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  1. Vote Boydell Stomper the only entry with WACKY WHEELS.
  2. Effe's MOC Corner

    Interesting idea, I have been contemplating building a mobile dockside crane which would have a multi wheel under carriage similar to your HD trailer. I was thinking of using the small 28Z turnatbles for each wheel with steering via worm drive, but a lever & reach rod system looks less complicated. How secure would the axles be in the various connectors under tension ? Each axle in your set up appears to turn a different amount which OK if being used as a trailer, for mobile crane need all wheels to turn together in unison. Several cranes of this type are at work at the Port of Tyne near where I live and also are built in the NE England by Liebherr.
  3. [TC12] The Toaster

    Re STOP sign, I too noticed. Grab the image from your photo of the real bus, and print & paste it onto the Lego part.
  4. Race tactics now added to entry post. Pit crew standing by:-
  5. New batteries installed, pit crew ready and ready to stomp. Best of luck to everyone racing. Doug72
  6. [TC12] The Stretch Slicer

    Or get stomped on !
  7. Jim, there are two entries by different competitors which have the same nummber, I.e. 15. Doug
  8. [TC12] The Stretch Slicer

    To eliminate sag you need to shallow "king truss" along top of the engine block.
  9. For a really tight steering radius you need a tricycle wheel arrangement, similar to my entry. .A previous MOC I built of an old mobile crane had a turn radius equal to its length.
  10. Thanks for the explanation.
  11. What do the various colour 16t gears that precede some topic titles mean ?
  12. General Part Discussion

    Looks 3D printed to me as the surface texture is grainy.
  13. [TC12] Highflyer

    Leonard, looks good. re your entry topic, you need embed your video so that an image is can be seen. I,ve had trouble with videos not embedding I found if open the video on my computer and then copy the URL shown in address bar and paste that into entry topic etc. Should then self embed. Doug
  14. What parts are the red wheel covers and corrugated cyclinders, never seen them before ?