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  1. Built for the first round of Bio-Cup 2023, the theme being Biomes, with the subtheme of Tundra.
  2. Lego David

    Lego Dreamzzz 2023

    While I am very glad that we're finally getting another original theme, I can't help but feel worried about its success. Ninjago is also having a massive "soft-reboot" release this year, exactly at the same time as this new theme. So there's going to be a lot of direct competition, especially with all this cross-promotion that they've done. If I were in LEGO's shoes, I would have released this new theme either before the Ninjago reboot wave, or after it, when interest in Ninjago wouldn't have been at the highest. I'm afraid this might lead to yet another Chima vs Ninjago situation, where two similar themes with a similar target demographics compete for shelf space, inevitably causing one of them to lose sales to the other. And if history is anything to go by, Ninjago usually always comes on top. Another thing that concerns me, is the theme's title itself. "Dreamzzz" just doesn't sound like a cool name that would attract kids' attention. "Ninjago" sounds cool. "Bionicle" sounds cool. But "Dreamzzz"? It kind of gives me the same strange, cheesy vibe as "Vidyo", which we all know how that one turned out. I really hope that the sets and the TV show will be good enough to carry the theme, but given its strange title and competition with Ninjago, I am seriously worried about its chances of coming on top.
  3. Lego David

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    Wouldn't the Crocodile Locomotive set sort of fit into that category though? It was a set that was never approved, but LEGO still released it on their own later, despite being a rather niche vehicle. I don't think that many people outside of Trains fans would even know what this particular Locomotive even is.
  4. Lego David

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    Just because both the original Ideas project and the LEGO version were based off a pre-existing IP doesn't diminish what I said. The people who originally submitted the project still put a lot of thought and effort into adapting and designing the things from those IPs into LEGO projects, and LEGO still more or less copied their designs, without giving them credit. Not to mention how if it weren't for LEGO Ideas proving there was interest in such a set, LEGO would probably have not made it out if their own initiative. If this only happened once or twice, it could be dismissed as having been just a coincidence... But it has happened way too many times to be just a coincidence.
  5. Lego David

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    LEGO has been stealing from rejected LEGO Ideas projects for long enough, and it is about time they stop. They either approve the projects they are interested in, or they don't. Giving the benefit of selecting certain projects and giving the creators of those projects all the rewards associated with that, while rejecting most other submissions, but still reserving the right to release the exact same set under a different theme and not giving any credit to the creators of those original sets is simply unfair and wrong. The Ghostbusters HQ, Welcome to Jurassic Park, Fiat 500, Crocodile Locomotive, Bonsai Tree, Harley Davidson Fatboy, The Colosseum, and now, the Snow White Cottage, were all straight up plagiarized from rejected LEGO Ideas projects. It is about time they stop, and give the creators of those projects the proper credit they deserve.
  6. Lego David

    Disney Properties 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    I can't say I am personally interested in any of those new Disney sets, but I couldn't help but notice that the Snow White Cottage was straight up stolen from that LEGO Ideas project that was rejected twice a few years ago. Isn't it a bit sketchy how they rejected that particular set two times, yet now they suddenly changed their mind and produce it on their own, completely ignoring the creator of the original project? If I were in the place of the creator of that original LEGO Ideas submission, I'd feel very unfairly betrayed.
  7. Lego David

    40580 Buildable Tahu: Bionicle returns in 2023!

    The problem is, 10$ system sets aren't going to give you much in terms of value. The Ninjago Mechs are nice for what they are, but honestly I wouldn't see their build as being a possible substitute to Bionicle. They are just... way too small, in my opinion, and the regular System parts in those sets don't offer much to those seeking to build Bionicle MOCs. Ideally, they would use a combination of system and some of the Technic parts that are still in production. Technic sets are still able to achieve large, imposing builds with a relatively low piece count, which I think would be the key to having Bionicle characters. Perhaps something in this style could also work? I don't think this would retail for more than 15$ at most if it were produced as a set. Notice how the build achieves almost the same look and style of the original set, while it's build is composed primarily of Technic and a few CCBS pieces. It might require LEGO bringing back a few old molds (or creating new ones), but it wouldn't be nearly as bad as a what a 1:1 recreation would require. What I am saying is, make the sets as large as possible while using the least amount of pieces. Also, design them in a way that feels distinct from all the regular System Mechs that we get all the time in LEGO.
  8. Lego David

    40580 Buildable Tahu: Bionicle returns in 2023!

    If LEGO were to hypothetically try out a line of Brick-built Toa Mata sets, this is what they would ideally look like in my mind: Brick-built torsos, legs and arms, but still retaining the iconic masks and keeping the figures around the size of the original sets. While the GWP Tahu is good for what it is, I wouldn't want a whole line of System Bionicle to be just glorified Mixel builds. Rather, substantial builds that can pass as Action Figures and could be at the very least aesthetically comparable to the original sets.
  9. Lego David

    40580 Buildable Tahu: Bionicle returns in 2023!

    It's not because Bionicle fans are dismissive of other themes, the problem lies mostly in LEGO limiting the GWP to those themes only. They should have made it standard with all purchases, instead of limiting it to certain themes only. This way, the set could have been more easily accessible to everyone. Please do note that the vast majority of Bionicle fans today are generally interested in just original themes like Ninjago in terms of today's offerings, so the frustration is not directed at the themes themselves as much as LEGO limiting the GWP to those themes only.
  10. Lego David

    [CATC] Monster Racers

    This is one of the best posts I have seen on Eurobricks in a while! If this were a real LEGO theme, I would certainly buy it. The use of pumpkin pieces as wheels for the Headless racer car is low-key brilliant!
  11. Lego David

    [MOC] Toa Nuva on Mata Nui

    Wow, this is awesome! I've seen plenty of brick-built Toa MOCs over the years, but never have I see one where there's also a full-on brick-built background for them! Nice work!
  12. Lego David

    Lego Ideas 90th Anniversary Fan Vote

    Well... It seems like my prediction ended up being accurate. I fully expected they would make a large D2C Castle right after the poll ended, and as it turns out, I was right. It just seemed like the most obvious choice and the easiest to market. Congrats to all the Castle fans who finally will get the set they've been waiting for so long, but... this also puts the final nail in the coffin for Space and Bionicle...
  13. Lego David

    Rumoured New In-House Theme Discussion

    Are those rumors actually reliable, or is this another case of some random user posting fake rumors online only to admit lying and then request to be banned? That just recently happened, so I am a bit skeptical about any new rumors. Four sets and one Brickheadz doesn't exactly scream "New Original Theme" to me either.
  14. Lego David

    Lego Ideas 90th Anniversary Fan Vote

    Dang, what's taking them so long for just one set? The Poll was held all the way back in February of last year. Assuming the set choice was made immediately after the poll closed, I don't see what could have possibly taken then so long to design the set. The thought that it will probably be revealed only In May at the earliest and most likely even later than that is just mind boggling to me.