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  1. Checked through the LXF file and the photo of your build progress. Noticed you have use small wheels (rollers) with rubber tires to support the rotating yellow gear rings. My version has reverted to the original 18mm diam. wheels. Apologies for my error. Now checked my photos which were taken over a 7 min period, some show small roller others large roller !! Had me puzzled as to how this possible as there is not enough time to change them between taking photos. Now realised I had one sIde using the small roller with tire the other side using the larger 18mm diam. roller !!!! Two smaller rollers caused a step between the track beams. Correct rollers are the 18mm diam both sides with a 12T double bevel gear engaging with the curved gear rack.
  2. Rotary Dumper :- My MOD update. Noticed the ball discharge hopper had a tendency to lean towards the side with the counterweight box when the train uinit was released as the track lined up. Tested without the counter-weight box and found to be OK. The train ball hopper engagement with the rotating hopper guide rails is now better aligned and with less weight the rotation of the dumper is smoother and faster.
  3. Don't like the "Hook" I will use one of my METAL hooks, when I get the set.
  4. I thought so - a picture says a thousand words. Now tested with a four lobe rotor for a Vee Reverser and works OK.
  5. Thanks for your work in making these files. re blue bands: to get the correct tension one end has to be wrapped around axle twice as per photos. Re Rotary Dumper layout - now broken down into each module as Dining table needed for its intended purpose !!!! Going to see if I can close couple the elevator and rotary dumper units to shorten overall length.
  6. Thanks for that, checked the file and one crucial part is not shown. i.e. the 2L worm gear that engages with the 24T gear that drives the trip rotor.
  7. Doug72

    [TC14] Urban Wave

    Thanks for the suggestion, it has possibilities - might change the title to WAKE RIDER. I was thinking of either tilting the moving belt from side to side or a 32L axle from behind to oscillate the surfer. Hopefully I will be able to control all movements using 1 or 2 motors with PF control.
  8. Doug72

    [TC14] Urban Wave

    It will definitly be wider, depending on many lego track links I have but only one rider as only have one lego figure. Have Meccanno figure but it has lost it feet and is banned !
  9. (TC14) Urban Wave: (WIP) The fairground near where I live has a unique fairground ride in the UK, and I am attempting to replicate this for the contest. You can surf without getting wet ! A fairly simple build but controlling the rider will be a challenge. My grand children always go on it when they visit.
  10. It’s on my Xmas list !
  11. Slewing is not very smooth, as if there is an axle winding up under torsion, twisting & then releasing.
  12. I only got into building this train system a few months ago, so no experience of V1 train unit. The V2 is reliable - I made a simple MOD to prevent the end of reverser bars from fouling when in the rotary dumper. (see earlier posts). You need to ensure the PF cables don't foul the trip bars and use the old style PF switch or MOD later version. The train wheels flanges only just touch when in the reverser or driving other modules, so there is no problem with friction band on wheels wearing down. When the train is reversed, the initial impertous to move the unit is the 8T gear on axle end acting on the 24T gear that drives the trip system, enough to get the other 8T gears to engage with the rack and move the train. The round disc with hole are guides on the axles to keep the train in alignment with the gear racks etc. Re Unloader / Loader: As I didn't have enough shock absorbers I used counterweights instead - see images in an earlier post. Best of luck with the Rotary Dumper / Elevator, I had a very frustrating time trying to get the Akiyuki Dumper version working and gave up - hence my MOD. Doug72
  13. As requested: Trip unit shortened by 2L with standard two lobe trip rotor. The two slide bars are yellow 7L axles. Four lobe rotor if used to operate a track switch. The red LEGO Technic Cross Block 1 x 3 (Axle/Pin/Pin) (42003) is used for the trip & the anchor point for the trip trigger arm. IMG_5902 IMG_5900 IMG_5904
  14. The elevator & dumper are the most complex modules in the Akiyuki train system. It is best to start with the simpler modules first, (reverser) as I did, in order to understand how they function and build a simple layout. For dumper & elevator instructions by Akiyuki - see the 2nd post in this thread posted by Jonas. The Rotary Dumper by Akiyuki is very hard to get working correctly, consistently and often gets out of step. I gave up trying and developed my own modification which cannot get out of syncronisation and is consistently reliable. @dunes is working on LDD instructions for this. The Elevator module by Akiyuki works OK and height adusted to match my rotary dumper.