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  1. WesternOutlaw

    [MOC] Chilean "Gondola Carril T-1024" in 1:22.5 scale

    What a unique train car, and one that I am not familiar with. Visually appealing with a clever gear system. Nicely done.
  2. WesternOutlaw

    [Moc] Red Lions Castle

    I certainly think you did, nice job!
  3. WesternOutlaw

    Review: Witch's Windship

    This was a theme I completely missed out on. It's great to see it revived with reviews like this one. I think about what I was doing during the 97/98 era. Divers, Adventurers in Egypt, some Ninja, and my all-time favorite, Western. Certainly a good time for LEGO with some fun themes. Nice review.
  4. WesternOutlaw

    [Moc] Red Lions Castle

    Not many builders utilize the old castle bases. You did a great job incorporating and I like the red/grey color palette. Knights look great as well. It's really nice to see classic castle with modern design. Love the use of the brick pieces. Excellent!
  5. WesternOutlaw

    [MOC] Podracing on the Moon!

    Now this is some serious pod racing. I esp. like the Nautilesque Blacktron model. Nicely done.
  6. WesternOutlaw

    Lego train 80's layout with all 12V trains

    This is just incredible. As an old Classic Town & Train fan, I absolutely love your dio and the video was so fun to watch. The light to dark transitions were most enjoyable. I never owned a 12V train and think I only have one set in your dio, the Fire Station. Made up for it during the 9V era. I see structures from the old LEGO Idea book with stickers. Nicely done. Wonderful collection and truly a beautiful diorama. Well done!
  7. WesternOutlaw

    Lego Adventurers desk set

    This is so cool! What a neat idea. Always loved Adventurers. Is the sarcophagus a custom piece/color?
  8. WesternOutlaw

    Witch's Grove [MOC]

    Fun little scene.
  9. WesternOutlaw

    Ruined Villa MOC drowned in Aquarium

    Creative idea. An Aquaman figure would be a nice addition.
  10. WesternOutlaw

    [MOC] Aedelsten oldschool

    Completely retro! Love it in both colors.
  11. WesternOutlaw

    [MOC] Jaguar XKSS

    It's been a little time since I've bought any LEGO but have always liked car related sets. Snagged the City Tuning Garage and have been looking at cars lately. Nice job on this little model. Looks great!
  12. WesternOutlaw

    [MOC] Bakery & Toy Store

    Love the ornate design of the building and all the extra interior details. Well done!
  13. WesternOutlaw

    [MOC} New collegiate church of Saint Leonore

    Wow! What an amazing build. While the church is beautiful, the entire diorama is incredible.
  14. WesternOutlaw

    MOC Coral reef

    Beautiful design and colors. Nicely done and most creative.
  15. WesternOutlaw

    Helbrute - Warhammer 40k

    Menacing; I like his hands.