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Found 7 results

  1. Previously Laesonar's Saga Episode 8 - Laelariel City Hall A veil of sadness crossed Jeffrey's mind as he started to climb up the cobblestone while listening to Sir Humborth's words. "… and after hearing of the unfortunate disappearance of the Lord of Laelariel as well as his heirs, I was sent here from Albion to investigate the possibility of nominating a new Lord for these lands. I've just arrived with a small escort. Unfortunately, the place isn't exactly swarming with life.. " Armin nodded "I understand, Sir Humborth. Which is why you need the last Lord's will and testament and those other documents." Jeffrey pointed to the building above them "Here. This used to be our city hall. We used to have messengers, ravens, horses and so many documents that we had started the plan to build a library... " He sighed "Now there's only my office inside. Not that I've had much to write lately... but we kept the whole building in order as well as all of the documents. You might be able to find what you need here, my Lords." Armin smiled satisfied "Thank you for allowing us too, Mr. Von Jeff. My order is sworn to preserve the natural order of things and it seems to me that this city wasn't meant to end like this, so I'd like to investigate a bit." "It's my pleasure, master Paladin. We shall accept any sort of help that we're offered." "Very well then, first things first: history. Why does the city have an elvish name, for example. Laesonar, aren't you curious?" ….. "Laesonar?" The half-elf was nearby, but... "Ahem... Yes, yes, master Paladin, you lead the way." Full build --> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Here, guys & gals, bigger build, shorter episode ^^ I've started this build before reading the HSS rules, by which a City Hall isn't required for a Hamlet.. oh well, I guess it'll count later on then Overall, I'm pretty pleased with the result, though I'm afraid my horrible photography skills don't make it justice, especially the bigger roof.. I'm still messing up with the lighting and the editing, I've even forgot to crop it! I'm unsure of a few other things, yet my main focus here was the palette.. which I'm also still unsure about But I'll leave the C&C to you guys - thanks for looking! @mccoyed sorry about the central alignement again! I'm afraid I've come to like it.. @Basiliscus @TitusV More blue, as I promised Edit: next episode
  2. dignow

    MOC - Godwins Hollow Overview

    Well, it had been over a year since we'd taken stock of Godwins Hollow as a whole. So, we went to town, took some pics, and thought we'd share. If you're interested there are more pics on our Flickr page. Hope you enjoy. 170901 Godwins Hollow Overview by Stewart & Sydney, on Flickr
  3. This is my first try in this forum, so bear with me if I'm doing something wrong At some point in 2012, I stumpled upon the Micropolis standard created by members of TwinLUG, and thougt it might be a theme for me. Since then, I have focused my creativity on this, and one of my latest creations is this City Hall: City Hall_2 by Sandman_DK, on Flickr It started with 4 storeys, but seemed kind of small compared to some of my other buildings. So I went for a 5th floor, and the tower also gained some additional heigth. City Hall_1 by Sandman_DK, on Flickr Comments and constructive criticism are welcome
  4. So its been about a year since the last time we took stock of Godwins Hollow's growth and all in all it's been a pretty good year. We've renovated several areas - the Red Brick Pizza Oven, the costume shop, courier, and sporting goods store. We've added a travel agency and post office. Lockridge Estates and Lockridge Farms both got a makeover and we're sure there's a few other things here and there. Anyways, this is where are little city stands today. For all of the pics please feel free to stop by our Flickr page.
  5. Gary The Procrastinator

    Prosperity Once More

    Updated with a shot of the completed interior, posted below. My second largest single-build MOC ever. The roof alone consists of 3623 1x1 dark red slope 30 cheese wedges (I'm single-handedly responsible for their price bump on Bricklink...sorry about that!) The architecture is inspired solely from a single photo of one of those staircases from Dankwarderode Castle in Brunswick, Germany. For a rear view, and the full story, just click on the picture or here for the link. As promised a while ago (though it took longer than I wanted) here is a shot of the interior: Thank you for your comments! Cheers, Gary
  6. dignow

    MOC - Godwins Hollow City Hall

    This is another of the main buildings in our city - Godwins Hollow. We really liked the official city hall but needed something bigger so we expanded it. The inside of the building has lots of details - a DMV, jury deliberation room, court room, judge's office, mayor's office, city council room, and press briefing room. Hope you enjoy. You can see more of the building here and here and the park around the building here and here.
  7. dignow

    Godwins Hollow - Moving In

    We recently had to move - we live in Kuwait and since we're not locals we can't own property so when the landlord says go you go. Anyways, it has afforded us the opportunity to setup a new layout in Godwins Hollow. We've got everything planned out and most of the existing buildings are where they should be but there is still lots of room for new! You can see more here and here.