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  1. Hi Bill,

    Saw your sith fury mod- very impressed.  Just sent you a PM asking a question if you would be so kind to take a look.  Thank you.

  2. billyamy

    A small modification of Saturn V

    hi, sorry for my late reply. I still cannot fix the photobucket's problem. What I can do now is changing my photos' privacy to "public". Then you can see all of my lego photos. hope it can help. sorry again billyamy
  3. billyamy

    [WIP] [MOD] Y-wing 9495

    Done! (The structure of 2 engine are copy from brickwright )
  4. billyamy

    Just modify my new X-wing's X-wing again

    Just finished another modification of my poe's x-wing ( the locking hinge wing joint was inspired by Dameronian)
  5. WA! This old post coming up again! Actually, I don't know how to search my own post. Thx Hold 0511, you are right, it's 10314
  6. billyamy

    [MOD] Modification of 9493 old X-wing

    New photos
  7. billyamy

    [MOD] Modification of 9493 old X-wing

    R2d2: finally....!
  8. billyamy

    [MOD] Modification of 9493 old X-wing

    Just modified a bit of R2D2 sitting direction n colours of X wing
  9. billyamy

    [WIP] [MOD] Y-wing 9495

    Lego rigid hose Use the hair dryer to make it soft.
  10. billyamy

    [WIP] [MOD] Y-wing 9495

    Thx joebiwankenobl and that orange thing The cockpit design is inspired by brickwright Also this parts
  11. billyamy

    [WIP] [MOD] Y-wing 9495

    Copy from some internet photos and different posts in this forum. I started to modify the 9495 Y-Wing Still waiting for the white half sphere parts
  12. billyamy

    [MOD] 9500 Sith Fury-class Interceptor

    New canopy Thx!
  13. billyamy

    [WIP] Trying to modify my Millennium Falcon

    Thx for you suggestion Will try it tonight
  14. billyamy

    [MOD] 9500 Sith Fury-class Interceptor

    Just take some other pics Because I mod it by tried and error, and I don't know how to use the Lego software, I hope those pics can help.