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  1. WesternOutlaw

    LEGO Health Care in Tabletown Revisited

    Thanks Wooootles. Appreciate the feedback. I sometimes think that many posts can be image rich and quality poor with quick digital design and MOC bumps. It's what turns me away from these forums. For me, it's always a pleasure for someone to read your article and take time to comment.
  2. WesternOutlaw

    LEGO Health Care in Tabletown Revisited

    Thanks 'Man with a hat'. Lucky to have received 6380 back in the day.
  3. WesternOutlaw

    LEGO Health Care in Tabletown Revisited

  4. This is incredible! What a beautiful engine. I'm amazed at this build. The design in LEGO is truly splendid.
  5. WesternOutlaw

    LEGO Health Care in Tabletown Revisited

    Perhaps; could be some medical supplies as well.
  6. WesternOutlaw

    LEGO Health Care in Tabletown Revisited

    Thanks so much WF. Glad you enjoyed the article. It's also good to hear from you. Take care!
  7. WesternOutlaw

    LEGO Health Care in Tabletown Revisited

    Me too, our minifigs need healthcare as well. Thanks for the nice feedback FT - appreciate it. I had old 555 but never 6380. Always admired this set. Thanks.
  8. WesternOutlaw

    LEGO Health Care in Tabletown Revisited

    Thanks much Jopie. For a minute there, I didn't think anyone was interested in Tabletown health care. Appreciate the comment and look forward to seeing your modular hospital.
  9. WesternOutlaw

    LEGO Health Care in Tabletown Revisited

    Hi all, I was really excited to see LEGO release a new hospital (City Hospital 60204) as part of the 2018 line-up. Wow! After all these years, we have a beautiful new, state of the art, 3-floor medical facility for Tabletown. There may have been one or two produced in the last few years that I lost track of (including the LEGO Friends Heartlake Hospital 41318) but I must admit that I'm not a big Friends fan unless you're talking about the 1994-2004 television series. LEGO Helicopter Rescue (4429) released in 2012 is also one that I missed. Several years ago (2009 to be more precise), I shared an article about the LEGO state of healthcare here on Eurobricks. Now that we have a new hospital nine years later, I thought I'd share the article again with some unbroken links to the medical facilities that spanned LEGO's history. Here it is for your reading pleasure: LEGO Health Care in Tabletown Over the past year, there’s been much discussion in the United States over “Universal Health Care”. Should the United States adopt the European and Canadian models for delivering healthcare to its uninsured and under insured citizens? If adapted, will the Universal Health Care option create a shortage of health care professionals causing long lines for needed medical care, and will the Federal Government deny expensive medical procedures for older citizens? What is the price of a socialized health care option? These are just a few of the questions being addressed in the Unites States over health care reform. The problem of universal health care goes far beyond the United Sates, and the need for better health care delivery is certainly one of the numerous concerns. Shortages of doctors, nurses, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and medical technicians and are not only felt in developed cities, as well as third world countries, but also in your LEGO Tabletown. Since the late 70s during the development of LEGO towns and cities, medical care for minifigs has been lacking. One of the first comprehensive medical centers in Tabletown was erected in 1976 under the generic name of Hospital 555. While the brick-and-mortar structure provided demanding jobs for its four health care professionals, gaps in services were quickly an issue through the hospital’s lack of needed diagnostic equipment. In addition, single patient rooms were not available resulting in patient privacy issues and a decrease in patient satisfaction. While the hospital did provide emergency medical treatment through an ambulance and rear building emergency room, employee morale was questionable as observed through minifigs always having their hands in their pockets. LEGO 555 by Western Outlaw, on Flickr A few years passed in Tabletown as minifigs watched the population boom and Government continued to utilize their limited budget on fire and police stations. Health care remained an issue and minifigs tried to stay well knowing that Hospital 555 was hardly a “patient centered care” facility. Some minifigs even stated that they’d “rather die than go to Hospital 555”. It wasn’t until 1980 that a Board Certified Family Practice physician would be enticed to move to Tabletown to provide services at a small Paramedic Unit located on 6364 Main Street. Unfortunately, the doctor’s 4-stud wide vehicle was hardly equipped to provide emergency medical care, and through house calls with an antiquated walkie-talkie in hand, the doctor rarely had time to treat established patients waiting far beyond 30 days for a primary care visit. New patients often waited in excess of 90 days. Tabletown minifigs demanded quality LEGO health care to be delivered in a new facility! LEGO 6364 by Western Outlaw, on Flickr In 1987, Tabletown would get its first full-service Emergency Treatment Center (ETC), 6380, with two full-time physicians and one registered nurse. The new facility served as a “state-of-the-art” trauma center and quickly restored the smiles of Tabletown minifigs. Contributable to a highly innovative and “patient-centered” hospital design with sun-lit rooms, patient satisfaction was at an “all-time high”. The new hospital even offered its patients a beverage while they waited for their scheduled doctor’s appointment, through a volunteer program. Hospital 555 was a “thing of the past” and quickly converted into a mental health institution while the new ETC continued to flourish. ETCs’ patients were highly satisfied with their medical care, and those that left with a frown or complaining of depression, were quickly sent to Hospital 555 via of a 4-stud wide paramedic convertible. LEGO 6380 by Western Outlaw, on Flickr Though ETC was an efficient and effective medical facility, funding continued to diminish as more fire and police stations were constructed. In addition, uninsured minifigs from new LEGO themes created a strain on available resources and the building quickly deteriorated. The concept of a “World City” did not exactly include universal or “World Health Care” as the cost of such a program would be astronomical. Years passed before discussion to even fund another hospital or medical center began. High atop a hill far from the “hustle and bustle” of Tabletown, a new hospital (7892) would break ground. It took over 20 years to construct with new permit requirements and “red tape”, and the design did not even come close to being as good as ETC. With just two full-time physicians and an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), the hospital served as a meager attempt to provide health care to the ever increasing population of Tabletown. Even its location was a poor decision, although it did offer a “Flight for Life” helicopter transport. LEGO 7892 by Western Outlaw, on Flickr So, where has the debate over “Universal Health Care” left the minifigs of Tabletown? LEGO health care remains an unsolved issue in Tabletown. How will its Government pay for the necessary medical services for its minifigs without raising taxes? Is socialized medicine, similar to the European and Canadian models more effective than a private system? Will minifigs continue to pursue careers in health care under a socialized system where government contracts cap pricing/revenue? Will waits and delays for needed services increase under another government-ran program? Is there any hope for a new LEGO modular hospital? These are just a few of the many unresolved questions in the debate for Universal Health Care. Until then, elected Tabletown politicians can always devote more resources to fire and police stations. New for 2018, LEGO City Hospital 60204: LEGO 60204 by Western Outlaw, on Flickr
  10. WesternOutlaw

