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  1. Interesting thought, I think it summarize quite well the issue. So what's the course of action? Allow anything possible? About the warning, I mean the forum's "popup", I'm quite sure there was not any post after mine when I edited but I can't rule out I miss something.
  2. @SylvainLS There was not any post after mine when I edited, probably the forum notify a new post but not an edited one. Anyway the question at the heart of the speech is interesting. Should LDD allow illegal techniques? A switch among the options would be the best solution, but we have limited room for manoeuvre in editing LDD. Someone thought about LDD that it should "teach" legal techniques to builders not allowing legal ones, but that surely would not allow LDD to be an universal building tool. Maybe this deserve a stand alone conversation.
  3. As far as I remember, the distance among two Technic holes is slightly different from the distance among standard pins, while the studs and the Technic holes are compatible. So attach a single stud to a Technic hole is allowed, while attach a brick with two o more studs to an array of Technic pins is not as it stress the bricks. EDIT: it seems I didn't remember correctly. Just recovered the document explaining this and other issues: CLICK. You are true about the excessive strength of the connection and the difficulty by children to detach it.
  4. Unfortunately at the moment there is no one available to manage the topic. To say the truth, there is not a staff for the digital section able to decide and realize. About the "requirements", they are an important tool to maintain a good quality of the topic and the models inside it. That's why we wrote the guidelines for the Official Sets topics: an unmanaged cauldron where to put .io files of dubious quality would be quite unuseful and unsatisfactory for users.
  5. @GTS Note that this topic is for models realized with LDD only. There is not a topic for IO models (but there is one for LDRAW models, and is derived from LDRAW). In order to post a new model in the LDD or LDRAW official sets topic you should carefully follow the topic's guidelines you can find in the first post of each. Also, please read my post a little above that answers a similar question.
  6. @Cyborg_Samurai In order to post files in the LDD Official Sets topic, you have to follow the rules of that topic. Note that you have to post a file properly realized and checked, not a RAW conversion, and that file containing custom bricks have to be shared as an extra together with a file made with LDD original brickset. A better place where to place a file created with could be the LDRAW Official Sets topic, but I'm not sure that files are accepted because even if file format is based on LDRAW, it is different and not directly accessible with other software using LDRAW.
  7. @Cyborg_Samurai Mecabricks uses its own file format, LDD do the same while is based on LDRAW format. Anyway Mecabricks should allow to export models in other file formats, if I remember correctly. Note that this topic is for LDD only.
  8. @Cyborg_Samurai Original LDD lacks many necessary key parts for Super Mario sets. It is possible to add them, but the result would probably be not much satisfying. Maybe it is time for a new LDD Official Sets topic that allows to use new custom parts. it seems few builders are willing to add the lxf files with custom parts (as extra) together with a main file that only uses original parts.
  9. I resume this quite old topic to ask for the present situation about creating a custom palette from a known bricklist. I think this feature in LDD is very useful for those who want to recreate an existing set, and it would be a pity to renounce to it because of the lack of a proper tool that helps to take advantage of it. As known, Superkalle's LDD Manager is discontinued for a long time and with the community updates of LDD brickset the list of available bricks is heavily changed. Is there any tool able to create the lxf/lxfml file necessary to create such palettes, maybe starting from bricklists of official sets available, or importing a custom list? If the answer is no, is there anyone that could try to approach such tool, maybe taking advantage of the work made on the custom palette and its coversion (@SylvainLS, @Stephan)? The tool itself should be quite simple to create, maybe some extra work could be necessary to add a "missing bricks" or "replaced bricks with similar ones" list, but I don't think it would require much more.
  10. Don't tell me such a simple problem can stop you! You can use any image upload service that allows hotlinks (as LEGO related and quite stable in time, I suggest bricksafe o brickshelf), ore reduce the image in order to fit the size requisite for forum's attachments.
  11. Calabar

    Brick Lettering in LDD

    Here you are: click.
  12. LEGO Art sets don't go for greater in digital LEGO (here in EB, at least), maybe because they are good sets for displaying but a bit boring to build. Anyway it should be easy to count the parts (excluding the frame), because they are square with X x Y (often X x X, a square) 1x1 plates. For this reason it is presumable that Minnie Mouse mosaic uses the same number of parts than Mickey mouse one, as they share the same frame. Looking at the frame of #31202 I can see five 8x1 tiles, two 3x1 files and two corner plates both for height and length. That means a 48x48 studs mosaic, 2304 pieces (2298 to say the truth, because 8 round plates are replaced by the Disney logo). Otherwise you can notice that the mosaic is build on nine 16x16 large bricks, each of them with 256 studs. 256 x 9 = 2304 -> 2298 with the logo.
  13. @1 Brick At A Time It seems it is not available in the LDD Official Sets topic. Maybe someone could build it soon fulfilling your request.
  14. @Spartan4845 I've just checked the link and it works fine. Please try again to get the lxf file from the post you linked above.