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  1. That's a strange part! Any ideas for functional (as opposed to aesthetic) applications?
  2. I see, I think. But I'm really not sure whether locking the clutches will help. If a LA gets driven past its endpoint then something has gone very wrong already. Better to aim to keep them well within their range.
  3. You can also just measure this directly without programming, so again I'm not sure what the purpose would be.
  4. I'm a bit confused why you would want to do that. The "clutch" only slips if you try to drive the actuator beyond its end stops (I believe). If you are doing that then without the clutch you will just stall the motor or break something.
  5. I'm sure considerations like this are relevant to TLG's strategy. If it was 50% bigger, many parents who could afford it would baulk at the size.
  6. Just wait a few months until the parts are readily available and there are fan-designed instructions!
  7. It's interesting how these two frame types are used. They seem to be assembled with a 1-stud offset into individual box sections, which are then joined together using axles. I guess that is perhaps reflective of the real thing? Of course the boom would be much stiffer if they were offset by more like half their length.
  8. So 4 functions meaning 2 directions for each of the claw and the dumper? Or do you have more functions in mind? I'm also curious how will picking up an item will work while driving along. Will it just push the item along for a bit until the claw starts to lift?
  9. Interesting! I imagine alignment with the racks will be tricky. Perhaps it needs some sort of horizontal guides.
  10. Nice. Can we see some close up photos?
  11. +1 for Prusa. I have a MINI and love it. And they come across as a really thoughtful company that cares about its customers (including novices).
  12. I suspect the more crucial thing here is that they are easier to align correctly.
  13. For the weights, I think the best arrangement is a continuous loop of chain, with a self-winding mechanism in the weight: the weight consists of a battery box and motor and switch, which crawls up the chain to the top when it hits the ground... Like in this one:
  14. Looks like a very neat and capable build!