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  1. tkf

    [MOC] Eastern park square

    I wanted to make a small modular filler, to nicely fit between buildings. As i was tied with time and pieces available, the result is a bit of fusion from different cultures. I was inspired by pagodas, japanese gardens and eastern culture. for minifigures it start with a small stairways, with a flowers around them, i found out that LEGO flowers are too big, and when i will rework it, i most likely make there some smaller plants. When citizens of my LEGO city, will pass the stairs, they will find two paths, golden and silver ones for them to follow. Gold one is leading to small covered rotating prayer wheel. Silver road will lead to people to calm near the small buddha like statue and mini lake with fish. If you look carefully, you can see a couple of fish swimming in the lake, small tree is standing over the lake, and lake is enclosed in stone border. You can see the small guide of this park from Benny: And some more photos of the build: There are many ways for reworking it, make smaller plants on the forward part, add some trees at the back Replace golden statues on border with just bricks of desired colour. But in generally i pretty like the first try on adding something inspired by eastern culture in my city. It is very slightly inspired but anyway, for me it was pretty fun build.
  2. tkf

    MOC Cyberpunk/SW Room

    It is fantastic work, and your chosen lightning is awesome.
  3. tkf

    [MOC] Lion Pub

    Came here from you other building. This pub is great, it has great touch of england. People in the comments above mention 10260, 10260 reminds everyone about USA, and your building remind about England.
  4. tkf

    [MOC] MoMA - Museum of Modern Art

    Awesome MOC, look forward to see it in real pieces. The building is so complex and with so interesting geometry. And even lamp stand is styled as building. Great work.
  5. tkf

