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  1. Lego David

    Future Castle Sets?

    What do you mean? Chima isn't the type of line LEGO is gonna bring back anytime soon, I don't really think it's an option.
  2. Lego David

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    The Sesame Street set just got revelaed, @just2good already did a review of it on YouTube.
  3. Lego David

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Well, that may soon change. Given the insane amount of projects that reached 10k supporters recently (and also how fast they did it), it's getting more and more obvious that getting to 10k supporters isn't that big of a deal anymore. Just submit a project based on a popular IP and you're pretty much guarnateed to get the support you need. There have been numerous times when pretty poorly designed projects have reached 10k only becuase of the popular IP they had. And if you have both a well designed project and a popular IP, then you have an even greater chance. So, honestly, taking that into account, submiting projects to LEGO Ideas with the motivation of getting rewards when reaching 10k supporters doesn't seem so far fetched anymore.
  4. Lego David

    [MOC] King Lennox's Castle

    Good to know!
  5. Lego David

    [MOC] King Lennox's Castle

    Ironically, Lennox is also the name of one of the characters from Legends of Chima. Amyways, very nice design for a Castle! It looks wonderful!
  6. Lego David

    [MOC] Byzantine Church

    Very nice, I like the building techniques used for the roof!
  7. Lego David

    Future Castle Sets?

    Where exactly did you hear this rumor from?
  8. Lego David

    Future Castle Sets?

    When was the last time Legoland did a tie-in with an upcoming LEGO theme? This could very well end up being just a new Legoland attraction, not related to any actual LEGO products.
  9. Nicely done! While they are all simple CCBS builds, they still look pretty nice.
  10. Lego David

    Do you think lego will ever realese another space theme

    The people who "condemned" the modern Space themes were probably just a vocal minority who couldn't take off their nostalgia goggles. Within my age group (people who weren't around when the original Space themes came out), those modern Space themes were pretty well-received.
  11. Lego David

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Ok, so somebody just did the basically the exact same set idea from Avatar the Last Airbender and still got 10K supporters? I think LEGO Ideas should introduce a new rule against different people submitting the exact same product idea. Otherwise, we'll just end up getting a dozen Avatar projects reaching 10k supporters just because the IP is popular.
  12. Lego David

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2020

    Leaks for the 2021 Ninjago sets have already started to come out, but there is no word on the 2021 Monkie Kid sets. When can we expect leaks for those?
  13. Lego David

    Themes LEGO should discontinue

    What are you talking about? Galaxy Squad was AWESOME. The sets and minifigures were fantastic IMO.
  14. Lego David

    Themes LEGO should discontinue

    Don't worry... Trolls was intended as just a one-off theme meant to make a quick buck. The line is gonna be completely retired before the end of the year. Overwatch already ended last year, and Hidden Side just got it's final wave of sets this summer.
  15. Lego David

    Future Castle Sets?

    As a Middle Earth fan, I already lost all the interest I had in this series. A TV series about the second age of Middel Earth had lots of potential, but from what I hear, it seems like the producers are looking just make some quick cash off a popular franchise. .