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    Pirates of Barracuda Bay, Airjitzu temple, Lamborghini Sian

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    LEGO Technic, TES game series (playing and modding), (LEGO)CAD, last but definately not least my wife and 2 boys


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  1. Rudivdk

    Certificate expired?

    Thanx @Hinckley (and other staff) for picking this up! For a moment I thought my Internet-connection was being hijacked, but I'm relieved to see it was just the certificate after all...
  2. I'm certainly not 'expecting' or 'knowing' anything, but wouldn't it be cool to have a double build option, where one could choose the current or ancient version? It should very well be possible to do so with that insane amount of pieces... or they just made all the walls from little 1x2 plate 'bricks', stacks up to thousands of pieces very fast...
  3. Thanks @roland! For now I'll just use 2x 165.dat as a quickfix solution. Edit: Actually I did a slightly different thing, I removed the line of code with the skin for the mid-section from the subfile, so indeed only the endcaps are left, but with all other template related grouping still intact. Works perfectly.
  4. Thanks for your quick response @roland, PM with file sent.
  5. @roland I might have found an issue in LDCad 1.6d (or I have just corrupted my file somehow...): When I mouse-over the "I" (info) button in the lower right corner of the model view window, I get an instant CTD... It only happens with 1 specific model, which has A LOT of pneumatic tubing in it. I never had this with version 1.6c which I had installed until a few weeks ago, or with any other models I am working on in 1.6d. All tubing was made inside LDCad using the templates in nested mode and sub-models. I can send you the file over PM if you want, as I do not want to share it publicly (it is not my design, I am only making the instructions for another EB-member).
  6. @Lebostein although I do not have this specific set, I did have the same issue with this gear combination in other sets. It's a production flaw for SOME of the tan 20t double bevel gears in the last few years. These gears also exist in black and have also been produced in light (bluish) grey. The grey ones are the oldest, and most smooth ones. Try if you can get a hold of a different colored version and your problems are almost certainly over. And of course as howitzer mentioned before, contact LEGO customer support for a replacement tan gear, they provide them without issue. From what I have read around here, the replacements are (almost) always better quality than the flawed ones in the set.
  7. No doubt indeed, but that still isn't really the same... anyway, I already burned my yearly LEGO budget on the Lambo and Charger and some non-Technic display pieces, so it's not like I was actually going to buy it anytime soon...
  8. Blessings upon ye, lad!!! . . . (I'm truly and deeply envious right now...)
  9. Rudivdk

    [MOC] Technic Straddle Carrier

    Wow that's an impressive build. Would love to see some moving footage too, hope you get around to filming it soon. Btw, good to see you still around on EB, it's been a while...
  10. Rudivdk

    [TC18] Jeep Wrangler JL

    This is awesome, thanks a lot for the work and kudo's for making it for free!
  11. Well, if people are 3d printing their parts, why not use these kind of electronics. I know I would do neither (I'm an oldschool purist...) but I sure can enjoy these builds. It's only cheating if you don't like it yourself... This bike is just MAD: very fast, nimble and the movements of that driver are really cool. His facial expression too btw...
  12. Rudivdk

    [MOC] scynox's workshop

    Awesome indeed! I love these kind of retro-futuristic cars, and this one is done really well! I'd change the yellow camshaft parts for light (bluish or old) grey ones, grey blends more easily with the rest of the design. Perhaps change all white accents to light grey even. The white is a bit too bright imho for a car with a 'dark' look. Looking forward to the digital file
  13. Rudivdk

    [TC18] Vintage Rally Coupe

    Be sure to check this thread in the 'digital tools' subforum to get you going:
  14. Fixed it. I downloaded and unpacked the latest and from to my parts folders, copied the still-packed zipfiles into the local user folder referenced by LPub3D for PLI and BOM rendering (so both places have the exact same set of parts) and all works correct now. So a thing to remember: keep the zipfiles 1:1 in sync with your downloaded parts and all is good.
  15. Rudivdk

    [TC18] Vintage Rally Coupe

    Thanx man! Gonna be a long night tonight... I use LDCad, together with LPud3D for generating instruction PDF's (with LDView as internal renderer). LDCad is not the easiest program to master, but I think it is the most versatile and powerful LDraw CAD tool. It's (again) a matter of personal taste I think. Plus: the creator of LDCad Roland Melkert is an active member here on EB ('roland') and still expanding the software, also on user request.