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  1. Great, including train GBC as well ?
  2. Doug72

    LDD projects and buildings

    Your Photos are too dark to see any detail.
  3. Agree, no wheels with tires.
  4. Doug72

    General Part Discussion

    Recently I have have been disassembling some older MOCs and have found that many using these gear racks that the end axle holes section were either cracked or just dropped off as the were separated from the adjacent rack section even when eased apart carefully. This seems to only affect the yellow gear racks, none of the black ones I have don’t have this problem. Perhaps the yellow ones use a different colouring material making them brittle compared to the black versions. Have tried to repair the cracked ones using liquid ABS but often fail again. Now have several useless yellow gear racks !!
  5. Swing Loader Update with images:- The drive to the swinging arms is very reliable and consists of two parallel linked worm drive gear boxes with clutch gear protection. Progress has been very slow trying to get a viable way to control this module. The Swing loader is capable of carrying & transferring 30 balls per cycle. The two 24T gears help share the load from the train car drive. A short dwell period is then required to load 30 balls & then activate the reverser the main drive to swing the load back up & over to land on the train. A push rod then activates the trip rotor to cause train the leave. At this point I found that the swing arm reverser was blocked by the train push rod for the main reverser unit until the train had departed. As train departs the drive system stops !! I need to find a way to allow the drive reverser to work in both directions - maybe by using a differential. Now looking for ideas and a solution to this, does anyone have ideas to overcome this problem. Now tried a trip lever system to move the reverser but as it changes over it stops midway and drive stops for the swing arms. Need a the reverser to snap over but also give short dwell time to load balls. Its a Catch 22 situation !!!!! April 19th :- build abandoned as cannot find a solution without using EV3 and LOI.
  6. I have a similar problem with a change over gear for a train GBC module I am building. It needs to snap over quickly. I use a rubber band to assist this and at same time hold red lever in position. I hope to use a system of trip levers to make the change over.
  7. Additional 24T gear for Train Reverser. First reverser I modified work fine without the 24T gear touching the underside of the gear rack 10 x 1L plate supporting the two gear racks. Second reverser I found the 24T gear fouled the under side end edge, probably due to a slightly bent axle. I have revised the rack to prevent this. Photo shows revised method which increases the power output from the train car without skipping under heavy load.
  8. See pages 17, 18,20,21 for earlier posts about this turntable Make sure that the 8T gear on the axles does not rub on the gear rack ends of the gear Rack. See photo showing positioning of the gear rack. Re PF Switch. The old style switch is best as it requires no modification & the small pole reverser switch allows correct setting so that the trip beams on train car work correctly. See posts on page 25 Feb 12th 2019. The newer switch is can be used but needs opening up to modifying to remove the lever notches otherwise the trip beams will not move the switch to reverse the train car. Drive gears on the axles also need changing sides to make sure the trip beams act correctly.
  9. Modified GBC Train Reverser. When testing the Train GBC Swing Loader found that the 8T gear on the train axle would skip under heavy load & damaged the 8T gear. To overcome this I have added an extra 24T gear on the rack side to share the load. The extra gear also helps push the train car fully against the end stop. The gear rack had to modified slightly as shown. Tested and works OK & train enters & leaves OK. Now proven that the train can power the swing loader and carry 30 balls per trip. More updates about the Swing Loader coming soon.
  10. Lots of GBC on this thread,
  11. Doug72

    Efferman's Custom Parts

    Both look ideal for solving the difficult mounting problem with these gear rack housings.
  12. Re Stacking 2L worm gears. There is a right way & a wrong way to do this - see image. If stacked the wrong way the worm teeth don,t match and cause increased friction when engaged with gear racks. The groove seen between the teeth should all be in line to be correct. Flickr
  13. Now showing but take a long time to fully appear and I am on super fast broad band 220 mbps, same on main computer and iPad.