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  1. MxWinters

    Planetary hub internals

    @Zerobricks, I just watched your latest video on YT. Considering the number of tests, types of terrain ect in that video. I would consider this one of the first hard tests of these new planetary hubs. One would asume that these types of vehicles, it is best to use 92908c01 which can be easily taken apart for cleaning and lubrication if required. Maybe TLG will take note of this test and do a second version of these new planetary hubs, maybe a better seal around the edges and a screw holding it together so it can be easily taken apart for maintenance. If one can take apart the pneumatics rams to replace the grease, LEGO should be able to come up with a way of being able to service these new hubs. One thing I would add is that when I built the Morris C8 FAT chassis, I built portal axles and all wheels. When driving over wet muddy terrain, through thick mud holes, or over sand (most notably wet beach sand), one needs to be able to take the axles apart easily and clean any moving part or things can and will get stiffer or jam up really quick.
  2. I saw that on the Beeb's website yesterday. Since it is going to be at Hinkley Point for the next 4 years, I'm gonna try and go up and see it at some point. I would love to see that thing. Flying flamingo, those are epic, particularly that second one. I would hate to think how long that took to design and build or the sheer cost of the thing.
  3. I joined this site after you posted the original post so this is the first time I've seen this. A very cool model with some nice lines and features and seems to cope with offroad really well. Only question, can it cope with being driving into a tree, driven down some steps, driven through a caravan, parked in the River Severn, be set on fire and be placed on top a skyscraper that gets blown up? I ain't a Toyota Hilux if not . Joking aside, you did a great job with this. Nice work
  4. MxWinters

    Motorized trucks and scale

    Personally I don't buy sets, I feel that building MOC's is more suited to my skill level. I also like building models to my own specification rather than being limited by what a LEGO set offers. Yes smaller sets like 42078 can be motorised but you offen have the issue of craming all the electrical parts into a model that was never designed for it but it is possible. Building a MOC at the 42078 scale is option of course but as with all MOC's, be prepared to try one thing and have it fail and then try something else. Most MOC's have gone through multiple design iterations before the builder settles on a good balance. For a newbe with the modern era of LEGO, I would suggest buying something like 42078 so you can build it, figure out how to build with studless bricks, understand good building practices ect, build up a good collection of parts, either from other sets or buying parts from Bricklink. You can then go nuts and build a bigger scale lorry to your own specifications as I am doing.
  5. Lol yeah, put it this way, I'm not a fan of this modern "wrapping people up in cotton wool" society we live in these days. I like danger and taking risks (hence why I like sticking my head out of a HST window at 125mph) but this I one vehicle I wouldn't go in. Yeah you have done a good job building this and getting the functions to work accurately, particularly the engine, gearbox and rear axle. But it is still ugly. Indeed, product brochures are very handy thing for us model makers.
  6. Very cool model with some nice features, Sorry to say this but damn what an ugly mechine the real thing is, did the designers not stand back and look at it for more than 5 seconds while sober? Regardless you did a good job in capturing the ugly-ness.
  7. MxWinters

    What did you buy today?

    Not LEGO related but I got the final parts I needed to build the analogue to DMX512 converter for my Rank Stand LX12 lighting desk (see pic). This order included: 50V 1amp bridge rectifier diodes, Fuse holders, 230V 1A fast blow fuses, 230V 0.25A fast blow fuses, 35V 2200uF capacitors, 50V 0.1uF capacitors, 7805 voltage regulators, TO220 thermal pads, TO220 heatsinks, Dual primary, dual secondary 24V 20VA transformer. The company I always buy my electronics stuff from, Rapid Electronics, gave me a £25 voucher last month for a review I left on a product I bought from them, so I only had to pay for shipping, VAT plus £2.64 for a £35 order This is a picture of my lighting desk. This was the same lighting desk that I used at school along with two Rank Strand Mini 2 dimmer packs and is what got me hooked on stage lighting. The desk outputs voltages between 0V and -10V, I am building a converter unit to convert that 0 to -10V into 0 to +5V which will then go into an Arduino Mega 2560. The Arduino will then convert that into serial data to be sent to a Maxim Max485 chip which will then output DMX512 data to my LED Parcans (or what ever else I connect it to). Due to Atmel 2560 having so much storage space and the fact that the convert will use very little storage space, I will also be able to use the LX desk as a normal lighting desk or be able to program into the Arduino channel values for all 512 channels so I can use the LX desk as a submaster controller. The converter unit will add so much capability into this desk, far more than Rank would have thought possible when they designed this desk back in 1989/1990.
  8. MxWinters

    UK Deals

    Argos also have the Porsche 911 RSR - 42096 half price: Was £130 -Now £65 Edit, not sure if this is still available, the website says it's out of stock in all Cornwall stores and not available for home delivery.
  9. Yeah it sucks, there are a few toy stores in Hayle, St Ives, Truro, Penryn/Falmouth ect that sell LEGO but they are just normal retailers who sell LEGO and not actual LEGO stores so they don't have a Pick-a-Brick wall. Most don't even have a good selection of LEGO, just small sets aimed at children rather than AFOL's. Tis why I have to buy my parts from Bricklink and offen pay inflated prices instead of going to a proper LEGO store. Cornwall is a tourist destination for emmets so things like concert venues, decent theme parks and indeed LEGO stores simply don't exist here. If you want a Cornish Pasty, we've got ya covered but if you want LEGO, you gotta import them from other parts of the UK or mainland Europe. Wow that is ridiculous, 63 bucks, what an utter rip off. Would love to know how they can justify charging that for a couple of drinks, a sandwich and a taco. At that price, I wouldn't have bothered giving a tip. My Dad and I went to Ukraine in April to visit Chernobyl and Pripyat, while exploring Kiev, we stopped in this restaurant about 1/2 mile from Independence Square for lunch. My Dad had a huge cheese burger (with a salad), a cappuccino and a coke (strange combo I know), I had these really nice potato pancake things and a cup of tea, afterwards they gave us a slice of really nice cake each for free. Not sure exactly what it cost us now but it was about £8.50GBP (about $10.30USD at todays rates). We're planning on going back the Ukraine again next year and needless to say we will be going back to that restaurant again. Yes indeed there was a ship a few years ago that spilt a load of LEGO into the sea. Parts still wash up on the Cornish and Devonshire coast to this day. But they are so badly damaged or broken and are unuseable so any LEGO still in the ocean is just pollution rather than being free LEGO. Just off Lands End, about 1/3 the way to the Isles of Scilly, there are something like 5 powerful ocean currents that meet so anything in that area that doesn't have an engine doesn't survive long. The Penlee Lifeboat disaster highlighted this back in 1981. A brand new ship, the Union Star, lost its engine and started drifting towards the coast. A Royal Navy helicopter from RNAS Culdrose (piloted by a US Navy pilot) and the RNLI Penlee Lifeboat went out to try and save the crew, but both ship and lifeboat were smashed into rocks by 60ft waves killing 16 people (search for "penlee lifeboat diaster - cruel sea" on youtube). LEGO in the ocean around here don't stand much chance of staying intact or in useable condition.
  10. MxWinters

    [MOC] 1:10 Classic Porsche 911S

    Welcome to Eurobricks . For your very first MOC, this is a fantastic attempt. I agree with @Gray Gear, some of the proportions are a little off but you did a great job for your first Technic MOC.
  11. MxWinters

    White backrounds for photos.

    I use a large roll of white paper. If handled properly, it doesn't crease as easy as a fabric background and even if it does get creased, you can just tear that section off the roll. You should also avoid any sharp angles in the paper background. In other words, if you suspend your roll of paper, allow the paper of hang and curve gently onto the floor. Don't crease or fold the paper, this will be visable on your photograph. This is the roll of paper I use. You also need to have good lighting. It is best to have 2 identical light fixtures placed at roughly a 45° from the centre of your model. This ensures that the section of your model you are photographing has even light coverage and that any shadows caused by one light is moreless canceled out by the other light. You should also make sure that you lights have sufficient diffusion on them to scatter the light to soften any shadows that are visable. Once you have taken your photos, you can enhance your images by using software such as GIMP. You can follow this excellent guide by @Sariel that shows you step by step how to get professional looking photos.
  12. MxWinters

    [MOC] Rolls Royce Phantom (2018)

    I agree with other people, there is room for improvement here but this is a very nice model nonetheless, good work
  13. MxWinters

    Ingmar Spijkhoven Passed Away

    OMG, he has given the LEGO community so much, including myself with parts my artic lorry. I didn't even know Ingmar had ALS so I am truely shocked and saddened by this news . May you rest is peace Ingmar. Thank you for all your contributions to the community, you will be sorely missed by us all. I hope you are now finally free of your illness where ever you are. I can only wish my sincere condolences to Ingmar's friends and family. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
  14. MxWinters

    [MOC] Race Truck MkII

    Very nice model and a clever design. Awesome work.