    Orient Expedition - Jungle Encounter

    @Skalldyr Your jungle and figures are top notch! Several years ago, I made a tabletop jungle for Indie and his friends combining sets from a few themes and as much green as I had at the time. Really enjoyed adding more jungle as I went along. Love your diorama reminding me of the fun I had with my own. Well done! LEGO Jungle Adventure (large) by Western Outlaw, on Flickr
  11. WesternOutlaw

    [MOC] 40 CP1408

    Incredible build! This does not even look like LEGO. Love the colors and the detailing is superb. Must visit you on FlickR.
  12. WesternOutlaw

    Review 60198 Cargo Train (picture heavy!)

    Thank you for sharing this very thorough review JopieK. I have not been following LEGO's newer releases, so I was very excited to see this make Eurobricks' front page. Wow, a new Bluetooth RC; I'm an old 9V guy so this is like magic for me. The lights are esp. neat as you shared in your video. This train reminds me of a combination of the 2003 9V Cargo Train (4512) and the 2006 RC Cargo Train Deluxe (7898) with aspects like the crane wagon and gold. Reading your review and looking at pictures of this set as you have shared makes me want to dust off a few of my old locos and set up track again. Looks like this is a great little train packed with lots of fun extras for added play value. It's nice to see LEGO still offering trains with new functions/systems that might appeal to our technologically advanced whippensnappers. Great review!
  13. WesternOutlaw

    [REVIEW] Bandit's Secret Hideout (6761)

    A chilling breeze suddenly blows in from the west... The figure of a dark shadow atop an ebony horse appears from behind the water tower of Bandit's Secret Hideout. "Who is he"? the Crooked Card Shark asks with reluctance. Texas Red answers, "it's the P h a n t o m R i d e r "! @Henchmen4Hire In an earthy subdued voice, the figure whispers, "this is my kind of (takes a breath) review."
  14. WesternOutlaw

    Making Eurobricks More Active

    @Hobbes and @jamesn A dark and foreboding cloud blows over the sky... Goose bumps form on the arms of your minifig. You feel a chill and hear a faint whisper, TheBrickster was his name. Road to Gravestone
  15. WesternOutlaw

    [LESTER] - The Black Crow

    Just wanted to drop a note to say congrats on winning a really cool contest. Love this little vehicle, esp. the rear tent. Wonderful details to create a top notch expedition. Adventure awaits...