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  1. MxWinters

    Mini Pan Arm Slider

    No seen this video before but yes, I have built an offset drawbar camera trailer and a camera dolly which is pulled along with a winch. You'll see them both on action when I film the video for my artic lorry hopefully this weekend. LEGO can be quite useful for photography.
  2. MxWinters

    TLG acquires Bricklink

    I have mixed feeling about this. This will either be a great success and will be awesome for the AFOL community (which I very much doubt) or it will be the beginning of the end of Bricklink. With LEGO's recent behavior with going after people for things like custom/3D printed parts, printing/chroming ect as @Peppermint_M said, I have no faith that this is going to work. Bricklink should remain independent, it has done well over the last 20 years and now LEGO want to have a monopoly over the used part market. This has got corporate greed written all over it, I expected much better from LEGO and I'm disappointed with BrickLink for choosing to have a few extra pennies in their pockets over the AFOL community 🤬🤬🤬
  3. MxWinters

    COPPA and Technic Youtube creators

    I really don't get this COPPA balls**t, it seems to me that YT are doing what big companies do best, make massive errors, get caught and then pass the blame onto someone else, in this case content creators, so they don't have to deal with the issue. YT are telling people to seek legal are Google going to pay for the lawers fees then because I sure as hell can't afford to pay thousands of pounds for legal advice??? I every much doubt Google would do pay that? One thing I don't understand, when YT state "Made for kids", do they mean that the video is aimed at children or is suitable for children? Most of my videos on YT are either footage of my flights to and from Ukraine in April, a couple of videos from inside the Chernobyl exclusion zone and a couple of train videos. All of which are technically "suitable for children" as they have no content in them that is not suitable for children but not "made for children" therefore I have no idea what do to. One video has a eariler version of my LEGO lorry although that was showing that the Power Functions system does what in brightlight if you use if properly and since its LEGO is a toy I can understand if I have to mark that as "made for Kids". But the rest of my videos I have no idea. As I said, this seems like Google are trying to pass the buck onto someone else to save themselves and so they don't get the blame. With the copyright issues, monetisation scandal and now this, isn't it about time someone made a proper alternative to YT that harks back to the way YT used to be like before Google got involved and screwed it up so some people don't have to deal with all the s**t that Google keeps throwing at content creators? As others have said, I don't get how the US government can't take legal action against me when I am outside of their jurisdiction and therefore US law doesn't apply to me. If Google enforce this, they should allow non-US users to block their content from being accessable inside the US. Regardless, I got enough to deal with at the mo, I dont need the threat of getting a $462000 fine because of Googles mistakes. If all else fails, I shall simply remove my YT videos on 1/1/2020 and upload them somewhere else.
  4. MxWinters

    Studless vs. Studful

    Totally, there are some things you can only do with studless, some things you can only do with studded, some things you need to use both building styles. As Mechbuilds said, it depends on what you building and you design goals. Up until my current lorry which is almost entirely studless, I'd always used studded because I found it easier. Building something like a artic lorry with studless is much harder (at least for me) but I wanted that challenge, it wasn't easy but I think I pulled it off ok.
  5. MxWinters

    Lego IR Reveiver (v1) upgrade

    Nope, the V1 IR receivers are able to drive 2 XL motor on one channel and a servo or M motor on the other channel at the same time so I've never needed to mod them. I wouldn't mod them anyways, they wouldn't be LEGO if I modded them. Regardless, there are plenty of H-Bridge chips on the market and they ain't expensive, find one the is able to provide enough current and give it a go. If you do, try it on a old receiver first and see if it if works, if so order more IC's and mod the rest of them.
  6. MxWinters

    Scania Next Generation S730

    Awesome, I can't wait to see it
  7. MxWinters

    [MOC] Portal companion cube

    Yup, the companion cube is pink, the normal weighted storage cube is blue.
  8. MxWinters

    [MOC] Portal companion cube

    ".....Maybe you'll find someone else to help you, Maybe Black Mesa, That was a joke, haha, fat chance, Anyway this cake is great, So delicious and moist........" Sorry, I couldn't help myself....Ill see myself out...
  9. MxWinters

    Scania Next Generation S730

    This is one hell of a model. Been waiting for someone to do a LEGO version of the new Scania S series cab unit, it was sure worth the wait, this is very impressive. The stickers are just perfect to. Awesome work @mpj
  10. MxWinters

    Personal Announcement

    Hey everyone, as you may have seen from what I put in my signature a while back, life over the last couple of months hasn't been the greatest for my family and I. I don't wish to go into too much detail but my mother has been in and out of hospital serveral times, my sister has had issues with her mental health (partly down to her own stupidity) and I have had my own issues with mental health as well as starting life changing medication. Due to all of this, I have not been very active on this forum lately and have hardly posted anything to people's projects. Life stuff has got in the way and I have been more interested in dealing with those issues mentioned above than being social. I have been visiting this site and checking out some of your projects but I just haven't posted anything. As for my artic lorry project, it to has been on hold and I have not done anything to it lately. However I plan on shooting the promo video as soon as the weather allows (its been quite windy and raining over the last few days). Once I have shot the video, edited it, I will publish it on YT, I will then post a project page in the Technic forum. Until then, here is a little teaser of my lorry cab unit for you to look forward to. Please forgive me for not being very active lately but I hope you understand. Take Care Morgan
  11. MxWinters


    When I bought my pack, it was shipped from Italy. I paid £7.88 plus £4.49 for express shipping for a total of £12.37GBP. The price therefore per ball was £0.08GBP which is much more reasonable than the ~£2.00GBP for the official LEGO balls and the 0.39GBP for the balls suggested by @1963maniac.
  12. MxWinters


    I agree, the price of LEGO balls these days are just ridiculous and is nothing short of extortion. I forget who suggested it now but someone on here gave me a link a while ago to these balls on Amazon which I ended up buying. I am a purest too but I refuse to pay like £2 per ball. These Quercetti balls, made for marble runs, cost me about £8 shipped for a pack of 100, although the pack actually contained 152 balls which is far more reasonable. They are moreless the same size and weight as the LEGO footballs and basketball the people use for GBC. If you need a large quantity of balls for GBC, I suggest using these Quercetti marble run balls.
  13. MxWinters

    Planetary hub internals

    @Zerobricks, I just watched your latest video on YT. Considering the number of tests, types of terrain ect in that video. I would consider this one of the first hard tests of these new planetary hubs. One would asume that these types of vehicles, it is best to use 92908c01 which can be easily taken apart for cleaning and lubrication if required. Maybe TLG will take note of this test and do a second version of these new planetary hubs, maybe a better seal around the edges and a screw holding it together so it can be easily taken apart for maintenance. If one can take apart the pneumatics rams to replace the grease, LEGO should be able to come up with a way of being able to service these new hubs. One thing I would add is that when I built the Morris C8 FAT chassis, I built portal axles and all wheels. When driving over wet muddy terrain, through thick mud holes, or over sand (most notably wet beach sand), one needs to be able to take the axles apart easily and clean any moving part or things can and will get stiffer or jam up really quick.
  14. I saw that on the Beeb's website yesterday. Since it is going to be at Hinkley Point for the next 4 years, I'm gonna try and go up and see it at some point. I would love to see that thing. Flying flamingo, those are epic, particularly that second one. I would hate to think how long that took to design and build or the sheer cost of the thing.
  15. I joined this site after you posted the original post so this is the first time I've seen this. A very cool model with some nice lines and features and seems to cope with offroad really well. Only question, can it cope with being driving into a tree, driven down some steps, driven through a caravan, parked in the River Severn, be set on fire and be placed on top a skyscraper that gets blown up? I ain't a Toyota Hilux if not . Joking aside, you did a great job with this. Nice work