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  1. Just a partial idea: if the sides could be sprung outward somehow, they could be actuated by pulling on threads, which might simplify things.
  2. aeh5040

    [MOC] Mechanical Calculator

    That's an extremely interesting model, always love mechanical computation! One way to get the required 10-fold symmetry is the drum from here (although it's bulky): Another random thought: if things were to only rotate one way, perhaps you could overcome the backlash problem.
  3. That's brilliant, well done!
  4. That is compact! And I like the symmetry - a pity the motor placement breaks it.
  5. That's great! An improvement on my version from 10 years ago!
  6. Hi and welcome. As the designer and a user of the machine, you are probably one of the best placed to decide what the needs are. If you can be more specific about what you want to achieve when you " finetune some of it's aspects ", then I expect people here can try to help you.
  7. aeh5040

    [WIP] Lissajous Curve Generator

    Cool! A good version of the "smooth cross" is a very worthwhile exercise. I think it could be useful for other things too (analogue computation...)
  8. aeh5040

    [WIP] Lissajous Curve Generator

    Interesting idea. It might work better to move the paper for one axis and the pen for the other, thus doing away with the "cross".
  9. aeh5040

    General Part Discussion

    It would be sad if the new pin no longer admits a bar. That's a useful technique...
  10. I did offer to help make instructions from photos... What was the nature of the unreliability, if you don't mind me asking?
  11. Great work as always. Just remove a couple of parts and that should fit perfectly...
  12. Interesting question. For me it depends. Mostly I will use whatever is needed, and the harder the task I have set myself, the more I appreciate the flexibility. But I am aware that other people might want to make some of my designs, so for that reason I sometimes make attempts to use common and recent parts. How much I do this depends on the model.
  13. Very interesting. It would be nice to see a comparison with the 9V mains train regulator also.
  14. aeh5040

    42120 Hovercraft

    Maybe two 1x1 round plates inserted into the holes underneath, and a rotating part that sits between them?
  15. aeh5040

    42120 Hovercraft

    Hard to see how the steering changes the direction of the propellers. Moving the black 11L liftarm side to side would do it, but how is that controlled?