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  1. elementary

    Journey across the bridge

  2. Hi I am thinking about joining Kaliphlin and got a question: - I've seen that you can establish your own settlement: does it have to be from the list of cities in the wiki or can I pick a new one? Thanks
  3. elementary

    [Custom CMF] Heroes of Mitgardia

    I am not taking part in GoH. But these are really awesome! Great work
  4. elementary

    Help finding classic start trooper battle pack

    Maybe the 75165? You got 2 troopers and 2 death troopers?
  5. elementary

    [J8 - Dorin - CFS] Go to Dorin they said...

    Thank you
  6. elementary

    [J8 - Dorin - CFS] Go to Dorin they said...

    It’s inspired by a tutorial on brickbuilt.org for double sided bases Thanks
  7. *Your entry has earned 4XP* Go to Dorin they said... it is a bit windy they said.. Arghhh. Why are we here? We are looking for this guy named Oki. The workers in the dock told me he went to Dorin. But here is nothing...but wind and rock We need to get of this rock as fast as possible...
  8. elementary

    Factions - Introduction, Discussion, and Core Rules

    Shalom Tan, a Rodian technician bringing his tinkering skills to the Confederacy of Free Systems.
  9. elementary

    Factions - General Discussion

    Great and very different factions so far. It's already hard to choose which one to join
  10. elementary

    Episode XVII: The Battle For Endor

    Thank you to all who participated. Extra big thanks to @MKJoshA for putting so much work and time into organizing! I had a lot of fun building and learned a lot seeing the works of other builders. Congratulations to @Gubi0222 for a well deserved win! And thanks to @LucasLaughing for the fantastic bonus pictures, really well done! Thanks to all the judges.
  11. elementary

    [Ep XVII Freebuild #1] Distant Stations (reprise)

    Really great story. I love how you build up the tension. Looking forward to the next part! great shuttle design and a stunning mosaic
  12. elementary

    [Ep. XVII] [Rebels] [Week 24] Under attack

    Thank you @Jody Meyer! Unfortunately I didn't have enough time. I wanted to add much more details
  13. Movement: we want to move one down and then left, on the fastest way to the shield generator After our team found the key to the treasure also known as the switch, the morale shifted towards the alliance. Admiral Ackbar and General Solo coordinates several attacks on air and on ground. Our team is part of task force 'deliverance'. The next target is a near by imperial base. We are supported with air strikes by our fellow X-Wing squadron. Imperial trooper: Sir, intelligence reports the enemy found the switch to the generator. Rumbles in the distance... coming nearer one by one... Imperial trooper: Sir, that sounds like... Another trooper over intercom: We are under attack! I repeat we are under attack! All hands on battle station!
  14. elementary

    [Ep. XVII] [Rebels] [Week 23] Closing in

    Thank you @Jody Meyer for your build!
  15. elementary

    [Ep. XVII] [Rebels] [Week 23] Closing in

    We want to move right into the mountains and if stars are near our way collect them. If we get near the end of the board we want to move down