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  1. 2018 Lego Trains

    Might be. There has to be something new, eh? The passenger coaches looks like a three minute job; bogies, baseplate, brick, two plates, trans panels, another brick, a plate with cheese and you're done! 7815/20 was a wee bit more fun to build
  2. 2018 Lego Trains

    Why did they flip the window on the cargo train? That DUPLO front end on the passanger train .. sigh (it's 7897 reborn). A truck instead of another flatbed/boxcar? and why can't we have DOORS. At least they're still being used/made for other themes (City/Jurrasic) Those boxes give the impression that a LOT of tracks are included! Not convinced PF is new or have been BT'ed .. yet. The "Wifi" logo reminds of the old 9V sound logo ..
  3. Sorry, I edited my reply so the quote makes no sense, but yes I did write that initially Really, you don't want your LEGO online. BT is the best compromise. Yet another proprietary TLG system is not cool in this day and age. BT can get other third party developers on the train (hehe) and have a longer longevty
  4. Edit : Well that's rather interesting then! TLG must have reserved millions of IP addys for that venture. I wonder if they'll keep the protocol open to other third party developers like the PF system? Cheers Ole
  5. Wifi? Do you want your LEGO online? Easily hackable too? I know we live in the age of "all things online" (heck, even lightbulbs!), but this sounds rather silly and not at all appropriate for a toy (yes, I know kids use tablets and smartphones but those are not toys either) 2.4GHz is what the rest of the world is doing with RC, But if TLG decides on that they'll have a boatload of problems to handle (that is people mating or trying to mate proper RC parts (540 motors, multichannel remotes, cars lost due to the many hundred meter range, channel interference with other 2.4GHz stuff (that band is rather crowded now btw) and freakin' flying stuff!) Bluetooth? Perhaps, they're using it now in Boost Most likely a proprietary system is my guess. They've been doing that with remote controlled things since 1968 (the whistle train) There's nothing really wrong with the current PF stuff, TLG is using IR for a reason
  6. Do you really think you're going to get those parts for that price? MF cockpit for five cents when the others for sale are in the 140EUR range? Why would anyone part out a 800USD set and loose 750USD? Cheers, Ole
  7. Lego Workers Accident

    Is legos some kinda off brand? This is a LEGO site
  8. LEGOLAND non-production parts

    DoB, I'll answer all your questions in a short time, 'kay? Cheers, Ole
  9. Ohh, looks like I messed up the quote, but the paragraph below is from TechnicSummse .. sorry (hate this new fancy EB layout btw!) I'm "that one" Yup, the purple stuff does exist allthough it's not in my hands anymore but belong to many happy buyers who paid a small fortune It's proper LEGO allright, TLG in Billund says so - good enough for you? Selling a part for 1000EUR is not crazy, However buying one is My parts have been discussed in several threads here, I suggest you look them up, Currently this one is active : Also, matthi/CornholiosBricks mentioned here several times is a 100% legit shop with rare parts. He is the man for current rare Technic parts If you think his/my parts are expensive don't start collecting HO scale, Mursten or wooden LEGO .. Cheers, Ole
  10. Unreleased/Cancelled LEGO Sets

    Yes, those are all genuine LEGO sets (blacktronite.com is my site). I've found the pics on various sites but I believe most of them originates from Brick Journal. There's been several threads about them here on EB btw Edit : Knock ya self out for a few hours : https://www.google.dk/?gws_rd=ssl#q=site:eurobricks.com+prototype+sets Tons of cool unreleased parts in those sets! I'd REALLY like to get my hands on those bottom panels for 2409 (the large quarter domes) as seen in trans-red in the grey Space set and also in dark grey in the Castle mine The brown crocodille 12V train is very cool, much more detailed than anything from that era (I dig the 3 wide doors). TLG could indeed make AFOL oriented stes back then but I guess they didn't see any market at that time Cheers, Ole
  11. Unreleased/Cancelled LEGO Sets

    It's something I (and Walter Whiteside) created, It's based on a theme from 1989 that never got released. I've named it GREY:tron as it's from the same era as M:tron, Blacktron etc Link to the Flickr group : https://www.flickr.com/groups/3602763@N25/ Our intention is to make designs from all thre unreleased space themes. There's quite a few of them : http://www.blacktronite.com/prototype_sets.htm The monorail was called Seatron, not Aquanauts btw and is actually an underwater/ space crossover. Something TLG never officially did I've been trying to hunt down those trans-red quaterdomes for ages .. Cheers, Ole
  12. Missing Slopes

    And that's what I want to build too! But while I may have the coolest slope, I only have ONE. Pretty hard to do anything mansard type of roof with that It annoys me a great deal that TLG never finishes of a theme of parts in a particular colour TLG have produced a boatload of crap parts that was never used in more than one set, but basic parts like this don't seem to see the day So much for "SYSTEM", eh? ... (I'll bet a particular guy is rolling in his grave (and it could be both from grief and amazement of the AFOL culture and/or "TLG")) I WANT my missing slopes, darn it! Cheers, Ole
  13. Missing Slopes

    Pretty sure that TLG have made ALL the slopes we crave for, but somehow decided not to use them in any sets at ALL. (But the LEGOland builders get what they want) Why? We'll never know Such is the inner workings of TLG. Mysterious and unpredictable Mere peasants like me my finding nuggets in the dirt, thus to much excitement in the community, but none of it compares to the joy of picking up a 1986 CS set in .. 1986 Cheers, Ole
  14. LEGO makes a non-ABS prototype brick

    Thats is gliding, not flying (and TLG never made any elastics bands worth doing that anyway) Flying means you can control the aircraft. Not possible with the current batch of PF parts. Many have tried, all have failed Prove me wrong and I'll eat that darn brick, ABS or wheat!