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  1. This is absolutely brilliant, well done! Very tempting to think that it stands a real chance on Ideas...
  2. Woah, great work. Custom parts are not usually quite my thing, but who could not love those gears!
  3. Excellent work! I can't quite see the details but you seem to have got the mechanism very compact. It is possible to reduce the spacing between "pods" (or your equivalent!) by one stud compared with synchropods. I did this in the pendulum wave music machine V2.
  4. I always planned to make a multi-digit counter or a clock with mine, but never made much progress. Really the design itself was a bit too clunky. As you say, the key is to make a carry mechnism that is both reliable and can handle the torque. I think this would be very much worth pursuing, and starting with your version ought to give a much greater chance of success!
  5. This is an amazing model. I did not even know about this kind of mechanism.
  6. Outstanding! I love it. Varying the colours of the links could produce some nice effects... Any chance of more pictures, ideally enough to recreate it...? Perhaps there could be another machine that disassembles it, and feeds the parts back into the hoppers. That would be great for a show...
  7. Great work on the mechanisms! To me the styling looks a little sparse, even though it is very similar to the original. I think it might benefit from a little bit of "filling in", although I have no idea how ...
  8. Brilliant! Do keep working on it. I'm certain you will overcome the quirks and hiccups...
  9. aeh5040

    Technic dice

    Nice, although not the first time it's been done: It is an interesting challenge to fill all the connecting pin holes with pins - see below - I don't know if this can be done in combination with the die effect.
  10. There were plenty of cranes before LAs:
  11. I'm completely with you on the preferences. Mechanisms every time for me. But I'm not convinced there is any clear trend away from this aspect. Unquestionably styling has become more important, but I think on the whole mechanisms retained or increased their sophistication. Realistic styling sells, and that has to be their primary concern. On the whole I'm just happy that their business model happens to accommodate my idiosyncratic interests as a byproduct. It's easy to single out the best sets of the past and get nostalgic about them (I do it all the time), but don't forget there were plenty of mediocre ones along side them. And on recent mechanisms: well, consider that a sequential gear stepper mechanism was unheard of in an unofficial set in the days of 8043. One recent change that I do find unfortunate is PF->PoweredUp. I understand why they felt they had to do it, but I don't like it.
  12. It of course all depends where one draws the line between Technic and System parts, but my impression is that the recent trend (say, the last 5 years) is towards using more System parts in Technic sets. These days it is very common for plates, tiles and slopes to be used for more realistic styling on parts of vehicles (e.g. 42083, 42042), and for little tools, accessories, and details to be included (e.g. 42082, 42100). I think this was less common a few years ago. (Compare e.g. 42042, 42009).