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  1. Doug72

    Akiyuki - Loader Unit

    Can this be moved to:- [GBC] Akiyuki Train System: Type 2 mods and improvements on the LEGO Technic, Model Team and Scale Modeling Forum. T/Y.
  2. Doug72

    Akiyuki - Loader Unit

    Wrong forum.
  3. Agree this topic has become boring and clogging up the front page.
  4. Correction to last posting:- Image 8368 removed as connections with black axle were shown 1L too high. Correct image shown below. IMG_8370
  5. Improved Train GBC Vertical Lift Mk 2. Improved structure and tested using a standard GBC Train reverser with a 24T gear & 2L worm for the trip rotor and proved able to carry up to 30 balls if required. A Z60 turntable is used to raise & lower the lift. Transfer ball tray modified to load 30 balls OK but its a tight fit Best limit to 25 balls max. Images show a standard train reverser with direct drive to the lift tower via two right angle drives. release timing is set by sliding the 8T gear out of engagement with the 24 T gear Images:- IMG_8359 IMG_8360 Enlarge ball carrier:- IMG_8362 IMG_8363 IMG_8364 IMG_8365 IMG_8366 IMG_8367 Video:- showing ball transfer into a temporary container for filming. Note, Train trip lever not fitted for the test but you can hear the trip. Loading and discharge ramps to be arranged to suit.
  6. Havn't move away, That was built some time ago in 2020. Just comparing them in the post. The 90 deg is the recent one and I am going to try and enlarged the ball tray and maybe try for 1 trip.
  7. Update:- Ball Capacity. Train GBC Lift Just done some trials with the number of balls that can be loaded by adding an extra 3 balls per test until it reach 30 balls. Works OK with an L motor train car and OK but slower with an M motor train car with no signs of skipping gears. An enlarged carrying tray for 30 balls would be needed.
  8. @HRU_Bricks increasing ball load for one lift cycle. The most I could get per cycle is 18 balls. Have a look at my earlier High Capacity Loader which can load and carry upto 30 balls per trip. Video show lift with improvements & in action. Shacky video due bad wrist !!
  9. For initial build tried using a normal reverser & doubling up the speed to the lift to get 2 cycles but found too much strain to lift 15 balls in one go once the trip rotor starts to tension the rubber bands.. Train car starts to chattter and skip. - hence building a 2 cycle trip reverser to load two batches. See my topic on the modified reversers, type 1 with 20t Gear & type 2 using a 40T rotor gear. If an opposite hand worm gear was avalable it would have been simpler to arrange drive to the trip rotor. So far useing offset 20T DB bevel gears for trip rotor has been no problem. Type 2 version stronger Type 1 with 20T DBG / 20T SBG used in the video. Type2 using two offset 20TDBG.
  10. @HRU_Bricks Lift Images as requested. Thanks for your comments, Lift has been extensively run without any failures. The Z60 turntable at top has to be well braced to stop support structure from spreading under load. Any queries please quote image number. IMG_8346 IMG_8348 IMG_8347 IMG_8350 IMG_8351 IMG_8352 IMG_8353 IMG_8354 IMG_8355 IMG_8356
  11. Thanks for that , Video now embeded & working I hope
  12. Train GBC New Corner Module. (MOC) (VIDEO) I set out to design and build a new GBC module for use on display layout at a 90 deg. corner and to be able to transfer up to 36 balls all powered by the GBC Train car. The module consists of 4 sub assemblies on a 32 x 32 stud base plate. IMG_8334 IMG_8340 r 1:- Input box to GBC guide rules for entry height 10L, width 8L Length is 16L with the ramp split into two sections. Upper half is static, lower half when tripped rotates to allow the first batch of balls to roll under a static ball retaining axle onto the lift tray.. Other balls in the in-box are prevented from moving until the rotating ramp returns to closed position when remaining balls roll down for the next lift cycle. 2/ Lift Tower with ball carrying platform for 18 balls. The drive for this does not require a reverser, instead a Z60 turntable is used which turns a crank arm and a connecting beam to the raise & lower the lift ball tray. This is an enlarged version of the Sun GBC lift tray. This took a long time to get the position of the turntable & length of the cranks & connecting beam correct. (a lot of trial & error solved it) The worm gear driving the Z60 turntable tended to skip so a very strong support for the worm axle & the turntable were needed (see photo) As the lift reaches full height the lift tray sides hit a stop to open the gate to drop balls onto the discharge chute. IMG_8338 IMG_8337 3/ Discharge chute:- This is 16L long and with side guides to ensure all balls roll into the GBC Train hopper. This is mounted above the inbox. IMG_8335 4/. Train Reverser the most complicated part of this build. A standard reverser was modified to allow module to run for two trip cycles and load up-to 36 balls into the train hopper. See how this was achieved in the proceeding post using a 40T spur gear & worm ( 40 x 3 = 120 giving 2 rotations of the Z60 turntable Trip Cycle:- Balls arrive into the inbox, train car arrives and module is activated. Lift descends hits a trip bar causing the lower rotating inbox ramp to load 18 balls onto the lift tray Lift rises to discharge balls onto the loading chute. Lift descends to repeat the cycle and load the second batch of 18 balls. Once two loads are completed, the reverser then releases the loaded train. Video
  13. Thanks for the info, I could only find the 2x2 with 6 teeth on Brick Owl.
  14. What are the gears used and are they still available ?