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  1. Just to understand... LDD has a selection tool that allows to select all the bricks of a certain type (and with a specific colour too, if you want). When I have to mass replace a brick, I use the aforementioned tool, extract all the wrong bricks from the building, place the new bricks over the wrong ones, delete the wrong bricks and at last place all the new bricks inside the model with a single drag (this include some expedients such as place a reference brick for the position, create a group with wrong bricks, etc...) . Now, if has a similar tool, the operation should be possible with this software too. So the question is: is there a similar tool in
  2. @Chesleyn Did you simply opened the zip archive or did you extract it somewhere in your computer? The correct way is to extract it and only then launch the batch file. EDIT: oops, anticipated.
  3. Hi! The viewer looks very interesting. As it is not a native LDRAW viewer but converts the files in another format, is there any issue converting? I mean, when you convert complex models, are there unconverted bricks, misplaced bricks or something of this kind? Could you explain, maybe editing the first post, what are the advantage of the MakerBrane format and why did you choose it? Has the software a name? You could prepare a well-formatted page in the first post of this topic, so I can add the software to the Section Index.
  4. @Kevin Flemming As general rule, look for the sets that uses the part you need and check the "Official Sets made in LDD" topic. If some other builder has made a set containing the part, probably he/she have created a custom replacement too.
  5. It is not a bad hypothesis. Inside the file I was not able to find common references I usually find in lxf files. Besides I found large areas of "zero" inside the file. I tried to replace as much as parts seems legit to do but without good results. Unfortunately this time the file seems to be too much corrupted.
  6. You're welcome. If the corruption is not due to some kind of error produced by LDD when saving the model, well... maybe it is time to check your disk!
  7. The file is corrupted. It happens, sometimes, when using LDD (and that's why my suggestion is to make a backup copy periodically). I tried to resume it using an hex editor but it seems the damage is too heavy, so I was not able to obtain any good result. Maybe somebody else will have more luck!
  8. Mine too... saloon has over 1600 backers, so I think I'll have to wait a bit before they reach my "booking" of the set. Set with less backers are more likely shipped before, especially the set has been backed in the last days available.
  9. Oh, it could be due to the music inside the video. Wait for a moment... I'll look for the "silent" version. Ok, here it is. Not exactly the same video but a similar one, A bit sad without music Try here.
  10. That's a great news, I ever loved the animated assembly. Just a little note: looking at the video I linked above, it seems that while the great part of the bricks fall from the top, some bricks placed vertically (such as windows' glasses) came from the side. Other desirable options would be to choose directions for each brick (changing the default one) and change the camera position during the animation (including automatic translation "from here to there") and zooming. Ok, I'm running with my imagination, but if this option will be added, it would be really great!
  11. Thanks for the answers! As dream is free... do you think to add a feature like this one in the future? The one that "explode" the model seems quite easy to realize, but the one that assemble the model "calling" the bricks from the outside seems much more challenging. Anyway animated renderings like these are very attractive, it could be a great feature for mecabricks.
  12. Great result. Is the light from batman eyes obtained placing a light source inside the helmet or using some kind of light-emitting material? I've taken a look at the linked video from nVidia guys, the assembly of the models remembered me the videos from Coby Basset (like this one). Is mecabricks capable to do something similar automatically or with few manual assistance? PS: what do you think to add "using mecabrics" to the title of the topic, to make it more clear?
  13. @Scrubs Just out of curiosity, is your 2070 capable to use the RTX cores during the rendering process or RTX cores are locked or useful for real time ray-tracing effects only?
  14. The difficulties to install LDD on modern Windows operating system is already discussed here in the digital forum. Anyway this seems to be a different issue, due to WinZip that locks the file. Very strange, never head about that. My suggestion is to remove WinZip and replace it with 7zip. There are many alternatives to LDD. Which one is the most suitable for you depends on your needs. You can consult the Section Index (one of the two pinned topic of this section) get an overview of main LEGO digital building software.
  15. Thanks for sharing. It seems a pretty diorama, but at the moment I can't see it in LDD as I'm struggling with a new PC and I've my machines partially disassembled and with an unsettled operating system.