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  1. Doug72

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    An epic & complex build, your post might be better placed in the GBC Train thread. I am currently trying to come up with an alternative version that is less complex and uses less parts but with same input & ouput layout.
  2. Fantastic success - the video of the show is good. I see you did use my counterweight set up with only one weight per side. The passing module can be tempremental at times. re entering at lower level, I found it best to make the access ramp shallower to make sure it gets over the hump. I see the event was in Norrkopping, I used to berth there when discharging oil cargos when I worked at sea on tankers. Doug.
  3. Doug72

    GBC General Discussion

    Interesting, I have this book which contains many of them, its useful source for ideas etc.
  4. Doug72

    GBC General Discussion

    Agree, my work area is a mess at the moment with discarded parts and needs a good tidy up. The crank system he uses has about the same angular movement that I require, so I will build a test rig to see if it would work for my project.
  5. Doug72

    GBC General Discussion

    I like it, it has possibilities for a train GBC. Not having much progress with my current attempt to build a version of the Akiyuki Crane Train module for use with Type 2 trains and would use a crank lever system to lift ball hopper of the train, swing it over to load and back again onto the train.
  6. Thanks for the feedback, I to had issues with getting the rotating dumper from hitting the discharge ramp, my builddiffers a it discharges to the front not the side. Re using Loom band to replace the Lego Rubber Band a good idea.
  7. Doug72

    Where to buy?

    I also use Brickowl & get most of my parts for beams gears, panel packs etc. Also Ebay
  8. Doug72

    Where to buy?

    Search Lego technic, loads on eBay.
  9. Welcome to the Forum. Looks good , have a succesful show and post some images of your set up at the show. The weight system was not by me and was developed by @MajklSpajkl and @Berthil
  10. LEGO Great Ball Contraption GBC / Rube Goldberg at LEGO World 2018 in de Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, NL Train GBC Elevator / Rotary Dumper can be seen on the video by Macio Arts from 24 min 20secs
  11. Progress update:- Train GBC MOC - Up & over transfer module:- The Akiyuki GBC Train Crane concept of lifting the Ball hopper off the train, transferring it to the loading point & then returning it back onto the train is very complex and designed to use the Type 1 train. As per earlier post I managed to devise a control module using the Type 2 Train, but I don’t have enough parts to build the rest of the Akiyuki crane module. I set out to simplify this or come up with an alternative solution. After many failed ideas eventually come up with an up & over swing arrangement as seen in the video. This idea is based on Russian Boat canal lift. To test this idea I used an M motor & PF switch to power the module in order to ensure ball hopper could be lifted off the train, transferred & replaced once balls loaded back onto the train. Initial thoughts was to use parallelogram linkages to keep the lifting frame & ball hopper horizontal during the transfer but this did not work and hopper kept sliding off. Hardest task was to get the train to enter the lifting frame correctly without jamming or tipping the frame. The lifting frame now hangs on a single axle and lands on two horizontal beams at the train dock ensuring the train with hopper enters correctly. Next step is to devise a control system powered by the train to carry out the following sequence which will require a reverser unit for the lifting arms & a trigger for train release. 1/. Train arrives with empty ball hopper into docking station and powers the operating mechanism. 2/. Lifting arms pick up the empty ball hopper and swings it up & over to the ball loading station. 3/. Balls loaded into hopper. 4/. Lifting arm transfers the hopper with balls back to the docking station and lowers it back onto the train. 5/. Drive now transfers to the system to actuate the train reversing trip. 6/. Train with loaded ball hopper departs. 7/. Lifting frame remains in position ready for next train arrival to start the next loading cycle.
  12. A V1 PF receiver should be a Lego run two. L motors OK, I have done without problem. Sounds as if there is either too much friction in the drive train or the wrong gear ratios is being used & overloading the motors. Try L motors on seperate red & blue out puts NOT both on red or blue.
  13. Looking good and colourful. Any sign of video of the LEGO World Utrecht with the GBC modules running - only found one by Macio Arts but none of them running - just a veiw of them all set up before the show opened.
  14. Managed to lower the turntable by 1L so top of the rails is approx. 4.5 L but still worked when 5.5L height. Minimum is three track panels & works OK, 1st panel has to be horizontal with turntable & the other two sloping down to ground level track, Train able to climb the gradient OK. Presume your train wheels have friction bands.
  15. @dunes thanks for supplying that information. My next GBC Train project: I have decided that I don't have enough parts to build the Akiyuki Crane GBC Train module . I will use elements from the control unit to time the train module I hope to build, which is to be based on a Russian Balanced Boat Lift.