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  1. Just a little freebuild in Avalonia that i made as part of the Summer Joust this year - i just remembered that i was intending to post it here! (I have another from the same period too, but i need to swap out figs and take more pics, so that will come later) Hope u have enjoyed my build! C&c welcome.
  2. Thanks heaps friends, for your encouragement and kind words! I will definitely be completing it, just might take a few weeks as i have to clear away my final assignment first. Cheers Muakhah! Yes, this is in Peregrinus - the shipyards are loosely based on the Arsenal in Venice (The architecture in Peregrinus has a Mediterranean influence that perhaps hints that the region has distant links with Varlyrio?). The current political situation in Kaliphlin is something that i am still trying to get my head around, as i didn't participate in most of the civil war due to work and study commitments. As far as my characters are concerned, Erudhalion is a staunch High Council supporter and was lost at sea during naval battles with Ulandis. But he is currently suffering from amnesia - if he ever makes it home, he may find it hard to recognize or even sympathise with his former allies. Anuar really is apolitical at the moment - he is a retainer of Erudhalion and has been well paid, but would probably work for anyone who left him to his books. He has never had to make a hard decision in his life, or really think about where Kaliphlin is headed, but all that will change soon! The priestess Nammuat is more of a machivellian operator and plays her cards close to her chest. She wants to protect Peregrinus in Erudhalion's absence, but it is unknown who she would ally with or sacrifice to advance her causes.
  3. Cheers Kai, Windusky and thanks for being so understanding! I've made a little bit of progress on the shipyard since my last WIP pic. The top pic is from a couple of weeks ago, the bottom one is from the weekend. Lots of placeholder parts awaiting colour swap-outs on the ships. Don't really like the scaffolding on the sides of the ships, looks a bit too clunky to me. I was thinking 1x1 round bricks may work better, i'll be trying that out soon. Sorry about the dodgy IPad pic above - i just wanted a quick record and setting up the camera and tripod can be a bit of a business sometimes. Yeah i'm lazy..
  4. Oh man... this is just superb. I love how solid and 'right' your architecture looks, and yet you don't scrimp at all on all the small details (like the fountain and the tree roots poking through in the courtyard) that bring it all to life. I could study this build for hours, truly. Bravo!
  5. Gabe

    Challenge I: Grahark [Guild Ch 2D]

    Lovely scene Narbilu, very different to your Elvish settlements! It really has the atmosphere of a temporary camp, but also has a very authentic 'lived-in' feel to it. The sail tents create some lovely flowing shapes - the low curved wall made out of dino tails and boat studs would have to be my favourite part!
  6. Even simple builds deserve to be shown in their best light - the angle you have in the main pic isn't terribly flattering i'm afraid, and it is terribly dark too. I would try a slightly elevated 3/4 shot, rather than the overhead one you have chosen. I do like the fellow carving the block of stone, that injects the scene with some much needed purpose.
  7. Gabe

    Challenge I - Brick by Brick

    Really nice moc with lots of detail. The foliage, the half constructed house and the figure placement are probably my favourite aspects. I can understand why you didn't use the pulled back shot on yr Flickr, the rockwork and the river don't seem to be at the same level of polish as other parts of the build.
  8. There's certainly quite a lot to take in when looking at this ambitious build! I like the elegant curved shape of the lighthouse, and the rebuilding of the warehouse roof is an engaging scene. The tree with the pink leaves is a welcome splash of colour too. The sideways water is interesting too, you've done well to get the white foam around the boats and the jetty, that must have taken some planning. However, i do feel that the introduction of texture into the very smooth water seems a little haphazard - i can see what you are going for, but i feel you should have either had it all completely flat, or used a lot more built up elements to simulate moving water.
  9. I agree with a lot of the comments you've already had about your scene being a little too busy - it feels like there nowhere for the eye to naturally rest, and the house, which seems like it should be the focal point of the build, is dwarfed by the surrounding detail and the elaborate base. I always feel like moccing is a bit like making a cake... frosting tastes great and is often the first thing that wows people, but eating something that is all frosting and no cake can leave you with indigestion! Basically, i feel this moc needs more cake. (Can u tell i'm hungry? ) Having said that, the variation in the vegetation is nicely done and that is a seriously nice base. Who started that trend, was it DC or someone else? I find overly conspicuous text a bit distracting too.
  10. Gabe

