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  1. Total range of movement for the fork is about 20 studs. Mind you that in my first pic the fork is actually 5 studs below the bottom of the rack housing. At full height it is about 1 stud above the top. I'd say range is decent enough.
  2. Did I just spot ballbearings in the turntable of 42082...?
  3. Not if you use a roller on the main boom in between... Built it and fork reaches the top of the boom now!
  4. What if the string end that goes over the top is actually continued down the back, braced again on the main boom and then connected to the bottom of the moving gearrack. That way it will double the height reach of the fork itself. Think that is how 42009 actually did it now that I think of it...
  5. I think the lower one is a #2 connector, supporting the top of the axle with the wormgear
  6. I have no doubt it will be possible, but I see no winch in the official pic, just a string. Makes me believe that the string is fixed on both ends...
  7. Made a quick mock up of the boom: Indeed limited movement, unless they found a way to roll up the string while moving the boom up, increasing the movement
  8. Not sure what that string on the boom is for, but could be a two stage boom like on 42009. That would increase the height range to maximum 3x8 (probably less due to bracing, but more than 16 should be possible). Edit: miscalculated above, 2x8 seems max unless they use some kind of motion amplifier with the string
  9. I usually work on 1 MOC at the time (and build time is limited due to other obligations, so it will take months to build a MOC...). During this period I get inspiration from tryouts for my project and some stuff develops in my mind to a new MOC idea. When that idea becomes concrete enough, I want to round up my current MOC to a presentable state, and call it finished, so I can start with the new idea. But there are always things to improve, I just do not do it because I move on to the next thing. In the end it is all personal, and since it is a personal hobby (at least to most of us AFOLs), no rules apply except your own rules.
  10. Attitudes and mindsets

    I do get the feeling sometimes that people do not care anymore to say they like something (just for what it is), but do care to say they do NOT like something ( mostly on details). Which means that if there is not much to dislike, there will not be much comments. No offense to any specific member or forum, just a general observation on mentality nowadays. There is a thin line between constructive and destructive critisism, and flat text can result in a wrong interpretation by readers also... I notice this in myself as well, I watch almost every topic here but do not comment a lot. And yes, for a part that is because there is so much going on nowadays in AFOL MOCcing, that it is hard to make something that is getting noticed. But also I have a very specific taste in MOCs, I am only interested in (big) car MOCs and usually those are the only topics I reply to. I personally do not mind critics, but I also believe that the stronger the claims that are being made by a poster, the stronger the critics will be. Nothing wrong with strong claims, but action=reaction. It happened on @Bublehead's own topic for example. It doesn't relate to the quality of the MOC ( which is great imho, although I haven't posted on it), but is being fed by the way it was presented. But 1 thing is for sure: whatever is posted/commented, it should always stay respectful and constructive. That is why I joined THIS forum in the first place, and it would be sad to see that gone...
  11. Essential parts pack for me ! Since I started modding, and only build cars, LEGO car sets are just below par for me when it comes to functions and features. I build cars of the same size with 2 or 3x more pieces... But like you said, it ticks all boxes for a play set.
  12. But I agree, noone else seems to care about general shape and trademarks, it's all focussing on gaps that should or should not be there... For me, a bodywork can have as many gaps as needed as long as it 'flows' fluently and resembles general shape correctly. I like the Porsche for that reason also...
  13. From what I see I like it so far. But I wonder how they did the front grille piece, bottom seems rounded but should be flat... That grille is what distinguishes it as a Bugatti, so that part at least should be spot on
  14. Wow, can't decide which color I like better...
  15. Technic Pub

    All the best Lipko! I had a similar period a few years back ( my kids are now 5 and 3 y/o) but found myself coming back eventually with a whole lot of new inspiration. I would never have come up with the idea of a family car moc without actually having a family. And both my kids share the love for LEGO, so I find myself building junior and city sets regularly (and enjoying it as well). Just take your time, don't rush things and probably you'll find yourself back at it in a few years.