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  1. Or to avoid DC/Marvel license fees and/or SH confusion
  2. They could be handling garbage .. In my hood, the garbage is actually handled by normal trucks as the bins are below surface level
  3. In the RC world those are called "shelf queens" (fully functinal restored vintage RC cars but too precious to run)
  4. 8479 in 1997 and before that, 8868 b-model in 1992
  5. Isn't that bright green Group C looking racer in this category as well?
  6. 1974

    10282 Adidas Superstar

    Realistic? did you get another model than this one? It's off on justabout all proportions, lots of gaps, ugly studs etc Now, the typewriter _that_ is realistic looking
  7. TLG pays LucasFilm/Disney for the use of the SW license. They, LucasFilm/Disney, sets the rules and guidelines for how to use the license (no single SW figs for sale etc and most likely also just what vehicles/locations etc) but what moulds TLG use are up to TLG
  8. 1974

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    And there are only a few more pieces, nothing earthshattering. While I actually do agree with you LD, you picked a rather terrible comparison
  9. 1974

    Single lithium batteries for Power Function trains

    What fascinating modern times we live in The multiturn pot is the biggest component! When I first started making DC2DC converters I couldn't even get the right coils so I had to wind them myself And now I can get this marvel for just a few EUR. What is the input range? Can I use two 18650 in series? I don't have any trains anymore but a lot of monorail Edit : it's 2-24V for 9V out
  10. 1974

    [TC20] 8848 Tipper Truck

    Brickbuild bucket ftw! But that massive light bley underbite is not doing it any favours, sorry
  11. Very hard to make better, everything works as it should, best (front-end) loader TLG ever done. Same thing with the 8460 Pneumatic Crane truck from the same era, Again eveything works perfectly (a mobile crane were the outriggers do NOT work is a piece of junk) and funnily enough that was also re-released two more times Looking forward to the build. Only think that can make it better is a motorized compressor
  12. I don't think this is correct but if it indeed do have that option it would be very smart to use only the liftable axle