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Found 7 results

  1. My third contribution to the Kaliphlin at Work collab, and also my first entry to this year’s CCC, for the Interior category. This build was both a joy and a pain to build. Some parts of it came together very quickly, while others – well, they came together less quickly. In the end though, I’m very happy with the result. Credit for the lion mosaic goes to @Basiliscus, I pretty much just copied his design from this magnificent build. While working in the gardens of Lord Farih’s estate, Nym heard that there was going to be a dance in the great hall. Being the curious and slightly mischievous Dwelf that he is, Nym decided it would be alright – yes, even a fine idea – to slip in and watch the dance for a while. After all, he was sure that Lord Farih had every intention of inviting him, but had just forgotten amidst all the numerous tasks that had to be done to plan a dance. And what a grand dance it was! The various noblemen and women wore their finest clothes and twirled gracefully around the hall. Nym was enjoying himself greatly when he noticed some fine chairs set by themselves under elaborate awnings. Curious as to why such grand seats would be left empty, Nym sat down on the right most chair and found it amazingly comfortable. He hardly had time to settle in before finding himself looking down the blade of a very sharp sword. Farih’s guards quickly made it clear to Nym that those chairs were not meant to be occupied by lowly gardeners, while his own charming demeanor quickly convinced the Sargent that he had no ill intentions – he was merely testing the seat’s cushions, to be sure they were proper for royalty. After assuring them he would do no further ‘testing’, they politely escorted him out of the hall. What an experience! More pictures: And just in case you were in doubt, there are people working here! Poor scribes never get a break... Lots more pictures on Brickbuilt! Thanks for looking, C&C welcome
  2. My fifth build for the Kaliphlin at Work collab, and the second part of my “From Field to Goblet” entry for the CCC. It was fun putting our flesh colored plates to use again here, as well as a few of our newly-acquired MDF plates. Wahall owns a prosperous goat farm that provides milk and meat for his family with any surplus easily sold in the markets. The dairy goats have their own stable and are milked daily. A stable boy helps make sure the stable is kept clean and plenty of fresh water and food are always available for the goats. More pictures on Brickbuilt. Thanks for looking, C&C welcome
  3. In Kaliphlin, glass making is a significant industry and throughout Historica Barqan glass is a synonym for glass of the highest quality. The making of raw glass is concentrated to some larger furnaces, several of which exists in Barqa fueled by the intense flames of Black Oil and where tons of raw glass is produced. In small workshops such as this one, at lower temperatures the raw glass is then together with recycled glass used to produce the finished glass products. The ingredients of the Barqan glass are: Former - The major component of glass is silica. The best sand in Historica for this is sand from the Kaliphlin deserts, where the softer components of the sand has been ground down and blown away by the relentless winds over the wasteland only leaving the hard quartz. Flux - To lower the melting point of the silica to form glass, soda is added. The source of this is natron from the shores of the Lick of Salt river and the Salt Lake it feeds. Stabiliser - Glasses formed of silica and soda are naturally soluble, and require the addition of a stabiliser such as lime. While glass makers using beach sand get this for free through the calcareous particles in the beach sand (fragments of shells) mixed in the sand, in the best Barqan glass made from mature desert sand lime made from limestone needs to be added separately. Different crop for closeup. Built for the Kaliphlin at Work collab. Photography notes: Lit by 4 x LifeLites inside the furnace and one in the lantern, plus a LED panel behind the wall.
  4. TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER 0: Heading Home CHAPTER 1: Priestess of the Oasis CHAPTER 2 Memories Past The Maebad Alqamar, or the Temple of the Moon, was the largest building in Wahat Alqamar. It's great golden dome marked the center of the village and many came from far away to seek healing from the priestesses who worshipped here. The gift was found only here, in this remote part of the Siccus Badlands, and only among the girls. No boys were ever chosen, and of the girls no pattern was ever discerned as to who would receive it. Once a local girl experienced her first blood cycle, she was brought to the temple where a kahinat waha would oversee her care during the ritual. Once she was bathed and the rites were performed, the girl would be denied water for two days. Then, once her thirst had set in, the kahinat waha would place 20 closed vessels around the girl and she would have to choose the one which contained water. If she failed to sense water and chose an empty vessel, she would be allowed to drink and then she would be sent home, knowing that she was not chosen for the gift. If she correctly chose the vessel containing water, she would be allowed to drink, and the ritual would repeat. If the girl correctly chose the vessel containing water three times, she would be acknowledged as having the gift and become an initiate priestess. Nolana smiled as she remembered when she became an initiate under Ferenice. These were happy memories. She helped maintain the temple and assisted Ferenice in her healing duties. The power to heal flowed through water and each kahinat waha was capable of light healing through simply touching the injured or diseased person, as the body is made up of mostly water. For more serious injuries or illnesses, however, the