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  1. Shiva

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    42094: Tracked loader with log forks grapples. Looks interesting. 42093: Smallish car, seems interesting too. 42092: Rescue Helicopter, nice and smallish.
  2. manglegrat, congratulations on getting that 10231! KingsKnight's Base looks great, I agree. I'll someday soon build the tail serice masts in LDD and then check what difference there is between it and the STS-1 version.
  3. maxnucios, partslist file? I do not know, sorry.
  4. Shiva

    LEGO Technic Turbo Polyp / Kraken

    I agree with the above commenters.
  5. Shiva

    LEGO Technic Turbo Polyp / Kraken

    I haven't really checked this forum for a while. Lovely progress! 1 wishlist, bigger pictures someday?
  6. Shiva

    Project GC in 1:40 and 1:100

    Fantastic! Is there anything else to say?
  7. Shiva

    Digital MicroCITY

    Thumbs up from me :)
  8. Search for "Shuttle" . " Shuttle Orbiter.pdf " works too. The posts are not ordered by original poster date, but when the latest reply was.
  9. @DodgeDude5498, instructions can be downloaded without a facebook account. Scroll down a LOT, then search for "Shuttle Orbiter.pdf " It has a nice Canadarm.
  10. Cheers KingsKnight. I might maybe modify my MLP plan with that. Or in the future. @DodgeDude5498 There somewhere.
  11. Shiva

    [MOC] Don't climb on trees! Run!

    Lovely rurtle! Would be amazing to see all of it, but that would be a big and expensive build.
  12. DodgeDude5498 the Canadarm design shopsmart and another builder have done, that one should fit better with satellites.
  13. DodgeDude5498: 87613 ? Not that many modifications needed, but they would fit ill with the 18910 curved hinge panels. A white 18907 would fit better, that you could paint yourself.
  14. Cheers ShottishDave. the facebook page is way more interesting than I tought. Btw, I do NOT have facebook, so if there is ever some1 saying it's me, then that is incorrect. I'm found on ideas on a different username tho. The gimballing with the Fez, I could lift the Orbiter by 1 of these. That was a surprise, when I tested it, after finishing the build. Downside was that the gimballed main engine's 6233 connection is way weaker.