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Found 3 results

  1. Review: 42059 Stunt Truck Name: Stunt Truck Number: 42059 Theme: Technic Year: 2017 Pieces: 142 Price: USD $19.99, Euro 19.99€, AUD $32.99 Brickset: Extra Info Technic Early 2017 Review Series Welcome to the fourth in my batch of 2017 Technic reviews! I was offered all the small sets early 2017 for review late last year... but I ended up getting them all! Thus I have a lot to review. I've been doing them in parallel and changing my process as I go so hopefully the latter ones will end up being the best. On that angle I'll probably retcon some of the earlier reviews if I improve my process. Due to this remember that I'm happy to take extra photos or provide extra info on request, and anything especially good will be added to the main body of the review. Do note though that sometimes the model may no longer exist if I have have made an alternate. On the subject of alternates, I will be making the alt model, if I have the instructions, think the model is worth making, and I have the time. Also I'll show mid stage construction only if I think it's relevant. Thus don't ask for construction photos or alt models if they aren't part of the review.... I am prepared to extract parts for detail photos though. Photos will all be hosted on Flickr so larger versions are available, and relevant videos will be on YouTube and linked to from here. I don't edit photos much; very rarely I'll crop one and almost never will "correct" them so the photos should be as natural as possible. I will try to not be repetitive; thus it's worth reading my other reviews. For example I'm not going to complain too much about the digital instructions; I'll try to complain about new things, or maybe not complain at all! Here's all the other reviews of H1 2017 Technic... 42057 Ultralight Helicopter 42058 Stunt Bike 42059 Stunt Truck (and 45058/42059 Combiner) 42060 Roadwork Crew 42061 Telehandler 42062 Container Yard 42063 BMW R 1200 GS Adventure 42064 Ocean Explorer 42065 Tracked Racer Mucho multi thanks to the EB LUG Ambassador CopMike and the LEGO CEE Team and Designers for allowing me to review these sets for Eurobricks. So onto the review! Packaging Front.... ...back.... Unboxing Standard punch box. Only one instruction book and it's staple bound without a substantial cover. Secondary model has instructions online only. The build is not sectioned... OK it is sorta. There's a "1" bag... and another. So in short, it's not. The panels in "Medium azure" and pullback motor are slightly special, with the ramp and the... ...the anniversary part being slightly more special than those. Parts list. Random instruction page. Build It's done! Spare parts. Power is directly applied to the rear wheel. No gearing or any other functions are in this model. The ramp is a custom colour with a wheel pattern that matches the respective vehicle and has rubber feet to help it grip rather than slip. You can see the anniversary part here on the top. Action video! The stickers are quite effective in this set as they help blend the colours. Power Racer (Combiner) I was considering making this into a separate review, but ultimately I don't have much to say about these sets, so I think it's more fair to include it here. (Do note though that I don't count this model when rating the set.) I made it after the main sets so I don't have photos without the stickers. I believe these are the spare parts. There could be some missing.... one of our resident cats slept here (hair left as evidence) and left me with doubts. I did think this part of the build was cool, in that it took advantage of the 45 degree cutouts to increase robustness. Overall I liked the look of this model. It reminded me of some the the early studless Technic models. The stickers worked well, even though one is upside down (correctly placed, it's just designed for the A model), and the colours blend well, which is impressive since there isn't always an even pairing of parts. Both of the anniversary parts are used, but only one is visible. Quick action video! Longer action video! Since I won't be rating the combiner, I will make a quick comment that I was impressed with how well it handled; when aimed well it was fast and jumped high. Ratings Function: Technic fans probably should look elsewhere. 2/10 Parts: The highlight really is the "Medium azure" 6/10 Price: The Australian price of this set seems rather high IMHO. 6/10 Accuracy: Considering the limited parts it's not a horrid truck model. 6/10 Fudge: Pullback cars aren't really my thing. But it's a good kit for experimenting with them. 6/10 Overall: It's the better deal of the pullbacks, but even so, there's better Technic for less money 5/10
  2. 42059 alternative model. Uses all parts from the set (exl. spares). No functions whatsoever except for inherited pull-back motor and quite pleasing looks. It showcases the "40 years" part nicely. It's a rear-engined landspeed hot rod, inspired mostly by "belly tanks". Looks better with lower profile front tires borrowed from 42046 Getaway Racer (last pic). Bonus: can be used with minifigs! LXF FILE - I might have missed something. The model SHOULD USE ALL PARTS from the by the A-model. If there are any leftovers, please inform me. The pink parts obviously represent the pull-back motor. The bit that sticks out in the front should of course be rotated as in the pictures - LDD won't allow you to do so. With better tire setup: