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  1. Have you even done a modicum of searching? Edit : I've done it for you .. Chineese motors : https://www.aliexpress.com/i/4000894592155.html The plugs (which TLG cannot "protect" as it's not their design at all): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telephone_jack_and_plug Rotation sensors : Just search for Hall sensors on ebay, aliexpress etc Very old and cheap technology : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hall_effect_sensor
  2. LEGO is quite often used as a loss leader here in the big supermarket chains
  3. Playmobil is not a construction toy. Meccano is We allready had an interesting discussion here btw : Sorry, I meant "construction" not "building" That is simply not my experience at all, Both amongst AFOLs and kids
  4. I speak german, I get it. But no "LEGO" is not the Kleenex of building toys https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_generic_and_genericized_trademarks No "LEGO" here
  5. That does not fly. The plugs TLG uses for the new electrical system are decades old, very standardized and available for pennies from very reputable mfgs You can buy everything from China. A motor can cost a penny, but it's made by a three year old communist child working 28/hours a day or it can cost a dollar and come with every certification needed made by highly educated people in a top-notch factory. China have_everything_ Lol! "Rotation sensors", that is also decade old technology that also do not cost anything really It is? Please show me all the webshops that sell knock-offs and advertise it as "LEGO" (No links to chineese shops as you can buy eveything as knock-offs over there, including complete Apple shops and Tesla cars) Luckily we have very little of that crap here, so children are not exposed to that. I do know Germany has somewhat of a beef going on with TLG at the moment
  6. LEGO electrical parts have always (even going back to the 60's) been very expensive for what they actually are. The motors are cheap mass-produced stuff but often housed in a studded enclosure. In my former job I've imported/sold thousands of similar motors and they often cost less than one euro when buying a decent amount Same thing with controllers and lights. Very cheap electronics. The development costs for TLG have been minescule Then who do you think is the Mercedes of construction toys then? You can use whatever you like, but you cannot call CADA "LEGO" And to be strict TLG was not the first in the business anyway
  7. 1974

    Star Wars

    Yes, because it's also on PC!
  8. This fixation on part numbers is weird. i don't recall buying sets as a kid based on that. In fact, the part number was never stated on the box! I believe this is an american thing only No-one is buying a swing or a playhouse for their kids going "Honey, this has 279 more screws than that other one which is 100EUR cheaper. Let's get the one with the most screws!" Another hobby of mine is Tamiya RC cars (re-res and vintage) and NO-ONE in that hobby is buying those cars for the part count LEGO IS the Mercedes of construction toys. Also, PLEASE do not use the word "LEGO" for generic off-brand/clone/straight up ripoff stuff. "LEGO" is not the Kleenex of construction toys just yet and I think TLG have enough lawyers around to deal with that
  9. It's not about the amount of parts but WHAT parts. A thousand pins is worthless to just about everyone (and totally worthless if if you have a BL shop) A better metric is weight-to-price ratio. Or electric/pneumatic-to-price ratio. And certainly also function-to-price ratio The dozer does not deliver. Only cool thing is the new threads Pretty sure no-one is buying this set for the app controlled ladder Edit : I'm also looking forward to the crying game in plus ten years when none of the apps are working on our inplanted 7G smart hubs and the 8275 is 3KEUR on the secondhand market Right now PF is a better investment than gold Cheers, Ole
  10. It's a toy company that makes dolls based on a kiddy space opera show but somehow SW fan(atics) tend to forget that. Like. Every. Single. Time
  11. It's not always the actual designers that decide what sets are going to be made, so it's rather unfair to blame them In fact I'm quite certain that it's other deparments within TLG that decides what is going to made. Changing designers will not change that Also, OT toys just sells way better than PT and DT
  12. It's quite rare that printed parts do not also come unprinted in the same colour eventually. And if not, you can wipe printed parts, but you can't print yourself
  13. You forgot blue, black, dark and light grey Never seen any in bley myself
  14. I think it has something to do with driving a car Adventures introduced the pre-fab two-seat car piece Johnny had an alter-ego in Australia Does that add up? Edit : That's my head canon anyway (he's an aussie to me) but we all know it's just TLG being lazy and not giving af
  15. I grew up with knobs as parents which then turned me into a crank. I guess that's TECHNICally correct then