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  1. From what I can find about it, USB-C charging port is mandatory in EU for new phones and other rechargeable electronic appliances, by the end of 2024. Guess TLG likes to come prepared in this case.
  2. Ah yes, I have that set myself as well . I'm glad TLG introduces these basic colors like grey and black (opposed to the red and yellow of the hard 6,5L shocks), makes it possible to integrate and blend them in almost any context
  3. Back in the days I have built nearly all B-models from my studded era collection, and already did my own MOCs back then too. When Lego moved to studless I was full focus on MOCcing, so sets became more and more a parts pack for me. I've hardly built any B's from big studless models, mainly to save myself the pain from disassembling the set 2 times... With this forum and rebrickable etc. there are enough ideas to still spark creativity, so I personally do not miss B-models as part of a factory set that much.
  4. Funny(?) detail: on the front clamp of the grabber mechanism they put little 1x1 round 'eye' tiles, making it look like some sort of reptile beak... Not sure if they have a function or are just decoration though.
  5. Btw, are the front shocks a new recolor in LBG? I have only seen them in pearl gold as far as I can remember...
  6. I think it means you can interconnect all cargo modules from the entire space series through those orange frame pieces to make something like a space station out of them. Possibly you can also carry the modules from each set with the other sets.
  7. Probably a 7l flipflop beam in red, seems to end all the way up into the wing.
  8. Regardless the official answer by Jim, I'd suggest making the mirrors non-fixed so you can adjust them to sit flat on the side of your model if they get too wide in standard position... I essentially do the same with the excavator arm on my model...
  9. @Jim just to prevent confusion and last-minute stress: I assume all pneumatic hoses, electrical wires and other 'flexible elements' of a model are also supposed to be within the bounding box?
  10. Thanks, I'm quite pleased with how the arm turned out myself as well. Hardest part will be cleanly routing all the hoses without interfering with the joints... I didn't really know Mecalac until I did some research, but they make great stuff! Yeah the electronics are a bit useless, but I like the challenge of fitting everything, and seeing this thing race around is pretty cool (for it's scale and type of machinery, it's FAST). The bucket linkage will be revised, it's a real quick'n'dirty WIP... I hope to make an easy coupling mechanism so attachments can be switched, like the real thing.
  11. For TC22 I'll attempt a model based on the Mecalac MCR-series: The most interesting part for me is the multi-stage folding boom with left-right swaying function. I intend to go full pneumatic for the boom, with RC skid drive and hand-activated motorized pump. Superstructure rotation will be manual. Space will be very tight... might sacrifice the cabin interior space for electronics. This is what I got after two evenings in: Tracks are motorized RC (2√óM, skid steered), all pneumatic rams for the boom are installed (5). Tubing is WIP, and I need to get everything packed in the superstructure. If I can't get it to fit, Plan B would be to omit the motorized pump (M-motor, PF switch, mini-pump), and install a manual pump. It seems possible to squeeze it in a 15x25x25 stud box, which is just within the 10000 square stud limit for this competition...