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  1. 1974

    Alternative to Rigid Hose 3mm

    These were never made by TLG anyway and came on large spools. I have an uncut 5m piece Same thing with pneumatic hoses (both the rubber and the silicone type) and the ribbed hoses Since "compatible LEGO pneumatic hoses" are easy to find on eBay, perhaps the stiff 3mm ones are as well?
  2. 1974

    10278 Police Station

    I particularly dislike the inverted jumpers on the facade. Would have looked a ton better with the old style jumpers! Heck even 1x2 plates would have looked better .. It's grand, but it has no finesse. No railing on that very important staircase? No prints on the 1x1 tiles on that board with the red rubberband? Heck, there are current 1x1 tiles with print that could be used. Wheres' the cool furniture? I'm always expecting TLG to up the ante on these sets, even the last one had cool things going on, allthough it wasn't universally liked (and same thing with the Corner Garage), but this one? Nothing cool going on as far as I can see?
  3. 1974

    10278 Police Station

    This has to be the worst italian restaurant ever! But it's a nice police HQ. Good idea with the side buildings However, I'm not seeing any cool building details nor any nice interior furniture. Nothing that surpasses the PC and that was quite a number of years ago The columns at the front are just too easy, give us something better, please. TLG have done it before It does look nice, but there's nothing extraordinary about it. it's rather bland ...
  4. If you have a decent sized collection, you probably have 10.000 pins allready ...
  5. Endor? Do you mean the Ewok Village or the old bunker? The EW is pretty nice (I used to own it) and I'd very much like TLG to make a MBS set out of the Endor bunker/AT-ST set
  6. That is very much an age thing When I got hooked on SW, there was no TPM or other such nonsense. The Cantina really is a pivotal point in the saga and not just ANH. Jabba's Palace is very much in the same vein (and should recieve a proper MBS set one day) Cheers, Ole
  7. 1974

    Part Name Help?

    The horns are the classic castle Princess hat, X107 It does not come in tan though. I had some in orange but they're long gone Cheers, Ole
  8. 1974

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    If there's a second street then it would most probably follow the Ninjago City + Docks time schedule
  9. 1974

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    You have to be real daft if you think these leaks aren't coming from TLG. They have hundreds of people employed doing marketing, SoMe etc. A little leak here and there keeps the Afools going, doesn't matter in the grand scheme when the set is actually revealed. Yes, you can trawl shops and lego.com to find preliminary listings etc, but TLG is well aware of all that ;) Cheers, Ole
  10. TLG did infact make a Yavin playset many years ago (with less than full scale X-wings), but it never left the prototype stage. Wasn't any good, tbh, but that was 15 years ago ..
  11. 1974

    TLG acquires Bricklink

    TLG bought BL to control the LEGO brand, not to make money. BL is no fat cow ready to milk. Those measly few millions they rack in in fees are nothing compared to the billions TLG makes But ultimate control of the brand is worth a LOT to TLG, I wager so much they would run BL with a loss if they have to Cheers, Ole
  12. BL aka TLG will not like that, so don't bother
  13. LEGO prototype parts I used to own hundreds of those, probably the largest documented collection in the world. TLG didn't ask anything, BL did, after they were aquired by TLG You can pm me for documentation if you like
  14. Yeah, but that's going to stop. TLG do not like that, I've allready been asked to remove my 100% genuine prototype parts from BL by the admin
  15. eBay. You can also make an Instagram profile and reach out to some of the collectors of rare parts. Stuff like that can easily go for 100EUR or more. I've sold many parts like that I've also sold more than a hundred red motors, most on Bricklink. Price them nicely and DO note in the description they're testet and practically as new and those too will sell fast Cheers, Ole