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  1. I try to avoid 8t-8t meshing where possible - it does seem to create a fair bit of friction and stress. But if space is tight it could be an option.
  2. The 12t bevel gears are just not suitable for high torque, even when braced properly. It would be better to redesign the assembly. There are plenty of more robust ways of reversing the direction:
  3. That's brilliant! I love mechanical sensing, and I understand how much thought is needed to work in a confined space like this! I wonder about the long-term robustness of using axle connectors (in the sensing arm and in the little arm that holds the wheel in place at the bottom of the picture). They have a tendency to work loose...
  4. aeh5040

    Gears-efficient gearbox

    A picture would be nice!
  5. aeh5040

    Keeping score

    That's fantastic - can you show more details of the mechanism? Particularly the detent mechanism part on the right...
  6. aeh5040

    [GBC] Assorted Modules

    These are wonderful! The first two have quite a lot in common with Akiyuky modules, but of course there is no shame in that. The parallel motion linkage in the third one is fantastic!
  7. aeh5040

    Help with gear rack mechanism

    Even simpler would be to replace the differential with a white clutch gear.
  8. aeh5040

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    Seems like a new bent liftarm (sorry if this has been discussed already): Oh no, never mind. I think it is just a 5L lined up with a 3L behind it.
  9. So now we are just missing the 32t!
  10. aeh5040

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    The licensing thing is a bit of a mystery to me. It does appear that licensed sets sell at a slight premium compared to other sets, and also that they are less likely to be discounted. This does suggest LEGO is paying the partner a fee. If so, why? I would think that on the whole the partner gets the greater benefit from the arrangement - they get a lot of advertising for their product. What does LEGO get? Possibly greater sales because the model is more recognizable, and has an additional stamp of authenticity. But is this effect really significant? Hard to know. Does anyone have any reliable information about it (as opposed to speculation)?
  11. aeh5040

    Lego GBC Cardan Gear Module

    I think I'm going to revise my opinion a bit: this may be my favourite module ever!
  12. aeh5040

    Lego GBC Cardan Gear Module

    Wow - just wow. This is absolutely mesmerizing. It took me quite a while to understand what is happening, and I'm still not sure I quite have it! Would it possible to extend this idea further, so that the two mini-turntables have four positions, say, and the balls stay on the them for several more steps?
  13. aeh5040

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    2 hubs, not 1.
  14. aeh5040

    [C-MODEL] 42066 - Shark Mk II

    Brilliant, and so creative! I hope you'll accept a small constructive criticism: to me the small fish doesn't quite seem to match the clean style of the rest. I definitely could do not any better however (especially with limited parts).
  15. aeh5040

    GBC General Discussion

    I like the simplicity! Perhaps add a counterweight to the rotating liftarm itself (opposite end from the pulley, obviously).