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  1. Shiva

    Railbricks Corrugated Tanker Mod - Advice

    No clue about studio, but I think LDD will consider everything of those as legal/working. Best is to do a test build with real bricks. Hope all goes well :) /edit Using a single 99207 on both ends, that I now think that zephyr1934 wrote, that should work totally OK.
  2. Shiva

    Railbricks Corrugated Tanker Mod - Advice

    Ahh, there is instructions. Well, then I would say. Remove the 4x black 1x4 plates on both ends and replace with either 8x 99781 or 8x 44728. + a fitting colour of 2x 4x4 plates + your silver metallic 2x 4x 2x2 plates. zephyr1934's version needs less parts. Unless 99207 have the same issue as 99780 . They don't have it, right? Ok, tested, they do have the same problem. The Pitfalls of SNOT. -> But it is a bit less with 99207 than with 99780. Actually, 44728 or 99781 could be replaced with 8x 36841's
  3. Shiva

    Railbricks Corrugated Tanker Mod - Advice

    The least modifications needed, could be like this, either with 4x 99781 or 4x 44728 as an example. This page has some tricks
  4. Shiva

    [MOC] 73 - EXCAVATOR

    It is nice :)
  5. Shiva

    River Canyon Railroad

    Looks nice! Those 2x4 bricks etc, ain't most of those maybe a bit unnecessary? Any better option? Atleast regarding costs and piece counts.
  6. Shiva

    [MOD] 21307 Caterham Steering Mod

    Yeah, those new wheels I should put on my wishlist. Same with new wheels for a Volvo wheeled digger.
  7. Shiva

    10279 - Help!

    A video says 20 numbered bags and one unnumbered that has tires and windshield. But what bag it is in? Maybe in the step/steps where it is built, those bags?
  8. Shiva

    Stn. Sharapova Okhota model

    Thumbs up!
  9. Shiva

    Soltown 2.0, more tables and new roads video tours

    :) I have visited some of the comic book stores in that city.
  10. Shiva

    [WIP-MOC] My House

    Thank you for the updates :) Been checking and waiting :D
  11. Thank you for the review :) Forgot, what is that black truck? :)
  12. Thumbs up to you! I do like what I see.
  13. Shiva

    Grey Ridge 4-6-0 no. 26

    Thumbs up to nice build :)