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  1. @Stephan Maybe this could be added to the guide inside the LDD New Parts topic. I mean not to integrate the video itself, but add informations to the present guide in order to make it easy to do for MacOS users too.
  2. @Styphelus Please send me a private message including a list with set's number, and the page of the official topic where the related post is for each set.
  3. You have to reach 10 messages... almost done!
  4. @corboa I moved the request in the proper topic. About posting in the LDD Official Sets topic, you should carefully read the rules in the first post before adding your contribution, especially those related to the image. Take a look at other regular entries as inspiration. You can post both your models as separate entries (you should use a single post, but the models ha to be be separated, with a thumbnail image each). For any question or help request, contact me in private.
  5. Calabar

    Certificate expired?

    lol, breaching the security to access the board here too!
  6. Very interesting! Maybe a future voice in the ToDo list could be some sort of Live3D thumbnail generator that a third party could add to his/her website to provide a preview of an lxf file (in brief, sort of wrapper that allows to integrate the model inside a webpage). Even better if it activates only on click or mouse over switching from a static image to a 3D model, or loading times could stuck a page with more previews).
  7. @jester Maybe we could add a third pack including fan.made parts, but at the moment I think it is better to focus on the official bricks. We could discuss about fan made parts in the "custom bricks club" conversation. PS: according to the forum's guidelines, the images you are posting are too large. I'll change them to text link temporarily.
  8. I don't think perfection is required, but parts should work in LDD as original parts at least, to avoid problems for LDD users. If you are able to create good geometries, I think your contribution could be very precious anyway. Otherwise your good contribution will be wasted, and it would be a pity. Another idea is to maintain two packs, one with complete parts and one with parts that need to be completed, a sort of stable and beta packs. In this way an LDD user could choose to install the "stable" pack only or both, knowing the issues with the "beta" bricks. A contributor could then choose to introduce a new brick or complete a "beta" brick, allowing it to be added to the "stable" pack. @Stephan , your opinion?
  9. @jester I think any contribution is precious. If you (or anyone else) are not able/have not time or interest to complete your bricks, your work could be completed by another user and then added to the database. Am I wrong or someone told that there is a software that, when ready, will allow to add these elements easily?
  10. @Solid Brick Productions I moved your post here. If you mean to contribute to the LDD Official Sets topic, I welcome you! Please note that the topic have precise rules about how to add a contribution, so please read them carefully (and take a look at the regular posts of other contributors). About hosting your work (both image and lxf file) I suggest you to use a LEGO related ones such as brickshelf or bricksafe.
  11. I agree with Equilibrium. Ok, I don't understand the necessary effort to create a good brick, but it is a good idea to don't allow bricks that lacks important things like collisions and outlines.
  12. @Corellian Corvette The argument has already been discussed here (and following posts) PS: please stop crossposting, you placed the same question about Bluerender and Blueprint´╗┐ in three different topics, it is not allowed.
  13. Grammar is surely good, but these data are not easily detectable at a glance (in fact I missed them at start! ). I mean it would be useful a sort of application sheet, a brief scheme reporting (schematically) these (and in case other) important data. Something like: OS compatibility: Windows, Linux Interface: executable console or GUI Availability: source code and binaries Programming Language: Pyton License: MIT License (free software) Notes: works on files downloaded from Bricklink as wanted links (no bricklink login inside the software required) ... I think it is more readable than a conversational.only presentation.
  14. @Kaero I can understand that have a second page to update implies a bit of extra work, but I think that main informations at least should be reported here too. I don't mean you should report detailed informations, but a brief view is necessary. Info such as OS compatibility, availability of a binary and such are informations that probably change very rarely. Beside remember that many users have no familiarity with software development platforms and could be lost if they have to find and understand information from an external source. Only a little list with the main info is needed.
  15. Calabar

    trouble using treads

    Templates available are not suitable for a direct use? That would save a lot of time.