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  1. @KMPMOCS Did you try to temporarily exclude the Nvidia video card and use the integrated (supposedly Intel) card only? The integrated card should be enough to run LDD. Your notebook should already be able to switch between the integrated and the dedicated video card, according to the power configuration. So you should be able to manually select one card or another.
  2. What do you mean exactly? The info is written in the file, and remains there unless you save the file once that it is opened with LDD and the brick(s) removed. Anyway this argument has been discussed many time in the past, did you try to searching for "UnplaceableBricksDump" inside this forum?
  3. I can add that you can use groups to hide sets of bricks selectively. So you can select the bricks you desire and create one or more groups from them. The only problem is that, if you build already uses groups, these transversal groups disrupt your initial grouping.
  4. Restore clip's clutch power

    I usually use the hairdryer to heat parts and adjust them, but in this case the gap is millimetric, I don't think that a manual bending could be precise enough.
  5. Restore clip's clutch power

    Thanks for the answers! @AmperZand You mean I've to "kragle" my legos? To say the true, I was looking for a way to "renew" the part without adding any density/layer. Maybe a solution similar to the round clip for minifigure hands that suits the "C" clips. Obviously I could buy the loose part, but I like to preserve original parts of a set when possible.
  6. In the last period I've seen many "C" clips (such as this one) from my sets that lost their clutch power. So I've car doors that falls in a creator set, wing opened thanks to gravity in my micro x-wing, and so on... I'm trying to find an effective way to restore or at least improve the clutch power. For minifigure hands is almost easy, that because I can use a round 1x1 place, place it over the hand and leave it for days/weeks/months... At the end of the period the slight deformation is enough to restore a bit of clutch power. Different kettle of fish for the "C" clips, where round plate don't fit. Any idea different from using a bench vise?
  7. Did you try to use the search box? If you know a set that uses that part, you can easily get the Element ID from the bricklist of the set. Maybe you are looking for Design ID's 2736 and 14704? (taken from the bricklist accessible here). In the first page of this topic you can find many hints that could help you to find parts in LDD.
  8. Hi Cadder, indexed topics are decided and managed by the staff, let's explore the case to see if there is the space for such a topic for stud.io.
  9. @Torvik Creating groups is not enough, you have to "transform" the content generated in the lxfml file and add it mannually, as explained in the hrontos's post. Anyway this is a quite complex way to create building instructions with lxf files, you will find various options in the section index, use the one more suitable for you.
  10. My old suggestion is still valid:
  11. You should use a scaffolding. Take a look at this topic, for example. You could find other examples searching inside this section.
  12. In order to share images and files, I suggest you to use a LEGO related hosting such as brickshelf or bricksafe, that are affordable and allows yo to use direct links.
  13. @Thorsten50 The problem is that no one seems to have the 2013-01 version available. So my suggestion is to make some more try to make the present version to work. If it is not a known bug, then the problem is in your configuration and it will be surely possible to fix it.
  14. It seems the same case, Brickset for the 540-3 reports "US version of 356-1". Note that this kind of approach is quite common for old sets.
  15. The 70620 is very complex and I think that a duplicate entry would be a good thing. Probably you and Stephan found different solution to work around the limitations of LDD and used a different custom brick solutions. After all you make the 99% of the work, the error list is a small part of it.