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  1. Calabar

    Rendering nightmare

    It seems you miss to provide some important informations: PC and OS Specs LDD version and mode used. Are you using custom bricks in LDD? are you an experienced user? Do you know the difference about LDD file format and LDRAW standard? About your list in the first post: It is difficult to understand LDD2Powray problems without an error log did you locate manually the database as suggested in the error dialog uses a different file format, so these errors are due to its import feature, away from perfection. Blender is not directly LEGO-related, you have to convert your LXF file in some format supported by the software. LDRAW is not exacting a LEGO digital tool, but a file format. Maybe you are trying to install the All-in-One LDRAW installer? (it includes some modelling software, tools, the LDRAW library, ...) Anyway restart your PC to close all the LDRQAW instances that could compromise the installation. EDIT Ok, you answer some questions in your post above. Bluerender will not work if you dont recreate the lif database in LDD. You need the lifcreator tool, and it takes quite a bit. Probably the lack of the database creates problems with LDD2Powray too, these software has been developed before the unofficial LDD parts pack was first released. Please take a look at the Section Index (one of the two pinned topics of this section) as reference for software and tools.
  2. Unfortunately there is not, and at the moment there are no plans for a new contest. Probably you should wait for a staff reorganization in the digital section. PS: avoid to capitalize the whole title of the topic
  3. @TommyProductionsInc Hi, and welcome in Eurobricks and in the digital section. I'll try to answer your question, but surely some other user could give you some more detailed answers. LDD is not supported anymore, so the software will not improve. Anyway this community is quite active to improve the brickset, so it is possible to add bricks and decorations to the last valid version of LDD (4.3.11). Take a look at the Section Index for "[KEY TOPIC] LDD New Parts" and following. Probably not possible in LDD. As written above, it is not possible to improve LDD. You could try if it is possible to find some kind of workaround counting selected items or is there some kind of statistics when you generate the list of parts (but I'm not sure it is possible with new parts). LDD don't support phisics. Years ago the reference software was SR3D Builder, but it is old and abandoned now. Mecabricks surely provide some phisics functions and supports animations, but you should try it to understand if it suits your needs. Note that Mecabricks is a browser-based software (no installation, use it from the browser). In conclusion, I suggest you to give a try to Mecabricks, that seems to me the software that more meets your needs (maybe excluding the 4th point, you should investigate about this) and it is actively developed. @Sadap That sounds like a good news. I'm curious to see the outcome of your hard work. Don't forget, when that will happen, to create an exhaustive topic where you introduce your software, and I'll add it to the section index.
  4. My fault, I mean the importer. Anyway, you answered my question, this requires extra work compared to simply importing the lxf file. Maybe it is possible to find a compromise, automating part of the manual work: at first you import the missing bricks, later you use lxf2ldr to convert the model and at last you import the ldr model into
  5. @The Mugbearer Good solution to import parts, but does it solve the problem of the direct conversion importing the model? I mean: you can add the missing brick in but when you convert a model containing that brick, how does the converter behave?
  6. @The Mugbearer I suppose because he is talking about custom parts created for LDD and not for This situation presents two issues: the part could be available in LDD but not in and even if the part exists in the software could not be able to convert it in the corresponding internal part. Note that the converter inside, as far as I remember, is based on an old version of SylvainLS's ldraw.xml file. Maybe using SylvainLS's lxf2ldr with his last ldraw.xml file and than import the LDRAW model into could grant better chance of success.
  7. Great work @bbqqq I like when two passions (LEGO and counter stike, I suppose) meet together to create something new. Maybe with another bit of work you could make it somewhat playable. Next step you could replace the rifle with this one or a more playful version like this one (maybe with some addition to enrich it).
  8. Maybe I don't remember correctly, but it seems that AMD is dropping support on its consumer cards for OpenCL (it is not clear how they think to develop ROCm in the future) so that the next version of Blender will not support it anymore. It seems that AMD have to decide what they want to do, So the lack of support is not so strange, at this stage.
  9. Developer mode allows you to ignore collisions, but if you want to share your file people opening it in their LDD will see the involved parts removed (unless they are in development mode too). Luckily the community is able to remove wrong collisions from bricks, or even create a special version of a brick for special uses (if that use results quite common). No chance to move a part freely, still need to use a scaffolding, that would require a modify to the LDD core.
  10. Index updated with informations reported until here.
  11. I suppose he is referring to this model. Probably he have not any digital file available and he simply want to order the parts and build it in physical bricks (correct me if I'm wrong). Maybe he could even be satisfied with the digital file only.
  12. Thanks, very clear explanation! It would be interesting to distinguish among decorations and stickers (especially if you can visually see the difference), but it seems we should be satisfied with the present solution
  13. @M2m Just out of curiosity, what is exactly the problem? I can guess that there are not difficulties to create a thin decoratable brick, so supposedly the problem is the connection. I don't know how connection works in LDD but we can manage connections using the proper tool. It is not possible to create a new type of connection? Or it is necessary to have the connection over both the surfaces, so it is not possible to apply the sticker everywhere but only on surfaces having that type of connection? Or something completely different?
  14. Just a rookie question: it would be possible to manage stickers as decorated (flexible?) and very thin bricks? The main problem is that they should connect with any flat surface, and I'm not sure that LDD could support this kind of connection. A sticker like a brick would be more "realistic" and a tiny thickness could produce a better visual result.