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  1. Lego David

    Countess of Dis

    Amazing MOC! I love the design of the clothing in particular!
  2. Lego David

    VIDIYO - Universal Music 2021

    I recently picked up the Candy Mermaid at a 50% discount (which was the one I wanted the most), and this price was still a lot for me compared to what other discounts people have shared online. I might pick up some more of the Band Mates as well if their price is brought down any further.
  3. Lego David

    MOC: The Mata Nui Robot

    This should have been posted in the LEGO Action Figures category, but I can understand posting it in here because this sub forum is a lot more active and more people will see it.
  4. Lego David

    [MOC] Gundam Barbatos

    Amazing work! So much details!
  5. Lego David


    This absolutely amazing, excellent job! I love the torso build, and the weapon accessories are also very creative! I love how one of them sort-of looks like a Nuclear Bomb Mushroom Cloud!
  6. Lego David

    [MOC] Kettenkrad

    Ha ha, very nice use of the Jyn Erso buildable figure!
  7. Lego David

    New themes in 2022?

    Well, I am afraid the era of small new themes ended at the start of the 2010's decade. Nowdays, whenever we get new original themes it is something made to last at least a couple of waves, and we are no longer getting the fun one-off themes we had so many of a decade ago. Ever since Ninjago came to the scene, all other original themes have unfortunately stagnated, because LEGO prefers to dump all their ideas into a pre-existing theme instead of coming up with something completely new on its own.
  8. Well, there's your main reason why this theme was so polarizing... I am the exact opposite, I grew up watching a tone of anthro animated movies such as Disney's Robin Hood, and I don't find anything strange or bizzare about this concept, personally.
  9. Lego David

    New themes in 2022?

    I think Monkie Kid might end in 2022 after the usual three-year theme cycle (I don't think the theme was successful enough to get more) but as far as I know there are no new themes coming.
  10. Lego David

    AFOL Passion Survey

    Where exactly did they allow you to say that? I did the entire survey and there wasn't any such questions as "what products do you wish The LEGO Group produced?" I really wanted to voice my own things I feel they are currently lacking, but there was nowhere I could reply with that.
  11. Lego David

    AFOL Passion Survey

    I feel like most of the questions are a bit way too generalized and won't really help them that much in understanding what are our interests and why we care about LEGO. And given how diverse the LEGO community is, this whole poll is going to be a convoluted mass of answers that would seem quite inconsistent with one another, because there are so many LEGO sub-communities that enjoy in LEGO completely different ways from one another.
  12. Lego David

    Fantasy Pirates: A LEGO World Builder Project

    This is the poster I commissioned for this project, hope you guys like it! Hopefully, this looks good enough to attract the attention of the folks working at TLG's Entertainment Team.
  13. Lego David

    Lego World Builder discussion

    I finally finished my project for LEGO World Builder, after working on it for over six months. If anyone in here is interested, I would highly encourage you to check my world out and perhaps support it with a like .
  14. Lego David

    Unreleased/Cancelled LEGO Sets

    Wow, that is so... strange. What is up with those weird weird minifigures with Homemaker heads? The Castle itself looks pretty cool though, this seems to be one of the few times we got a round-shaped Castle set in LEGO. Are there anymore prototypes of this kind out there? Perhaps more stuff that was revealed by Jamie Berard?
  15. Lego David

    What is the REAL cost of new molds in 2021?

    Well yes, but you just listed earlier your reasons for why re-introducing the monorail would be impractical, like the complex rail molds and the electric componets that need a lot of testing. So I can easily see why your post came off as "monorails are too expensive to bring back". Also, I just want to add, that LEGO could very easily just re-use the Powered Up electric system from their recent City trains instead of trying to come up with an entirely new electric system, so the cost of creating a new set of monorails wouldn't be nearly as high. The only real new expensive parts they would have to introduce would be the new rail parts.