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  1. I suppose he is referring to this model. Probably he have not any digital file available and he simply want to order the parts and build it in physical bricks (correct me if I'm wrong). Maybe he could even be satisfied with the digital file only.
  2. Thanks, very clear explanation! It would be interesting to distinguish among decorations and stickers (especially if you can visually see the difference), but it seems we should be satisfied with the present solution
  3. @M2m Just out of curiosity, what is exactly the problem? I can guess that there are not difficulties to create a thin decoratable brick, so supposedly the problem is the connection. I don't know how connection works in LDD but we can manage connections using the proper tool. It is not possible to create a new type of connection? Or it is necessary to have the connection over both the surfaces, so it is not possible to apply the sticker everywhere but only on surfaces having that type of connection? Or something completely different?
  4. Just a rookie question: it would be possible to manage stickers as decorated (flexible?) and very thin bricks? The main problem is that they should connect with any flat surface, and I'm not sure that LDD could support this kind of connection. A sticker like a brick would be more "realistic" and a tiny thickness could produce a better visual result.
  5. Anyway the unity part seems to be better moulded, it is not possible to modify the unity part rotating it in the same way the present part is?
  6. Note that 4.3.12 displays 4.3.11 in the about dialog. You have to check the brickset too (the correct one for the .11 is 2670) He means the parts available in LDD, the .12 misses many parts available in .11.
  7. After installing 4.3.11 you have to be sure that it is the real .11 checking the brickset (from "about" dialog in LDD). In any case, you should not have the .12 installed. If you have the .12 as you told me above, remove it and install .11.
  8. If you have read the post you linked above, you should know that the " dreadful 4.3.12" (quoting the words of SylvainLS) is broken. Please install the 4,3,11 instead (if you have not the installer, you should find it reading the same topic you linked above).
  9. Do you mean you installed LDD version 4.3.11 instead than 4.3.12? Is your brickset 2670?
  10. You are welcome. So it seems a problem due to the Intel graphic driver. Nothing so strange really!
  11. This topic was aimed to communicate requests to the lego digital team when LDD was still updated by TLG. Please use the new topic for requests: click. Now I move the request there.
  12. You should be able to do that from graphic cards software (usually accessible from the specific icon in the trybar). Try with Intel software before, otherwise with nvidia one.
  13. Did you try to force LDD to use a specific graphic card? Try with nvidia first and Intel if it don't solve the problem. Otherwise you should apply more drastic measures (clean video card driver with specific tools, restore Windows, ... ). Note that some video card driver could drop in some way the support to old APIs, and LDD is an old software. Try to remove all fancy options from graphic cards settings too.