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  1. Rudivdk

    REVIEW: 40448 LEGO® IDEAS Vintage Car

    It seems that the hood has been made 1 stud longer in the Lego version, or at least on the sides there are 6 studs of those rounded bricks from headlight to side mirror, compared to 5 on the original ideas version. Could also be that the side mirrors are placed 1 stud backwards though. But it messes with the proportions, throws it out of balance a bit, at least for me. The original looked much smoother and better balanced. I think the Lego model is just 'good', but nothing more than that... @Ecclesiastes the review is great by the way!
  2. Rudivdk

    [TC19] Kickboxer Diesel

    I always stick to an already proven gearbox design, I've never (succesfully) created my own. It's indeed to complex. Just make sure you follow the gearbox collection thread and you can always find something there to suit your needs. Saves you a lot of headache. Well, then all components still need to be connected and braced, but at least that is stuff I understand... I found over the past months that I am totally unable to build for more than 2 nights in a row. Whether it is the current situation in the world around us, or just my age starting to play up I don't know... Resting the brain (or at least time away from LEGO) does wonders and usually gives me some fresh ideas as well.
  3. I'll tag @Jim and @Milan, that should get you an answer...
  4. Great MOC indeed! I'm not a Unimog expert, so the difference between different Mog versions is lost on me, but I can still recognize a good build. The HoF nomination is noted.
  5. Rudivdk

    [TC19] JF explorer 2WD

    This is a really smart solution, it looks so obvious and simple, but I bet it cost you quite a headache... I really like how you used two different rotational axis of that u-joint for steering movement and for suspension movement, very elegant and clever. Love it! I hope indeed the rest will be easier for you now, best of luck!
  6. Rudivdk

    [TC19] 'Snake' custom chopper

    Yep, that's the one. @steph77 took this design and perfected it in his motorbike builds, and now I'm using it as well.
  7. Rudivdk

    [WIP] High performance car

    Thanx! I use 2 of these mounted upside down for exhausts.
  8. Rudivdk

    [TC19] 'Snake' custom chopper

    Thanx, I'll do that! In the current setup everything works smooth, but I guess when the gearbox/shifter is attached, every little bit matters...
  9. This is really cool! I haven't built studfull in ages, it almost seems alien to me now, but you're sure rockin' it. Nice touch with the gearbox as well, it doesn't look out of place there. Indeed the current setup seems more balanced aesthetically. Looking forward for more
  10. Wow, that makes for a pretty dramatic (positive) difference! Still not convincing enough to buy this anytime soon (for current prices that is), so I won't be contributing for now...
  11. Rudivdk

    [TC19] Suzuki Nuda Concept

    It's an interesting concept (but it hurts my purist nature of building 'in grid'). I've seen a similar layout long ago, using the v-engine support blocks as holders for the axles arranging them around a sliding center axle. The sliding axle made it possible to engage different gears and thus different speeds. I think it had 6 speeds as well, but the gear change mechanism was totally different and way bigger... It looks like a 'standard' 90 degree sequential stepper will not give you the correct gear changes in your design, correct?
  12. Rudivdk

    [TC19] 'Snake' custom chopper

    Thanks to some help from @steph77 I now have a very compact and seemingly reliable stepper mechanism/shift pedal, with a 4<->1 block:
  13. Rudivdk

    [TC19] Katana supersport

    1. My bad, I see it now... 2. Thanx, I'll try it out myself and see if I can get it working. Looks like just what I need for my bike...
  14. Rudivdk

    [TC19] Kaneda’s other bike.

    @MinusAndy Can you use two flex cables, 1 on either side, so there is always 'pull' when activating the steering? Might save you loads of headache... Edit: That radial engine is indeed fantastic, with your permission I can see myself using this design in the future somehow
  15. Rudivdk

    [TC19] Katana supersport

    Very nice and compact, marvelous engineering! Few questions: 1. It's a 2speed gearbox right? I'm trying to fit a 4speed in my bike, that limits alot of the possible routes towards the axle rotating the orange wave selector... 2. Is that stepper strong/reliable enough to actually shift the gears? I've seen it on YT ('TechnicMastery' if I recall correctly) but it appears so flimsy... Maybe I just have to build it myself to check it out...