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  1. [MOC] Ford Focus RS 500

    Wonderful creation! And not an easy model to recreate also... Looks stunning in all black, and like mentioned before: those headlights are beautiful! Very cool to see an all manual build from you this time, and you sure went the extra mile with all those functions in there. I'm honored that I've been able to inspire you towards your gearbox setup, but this is actually way better than I could come up with.... All credits to you for this build!
  2. Well it certainly is good to see you back in action again! I actually wondered where you were a few times over the past months. I should've known that if anyone was bound to return to action at some point, it'd be you! I'm glad you still find joy in building, and admire your everlasting positivity when it comes to taking challenges (even when you had conquered them once already...). Wish you all the best, both in recovering and with the build of course! This forum feels better with you around again.
  3. When making linkages, you do not want the part to rub against each other at the hinges. The flanges on the pins make sure all stays in grid, while the room between the beams make sure everything moves smooth. It is a trade-off I think, freedom of movement vs rigidity. But as seen on some builds here, rigidity can still be achieved with current setup.
  4. Thanx for all your votes up until now everyone! Didn't expect to get so much support for this humble build...
  5. I had the same doubt, but on second look it seems they are fixed to the top of a 6x4 bent liftarm. Edit: didumos beat me to it...
  6. 42069 - C MODEL

    Well this is a GOOD reason to take my 42069 apart... Very nice helicopter model by itself, but as a pure C-model this is really really outstanding! Looking forward to finished instructions.
  7. Very nice, clever thinking and smart use of available parts to create this from a vehicle set (the use of the panel and exhaust pipe on the recirculation feed are )! This opens up a whole new line of C-models I think...
  8. 24:10 3:6 10:4 11:3 9:2 12:1 This was a very nice competition, with creations well over my expectations of what could be done with a pullback. Hard to choose from all entries, all where really good! Good luck to all competitors! @Xewyz2001 you forgot to score the 4 points...
  9. +1 What I found is that attaching bodywork to a chassis needs a lot of revising on the chassis to get the correct attachment points. Now I always try to build with at least a sketch of bodywork so I know how to make the chassis fit
  10. 22. Twinrotor Helicopter For this contest I tried to stay close to the TLG style of pullbacks: small and relatively simple, yet sturdy to handle the torque from the Pullback motors. However I wanted to build something not yet seen in official PB series, and I ended up with this: A twinrotor helicopter, loosely based on the helicopters seen in James Cameron's Avatar movie and inspired by @barman's incredible LEGO recreation of it. It is powered by two hardcoupled pullback motors, directly driving both rotors. It uses a long gearrack which winds up the motors when pulled out . The model features smooth bodywork, some nice details and a two seater interior. Enjoy and thanks for voting!
  11. Very cool, superb idea using the lunchbox
  12. So after a flying start (pun intended ) on this TC13 entry, progress grinded to a hold as life took away most of my spare time over the last 1,5 months... But I still wanted to finish this model and enter the contest, and found some time here and there to do so. So here is my last update and final build. I've added some panels to the sides, and put two seats in the cockpit. It is no longer intended as a model of the Avatar movie helicopter, so I changed the name to just "Twinrotor Helicopter".
  13. The use of black pieces

    I usually try to colorcode things a little, but keep the overall appearance as smooth (colorwise) as possible. Because I almost always use the LBG frames in car chassis, chassis automatically becomes LBG or DBG for me (might change now though with black frames appearing...). Since core parts for gearboxes are red, drivetrain becomes red (axles, axle connectors etc.). And I mostly use the yellow shocks, so suspension (including steering) is yellow (apart from the actual suspension arms), together with other manual controls. Then I use black for connecting bodywork parts to the chassis (also to visually fill up possible gaps), and mostly also for interior itself. Haven't tried black for bodywork yet, but it should fit in above colorcoding scheme. It's just a personal preference, partly also based on available parts in certain colors. But I have A LOT of black parts (from older sets) in my collection, so I could also do black chassis without issues. Just doesn't feel right having LBG frames on black chassis, it loses coherency IMHO.
  14. Already saw this on your YT, very sleek looking hotrod Thanks for instructions, think I will give this one a go once I have the set
  15. [WIP] Codename Silvestros

    Looking impressive so far... Few questions out of interest: How do you plan on controlling the gears, D-N-R selector on center console and paddle shifters at steering column for gear change? Or all from single shifter (I see only 1 shifter in center console...) And how will you control the brakes? Mini-pump under foot pedal would be awesome (but not very playable I think). Or an air tank and the valve attached to foot pedal with spring for auto release... I would love to see dark azure bodywork, seems like a very good color to work with. I am designing my current MOC in such a way that it should be buildable in dark azure as well, but having a secondary/contrast color is mandatory given the available parts (I chose red on mine). Will be following this one for sure