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  1. I like the new font, no problems, neither on laptop nor smartphone
  2. Red Rackham

    [MOC] Pirate Van Dyke Island

    It turned out wonderful again. So many details, you can still find new things hours later. It also goes really well with Redbeard's House. Top!
  3. Excellent story with some laughs. 😆😆
  4. Red Rackham

    [MOC] Pirate Van Dyke Island

    a few more words? Stunning (as usual ?! ) Simply magical, so many small details. As with Redbeard's House. Especially those little gems like the greenery that flows down the side of the house (+nest) and also the walkway made of tree grates. The red stone on the ground floor and above dark tan with gray is also a very good combination I hope, after successful construction, we can await the instructions here as well? BRAVO!
  5. Red Rackham

    [MOC] Broadside Brig

    It‘s a fantastic implementation. The boat looks superb. Those beatiful ol‘ sails… You could also build the Eldorado extension without the contest. 😅😅😅 i‘m sure we‘d all like to see that.
  6. Red Rackham

    [SR-FB] Sandstorm

    Looks really great. The colors are (as always) well chosen, very individual. I really like the long bow for the big sail at the front of the ship. And also the piece in the last picture where the sign is attached with the bull. Reminds me of this country-style furniture for outdoors, which means "rattan" not only in Germany, right?
  7. Red Rackham

    [SR-FB] - Swamp village, Sabre island

    Hooooray…i simply love it. the whole color scheme is very natural. I especially like the old palm parts. and on the house the "green round boundaries" (balls) Fantastic
  8. Red Rackham

    [MOC] The terrifying Charon's Chest

    Amazing. I look forward to every new post in the Classic Pirate blog
  9. Red Rackham

    [LEGO IDEAS] Imperail Outpost on The Rocks

    Really gorgeous building. I like the rotation of the outpost and the ability to land at the jetty. The plants on the outside are great too
  10. reminds me a bit of this one: but maybe only the big skull thing… 😀
  11. Red Rackham

    [MOC] Treasure of the Spanish Plate Fleet, 1716

    Wonderful. You can literally see the movement throughout the scene. The water from loose stones is always a good idea. And.... the palm tree elements from the past are simply the best.
  12. Red Rackham

    [MOC] The Redbeard's house

    Thanks for the trust. But at the moment I'm still in the phase of amazement at the many great ideas here at the MOCs or Brethen of the brick seas. In fact, I hardly have any leftover bricks, since the original Lego models are disassembled in the boxes (maybe someday for sale) and exactly the right number of bricks is bought for the MOCs. But I think the biggest problem is the lack of time and that I actually find the operation of to be quite tricky and very time-consuming. Hence my great praise for all the models shown here. Both digitally and with real stones.
  13. Red Rackham

    [MOC] The Redbeard's house

    Fantastic story 😁😁😁
  14. Red Rackham

    [MOC] Lagoon Lockup Revisited (once more)

    Sooooooo wonderful! The unbelievable abundance of details, the colors, the "Barracuda" feeling. Great. I like it extremely well.
  15. Red Rackham

    [Freebuild] Cobold's Crusaders (REVAMP)

    Wow, very detailed biography of each member. It‘s always nice to have a mature story in the background. Kars is particulary great. I like the handparts on the mask. Is the mask/helmet an official Lego part? And out of interest: what does Kar‘s face look like?