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  1. I find with any MOCs I build it is usually 2 steps forward, one step back until you are happy. Quite often you are happy but later on in the build a new problem arises and you need to back track again ! When I get completely stuck it is usually means a total strip down and start again, learning from past mistakes.
  2. Train GBC Swing Loader Resurrected (WIP) Mark 3. The Mark 1 version failed as I was unable to synchronise the module with the train reverser. The MK 2 version using EV3 was successful but against the spirit of GBC for modules to be self driven by the train car. Mk 3 version currently in development and will use a different way of controlling the movements required using a modified train reverser. Initially I tried a rack drive system as per the incline GBC ball lift but it did not have enough power to raise a fully loaded ball container with 30 balls. Progress to date:- Towers built & tested for the swinging arms built along with worm drive mechanism. Worm drive system:- This uses a pair of LEGO Block Connector with One Half of Wormed Gearbox (32166) These provide a very strong gearbox but the 1/2 L problem needs to be accommodated when building into a studless frame structure. Four gear ratios are possible depending on which gears & turntables are used. Worm drive with 24:1 reduction and a 24T gear meshing with a Z56 Turntable = 56:1 Worm drive using 24T gear and a 20T gear meshing with Z60 Turntable = 72:1 Worm drive using a 40T gear with 20T gear meshing with a Z60 Turntable, 120:1 - slightly harder to mount onto the towers. Worm drive using 40T gear and a 24T gear meshing with a Z56 Turntable = 93.3r :1 I have settled on using the 72:1 gear ratio. At first will try to drive the swing Loader direct from the reverser. If this insufficient then I will use a supplementary PF motor, either M or L type. L motor shown in photo only for testing swing cycle and has proven can carry 30 balls per trip using either M or L motor. Reverser modifications:- Old type PF switch with polarity switch added. Train triggers the switch & starts the motor starting as train docks into the reverser. Trip Rotor Clutch:- If possible I intend NOT to try & synchronise the system. The drive to the trip rotor has a normally dis-engaged clutch. When the ball container is back onto the train, the swing arms contact a push rod which engages the drive to the 4 arm trip rotor to release the train, as train departs the supplementary motor stops. Next stages :- Mount everything onto a base plate & try direct drive from the train reverser then M motor & L motor. Find a way to reverse the system once balls loaded.
  3. All MOCs can be improved if left for awhile and then looked at again. During Lockdown I have reviewed all my TRAIN GBC MOCs, In most cases just some minor tweaking required & tidying up. Some others that did not perform have been dismantled to use parts for new builds. Currently attempting to resurrect two failed builds having now identified the problems they had. Both are currently being completely re-built from scratch and will fully tested at each stage before moving on. Major task is controlling them mechanical rather than resorting to using EV3. One option is to use a supplementary PF motor to drive the module if train does not have enough power to run it. The train reverser to control all the required actions and stop & start the motor. Helps pass the time during lockdown no. 3 !! At least once a week I tidy up my Lego room and return discarded parts but into their correct storage drawers.
  4. Doug72

    Road Planer

    You could possible use several of these for the cutter drum. lego-propellor-8-blade-5-diameter-41530-60591-27-771523
  5. Doug72

    Road Planer

    re Planer:- The cutter drum is well hidden from sight & discharge conveyor is fully enclosed. Interesting machine to watch operaterating, needed two men to control it, the whole unit machine can raise & lower on the two track units to set the cutting drum depth.
  6. PF Switches for GBC Train cars. These are unobtainable from Lego & most sellors show an image of the older type but send you the newer type without the small black switch. Recently I found a UK seller that had 7 correct ones for sale. After contacting the seller to confirm they had the small black polarity switch, I ordered two which arrived today along with other lego gears I required. Delivered in 2 days from order. items tested OK & appear to be unused.
  7. Doug72

    Road Planer

    Outside my house this morning , road planner at work preparing for re-surfacing the road over next 5 days. The planner has potential for good Lego Technic model, the two sets of catapillar tracks that can turn independantly and planner can steer in any direction including sideways.
  8. Doug72

    GBC General Discussion

    Great work in reverse engineering that GBC module. I have been trying for ages to get a Train GBC Crane module working without success - this might be just what I am looking for to control it. I had another attempt during our 3rd. lockdown but I think it is over complicated, Your version looks simpler but do you think it would lift a fully loaded train ball container back onto a train car ? If not, should be able to adapt it to load balls into the train direct. Possibly train powering it may not be enough, so a supplementary motor may have to be used. I have devised a way to restart the train car without the need for timing synchronisation.
  9. Totally agree, the pre-annual reviews etc. clog up the front page, pushing more interesting topics out of sight Reviews were made After a new model is actually official released, endless speculations are a waste of time. Be patient and be satisfied with things, if you don,t like a new Lego release, don,t buy it.
  10. Doug72

    General Part Discussion

    Thank you for quick reply, yes thats the part I have. Provides a strong way to send a drive two ways using 12T DBG's gears. I will order 2 on my next lego shopping list, their only 2 pence each !
  11. Doug72

    General Part Discussion

    Can anyone identify this part & its Lego number ? I think it is possible a bionical piece. Can hold 3 x 12T double bevel gears and very useful for a GBC module I am building.
  12. Doug72

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    Bring back PF, instant playability. Switch on battery boxes, pick up tactile controllers and play.
  13. Looks good, can you post a closer image or video of the red input stepper unit, might be useful for a Train GBC.
  14. Correction:- Last image on previous post (1:2) is wrong, should read 2:1 gearing for train trip to make train run for two bucket trips.