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  1. Sorry, not yet... currently I am building and making instructions at the same time. This way I can ensure that I do not forget or miss any parts. Build is around 85% complete I guess, instructions close to halfway done. I will try to focus on finishing the build and releasing a prelim partslist first, than continue with the instructions. I am at a point now where I can safely do this without fear of missing anything, the tricky parts are all built. It will probably still take one or two more weeks, I have limited time at the moment...
  2. Hi all, It's been a while since I last updated, but I wanted to let you know I am still working on the instructions. It is a time consuming process, but I will finish it sooner or later, don't worry. Here is some pics of current progress:
  3. [TC12] The Toaster

    Looks cool, reminds me of Miss Fritter from Cars3 movie...
  4. "Always in persuit of rigid structures" aka "flex less"?
  5. Cool, reminds me of the LEGO Technic ideas book from the 90s which also had instructions for one, but this one is way better
  6. It was more of an evolution than a deliberate decision... I took the suspension and diff module from sheepo, worked on the shifter with standard TLG configuration gearbox (=longitudinal) and managed to squeeze that in, and ended up putting transverse engine above it because it was the only way to fit an engine in the short, high nose of the car. I think building transverse 5+R gearbox with available LEGO material in 1:10 scale is almost impossible, given the available limited set of clutchgears and driving rings. Also the uneven studless geometry and the required old style diff (=4studs, so even count), makes it hard to properly allign. And the shifter has to be quite complex, conversing longitudinal movement to transverse movement and vice versa...
  7. I know about file format compatibility, but I wasn't sure about the flex axles that are generated with some special features in LDCad. And yeah, step 76 might have to be splitted in two or more steps
  8. As promised earlier, here is the current WIP digital file: Familycar.mpd The chassis is 99,9% completed, bodywork is partially done, interior and suspension are not yet added. It contains some stepping and subfiles, but that will probably change when I will start working on instructions. It is created with LDCad, but it is compatible with other programs using the .mpd format.
  9. Thanx Jeroen! Agreed, the sides are a bit flat, but I have no idea how to change anything there... Every part is connected to something else... My next project will probably be a European style sports sedan or hatchback. I am pondering about a way to create an 8speed gearbox with sequential stepper shifter (probably your design) that would be small enough to fit in the floor section... Bodywork will be a v2.0 of my avatar. But first I want to finish the LDCad and instructions for this one.
  10. Dunno for sure what parts are rare actually... maybe the Ferrari499 wheelcovers? I've got a bunch of white bushes and white half bushes in there, indeed an 11l (or 12l, I am not sure...) flexaxle in the front and 4x19l flexaxles on the wheelarches. I used DBG engine parts (instead of regular LBG ) with red cilinders, but they are actually near invisible... There are also some less common yellow double pin with bush, and some black bushes and yellow bushes. None of them are particularly rare I think. Some parts I used in very large quantities, depleting my own (not so small) collection, like white 1x2x0,5 liftarms. In a few weeks I hope to have the digital file ready, then I can share a full partslist.
  11. I have rewritten/updated the opening post and added final photo's.