed tilez/ Thanks!
  7. Dragunov2

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    Where do I find those info?
  8. Dragunov2

    [MOD] 60132 Service Station

    I just bought two this sets, just to make it larger and modular. How did u enlarge it, also with two sets? Sorry to bump this thread!
  9. The face stays ugly, they better used a special molded print of the head
  10. Dragunov2

    [MOC] Food Stand Diners (One for the Rollercoaster fans)

    U got my support!
  11. It's already an old thread, but want to buy this set and use Powered Up to let it run. Somebody already did it this way? I wonder if u can change the Tender so it fits both the battery box and the engine. Cause I don't want to see any cable running, just a clean look!
  12. Dragunov2

    Review: 75230 Porg

    Once built, the set looks great. But maybe insert a larger technic piece so the wings go higher?
  13. Dragunov2

    Switching Puzzles

    Lego Ideas?
  14. Dragunov2

    (MOC) Creator VW Golf MK1 GTI

    Very nice, but add gaspedal and such like in the Caterham! Also changed the VW Beetle to have this, much more realistic!