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    70620 Ninjago City, 42093 Corvette, 42078 Mack truck

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  1. Rudivdk

    [WIP MOC] LPE Powered Vehicle

    Cool to see my gearbox put to use. And nice to see another fan of Sheepo's MPS system. I do not have any experience with LPE engines, but I can imagine some power being generated with those. I never designed/intended my gearbox for motorized use, so you might want to add some more bracing around it otherwise I suspect it will fail after a fee runs... Interesting project, I will follow this.
  2. Rudivdk

    [MOC] Lego 42100 Mini-Replica

    Great little build! Very good job at cramming 5 operated functions into such a small body. And smart use of parts to create all the shapes and especially that bucket.
  3. I had this issue VERY noticeably in the 42075 Fist Responder set where I just could not get the engine running smoothly. It made a hell of a rattling noise and the vehicle wasn't able to roll on after being pushed, just too much friction. Tracked it down to the tan bevel gears (more precise, the straight mesh between a 20t and a 12t bevel gear) in the driveline. HavenĀ“t noticed this while MOCcing though, although I have bought some sets newer than 42075 with tan bevel gears in them, so either I am lucky in picking my tan gears or this shape issue is not the case for every new gear that is produced (are parts of the same type produced with more than 1 mold or even in more than 1 single factory? It could be that 1 mold is flawed, not the actual partdesign...)
  4. Rudivdk

    Technic Hall of Fame

    Winners of Eurobricks TC15 contest: TECHNIC AIRCRAFT CONTEST 1st White Lightnin' Builder: @Rudivdk Category: Aircraft Instructions: WIP Topic Video 2nd Boeing Stearman Kaydet PT-17 Builder: @braker23 Category: Aircraft Instructions: no Topic Video 3rd Volante Builder: @kodlovag Category: Aircraft Instructions: no Topic Video
  5. Shall we focus on the actual review here guys and take/keep the polite discussion to the general 42110 discussion topic? All this gearbox sentiment is not Sariels doing... (@Jim correct me if this is considered mini-modding...) Anyway @Sariel thanks for the great review. Same as @JunkstyleGio I played the speedbuild part at 0.25x speed and it was a very pleasant watch. Looks like a very interesting build to me. And 1 PP (pug-power) for a 1:10scale plastic car is not bad at all .
  6. Rudivdk

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    It could be possible theoretically, but I think it would be practically unfeasible. It would drive the price up a lot, and olive green in itself is not a licensed color in other LEGO themes. It also doesn't fit with LEGO's previous color introductions. Even LBG/DBG, which where introduced as part of the Star Wars licence, are not limited to Star Wars alone. And with the volume of Star Wars sales that would have been a possibility. But then again... there is 42039... and 42048/42069...
  7. @Wolf_Zipp and all others that participated/contributed: that is beautiful, very nice initiative!
  8. Rudivdk

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    Yeah, could also be just that... Maybe I was to eager to hear a statement.
  9. Rudivdk

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    Milan (grohl) explicitly states in his YT review movie that it is the first technic set to use the olive green color. That's a very specific thing to say, he could also have said something like olive green is authentic to Landrover or something else about the color itself. Let's hope it is exactly what he says: the first of (many?) more. I personally like the color, gives all new posibilities for (construction? military?) vehicles and even airplanes/helicopters. Would also love to see how it combines with for example red or 'bley'...
  10. Sad news... I still remember getting a copy of 8436 and seeing later what Ingmar was able to do with those tires. Blew my mind away... Truly genious and inspiring builder. I have never known about his illness, makes his creations and perseverance all the more admirable. Rest In Peace Ingmar! My condoleances to everyone close to him.
  11. Rudivdk

    42097 Spider Crane

    SC could be as simple as 'Spider Crane', or 'Small Crane' (or 'Sweet Candy' ). The numbers don't ring a bell to me...
  12. Rudivdk

    Is there a thin 1L pin connector?

    @woodstock you could try this gear with one of these halfbushes (or type I) on both ends (or even 1 halfbush and that gold ring on the other side, as long as the little teeth are clutching). Make sure those bushes are cracked as Lipko suggests, so they slide easier (I think half of my stock of old half bushes is cracked...).
  13. Rudivdk

    Help me identify the wheels

    On second look I also think it's custom rims. But there is only 1 belt wheel behind each rim, as the pins used are Dark (Stone?) Grey, meaning they are 3/4 pins instead of full pins.
  14. Rudivdk

    Help me identify the wheels

    @Yevhen @Void_SAren't those just the standard wheels seen on set 8828 for example? With these rims and tires? They are the predecessor of the wheels mentioned by @keymaker...
  15. Rudivdk

    GBC Serpentines

    Hi, I'm not really into GBC's but I just googled on 'Lego GBC Serpentines'... I think you are looking for this one? On the bottom select the 'files' link and you should be able to download the instructions pdf from there.