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  1. Overall, not quite as enthusiastic as I was with City of Lanterns...and deep down, I was hoping for a 4000-5000 piece set. Even if that was never up for debate. Are we still assuming the end of the series (or is that off the table?) and that this would be the big bang for the finale? An extension of the tracks would have been great and the Ferris wheel somehow doesn't fit in. But still it's fantastic, the colors, the Easter eggs, the minifigures and all the prints or stickers. I love the possibility of design. I try to combine it with the Ninjago sets, I think the combination of both subject areas is so great, they go well together. I would find two individual topic blocks next to each other...separate. The price is...phew. But this set, the markets and also the new restaurant from CNY. There are still a few great sets on the list.
  2. Red Rackham

    Chinese New Year Sets - Rumors and Discussion

    Above all, the many details and the general splendor of colors are always great in these sets. Won't be long before they're converted into a Ninjago or Monkie Kid world. The dragon beautifully in the middle on a lake and the restaurant closed at the back...can look great.
  3. Red Rackham

    Dune 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    Ah great. Huge Dune fan, both books and movies. In general, I would have preferred an "outwardly nicer" display set, but especially this function with the wings from this terrific scene from the new movie is wonderful. I can understand the balancing act of the designers. But the best of all are the minifurs. Wonderful. The sets you want sound great. Just such figure sets are always welcome.
  4. At least the larger sets like city of lanterns are suitable for something like this: I think many of the designs by some mod designers that fit into the Ninjago Modular construction are quite successful, as here from the Airjitzu Temple.
  5. But so far we only know the name? No details? Another set anything similiar the style of gardens of lantern is always welcome.
  6. Red Rackham

    [MOC] 1930's Tram "Eletrico de Sintra"

    That looks wonderful. So many details in such a small space. The bench seats look great (which you can see from the side). The pantograph and the stickers (or custom prints?) Will she drive anywhere or only as a display model?
  7. Red Rackham

    LEGO Ninjago 2024 Rumours and Discussion

    This is exactly the BrickDaimyo model I had in mind when I thought of a suspension railway. Just great. Compact, bright, friendly and with space for the passengers. I think I would (so far) prefer the manual drive on this one if you want to move it. I find this high-pitched whirring noise of the CircuitCubes quite annoying. Unfortunately :-( I haven't seen any other motorization yet. For something on the roller coaster track, the Lightrail from JK Brickswork or the Roller Coaster Train is great, the last one can climb heights better or I think at all. This solution from plasturq on instagram is really awesome. The color and smallness of the whole model is great. Hard to imagine where the motor +batterybox is located. But here too, only on the straight track. @LemerbrixI like your mech a lot. I can well imagine him climbing a house somewhere. A mech does not necessarily have to stand on two legs. (like most) On the back, the turbine-like vents - or razorblades? (in round) look cool.
  8. Red Rackham

    LEGO Ninjago 2024 Rumours and Discussion

    Yes. That's what I thought as I was flipping through the book. Even like a road with lanes in both directions. Real really cool. The great thing is that you can really see the individual bricks in every picture. Whether you can still rebuild it like that is another matter. (For 90% of the time I always need instructions :-) ) On the other side of the book you can see this really really cool monorail (more of a suspension railway with a cogwheel solution). Great! Bricklink Part 3743 SOMETIME (:laugh:) maybe all three solutions will find a place in my layout. Hanging from the roller coaster rails. Riding on the old monorail tracks (outrageously expensive) and riding on the roller coaster tracks like in the City of Lanterns set. And then through the whole panorama. I guess in a mix of cyberpunk influences (as well as the speeder or hover bikes), the Apocalypseburg set would also fit well into this world.
  9. Red Rackham

