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  1. Index updated with informations reported until here.
  2. Developer mode can disable collision check, but as the name itself says, it is not for production. Open the file in any other LDD installation will remove the bricks. Excluding a bug or a poorly moulded digital brick, the problem is due to something wrong in the building. Instead then try a workaround, the best practice would be to try to understand why the problem happens. Even if real bricks would allow to build the structure, probably the result would be an excessive strain for the bricks that would damage them over time. Anyway in your case the problems seems to be something wrong in the base of the column, maybe a slightly wrong angle that produce the collision in the upper part. Try to select, move and then replace the structure from the basis (or maybe share the lxf file).
  3. Index updated. 45 Sets has been added to the index (3 alternative, 3 duplicate, 0 incomplete). Check your sets and report errors or inaccuracies in the index, if any! No irregular sets this time! Check the irregular sets listed below to see if any of your previous entries need to be fixed. Topic's Rules Update. No updates this time, but don't forget to take a look at the summary to avoid to forget them. New contributors uchuujin - 2 sets thecrea1or - 2 sets Top contributors vean - 15 sets Migui94 - 13 sets Stephan - 5 sets JC75 - 4 sets uchuujin - 2 sets thecrea1or - 2 sets PeabodySam - 2 sets lomis - 1 sets KamalMYafi - 1 sets List of Irregular Sets:
  4. Again I remember: Please avoid to edit existing posts to add new modified entries. Besides it would be very helpful for me if you provide me a zippack with updated models if you update a large number of models as explained in the rules (no more needed for the models updated until now).
  5. Check the guide "how to find a part in LDD" (or something similar) in the Section Index (one of the two pinned topics of this section).
  6. Rendering LXF on apple?

    ".bat" files are for Windows systems. Standard extension for Batch script on MAC is ".command" and use a different (Linux-like) syntax. So you are trying to use a script for Windows on your MAC.
  7. Important note: Please avoid to add entries to an existing post: in the better case I could miss the addition and the index will be not updated, in the worst that force me to check again all the models because I don't remember which ones I've already updated. @PeabodySam @Stephan Could you provide me a zippack with the updated models?
  8. To say the true, there is a way. Take a look at the Section Index (one of the two pinned topics in this section), probably the case is linked in the last post.
  9. Please note that this topic is for LDD assembly only, not mecabricks. LDD has some flexible elements, not many to say the true, did you check if there is something usable? The main problem should be that the torso with arms is a single part in LDD, and that makes to create this assembly more complicated, if possible.
  10. Thanks! Is it possible to share a less compressed image (maybe not compressed at all)? The linked jpg is very low quality! It seems some parts are partially out of the shot, has the image been cropped?
  11. Great! Does anyone want to try an high resolution render for them?
  12. Important notice: From now on, the present LDD Version is 4.3.11, Brickset 2670. So please be careful reporting older LDD versions in the next posts. If you update already posted entries, don't forget to report the update in the proper topic. Thanks.
  13. It seems the download is not avaible yet in the LDD Download page, if I click on the download button LDD 3.4.10 is downloaded. I had to manually edit the link to get the newer version. Let's wait for a more precise changelog, I suppose that Superkalle will generate a file with the last bricks. Which is the new brickset's version?
  14. Which one exactly? I suppose this one. Unfortunately after the forum update many old attachment are gone (all these formats that are now unsupported). But it seems this time you are lucky: I found it in my lxf archive: click. Hope it opens correctly in new versions of LDD.
  15. As explained above, the building instructions are not affected by building order. Luckily there are some alternative solution. The easier is to use an external tool to generate instructions, such as blueprint. Otherwise it is possible to exploit groups to "drive" LLD's BI functions, but it is not so immediate, because you have to transform the "groups" code and place it in the "BuildingInstructions" area of the lxfml file. Open and save again the lxf file will destroy the BuildingInstructions area. Another solution could be convert the LDD file in a LDRAW file (there are many way to do that) and use some BI tool for such format (LPub3D for example). Take a look at the Section Index (one of the two the pinned topics of this section) for more details.