person seeking healing would be immersed in the temple bath, to amplify the power of the gift. When not in use by the priestesses, the bath was available for the public to use to maintain cleanliness in the village, though many locals would bathe in it due to superstitious beliefs that somehow the temple bath was special and would help heal minor aches and pains. Shortly after Nolana became an acolyte, Ferenice's brother, Daegal, transferred back from the capital city of Petraea to serve as faris almaebad, or temple knight, under the venerable Captain Horace, in order to be close to his sister. The services of the kahinat waha of Wahat Alqamar were highly sought after by those in power in Petraea with priestesses having left the village to serve in the capital, and Petraea made sure to protect the source of the gift with the elite faris almaebad. Nolana smiled again. She and Daegal had immediately taken a liking to each other. There were no rules against the kahinat waha from having relationships, since the gift was never known to have faded from any priestess, even from those who married and had children. In fact, local customs particularly celebrated the descendants of priestesses who themselves became priestesses, believing these girls to be particularly blessed with gift. Even so, the village was a conservative place, and Nolana and Daegal had moved their budding romance slowly, much to Ferenice's impatience. During that time, Nolana was truly happy, serving under Ferenice as an acolyte priestess and being with Daegal every day. In the meantime, Nolana's younger sister, Soniya, the second of the three sisters, had failed to receive the gift. Soon after, however, Esther, the youngest sister received the gift and became an initiate priestess. Unfortunately for Nolana, it was right at that time when her happy life was torn apart. Raiders from Nocturnus had come into Kaliphlin looking for targets of opportunity and had found Wahat Alqamar. Though they were no match for the faris almaebad, Daegal was mortally wounded by a lucky strike. Ferenice and Nolana had tried desperately to save his life. Ferenice's screams, "Hold him still! Hold him still!" still haunted Nolana's nightmares. It was out of shear desperation that Ferenice, right then, did the unthinkable and used a rite she had learned from the Kitab Mamnue. The Forbidden Book. After the rite was complete, there was a pause, and Ferenice uttered the words that Nolana would never forget: "Something's not right." Fear became panic as they realized what was happening. Daegal was becoming...undead. Necromancy was the art of raising the dead as soulless abominations, golems of flesh and bone created to serve their masters every whim. What Ferenice and Nolana did was far worse. They had turned Daegal into an undead without first killing him. They had trapped his soul in an undying soulless body, a prisoner of his own flesh forever. Their panic was now full blown, and all Nolana could do was to help Ferenice carry her brother's body out of the temple. And they had been on the run and hiding ever since. It was night by the time Nolana and Korbin had made their way to the village. Nolana couldn't help but be drawn to the Maebad Alqamar. Captain Horace spotted her and immediately readied his scimitar. "You have a lot of nerve coming back here, heretic!" He shouted, preparing to strike her down. Nolana searched for words, any words, but could only stammer, "I...I...I...." "Stand down, Captain!" came from a voice inside the temple. It was Esther. Nolana felt her heart jump at the sight of her sister. "How dare you raise your scimitar at a kahinat waha!" Esther continued. Horace was silent. "Nolana," Esther said as she turned to her sister. "I need your help."
  5. My fourth build for the Kaliphlin at Work collab, as well as the first part of my entry into the “From Field to Goblet” category of the Colossal Castle Contest. I’ve had this waterfall sitting around for a while now, and this build provided a good excuse to finally put it to use. I tried to base the oasis off of some real-life pictures I found, with the medium dark flesh and green, but I’m not sure how well it translated to LEGO. I would love to hear your opinions! Wahall is a goat farmer, and one of his most important tasks is making sure his goats get enough water. He can frequently be found visiting the nearby oasis, both to water the goats and to fill up barrels of water to take back to the farm. More pictures on Brickbuilt. Comments and constructive criticism very welcome!
  6. While strolling through one of Katoren’s bustling marketplaces, Nym spotted a spice merchant with a wide variety of herbs and spices for sale. He never could resist the opportunity to learn more about plants, herbs, and, well, really anything that grows, so he hurried over to examine them more closely. More pictures and a behind the scenes look on Brickbuilt! My first build for the Kaliphlin at Work collab. While coming up with possible build ideas, I thought of a spice merchant. Creating the various herbs and spices was quite fun, I even found a use for a few of our multitude of broken brown parts! As always, comments and criticism are very welcome
  7. My second contribution to the Kaliphlin at Work collab. It was fun creating another immersive scene, this time making use of our newly acquired dark orange and medium dark flesh tiles for the courtyard. While continuing his travels through Kaliphlin, Nym found work at a wealthy Lord’s estate tending to his gardens, in exchange for food and lodging. And of course, Nym could never say no to gardening work! He gladly accepted the position, and immediately began tending the plants – watering them, making sure the beds were completely devoid of any weeds, and harvesting fruits and vegetables when necessary. More pictures and a behind the scenes look on Brickbuilt! Comments and criticism welcome as always