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  1. Built for the Summer Joust, Guild category, Team Kaliphlin. And also a free build! After the civil war in Kaliphlin ended in stalemate, the main concerns of it's leaders turned to how to rebuild their shattered economy. Marauding armies had raided and decimated farms throughout the land, leading to widespead hunger and deprivation. Peregrinus had fared somewhat better than it's neighbouring provinces, as most of it's battles had been fought against Ulandis on the sea. Although not blessed with much arable land, the locals have made do by cutting into the hillsides, creating terraces where produce can be grown. Soldiers from both sides of the conflict have found ready work on the land, finding a new common purpose after the exhaustion of war. Terraced Villa in Peregrinus - 1 by Gabriel Thomson, on Flickr] Terraced Villa in Peregrinus - 2 by Gabriel Thomson, on Flickr] Terraced Villa in Peregrinus - 4 by Gabriel Thomson, on Flickr] Many Ulandian personnel were washed ashore on Peregrinus during the fierce naval battles fought off the coast. Here a stranded Ulandian veteran is reduced to begging for alms on the street. A Peregrinian soldier on patrol is moved by his plight and helps him with money so he can buy his passage home. Terraced Villa in Peregrinus - 5 by Gabriel Thomson, on Flickr] I feel like a bit of a fraud cause i didn't actually take part in the Kaliphlin civil war... (work was bonkers during that time), but at least i can play a role in showing the recovery afterwards! Anyway, i hope you have enjoyed looking at my build. C&c welcome as always.
  2. Mitgardia5rs_140616 by Gabriel Thomson, on Flickr] Runa Hoskuldottir spoke the words of leaving with care and reverence, asking the gods and the ancestors to bless the journey they were about to embark upon. The man by her side stood silent, but he made the offerings at the right time, as she had instructed him, the coins of passage falling into the sacred bowl in a pattern that promised fair winds. The ritual over, she turned to look at him, smiling. “Well Erland, we shall have no trouble until we reach the mainland at least. A good start.” Erland lifted his careworn face to meet her eyes. “Perhaps I am the trouble on the road. I know your father doesn’t approve of our betrothal, and how can I blame him? He knows next to nothing of me, and I cannot remember enough to quell his fears. Perhaps Sigurd was right and they should have left me to be claimed by the waves, at least that way your family would not be deprived of you in this hour!” Runa snorted impatience. It was one of the things he loved about her, how little patience she had for his doubt and self-pity. “Don’t talk nonsense, betrothed. Do you think I could remain deceived about your true nature after months of nursing you back to health? You are a good man, I know it, and when we find your family, you will know it again too. As for Sigurd and Bjarke, they are superstitious fools to think that you are ill-omened just because they lost their best fishhook the day they found you floating in the wreckage of that ship. The gods are not responsible for their carelessness!” Erland smiled. “Well, perhaps it shall be as you say. But we certainly won’t have fair winds to the mainland unless we move soon, no matter what the gods say. Is Olaf ready to go?” Runa reached down to stroke the stocky grey cat at her feet. “Come then Olaf! I have packed a snack for you on the boat.” He miowed in response and trotted down the steps toward the jetty, with the couple following close behind him. To be continued… So i hope this will become a bit of a multi-build storyline... it started mainly cause i realised just how little of Historica i'd built in, and i wanted a reason to roam about a bit. I'd never built in Mitgardia before now either, so i just had to kick things off there. But i do want to build more in Peregrinus as well (which has been woefully neglected by me), so the story might become slow going! Mitgardia1.3rb_150616 by Gabriel Thomson, on Flickr] Mitgardia1.2r_150616 by Gabriel Thomson, on Flickr] Mitgardia1.7rs_150616 by Gabriel Thomson, on Flickr] Mitgardia1.6_150616 by Gabriel Thomson, on Flickr] Mitgardia7rs_140616 by Gabriel Thomson, on Flickr] Mitgardia6rs_140616 by Gabriel Thomson, on Flickr] Mitgardia10rs_140616 by Gabriel Thomson, on Flickr] Hope you have enjoyed my first foray into building north of the border... thanks for looking. C&c welcome as always!
  3. So this is an old moc... a really old moc! I started building it originally for the Sultan's Gate community build in mid-2014, but then got sidetracked onto other things and ended up missing the comp deadline altogether. Eventually i returned to it and finished it in Jan 2015. I always meant to post it in GoH once i had finished, but a demanding work schedule meant that this plan ended slipping through the cracks - whoops. Finally this year i find myself with more time and got around to making a new build to return to the guilds with (more on that later), and realised to my embarassment that this one never got posted! So this clearing the decks to some extent. So anyway, this is the description i wrote up for my version of Sultan's Gate's merchant's entrance: Often trade entrances into cities in Historica are modest affairs... not so however in Sultan's Gate! The cities strategic location has seen flourishing trade down the centuries, which has made some merchants very rich indeed. This allowed the powerful merchant's guild to commission the lift many years before, completed in the grand style to advertise the wealth and power of the city. Goods that are perishable or particularly valuable are often sent by lift to avoid the treacherous climb up the escarpment. The lift is very safe with only a few losses, mainly from overbearing merchants ordering it's use on high wind days. (A local legend has it that a giant roc once bit through the lift chain and made off with the entire box, but this has never been substantiated.) A ride in the lift to the ground and back again is a rite of passage for many of the young thrillseekers in the city, who often try to stow away or bribe the guards for the experience. Above the clouds - the great merchant's lift of Sultan's Gate by Gabriel Thomson, on Flickr] Abovetheclouds - Merchant's lift 4 by Gabriel Thomson, on Flickr] One of the things i was keen to try out with this build was a style of angled rockwork that was pioneered by Torgar. It was perfect for creating narrow sloping ledges on the cliff face. The long cloud base was an afterthought as i had committed to exhibiting this at Brickvention (a Lego show in Melbourne, Australia), and had to soak up some more table space. I think the asymmetric composition really helped it in the end and it was great to be able to crack out one of my great eagles in a moc for the first time! Abovetheclouds - Merchant's lift 1 by Gabriel Thomson, on Flickr] Abovetheclouds - Merchant's lift 2 by Gabriel Thomson, on Flickr] Abovetheclouds - Merchant's lift 3 by Gabriel Thomson, on Flickr] I was really inspired by images of the Manitou cliff dwellings while i was building, so i wanted to have different levels cut into the cliff, where people would be living etc. I incorporated lights into the interiors where i could as well. Abovetheclouds - Merchant's lift 6 by Gabriel Thomson, on Flickr] Abovetheclouds - Merchant's lift 5 by Gabriel Thomson, on Flickr Abovetheclouds - Merchant's lift 8 (back with lights) by Gabriel Thomson, on Flickr] Abovetheclouds - Midnight Tower by Gabriel Thomson, on Flickr] The lift itself is actually remote controlled using PF, which was a first for me. It took a little trial and error to get it to run straight, but was a lot of fun to build and operate,especially at Brickvention. I would stand away from the table and activate it wherever kids came up to touch the lift - seeing them trying to figure out how it was moving was quite amusing! IMG_0496 by Gabriel Thomson, on Flickr] Anyway, thanks for checking out my (very late) build... c&c very welcome!
  4. Gabe

