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  1. Doug72

    42114 - 6x6 Volvo Articulated Hauler

    Volvo dump trucks at the huge new Amazone distribution warehouse being built on Tyneside. Many other types of construction equipment on site.
  2. Doug72

    GBC General Discussion

    As mentioned in the cement lorry topic. As mentioned in the Cement lorry topic. “
  3. Just tested my spare servo motor and found it was off centre by about 3 degs. With battery power OFF connected it directly to the battery box and then switched power back ON. Instantly the servo self centred itself and with all dots aligned OK. Tested with PF switch, PF remote & PF train remote and each time returned to centre OK.
  4. Just ordered 8 new curved gear racks at £0.60 each.
  5. Cracking of LEGO 1/4 Circle Gear Rack (banana gears) I have been checking all my various GBC / MOCs which use these gears and found cracks in several of my older parts from the BWE etc. It seems to effect only the yellow ones as have not found any cracks on the black versions. The gear rack ends thin section with axle hole that connect to the next gear segment have cracked. If you are lucky these can be repaired with Plastic Magic Weld. Has anyone else had this problem? Others which have completely broken off & the gears are now scrap. This problem only seems to effect older yellow gear racks which have become brittle with age. None found on more recent purchases & none on any black gears. I now take particular care when separating these gears and make sure you don't twist them as the 2L axle is pushed out.
  6. What practical use did micro motors have ?
  7. Doug72

    Are Closed-Loop Systems Possible?

    ALL Closed loop systems require some form of power input in order to function. A self contained closd loop is IMPOSSIBLE. Perptetual motion does not exist !!
  8. GBC Train - test layout. I have made a small train GBC layout on our dining table and have been checking all modules for any problems as not used for a while, much hunting of balls resulted. The closed circuit layout shows two trains in action alternately loading & unloading. Components:- 1. Akiyuki Double cross over passing module. 2. TrixBrix double crossover track. 3. Tipper Unloader by Doug72 4. Akiyuki Conveyor Loader - Through Type 5. Train Reverser. All reversers use rubber bands with modified trip arms. Can you spot the errant ball ?
  9. Doug72

    Chiron gearbox problems

    I read somewhere about lightly sanding both sides of new 20T double bevel gears as they see slightly thicker than original ones.
  10. Doug72

    42112 Concrete Mixer Truck

    The drum might be useful for GBC modules
  11. Pictures cannot be seen, read FAQ on how to embed them.
  12. Doug72

    Impossible LEGO

    Never have any bother removing 2L axles even when push fully in. I use an old screw driver with the tip gound to a fine needle point. Insert point into the gap along the 2L pin and lever out enough for needle nose pliers to grip and then remove the axle. THis does not harm the axle.
  13. Is the input rotatind one way all the time or is ir reversable ? Can you post an image or a diagram of what you want to achieve ?