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  1. Problem Connecting bucket part to large track links. Recently after prolonged testing of my Train Incline GBC ball loader I noticed that the bucket connection was becoming loose from the track links & affecting timing & clearence from other parts. This due to the LEGO Technic Hole with Pin (15100 / 65487) rotates freely in the track link hole. Initially I glued the pins in place but as this is not Lego legal sought a legal solution. Now found a solution by using 5L thin beams. The hole with pin passes through a 5L thin beam and then the track link. The end lip on the pin part is now tight against the underside of the link and the connectioin is now tight. Just had to re-postition the input box by 1/2L
  2. Doug72

    Lego Control Centre 9753

    Thanks, mine is the earlier version without a 12v input, so looks like won't be suitable.
  3. Lego Control Centre 9753. Re-discovered I still had this which was last used for the TC ?? crane contest several years ago. Has anyone used this for driving and controlling GBC modules ? Think it has potential to run a Train GBC Gantry Crane module, to lift a ball hopper, traverse / lower (load balls) raise / traverse / lower back onto train car. Should be able to program the moments up / down left right for 3 motors but how to start the sequence automatically when a train car arrives & stop it when train departs. The control centre has 3 outputs (Yellow / Red / Blue) So red & blue used for the crane movements. Yellow to cause activate the train reverser for train to depart. But is there anyway to detect a train arriving & start the sequence ? p.s. posted is in the general Technic forum for now to reach a wider audience.
  4. Hope you better success than I did when I attempted to build a similar dockside crane in Feb 2018. Look forward to following your progress. I ended up with a very heavy build that caused the chassis to sag and was a very complicated build but it was a valuable learning experience building it.
  5. Great, might be worthwhile creating a new topic of what you are building.
  6. This has a little bit slack but it should work in the space you have. Best to drive it using a worm gear.
  7. Can,t ,t take photo as I removed the rack. I will make mock up & post it later today.
  8. That’s very similar to the rack I used for the Mk 1 high lift stepper lift, see earlier in this thread. I only used one rack which was OK along with two side beams. Don,t worry about spamming this thread, the rack part worked OK, it was the trips to change rack direction of the rack that didn’t,t. That’s why I change to the way to move the lift without need for a reverser.
  9. Don't think it is possible in such a tight profile, maybe possibe in a 1 x 4 unless anyone else has some ideas ? An image of the 1 x 3 profile woud be usefull.
  10. Here's a mock up, using a 12T gear it,s designed to mesh with the rack in the housing. Using 4 pce angle beam 4 x 2
  11. Yes it can be done BUT only by using studded technic beams.
  12. Nice but some expensive & rare parts. Ideal way to use up cracked parts !!!
  13. MOC Completed Step 6 :- Mount all componants on a single base plate. Done Step 7 :- Build a Ball input box. This will used my design with tilting ramp activated by a simple trip bar. Done. Step 8 :- Syncronise the ball lift with the input box, at first could not get this right, so double checked the build and found that the axle for the top sprocket wheel was 1L too high !!! Lowered and now correct, and one link removed from the chain belt. Next was to position inbox correctly and the stops for the tilting ramp push bar & the stops for the counterweight so that the tilting ramp lined back up with the fixed section. Again a lot of trial & error before working OK. Yellow cross bar axle positioned to load15 balls into bucket per trip. Step 9. Make a video
  14. Doug72

    General Part Discussion

    Re Technic, Gearbox 2 x 4 x 3 1/3, I have some but difficult to build them into a module due lack of mounting hoies - can only be used with 24T gears. I have some 3D printed worm gear frames that work fine with 24T gears, are easy to mount & take up a small space. As they are not Lego cannot use them for competitions. Examples of worm gear box used in GBC Train Modules. Don't understand how you would chain them & can see no way of using thus for GBC.
  15. Doug72

    Decreasing number of MOCs

    GENERAL PARTS DISCUSSION should be used.