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  1. You might wanna check out my current WIP, it has FWD, transversally mounted L4 engine and 5+R gearbox in front. Might not be exactly what you are aiming for (gearbox is not transverse), but it could help you getting started: Space is always an issue with gearboxes in LEGO, but there is a solution for everything...
  2. @Erik Leppen thanx, I'll try the white side pillars in the digital file to see how it looks. As for the gap... IRL the door hangs down a little under its own weight, and the side skirt panel is also a bit angled up towards the rear because of the flexaxle pushing it down in the front. So the gap is less prominent on the real car.
  3. Quick update just to let you all know this project isn't dead. Didn't have much time for physical building lately, but made good progress in LDCad with the digital model. Made some more tweaks mostly on the front end as well. Hope to finish the physical model in another weeks time. Some pics from current LDCad state:
  4. This is great!! But after last year of more than excellent 1:8 scale MOCs, and the AFOL reception of 42056, LEGO has got their work cut out for them. Better be something really good to live up to the expectations that will grow with the speculations... Could this be the rally car that has been mentioned earlier?
  5. All, I received the package from @JDL1967, will try to post some initial testresults this weekend on barcode scanner truck. Thanx Jesse for the very complete package, I can certainly work with this
  6. @JDL1967 I still have the bar code scanner truck assembled on a shelf. It uses flex cables of 5l, 12l and 20l (stud measure). Don't know what size you prepared, but if you have one of the above lengths I can test them in an instant, especially the 12l and 20l as they sit on the outside of the model and are easily reachable. You can send me a PM for address details if you like, or if you do not live to far away I might be able to pick em up at your place...
  7. Thanx, thats the one I meant. Gotta have me those some time too, they are of good size for medium sized mocs.
  8. This is shaping up nicely! And cool license plate in the rear What size are the wheels? Are those from that race truck (dunno the set nr, I think 42051)?
  9. [MOC] Giant LEGO F1 Car

    Only had a quick look, will check all details later when I have some more time. But the size of this thing... wtf... And I like your guts of actually taking a seat yourself.
  10. My 42069 came in yesterday (thanx to my wife for buying it for me as a surprise ). Immediately started building in the evening and I must say it is turning out bigger than I thought from pictures. Very pleasing build so far, lots of stuff going on everywhere. I'm at the stage of building the doors, but my kids already started playing with the winch. They just can't resist that rope with hook. Have to find a way to get their attention away from it to continue building now... Has anyone done a (size)comparison with 8297 and 42029? They both seem quite similar in size to me. Will try to do it myself at some point, but both are dismantled and some parts are used in MOCs currently... If scale is equal they would make a fine display trio...
  11. Invictus V12 Supercar

    Looks very good and sleek, especially side and rear end. Has a feel of speed to it. Front looks a little 'boxy', but maybe its just because of the wheels protruding outside the wheelarches... Might look better if you where able to lower the bonnet a little, like 1 stud. Nice to see an original color on the seats, yellow is not often used there. And that clamshell bucket used as roofscoop, brilliant!!!
  12. The dumptruck is already great, but that FH16.... There is a lot of technic involved I can see that, but the overall build is almost Model Team/scale modelling style. Very impressive!!
  13. Preventing the box shape was one of my main concerns when adding the panelling. The doors and sideskirts where loosely inspired by BMW (especially the 1series), and yes it looks a bit like sagging in the middle, but intentional. The connectors are there instead of a 7long beam to make it possible to fix a 6l axle in the door hinge. Bottom connector on the door side is fixed in position only by the connector in the top... Not the prettiest solution, but the only possibility I saw possible...
  14. @IA creations good point, will replace them. Now that you mention it, I will see what I can do on some of the blue pins as well. No color vomit on this one