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  1. 1974

    these figures are original?

    Exactly. TLG dumps parts and sets in not-so-normal ways and employees can buy at very low prices (depending on how far up in the foodchain they are) I'm sure some of that are not supposed to be sold, but I guess TLG turns the blind eye However, these minifigs are something else Edit : I looked up the former SW moderator here (as I mentioned some posts back), KimT, that got headhunted by TLG to be community coordinator. Looks like he got booted .. " On November 14, 2019 Kim was fired for breaking LEGO's rules and was swiftly terminated, but at this moment it is unknown why" (according the Brickipedia) It would have been nice to have his input - or any official statement from TLG
  2. 1974

    these figures are original?

    Protecting TLG's and the IP holders interests are worth a LOT more than that. IF these come from TLG, even without their knowlegde, they could be sued by Disney/Lucasfilm for breaking the contract TLG almost lost the SW license years ago when an employee leaked some info (it was perhaps a video?) from EP 1 well before the movie was out
  3. 1974

    these figures are original?

    If these are being made at a LEGO factory NO way does TLG not know about it. Come on, one of the leading members of TLG's social media team used to a moderator here It's not like you can sneak into the factory at midnight, poor a bit of plastic and dye in a mould, press a lever and leave with these figs half an hour later. Those machines are highyl sophisitcated and computer controlled. There would need to be re-programming etc and that would leave a trail ... also they run 24/7 So if they're indeed made by TLG, it's done on purpose. For what reason? Don't know .. That company works in mysterious ways Every part is inventoried. If thousands of parts go missing it would be a matter for the authorities In house gifts get sold by employees, nothing strange about that. Those sets are not stolen from the factories Also TLG sells/dumps parts through various channels and a lot ends up on BL. It's hardly a secret and have been going on as long as BL has been around Oh yes there is! I have owned red prototype parts that are decades old
  4. 1974

    these figures are original?

    Pretty sure those factories run 24/7. The pay for the people needed to run the moulding machines at night is miniscule compared to the profit It used to be a rule of thumb that fake LEGO didn't have the "LEGO" embossed on the parts but that never made any sense to me Lastly, TLG is well aware what goes on on social media (they have people employeed just for that) and late night freestylin' at Kladno would be investigated asap Not saying the figs aren't proper LEGO but that story is bullcrap Might be true regarding the micromotors but those were made decades ago Cheers, Ole
  5. 1974

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    I used to have this part in quite a number of colours, besides chrome. Loads of non-production parts/parts in non-production colours were made for the modelshops in the UK Cheers, Ole
  6. Those parts are definitely not dark purple. Are you colour blind? TLG have had serious colour problems since they switched to diy + clear pellets around 2003-4 Cheers, Ole
  7. Those joints are not the same. There is no friction in the old parts (the ball hinges used for vehicles), the Mixel joints are some of the most precise parts TLG have ever created (hence the colour lock, just changing the colour messes with the design) Edit : There is some friction in the Homemaker hands (and shovel/digger bucket) (actually it's in the arm/wrist part) but they don't stand the test of time Cheers, Ole
  8. No, BL is not often wrong. It's the most complete catalogue on the planet. More complete than TLG's own records And it's community driven, you got something to add, add it it instead of complaining on another website There are also a ton of parts in colours that do not come from official sets, nothing odd about that. Most likely that's how you got your dark purple parts Cheers, Ole
  9. ALL Technic parts are highly specialized LEGO elements. Heck even Expert Builder parts (that evovled into modern Technic) were all new highly specialized parts Cheers, Ole
  10. Stickers are for sale here as well. Both the old and new version btw https://www.brickstickershop.com/website/index.php?Show=Search&KeyWord=375#filter:81e92b521bb8f9213043210f5cb8eaa9 Cheers, Ole
  11. Those two tecniques are in 6090
  12. 1974

    [MOC]: Volkswagen T2 Camper Van

    Still very cool doors (the 3H ones). Hard to come by in decent condition though Also, very nice MOC! But it does look better with those old doors
  13. 1974

    [MOC]: Volkswagen T2 Camper Van

    Those doors (825/826) actually never came in any official LEGO set They do exist but I'll bet most of those listed for sale on BL are the 3H version Edit : To clarify, they did come in one set, but only in white and with a red cross painted on. The red/yellow/blue plain ones are non-production colours Cheers, Ole