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  1. the imperial reporter

    Imperial Officers Mafia Sign-Ups

    Can I join or is it too late?
  2. the imperial reporter


    i always thought it would be easy to take set 75103 and just slap on the wings from 75154...
  3. the imperial reporter

    (MOC) Eclipse SSD

    This is AMAZING! I have never seen anything of this magnitude at this level of detail. The Eclipse is one of my personal favorite ships in any space franchise. (I totally agree)
  4. the imperial reporter

    [MOC] - Motorcity Toxic Waste Truck

    Like how it turned out
  5. the imperial reporter

    Need Ideas to finish this Toxic Waste Trailer

    Why don't you use technic angled bar pieces? I can never remember the name of them but usually come in several different angles. Like this piece[4]
  6. the imperial reporter

    Thunderbirds are Go

    That the problem I always run into as well.
  7. the imperial reporter

    Help on Inika Light-Up Swords

  8. the imperial reporter

    Help on Inika Light-Up Swords

    I recently Purchased a Bulk of old Bionicle and I it came with one of the Inika Swords. I put in new batteries and it worked, but how do you turn it off? The Batteries were quite expensive and i would hate to waste them.
  9. the imperial reporter

    Space Police IV central precinct + hover vehicles (real world models)

    This is Awesome! i loved the old Space Police and i like how you added the LM sets as police vehicles
  10. the imperial reporter


    I found the show recently on Netflix and have been binge watching it for at least 2 weeks. This has to be my favorite batmobile that i have seen so far and i hope to see more.
  11. the imperial reporter


  12. the imperial reporter


    Cool! Do you have the LDD file?
  13. the imperial reporter

    LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    I am almost in love! i am going to HAVE to find a way to get this one
  14. the imperial reporter


    I enjoyed the show as well, and i want to build one of my own now!
  15. the imperial reporter

    Ninjago airship and temple