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  1. GBC Train System Query. Currently working on an improved swing loader GBC train module but have hit problems due insufficient power to run it even with an L motor train unit, unless it is geared right down. It is designed to keep the ball carrier horizontal throughout the loading cycle. Works well when powered by a train with an L motor, but not when driven via areversing unit andsometimes reverser lock up. I have tried using reversers using new 20t clutch gears and the older style 16T clutch gears and the older version seems better. It can carry up to 30 balls in the ball carrier per trip but VERY SLOW cycle speed, with less balls it is faster in operation. Two full battery boxes acts as counterweights to balance the load. ————————————————————————————————— I am thinking of a supplementary drive L motor with it own battery pack directing powering the module and controlled by a PF reversing switch which have its own reversing unit synchronised with the train reverser unit. I have tested this to see if is workable but needs more work to syncronise it with the train reverser. Is this permissible and acceptable for GBC Train system ?
  2. Thanks for those comments. I followed @t0mster photo and modyfied one of my train units - slightly noisy but run OK on my Through Rotary Dumper module. Originally I didn't think a Z20 double bevel gear would fit and that it would foul the thin Z20T gear on the wheel axle. Now fitted a Z20T double bevel gear and now runs much smoother & quieter.
  3. Index page updated with train unit MOD by @t0mster and Two Bucket Wheel Loaders by @Doug72
  4. A lattice structure for a crane can be be made using standard Lego Technic Beams, without need for 1/2 stud parts. See image.
  5. Got this as a Xmas present - built main model but I found it awkward & tedious to operate. Might build the B model & then break it down and consign the parts to my spares boxes for other use.
  6. Doug72

    New AFOL looking for advice

    Agree - I only use Brickowl,
  7. A useful modification reducing speed by a factor of 0.6 Now modified the train unit (grey) for my through Rotary Dumper to the slower speed and module now runs a lot smoother. Just had to remove a couple of flat tiles from the track as the 20T gears were catching on them.
  8. Doug72

    Problems with Leibherr Control+ App

    This is the very reason I decided not to buy the Leibherr 42100 set. I have an unsused Minestorms set which I never figured how to programe it, so no chance with Contol + App. I am glad I have a large stock of PF componants which are tried & tested. I recently even managed to track down and buy - probably the last in the UK a brand new PF switch with pole reverser suitable for GBC trains.
  9. Two version now available - Which version is best ? With visors and 32 balls per trip or with Shovels and 24 balls per trip. As the LEGO Visor 2007 (57702) are now quite scarce I decided to use the new gearing arrangement on the version using LEGO Shovel 5 x 7 x 4 1/2 with Hole/cross (18943 / 42196) See photos showing gearing for ball loader and the train reverser which releases train after one revolution of the bucket wheel. This give 24 balls per trip. New input hopper built as a plug in unit and has an height of 10L at the inlet point to meet GBC regs. New ball rotor with four lobes is used with along with guides to stop balls falling down. Input ramp to ball rotor no longer requires an agitator as after extensive testing had no balls jams - the two yellow side guides help prevent this. No instructions are available but photos should show how to build it.
  10. Video now uploaded OK. had to delete original one and upload a re-named file.
  11. Thanks for your comment, its been a long process slowly improving the original idea. Re YouTube - figured that out but it won't let me change. Clicked "not sutable for kids by error" as i am sure I set it to Unlisted as I usually do. Visors (buckets) seem to be hard to find now I was lucky getting them from Aussie ! Can you see the video using the link ?
  12. The Ultimate Version -Twin Bucket GBC Train Loader Completed. Twin Buckets:- Had problems with some buckets becoming loose or detaching from the wheel if there was a ball jam. The blue pin/axle connectors were the problem, some had a low friction after many uses. Solved by using two 3L axle with stop & stud plus two 4L thin beams with axle hole each end. see image. Complicated gear boxes no longer required, all gears are attached to the main bucket wheel module and arranged to give give two rotations before the train is released with max 32 balls per trip.. Loading inlet hopper made as a separate plug in module for ease of construction & adjustment. New 4 lobe loading rotor required to load one ball into each bucket and prevent any others from entering. Tried without a ball agitator but had ball jams again. A three arm agitator was added driven by an 8T/ worm gears via a long drive shaft from the axle driving the bucket wheel gears. Timing for the ball loading rotor is easy to set by sliding a 24T gear out of engagement - turn rotor to correct position and re-engage the 24T gear again. Various improvements made to the input hopper to prevent ball jamming & to prevent more than 2 balls load at a time. Successfully tested with near 100% of balls transferring into the train hopper. Video showing ball loading can be seen in later post below.
  13. Doug72

    GBC prototype falkirk wheel.

    Thats why I never completed my attempted build of a mechanicaly controled Balkirk Wheel. All turntables have to be free running along with connecting gear wheels. Re Posting picture - read the forum guidelines on how to do this. You cannot load pics direct onto the forum. Limit is 100K and mainly for your avatar image.
  14. Extra white visors (buckets) now received from Australia today allowing me to improve the capacity of the bucket wheel to 16 balls per revolution. With train reverser making two bucket wheel revolutions before releasing the train gives 32 balls per trip. Also got as a Xmas present lots of spare parts including eight un-ripe banana gears. and more Z28 gears to replace the Z28 turntables, much neater drive & smoother now. Had to change how the twin buckets are attached to the wheel. As shown in a previous post, the buckets would have fouled the support rollers, so gear rings had to be set further apart at 6L. Wheel structure plus gearing added, and mounted on a 16 x 16 baseplate to check clearances & test rotation before final mounting on a 48 x 49 stud baseplate. Next stage: add train reverser unit and and devise a means off loading the twin buckets - two at a time side by side. PS:- i have decided not to use the buckets to scoop up the balls as buckets can hold 2 balls each but one of them will always fall out before the other and miss the discharge ramp. Twin bucket parts
  15. Suggest you acquire either a Z28 or Z56 or Z60 turntable if you desire a strong rotating crane, that can be easilly incorporated into the supporting structure you are building. WIP Photos are a good way to showing your build so that others can help with any problems encountered.