    LEGO Ninjago 2024 Rumours and Discussion

    Have the same feeling. Since the Ninjago City, these are the most beautiful sets for me. Both as they are suitable for playing, as well as a display. Thought so, after the docks, it's over. Two days ago I was able to buy a copy of the "making of" book. Condition is acceptable. In it I found your red tower with the roller coaster tracks. In the Monkie Kid thread you mentioned the Megapolis, which certainly fits quite well into the series after a modification. Like City of lanterns. Especially the stickers (yes, unfortunately stickers) are always fabulous at Monkie Kid. The Lanterns also had one of the old monorails.
  10. Red Rackham

    LEGO Ninjago 2024 Rumours and Discussion

    I think it looks great. When you see the whole series, I always imagine it from the perspective of the minifigures or at the level of how children experience it. When you go from house to house with astonished eyes and don't even know where to look first. The houses individually, although they have many parts, naturally lose some of their impact as everything looks strung together. I like it when a continuous path can be followed. The fact that almost every house has some water on the back is also very good. And with the boat at the markets, I noticed straight away, it looks a bit lost and doesn't really have a "port". The round window (above the white green fascia) on your new modular looks great. Does the figure in the balloon have an original Lego cape? And the red lenses are from Wildstyle? :-) You can definitely do something cool with the tower. The roller coaster rails in red are still the best.
  11. Red Rackham

    LEGO Ninjago 2024 Rumours and Discussion

    Sounds good with the hoverboards. I'm looking forward to the WIP of your AirDocks. Regarding the markets: I'm looking forward to pictures here as well, I find the size of the set (two baseplates) exciting, how it fits into the cityscape or how it looks rather abstract. In fact, in all the sets I've ever bought, I've only had one missing piece and that was at Ninjago Gardens. It's pretty annoying with the sticker sheet, you can often replace missing parts from your own fund if you don't want to wait so long to continue building. But with stickers... I have to wait another two months for my markets. I'm still sorting stones and building/buying tables. :-) Such small market stalls (as in the Chinese New Year sets) will certainly fit well in the large free space on the bridge and below. Similar to the Ninjago Making of book.
  12. Red Rackham

    LEGO Ninjago 2024 Rumours and Discussion

    A great squadron of flying boarders, will certainly "copy" one or two. I looked at it for 5 seconds and immediately thought, I like the blue one with the rings best. To your spoiler: I'm curious what the "break up" looks like in your city. Ps: Can the boards be rented in your city? Do they have to be "loaded" and is there a station for this? Or do they float...infinitely long and "magically"? I like a certain logic in such a colorful and playful Lego world.
  13. A great scene. Also strongly reminiscent of Indiana Jones. I like the mysterious tribe and the water around the crocodile. The whole area looks pretty dangerous, you don't want to get lost here as a holidaymaker.
  14. Red Rackham

    LEGO Ninjago 2023 Discussion

    Pretty cool design of Ryu exclusive print, generally the baby dragon is one of the best lego animals.
  15. Red Rackham

    LEGO Ninjago 2023 Discussion

    I can also understand the cohesive flow, both have their charms. With the MILS system, I mean the level below the usual baseplate, on the one hand, to be able to use the modular design better and to "hide" cables for lighting if necessary. Or also for different soil structures. Many with a city layout switched to this when Lego's new streets came along. Here's how works: MILS BrickDaimyo has used the 16x16 plates from the WorldMap (among others) on his channel, looks very good too. The hoverboards are a great idea. Do you also have pictures of the vehicles in your album? How do you actually feel about the "street level" in Ninjago. Would the road (for wheeled vehicles) be at level 0 (i.e. Old District) or more likely level 1? Do you make sure that all paths are really within reach of a minifigure and also logically connected? For example, a monorail could also serve as the only connecting route from two points on the path on level 1, or the ride/flight with a hoverbike. Stairs and ladders would also be bad for wheelchairs... You probably also know the two AirCity buildings (1 and 2) by Rebrickable? I want to try to place them in the water between the main buildings. And thank you for the insights into your build process from the album on Flickr :-)