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  1. Custom Ninjago Boxes

    Look I'm sorry but like I said I don't know the full extent to this website I'm only here to have fun and make friends but now it looks like your blaming me over a simple mistake I made because I can't try to upload the pictures and etc I feel like everyone here mostly hates me all of the sudden
  2. TOO OLD?

    @Actor Builder don't call me an Oxymoron kid don't make me go the hard way.
  3. Custom Ninjago Boxes

    @Lyichir calm down i'm only new here which means I don't know everything to this site so please be kind jeez
  4. If I were to sell minifigures based off a theme I would make the Ninjago minifigure Collection Series but not the minifigures from the movie as we all know today I'm talking about the T.V. series and they are based off the Ninja suits from the show they can be seen in the Gallery of for the Gi Exhibit I posted a few pictures of them on my twitter page.
  5. TOO OLD?

    FYI, I'm finely balanced with my addiction it's just that my parents are making unnecessary statements at unnecessary times.
  6. TOO OLD?

    @Peppermint_M alright but not every toy is for kids just so you know @Peppermint_M here is more proof btw
  7. TOO OLD?

    um thanks but you didn't have to say that remember with creativity there are ways to make things up to your age "childish is when you are doing something in a bad way" Lego is aimed for all ages, if something looks childish than change it up with creativity or explanation to make it look NORMAL also it's not about what the build seems to be childish it's about enjoying the build at who and what it's aimed for.
  8. TOO OLD?

    ok here is some proof btw
  9. TOO OLD?

    I'm in to the Ninjago theme, and I'm into Lego education in my school which helps me motorize sets
  10. TOO OLD?

    thank you this is what I need what you stated is the meat of my topic what you stated is the core of my topic WHAT YOU STATED IS THE MAIN PART OF MY TOPIC (CLAPS) Thanks Everyone! Now in the Lego is for everyone who Can Create, Engineer, Design and, Much Much MORE! I will show these messages to them one day and they will see!
  11. TOO OLD?

  12. TOO OLD?

    thank you Little Worlds I'm glad their are a few people on my side and soon to be many more! (HUGS) It's just that you know it's hard to convince others but it will totally do in the END!
  13. TOO OLD?

    I understand I am in to others things like Brave Wilderness and Basket Ball and other hobbies too but they just don't see that in me they just think I will be the same forever I will definitely tell them I'm not just into Lego thank you Jim you teach me better than my Dad.
  14. TOO OLD?

    any comments guys?
  15. TOO OLD?

    Guys I am new to Eurobricks and my dad and my mom were being stupid yesterday they said I am turning fourteen in a few days and they said I'm too old for Lego now. And my Dad accuses me of always talking about Lego and keeps saying I will remain a kid and a baby forever and I will never act according to my age but I do I just want to enjoy Lego on my free times and also when I get older I want to put my Lego sets all in one museum to display them about nostalgia and memorable times I had with them. But now they rejected that and I'm super duper mad! It's like they are being arrogant and ignorant if there is anyway to convince them to stop them please tell me.