    Beyond Borders

    Nice battle shots Niku! I personally feel that 200 a side is heaps for a decent battle scene, especially if you have cavalry, wagons, buildings etc. It's not just the figs and thier accessories, it's also the amount of ground that you have to landscape, and with a huge area (that you would need for 1000's of figs), that can end up looking a bit thin. I've seen a couple of battle scenes at conventions that i have felt could have been cut down to half the size and been more effective.
  5. Gabe

    Dwalin's Blacksmith Helenia Task4

    There is an awful lot to like about this build - nice composition, the varied trees and foliage, the different pitches and textures of the roof and the ring as a door handle are all great. You might want to work a little on getting your walls and rooflines to meet up, there are a few gaps there. But you certainly have a flair for making engaging builds - i like this very much.
  6. Gabe

    Helenia Seamstress Task 4

    A nice vibrant build Mlongworth! Blue is a bold colour choice but it really helps the house to pop against it's background. The house certainly has an interesting shape, with that protruding upper room. I feel like it would look better with some supports underneath it - maybe a couple of arches extending from the ground floor over to some freestanding pillars would work well? The landscaping around the house is nicely done and helps to set the scene. I would take some more time on your photography, as that is the main thing letting your build down right now. Natural light on a slightly overcast day is perfect for photographing lego. Try to avoid flash or full sunlight as it ends up reflecting off the bricks too much. Concentrate mainly on getting crisp focus and getting your images straight. Also, using a large sheet of paper or cardboard behind your model can really eliminate distraction and minimise the need for photoshopping. There is a lot to learn about photography but these tips will take you a fair way.
  7. Gabe

    The long road home

    Cheers BrickFit, glad you like it! No worries! If you are interested in building techniques, there might also be some on Swooshable that you haven't seen too.
  8. Gabe

    Terraced Villa in Peregrinus

    Thanks so much Faladrin, Niku, LittleJohn, SK, Umbra-manis, Mike, x105black, Lazer, Henjin, Mlongworth and Leonardo da Bricki! I appreciate all your kind words. Oh right, yes! I'd forgotten about that. Good to see it's still going though. Those 1x2 modified bricks have been around for donkey's years and comes in a bunch of colours. See it's Bricklink element page for more info. Oh, really? Are you serious, has Ulandis been sunk again, or is that just a statement of intent from the desert king? I've been away from GoH for so long, it's hard to keep up with what's what. Thanks so much SK, for both your comment and for orginising such a fun comp! I really enjoyed taking part, even though i only came in at the end. If it happens again next year, i'd love to take part!
  9. Gabe

