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[CONTEST] BSBA - Voting thread

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Benny's Spaceships Building Academy Contest Voting Thread


It is now time to decide who did the the best entries and who will win one of the prizes sponsored by The Lego Group!!!

  • Members that joined after the start of the contest (March 10th) are not allowed to vote (except if you entered the contest). This is to prevent fake members that are created only to vote once. Sorry if you aren't a fake member you may not vote, but sadly we need to take these steps...
  • You have to choose your three most favorite entries for each Category A and B
  • You may vote in each categories or only one or two or three, that's up to you
  • You may not vote for your own entry
  • In the case a of a tie, we will let the computer pick the winner randomly
  • The voting closes on May 8th 23:59 GMT
  • If a vote doesn't follow the rules stated above or the format bellow, we won't count the vote.


Please use this format for casting your vote! If you don't respect this format, I'll edit your post, or worst case, your vote will be rejected! If you want to comment the entries or the contest, please use each entry's topic or the Contest topic.

A: 5-11-9
B: 2-4-8


Category A

1 y4m7EqfDGcDy2Cdht6ce9NVGPvZ2Wuz15GcaKWYo Benny's Space Groomer
By 1980SomethingSpaceGuy



2 46723147285_41899d36c6_o.png SpaceBottleShip
By kodlovag



3 40565944173_c60b3b295d_b.jpg Town Hall Spaceship
By koalayummies



4 47593989802_c895dd567b_z.jpg Emmet's Thricycle!
By Mr Lyo



5 Benny's Asteroid Grabber Truck
By blueshift12



6 46745748985_3fd77a6249_c.jpg Spacesubmarine
By legozavr



7 46720471475_07dab9273b_c.jpg Lighthouse, Lighthouse, Lighthouse!
By Praiter Yed



8 40688262743_e0f3314a8d_c.jpg Benny's SpaceMiningTruckShip
By Kristel



9 47658437222_a79dbac7b4_b.jpg Riverside Rocket
By boxyman123



10 47726585591_9ce159298f_o.jpg The Orbital Flintstones
By Lufobrick



11 600x800.jpg Cosmic Corner
By LucasLaughing



Category B

1 40673651743_093759dd65_o.jpg Delivery Truck/ Small exploration ship
By Mr Lyo


2 46920741644_598438f21e.jpg Benny's Recycle Recycle RECYCLE
By kritch



3 46733410415_6633403794_z_d.jpg Benny's Space Transporter/Hovercraft
By spongebrickpl



4 40691953913_6eeea5406f_b.jpg Spaceship from a revolver
By legozavr



5 Space Train!
By Modeltrainman



6 Benny Benny's Locomotive/Spaceship
By pagicence



7 33766694208_36831fb52e_b.jpg The Necromaw Reaper
By JJ Tong



8 47680725011_9f1397267f_b.jpg Fire Truck Spaceship
By koalayummies



9 y4mXd3u-RGTlp_CbFnPS6knkLs-QS87iubwYvO0q The Space Bar
By 1980SomethingSpaceGuy


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