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  1. Unreleased/Cancelled LEGO Sets

    Yes, those are all genuine LEGO sets (blacktronite.com is my site). I've found the pics on various sites but I believe most of them originates from Brick Journal. There's been several threads about them here on EB btw Edit : Knock ya self out for a few hours : https://www.google.dk/?gws_rd=ssl#q=site:eurobricks.com+prototype+sets Tons of cool unreleased parts in those sets! I'd REALLY like to get my hands on those bottom panels for 2409 (the large quarter domes) as seen in trans-red in the grey Space set and also in dark grey in the Castle mine The brown crocodille 12V train is very cool, much more detailed than anything from that era (I dig the 3 wide doors). TLG could indeed make AFOL oriented stes back then but I guess they didn't see any market at that time Cheers, Ole
  2. Unreleased/Cancelled LEGO Sets

    It's something I (and Walter Whiteside) created, It's based on a theme from 1989 that never got released. I've named it GREY:tron as it's from the same era as M:tron, Blacktron etc Link to the Flickr group : https://www.flickr.com/groups/3602763@N25/ Our intention is to make designs from all thre unreleased space themes. There's quite a few of them : http://www.blacktronite.com/prototype_sets.htm The monorail was called Seatron, not Aquanauts btw and is actually an underwater/ space crossover. Something TLG never officially did I've been trying to hunt down those trans-red quaterdomes for ages .. Cheers, Ole
  3. Missing Slopes

    And that's what I want to build too! But while I may have the coolest slope, I only have ONE. Pretty hard to do anything mansard type of roof with that It annoys me a great deal that TLG never finishes of a theme of parts in a particular colour TLG have produced a boatload of crap parts that was never used in more than one set, but basic parts like this don't seem to see the day So much for "SYSTEM", eh? ... (I'll bet a particular guy is rolling in his grave (and it could be both from grief and amazement of the AFOL culture and/or "TLG")) I WANT my missing slopes, darn it! Cheers, Ole
  4. Missing Slopes

    Pretty sure that TLG have made ALL the slopes we crave for, but somehow decided not to use them in any sets at ALL. (But the LEGOland builders get what they want) Why? We'll never know Such is the inner workings of TLG. Mysterious and unpredictable Mere peasants like me my finding nuggets in the dirt, thus to much excitement in the community, but none of it compares to the joy of picking up a 1986 CS set in .. 1986 Cheers, Ole
  5. LEGO makes a non-ABS prototype brick

    Thats is gliding, not flying (and TLG never made any elastics bands worth doing that anyway) Flying means you can control the aircraft. Not possible with the current batch of PF parts. Many have tried, all have failed Prove me wrong and I'll eat that darn brick, ABS or wheat!
  6. I have about a quarter of a million bricks, which is not that unusual. What is unusual is that I only have parts in old colours (black, white, red, blue, green, yellow, brown and the two old greys (and of course trans clear/yellow/red/green and blue)) as I have no use for modern colours at all 'Cept tan. I love tan Cheers, Ole
  7. LEGO makes a non-ABS prototype brick

    Sounds great as I once promised to eat a 2x4 brick if anyone ever made an actual flying LEGO plane using _only_ LEGO parts
  8. Missing Slopes

    I have several un-released slopes : Cheers, Ole
  9. LEGOLAND non-production parts

    Well, we're just strangers on the internet, I know, but everything my source have told me so far checks out. I have quite a few more interesting tidbits in the near future, but I have to make sure it's okay for public display I know TLG has "the Vault", but I'm not sure record keeping of such old projects are regarded in the same vein? I know Mark Stafford/Nabii is a keen LEGO archaeologist so perhaps he knows something .. Cheers, Ole
  10. That is correct. BL sellers are dumping them due to the new pneumatic rams. Same thing is happening with white pulleys (4185), they used to be really expensive but due to that RC tracked thingy they're cheap now. Too bad I paid out the nose for a bunch of those last year But such is the BL game Cheers, Ole
  11. "Bricks 'n Pieces" spring 1979 is what you're looking for Edit : I've uploaded it here : http://blacktronite.com/1979-1 Spring.pdf Cheers, Ole
  12. LEGOLAND non-production parts

    I have a wee bit more information. The information comes from an old LEGO designer who saw this sometime in the late 90's "Yes, that Tintin series would have worked well with that movie that came out a few years ago (the Spielberg one), but it probably got cancelled due to legal problems" (Hence my note on how notoriously difficult the Hergé Foundation is to work with) "I remember seeing a large cardboard cutout with images of several Tintin LEGO models. There were two different moon rockets, one large (50cm) and a smaller one (20cm). There was also an image of the shark submarine. Also pictures of several different minifigs ; Tintin, Haddock, Dupont/Dupond (The Thompsons) and the professor" (I've asked if they had normal minfig heads/parts, but he does not remember) "I remember asking other colleagues if they knew anything else, but nobody knew. Back then we're were divided into teams and I honestly didn't know much about what went on outside my own area. The Tintin stuff was placed in a sort of no-mans-land that you just sorta passed through at work. so I have no further information, sadly" (Also, this was pre phones with cameras and it was most definitely NOT allowed to snap pics while working at TLG, as I've been told. TLG got in some pretty deep trouble when some employees leaked stuff from Star Wars Episode 1 well before the movie was launched .. but that's another story for another rainy day) Cheers, Ole
  13. That's bull Eric, and you know it. You can just cut up any suspicios part and find the true colour underneath, if it has been dyed Yes, I've left EB but someone summoned me and thus I seem to be back ;) As a general rule, if the part was made before the year 2000, it's most likely legit. That is both odd coloured parts and parts never released The parts I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole are any modern LEGO minifigs made in the last 5-10 years (especially if it's an IP minifig) and any sort of liftarm. Those are now being highly copied and quite difficult to spot, due to lack of "LEGO" printing and the poor quality of TLG parts in general Not fun to be a Technic fan these days,is it? Liftarms are much cheaper to make than bricks, TLG knows that (and have known for well at least +20 years) .. and now the cloners know that too ;) It's also gonna mess up Bricklink and every other LEGO selling venue Good thing I have all the LEGO I need :) Good luck to you, Gents Cheers, Ole
  14. Hi EB Most you know me as "1974", the poster of random crap, never any MOCs, some insightfull information of TLG's history, sneaky leaks, and loads of pics of "secret" parts (and those pics I will keep up - If I mess up, contact me please) Now, my life have come to a turning point (yes, kids+wfie, boring shit like that), so it's time to say goodbye If you need to get in touch, send me a pm And YES, LEGO is always going to be a major part of me, my offspring, and my wife's life - don't worry - pic attached for proof Cheers to all of You! Ole