    Free build: Avalonian watch tower

    Really nice build Maestro, there's a lot of detail going on here and the whole scene has a suitably ramshackle appearance. I have no problems with the amount of colours used, i think you harmonise them very well. There are a couple of small, specific things that would help refine your build though: (a) Open studs often look odd left exposed, unless they are there for a reason. Left on stonework or thatch the way you have here, it just looks a bit careless. (b) 2x2 tiles don't tend to work so well for facing stonework, especially when placed at the angles you have put them. 1x2 or 1x1 tiles are a much better choice. And of course presentation is an area you know you can improve in - just pulling the camera back and giving us some shots of the whole moc from different angles would be a great start.
  10. Nice little roundhouse, the fabric works well as an entrance screen. I agree with what others are saying about the roof being too flat. By building up the wall a brick or so on one side, you could probably get a decent slant on it that would look more natural.
  11. Gabe

    Dragon Taming

    Cool looking dragon, looks like it is quite posable. Interested to see more of it in the next installment of your story.
  12. Gabe

    Benoic Watchtower

    Excellent and impressive tower SK! I really like the way you topped out the little gaurdhouse on the battlements, and the wall detailling looks a treat. I'm less convinced by the exterior of the hut next to the tower - the lack of overhanging eaves seems a bit odd. The interior is very cute though!
  13. Gabe

    A Difficult Choice...

    Great little builds Titus, both very clean and polished. I like the good height you've given them. As for which guild to go for, follow your heart!
  14. Gabe

    Dark Rider, Dungeon of Alaveria

    Wow, what a beauty! Great colours for a fantasy setting, and i really like the dino saddle and lantern designs. That's a sweet base as well.
  15. Nice clean build for your council chamber Windusky! I do like the off square pillars and the chair designs. You might to consider building at least one wall for further interior scenes, that does a lot to set the stage. Taller pillars and a back wall with mounted shields, for instance, would convey that this is an important and impressive council chamber. Congrats on your sigfig's new promotion!
  16. Excellent interior build Kayne! Really enjoying all the detail and different textures, and the scene has just the right amount of clutter to make it feel really inhabited. I especially like the exposed wooden beams, (even if they don't look like they are supporting anything) and the netting is a great touch too. Such a shame the lighting didn't work out, this is a scene that is crying out for some awesome atmospheric lighting! Great use of the bigfig too, looking forward to hearing how the story plays out!
  17. Gabe

    Nordheim Paddock

    Great build Soccerkid, nice use of the ladder pieces for fencing while still maintaining a realistic look overall. That's a wonderful byre design too! My fav part would have to be that small splash of lavender in the corner next to the snowdrift. Really adds a touch of subtlety to counterbalance the highly contrasting tones elsewhere in the model.
  18. Gabe

    Terraced Villa in Peregrinus

    Thanks everyone for your kind words! I'm very glad you like my build, although it was rather rushed, i had a lot of fun building it. Thanks Henry! I'm glad to hear that you noticed the upper story window, that's one of my fav bits also. I see what you mean about the stepped rather than angled edge at the front of the base... i hadn't considered that, prob because it seemed enough that it mimicked the curve of the terrace behind it. I'm happy to let that rough edge show i think.
  19. Gabe

    Beneath Anrarr

    You know, i've been looking at this backward since i first saw it and i've only just realised... that's the outside of the castle walls, right? I guess i just assumed the underground section would be inside the castle grounds and was a bit confused why it was all so overgrown with foliage! It makes so much more sense now. Anyway, lots to like in this build - the variation on the walls is really nice and i like the addition of the cutaway at the back of the tower. The underground levels are open enough so you can get a good veiw inside, and the water channel on the lowest level looks rather intriguing. The lighting is nice too. The middle section is definitely the weakest section and could use some more detailing. Just some more elaborate furniture and maybe a rug or two would probably go a long way. Speaking of furniture, those tables and chairs look a bit too high for minifig scale. I do like the colour combination on the back wall of the middle section though - the sand blue/dark orange and reddish brown really work well together! Thanks for co-ordinating the Kaliphlin entries for the summer joust, i'm very glad you roped me into it!
  20. Gabe

    The Demon Lord

    Tough looking fig Lord Dan and the base sets it off well. Loving that shield design!
  21. Gabe

    The Ostrich Knights

    Sweet build Kayne, great colours on the landscaping and the riders certainly look the business!
  22. Gabe

    The long road home

    Thanks Henjin! The shingled roof is a slight variation on Siercon and Coral's roofing technique, you can see their video tutorial here. Thanks Graham, glad you like it!
  23. Thanks deGothia, it sure is good to be back! Aw thanks x105Black! I have a lot of fun working out the layout of the rooms in the cliffs, so i'm glad to hear you like them. Cheers Jacob! Well, i actually did post it to Flickr, so it was around, i just forgot to post it to the guilds. I know it's not much of an excuse, but 2015 was a very hectic year at work!
  24. Amazing collaboration! That snail design is awesome and provided the perfect base for all of those wonderful castles. Loving the PF and suspension elements too, so many great ideas coming together in this. Congrats to everyone involved!