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  1. Take a look at this topic. PS: the Design ID you reported is wrong, it should be 44136.
  2. Zero-pixels, not a single pixel! The best and faster way to do this is to use the Ready Pack available inside this guide (download link here, but read the guide before).
  3. LDD don't allow to add any brick or decorations without hacking the software, and this is a forbidden topic here, as written in the Section Rules. So no one here can help you to add bricks or decorations to LDD. Anyway it seems you are not aware of the existence of the Extended Mode, This mode gives you access to a larger choice of bricks and allows you to apply any existing colour to any brick. Take a look at here on how to enable extended mode.
  4. Maybe something go wrong with inclined parts, especially if the angles of the right and the left side of the model are not perfectly symmetrical. LDD is strict with tolerances, so the parts fit in LDCad but LDD reject them.
  5. oh, it is an old trick! Quite sure you can find something in the Section Index looking for "decorations".
  6. @nitrofurano Use the other regular posts as example and you will not be wrong. Read the rules in the first page of this topic to ensure you are not doing something forbidden. In this topic both screenshot from the building software and renders are accepted, obviously better is the quality of the image, the better is, In order to share the image and the ldr file please use an affordable file hosting, such as brickshelf or bricksafe, that allow to host both images and lxf files and share that with hotlink.
  7. Ok, problem solved You could try using mecabricks on your browser instead.
  8. Operating system, at least? If you have the exact model or a link to its page, please post it. Anyway LDD doesn't run on Android.
  9. Probably there is a video card driver issue. Do you (or someone for you, or windows itself) update your video card recently? About reinstalling LDD, did you checked if the user data has been removed? Look for an "LEGO Company" directory in your user data folder (type %APPDATA% in the address bar of the windows explorer) and delete it once the software is removed. You could also try to modify LDD settings editing the preferences.ini file (add the line: CompatibilityModeLevel=100 if it is not there or replace it if the value is different), increasing the compatibility level.
  10. LEGO Universe Mode don't exists anymore. Please read the note written in large characters in the first page of this topic. PS: as you can note you have resumed a very old topic, it was abandoned about five years ago. Be very careful when you post in old topics to avoid necroposting.
  11. Otherwise you can try to improve the instructions generated by LDD using groups. You can find a link to the explanation in the Section Index (one of the two pinned topics in this section). Probably it is not the best solution, but it don't require any external tool.
  12. Some suggestions are: Using a powerful PC Split the model in submodels with (easy connection points among submodels) Use the Hide Bricks feature of LDD, hiding the part of the model where you are not working on.
  13. LDD is probably the easiest, but it is more limited and almost abandoned. Mecabricks is a very interesting and active project, it surely deserves a chance. LDCad is at the moment the main LDRAW based software, it has a virtually unlimited parts database and a modern interface. is new, but it seems promising, but I can't tell you more as I never tried it. You can find other info about LEGO software in the Section Index (one of the two pinned topics in this section of the forum).