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  1. Ok, Page 89, Step 167. I'll take a look (not so soon, I'm quite busy this week) About sharing files, I suggest you to use a LEGO related hosting such as brickshelf or bricksafe, that are reliable and allow to host both images and lxf files and share that with hotlink.
  2. Page/book of the instructions? The image I think you tried to attach is not visible (EDIT: I fixed the image, but a reference to the building instructions would be much more helpful). What about sharing your lxf file? (or part of it, at least) How the reversed plate is connected? Is it possible to fine move it downwards using a scaffolding? The 75192 is a challenging build for an LDD novice. Maybe you already became acquainted with LDD building simpler sets?
  3. Usually there problems are due to: - use of the wrong bricks as a SNOT, for example technic bricks with pin hole have different measures than standard bricks. - use of some LDD automatic tool (such as hinge tool) that during its use slightly move some brick, creating the disalignment. In this case is necessary to remove the disaligned bricks as soon as possible, because they easily propagate the disaligment to all bricks attached to them. - impossible design: it is not possible to obtain the result in that way, even if thanks to real bricks tolerances is seems possible. Is it an official set? If so, which one? For a better help, you should share the LXF file (or the interesting part of it, at least). PS: please edit topic title (you can do that editing the first post) giving you request a more significative description. With a generic title like this one, it is more difficult to obtain help but, mostly, it will not be helpful for other people with the same problem because impossible to find with search.
  4. Unfortunately ZCerberus uses forum's attachment feature to share the file, and with the new forum the lxf file are not an allowed format anymore. The result is that the file is not available now, the one you downloaded is an empty shell. Luckily ZCerberus is still an active user, and you can try to contact it. PS: avoid to "up" a post so soon. It is not a correct behaviour.
  5. What about asking Blakbird directly? It seems he is still an active user.
  6. I love the Lola's MOCs, especially Miller's Nightmare and Undeads' Tower. You can find them here, Maybe you want to try with that? I'll love to have the lxf files of these creations. PS: even if you don't fear hard work and huge models, remember that the digital tools (especially LDD) are not able to manage large amount of bricks, so probably you should split large MOCs in smaller parts. EDIT: it seems that the gallery for some of them, including the Undeads' Tower, is not available anymore: if you need it write here, I'll send the images to you.
  7. @Stephan It is a known problem, unfortunately we was not able to solve it still. Thanks for reporting, anyway,
  8. Calabar

    Hello!! From Argentina to... the Lego world

    Hi Kuramapika1 and welcome on the EuroBricks forum. A little curiosity: have your nickname a meaning? About uploading your LDD models in the official sets topic, you have a private message!
  9. Index updated with informations reported until here.
  10. Index updated. 54 Sets has been added to the index (0 alternative, 6 duplicate, 0 incomplete). Check your sets and report errors or inaccuracies in the index, if any! No irregular sets this time! Check the irregular sets listed below to see if any of your previous entries need to be fixed. 10 new (Sub)Themes added Topic's Rules Update. Few specifications but no new rule this time, don't forget to take a look at the summary to avoid to forget them. New contributors dephra - 1 sets LegoOri - 1 sets iSware - 2 sets M_longer - 1 sets pagicence - 4 sets Top contributors PicnicBasketSam - 39 sets pagicence - 4 sets BrickWild - 2 sets iSware - 2 sets dephra - 1 sets KamalMYafi - 1 sets LegoOri - 1 sets M_longer - 1 sets Migui94 - 1 sets Sjuip - 1 sets PeabodySam - 1 sets List of Irregular Sets:
  11. It is one of the basic scaffolding technique. Good idea to provide a short video that easily explain it to inexperienced users. It is important to notice that these techniques allows some kind of "fine" movements in LDD, otherwise precluded. For example you can use it to place two minifigures stuff around the neck, or slightly move two colliding bricks to avoid misconnection without manually editing the lxfml file.
  12. Hi Ordinareo, Please read the Section Rules: hacking the LDD software infringes the LDD EULA and it is not allowed to speak about that in this forum.
  13. @pagicence There is not a real reservation. I mean you can built the sets and add them in the LDD Official Sets topic even if another builder has already added it to the topic. Even if the set is the same, every build has its unique solutions that makes it interesting. The booking is intended as a reference, but builders are free to follow it or not. If it is the first entry in the LDD Official Sets topic, please carefully read the rules you can find in the first page. If you have any question, you need help or you simply prefer to check your post before adding it to the topic, contact me using private messages.
  14. Hi UrSuS, and welcome to EuroBricks. Unfortunately there is not a mirror, but I've a (almost complete) backup. Click here for your train! PS: I moved your request in the proper topic.
  15. If you need the flesh colour, maybe you could appreciate this (not exactly cheap) alternative: click! PS: I moved your request inside the proper topic.