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  1. Pentomind, thumbs up to that display stand :)
  2. New Good Shuttle = Your shuttle design :) Last? year, I checked all shuttle's that Lego had done, none was in the range of KingsKnights. Not even the biggest.
  3. [MOC] Apollo Launch Tower (WIP)

    I think you busted my parts expectation for this build :)
  4. KingsKnight, thumbs up from me :) I still hope that the No, this got from Lego Ideas, would be due to them making a new good shuttle. "oops... seems I forgot to post this a few days ago. Reminder.... use the 'Submit Reply' button!"
  5. Thank you for giving us these updates.
  6. My variant of the External Tank's Nose: Photo 1: Photo 2 , Photo 3 , Photo 4 and Photo 5. Not superdetailed, but shows how it is built, mostly. Connection to middle part of the External Tank differs a bit to KingsKnights original. And a preview? photo, of the mid section: 2bricks and a plate (7plates) between the technic waterwheel pairs. 1 tile between the pairs in top and bottom. The axle is a 32 technic axle.
  7. [MOC] Empire State Building 1:400

    Wooooow! . q_159 I can not do anything else than to agree with the previous posters. Your other builds looks fantastic too. Has anyone seen my jaw, I might have dropped it somewhere.
  8. 42080 Forest Harvester

    This is on my wishlist. Colours are ok tbh.
  9. If it does not, I might mod it as you have done that fork.
  10. New Technic Background?

    Woult it be possible to have random banners from a pool of banners?
  11. zux, KingsKnight posted some nice photos of the build.
  12. [MOC] Apollo Launch Tower (WIP)

    Can't help with the pipes. Good that you asked Technic forum about the gears :)
  13. Thumbs up to that 6 star, but is it possible to do a 5 piece for smaller circle? By the way, KingsKnight, middle part of the ET might be possible to do with that technique too "6star"? I'll someday in the near? future take more pics of my version of the External tank. And someday I'll test if I can have 4x of the technic waterwheels for the middle part, if no one else does it before. i'm doing other stuff before these.
  14. The outrigger stamps... what tile size are they?!