    Challenge I: Lothog Watchtower

    Lovely clean build! I like the roughness of the 1x2 plates dressing the corners, the scaffolding and the workers bustling around the site. I probably would have used tiles instead of plate for the scaffolding though, to further highlight the rough texture of the tower corners, but that's a personal preference.
  11. Gabe

    CHALLENGE I: Rebuilding the City Wall

    I love how educational this is, the process of the mortar being made is really interesting. I also like the cart arriving and the crane, although i agree with Basiliscus that it seems a little outsize. It's a really nice entry, considering the constraints that you were working with!
  12. Gabe

    Challenge I: The Gate of Schwarzburg

    Lovely build! I especially like the rooflines, the covered walkway, the little turret and the subtle flaring at the base of the walls. So many great touches with the weathered walls and the workmen repairing them too.
  13. Really like the elevation you have in this build, and the way you have the building integrated into the landscape. The roof tiling is a wonderful technique too. I don't mind the chunky roof cap too much, although i'm sure there has to be a way of making a smoother transition. The lack of eaves near the wall does bother me a bit though. Overall, i love how chaotic the building site appears to be - very true to life i'm sure!
  14. Gabe

    New Idols (Challenge I Entry)

    Interesting! Sounds like there might be an ongoing storyline here?
  15. Nice build, you've got some lovely landscaping going on and the broken tower corner is well done. Regarding GIMP, i'm not that technologically minded but i found it quite intuitive... i just googled how to use various functions if i wasn't sure how to proceed.
  16. Nice little scene, i like the sense of action and the snowy landscape is nicely handled. I just wish there was some kind of mixed texture on the dark brown ground, i feel like it should look a little more irregular.
  17. Ah, this is beautiful! The construction scene is excellent, the roof lattice showing through the tiles is my fav part. The fortified manor is very nicely intergrated into the rockwork as well.
  18. Hey, no need to be do hard on yrself Grover, at least you got something in for the challenge, i didn't even manage that! Maybe incorporate it into a larger build later on to show the completed shrine, if you feel you haven't quite done it justice?
  19. Gabe

    Challenge I: Conzaga Manor

    A very fine, solid building, Basiliscus! I like all the different stonework textures and the pillars look suitably grand. The freize above the door is pretty cool as well. I'm not so sure about the low ground floor windows on the side of the building though - they look a little oddly proportioned on the wall. Looking forward to seeing more of Varlyrio through your character's adventures!
  20. Sorry fellow guildies, looks like i am running true to form being unable to post my shipyard in time for the challenge I deadline. Unfortunately i have had more pressing dealines.. i finish up my Master's degree in early November and have had a slew of final assessments to complete. I'll keep working on the shipyard though and submit it later as a freebuild. Had a quick peek through the entries though and wow, there are some sweet ones! Gideon's temple is amazing. Hope everyone is doing well - i may not be around too much over the next fortnight, but i should have lots more time after that!
  21. Another freebuild that i originally built for the Summer Joust and only recently got around to re-photographing with Kaliphlin personnel. Not all of the Kaliphlin fleet are huge dromons or lanteen rigged ships. On the west coast of Kaliphlin in particular, Avalonian style cogs are popular among patrol ships for their hardiness and troop carrying capacity. Here a Kaliphlin patrol ship plys the waters around the island of al' Esterbroke. I have to say, i quite like this design - i hope you have enjoyed it too! C & c welcome as always.
  22. Gabe

    [MOC] - Temple Arch

    Beautiful! Some fantastic textures here and i love the minifig combo too.
  23. Thanks Last, glad you like it!
  24. Gabe

    Freebuild - Kaliphlin Cog

    Thanks! Praise from those active in the pirates forum is high praise indeed - some lovely ships over there. Thanks Issac! Probably would not have been built if not for the Summer Joust, so thanks for giving me the opportunity to participate!
  25. Gabe

    A mercenary's story: Part II

    Nice little mocs, especially the prison scene, and i'm enjoying the storyline! I like the way you constructed the tree trunk on your second vignette, the roots in partiular look great angled the way they are - although i have to agree with Henjin about the lack of texture on the ground. The arrest and prison scene also use some nice techniques. Looking forward to the next chapter in Conrad's story!