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  1. Overall design also looks very very similar to stunt truck from 2017, but stripped down as @Jim mentioned. So double cop out as far as I'm concerned. Last year with Whack and Bash I broke my habit of yearly collecting the pullbacks, this years rendition makes that a final decision. Only thing they had going for them was design, and TLG took that out. I don't mind contributing to TLG's profits, but this is stretching it too much...
  2. Rudivdk

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    Well, since the URL contains both set number and exact set name in french, we would only be able to find any other link if we exactly knew how it is numbered and named in french right? The fact that the poster of the links only posted 2 links, doesn't mean there are just 2 links. And as @Jim said, the fact there are 2 links doesn't mean per se there will be just 2 sets. Not implying anything here (I have no inside info whatsoever), but just sticking to what we do know atm. EDIT: actually we still know nothing about 2h for sure...
  3. Rudivdk

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    Hmm, ~2500 pieces on the car transporter. If it would include a car at 42093 Corvette scale that would mean ~600 pieces for the car. That would leave us with ~1900 pieces for the truck (~same as 8258 crane truck which is in Arocs scale). Sounds promising...
  4. I only use these wheels on custom built hubs, for exactly this reason.... Wouldn't know any good solution to fit them to new hub piece, could it work with the 42083 break discs, a belt wheel and 3 black friction pins?
  5. Not really needed for me personally, but if it increases the amount of finished builds then by all means: yes, let's add two more weeks!
  6. Looks very nice and clean! I especially like the shaping of the cabin, nice curves in there. Good touch adding the rudders, glad that I could be of help Happy new year to you as well!
  7. That does give a more consistent look, imho that looks better indeed.
  8. Rudivdk

    [TC15] Project Cockpit

    That's pretty nifty, nicely done!
  9. That was exactly my problem, the PF M-motors I put in position of real engine represent less weight scalewise. Otherwise it would have worked in original setup I think. Thanx!
  10. Thanx guys! Actually it took me only 5mins to find this solution, but I spent a good hour and half trying other similar solutions. Didn't improve so I'll stick with this. From now on most of the weight will be added in front of COG, so I think I'm good now. Might have to change the rear wheels though, in current setup they have moved one stud outwards and they will touch the fuselage I think... I'll go through my collection to see what other options I have.
  11. Succes!!! In the end a very small and simple redesign to the landing gear leg solved the issue. I kept the entire landing gear mechanism in place, but added a small 2x4 l-beam that secures the wheel two studs back. I might 'beautify' this later, but for now it works. I was also able to remove all added weight in the front, cleaning up that part as well. Ain't she a beauty...: Edit: one more pic, just because I can...
  12. Thanks for all advise guys! I have planned a building session tonight and will try some out, lets see how far I'll get...
  13. I didn't measure it, but on the real P38 the rear wheels are in similar position, slightly behind the center of the wings. Since they retract backwards, moving them towards the rear will cause a redesign to parts of the tail section as well. But I already checked the current COG, it is only 3 to 4 studs backwards so it should be possible and not too far out of scale. Then again, it would probably interfere with the flaps control axle... I will first try to finish the plane as it is, I still have to add some panelling to the front and some more details, so after that is done I know how much weight or wheel redesign is needed. Worst case I can always flip the rear wheels around, making them extend backwards and thus putting them far behind COG.
  14. Well, I only have the rechargeable lythium BB, so I can't put batteries in it... It would probably help though...
  15. Another update: Mainly working on the 'insides' of the plane now. I've added landing gear and motorized it, with an up/down gearbox with control switch in the cockpit. I have 1 really big issue now... the plane is very tail heavy and does not stay on it's wheels. So for now I added a display stand... Will have to see what I can do later to minimize weight on the tails, but I do not think I can shave of a lot there. I already added some boat weights to the front, but it's nowhere near enough... Front wheel mechanism: This was a particularly difficult one to create, as I have my PF batterybox sitting between the gearbox and the front wheel. I only had the tip of the nose to house some mechanism, but the final solution works like a charm and is really compact. It's not very visible in above picture, I will make a 3D render of it later. Rear wheel (only one wheel connected to gearbox right now): In above pics you can also see flaps assembly: 4 flaps in total, 2 on center wing and 1 on both outside wings. They will be motorized as well, and controlled by another up/down gearbox on the other side of the cockpit: All the black/dbg levers and links running under the gearboxes are coming from the 3-axis control stick. Ailerons and elevator are already connected, rudder still to be done, but I've designed it so just need to build it. Aileron control mechanism detail: