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    La Grenouille

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  1. Red Rackham

    [MOC] La Grenouille (MocYourBricks)

    In 2020 I dismantled the Lego models I had collected from all sorts of themes (Harry Potter, Modular, Ninjago) to make room for THE theme of my youth: pirates. Triggered, of course, by the fabulous Barracuda Bay and the hope of a new wave of pirate sets coming after all. But the many ships from Mocyourbricks in particular inspired me and "La Grenouille" was the first to do so. The size and the details speak for themselves. And even if the crew here consists of only one bluecoat, the ship is the real star. I once put together all the pirate based sets to express the size of the ship. It quickly became clear to me that I simply don't have the space for several ships from Mocyourbricks. Thanks to the designers of the wonderful models in the background. Attempting a size comparison with the slightly longer version of the Barracuda from this set: Unfortunately, the light in the basement is quite modest.... First try with the rigging...
  2. Red Rackham

    [DIGITAL] Pirate tavern and docks modular

    Especially the last picture with the "Grenouille" looks great. You can imagine the hustle and bustle with a few minifigures. I also have the grenouille made of real stones.
  3. Loved it! Good to see it in „one take“ 👍🏻
  4. Red Rackham

    [MOC] Imperial Lighthouse

    Like the design. Breathe something of the „good ol‘ days „. Also like the stormy cliffs. 🙂
  5. Amazing, easily one of the best Lego brickfilms. Love also the scene with "big humans". Incredible amount of detail. Need more like this.
  6. Red Rackham

    [MOC] Warty Crab + COMIC

    Simple and cute, like it. The sails are great too.
  7. Red Rackham

    [MOC] The Redbeard's house

    Great! then… good luck!
  8. Red Rackham

    [MOC] The Redbeard's house

    That's nice, I'll be happy to come back to it. (instructions of the lighthouse) I think I have to write 10 posts first to be able to send you a private message. Looks like an interesting build. The similarity is already there and you have further developed some techniques.
  9. Red Rackham

    [MOC] Magnetic North Frigate

    Simply stunning The extraordinary colors make it look like a ship that has never been seen before. Now a building with a similar color scheme is missing.
  10. Red Rackham

    [MOC] The Redbeard's house

    Greetings, argh! same here :-) reader since six years now and then.... your awesome Captains House. How many times have I thought about it, today you register and write. What an incredibly lively set, with lots of play options too. This is a house worthy of a pirate captain. I would start collecting the parts right away. Any chance of getting the instructions or / Ldd file. ?? (would pay for it) Really really awesome...!