    [MOC] Modular Mini park

    I like modular buildings concept. An idea of official building standard that gives ability to easily assemble interesting cities is great. But making a modular house is a plenty of parts, time, and space. And it is hard to have it all together. But a mini park or city square spacer is a nice and not so hard build. We just must comply with standards. Here comes a small preview image. This green zone nicely fits near the diner. It is like breath of the air. Lamp post is black, because i have no white one, sorry about that. Green plants is the thing that LEGO city misses most. You can remember 60134, Fun in park. Do you remember park there? So this small LEGO park helps LEGO city citizen to enjoy the nature at full speed. At this park you will get not just plants, but a small pool with fresh water and a bridge painted by Benny. There will be many photos, because i finally found where to put green plants from PaB. This park is small but very clean, because LEGO minifigures don't litter. Sometimes LEGO girls come to park to make a couple photographs, because you know, girls like photographs on bridges. This is photo from one such photo session. Bridge like being photographed itself. No girl needed. Isn't it picturesque scene? And now i will tell you a little story. Once upon a time, Benny had got an idea that he should color bridge blue. Everybody knows that blue is the best color. And what do you think? Kenny already had started coloring it. YELLOW. This made Benny very very sad. I think that you would be sad too, if that happen to you. But do you know what LEGO taught us? There is always a compromise, and the friendship is the main benefactor. And you can, for example paint bridge in mutliple colors (Unikitty likes it) Or you can color bridge together, because you know, we stick together. So, my dear friends, you don't need to be sad, it is better to do something together, that will make all LEGO people happier.
  6. No, it is baking coda :) Flour looks less realistic.
  7. Introduction This is the translation of my russian review for this set. Unfortunately for me, my English is not so good as I would like it to be. So I will use this to practice in writing. Set Information Number: 60191 Title: Arctic Exploration Team Theme: Arctic Expedition Released: 2018 Part Count: 70 Minifig Count: 3 Box Weight: 116 g (approx) Box Dimensions: 15.7 x 14.1 x 4.5 cm Set Price (RRP): $ 9.99 Price per Part: $ 0.14 Links: Brickset, Bricklink, Bricker Review Areas of eternal winter were attracting people for centuries, and one day explorers have conquered them. Now it is minifigures turn. Again. As I think, the return of the Arctic theme was positively accepted, by... Everyone. First LEGO-appearance of an arctic crew is an old space subtheme Ice Planet 2002, which was out in 1993-1994, and was remembered for neon orange. Next, come Arctic in 2000 году with new interesting caps, and then Arctic again, but now as the modern City subtheme in 2014. And now, 4 years later new City subtheme "Arctic Expedition" returns us harsh ice and blizzard, that we were waiting for. LEGO City continues re-issue lineup, the year before it was Miners, soon we will get new Space return, but now we will talk about the Arctic. I had been boiling over about new city themes already, what jungles can be found in CITY, but we will leave this for the conscience of LEGO marketing. I believe, that every one of us, adults, have still a child inside, who dreams of exploring the Arctic, and LEGO has given us a small part of that childish dream. As usually for last years, LEGO has made a mini-movie about them, which is strongly tied with Mountain police, we could say, that they killed two mammoths with one helicopter. Everyone who likes LEGO animation should see it. And now we are back to our arctic explorers, they have gone to the expedition, but not going to last there for long, because in contrast with previous themes, there is no Arctic base, only transport. Hero of the current review is "starter" set, 60191 - "Arctic Exploration Team". Starting with 2018, "starter" sets have lost that name and now have normal ones. As you can see from the box, as in 60091 (i have made made a review in russian before), the fourth team member has been replaced with an animal, in this specific case, it's a dog, man's best friend. :) Let's see, what is going on in Far North areas. In our journey, brave arctic explorers will accompany us. I am pretty sure that you know them all. But anyway, the first one whom I will present you is ... SNOWMOBILE DRIVER! And where is the standing ovation? Okay, I agree, that fact that LEGO now doesn't give names to ordinary minifigures is bad. So we will call him - Max Speed. It looks pretty lego way. Interesting torso, jacket with colourful sleeves. This theme is the storehouse for winter clothes collection. More details about it later. The new racing helmet had appeared in 2018, and available in only two tones of blue, and it is very good. Here we could find it in interesting and beautiful Dark Azure. Mask had old history and firstly was used as goggles for rebels on Hoth. Interesting turn, it was started as something for cold weather, and now it is again arctic protection goggles. Unfortunately, they could be reclined. In the behind, you can see the drawn hood. Legs without print, an advantage, no cut printed objects. I like it. Let's keep moving. Famous in all LEGO CITY... EXPLORER! They are kidding, no name again. So let it be Joanna Mosquito. All faces in this set are one-sided, although everyone has fully covering headgears, so I don't understand the reason for not giving us dual faces. Great dark azure outfit. The cap has appeared in 2010! in the second series of collectable minifigures. And it hasn't become common in the last years. To get it in that colour you had only the option buy one of the sets from this theme. Or Bricklink it of course. Protective glasses are drawn on the face, if we had dual face she could take them off sometimes. At the behind, we could see some sensor, or thermometer, or walkie talkie with number 35. I don't know what it means, but anyway, it isn't cut, leg colour matches jacket print - everything is awesome. Honestly, I like winter outfits from this series very much. And now the person who shows us everything in this mission: PHOTOGRAPH. Let him be - Ivan Flash (or maybe even Flashov). Ivan is a full-time photographer of this mission. Except in this set, he can be found only in 60194. Ushanka - is the jewel of this theme. As soon as I saw it, I knew that I must have it. Ushanka is a new mold, and available in two colours. Red one in this set, and in 60194, and dark azure in 60192 and 60195. Maybe your opinion differs, but for me, the red one is more realistic and interesting than the azure one. Notice another colour of gloves, small and simple detail, but it strongly influences perception. Accurate prints are awesome, but I'm a little confused, that these jackets, that our heroes wear, are good for warm winter, not for Far North terrific cold weather. Previous arctic themes provided more realistic wearings. But who cares, we got many beautiful and interesting clothes for LEGO City winter. And the last one from the arctic team is ... HUSKY DOG, named... let him me Buddy, I'm currently tight with imagination. Tail ring, interesting uneven colour. Buddy is a beautiful dog. It's a pity that there is only one dog in a set, so we can't make a dog sled. Buddy was on a previous expedition (60036), so he got old, and instead of carrying a dog sled, he wanders around, helping explorers not to miss anything. In the mini-movie he had a fluffy tail, it seemed interesting, but we got what we got. An important part of all such sets is a transport. Not, really, why we should have transport in EVERY such set. Even in 60091 robot can be used for transporting. Here we got the snowmobile. It is very powerful, not a car, Beast. 40 Lego horses inside. Max can break through any blizzard on it. Although it's capacity of two passengers, doesn't make it the best transporting device for THREE people and a dog. But we get one person transport in such sets usually, so it isn't so bad. Tracks are made using technic beams, - good choice IMO. Forward skids are pretty big. They had appeared in the last Arctic, but they have been recoloured for this theme, now they are Dark Blue, so if you need them in these colours, prepare your wallets for Arctic sets. I can't fail to note the succession of logos with logo from 2014. See yourself. The only star, most possibly North Star above the ice caps. The previous logo had planet beneath, now only mountains may be flat earth supported have found a place in LEGO :) Also, there is a sled trailer. The team often sends Ivan there, one reason is that there isn't much sense in photographer in a blizzard, and the second one is that he is Russiam, everybody knows that Russians don't afraid of cold, also he is the only one to have Ushanka, that gives additional cold resist points. We got snowshoes, they are mostly worn (Snow, suddenly). The only question is why we got only one pair for the team of three. Snowshoes also is a heritage from the last expedition. But they were in so bad state, so our team had to repaint them. I think old reddish brown was more logical. They haven't appeared in non-arctic series, except one appearance in 10246 "Detective's Office" pretending they are fan's blades. Small snow piece of ice - one of the reasons for this expedition. They are searching for frozen fauna. To cut through thick ice, Joanna had special LEGO manufactured electric saw, you can easily find manufacturers name on the saw's disk. Forward ice piece can be easily "sawed" away, adding playing moment to this set. Inside we found a small piece of ice, with frozen insect looking like a mosquito. Is it a prequel for Jurassic Park? And here we find out why we need the photographer: capture this epochal discovery, and help Joanna to get photographs with beautiful snow bokeh. :) So here goes the whole set. It is small, and mostly is minifigure source, but minifigures here are awesome. The official price is around the price of two collectable bags. For this price you will have three awesome figures, each of them could easily take place in the collectable series. An interesting moment, the box's front shows Ivan wearing snowshoes, but in instructions, you should put them on Joanna. I can't remember was there differences like this with the front box image before. Most possible were. Maybe someone can provide me with examples. I immediately liked this set, and it hasn't disappointed me. Another Arctic return hadn't brought something new, and look mostly like remade jungles, but it's a depository of interesting parts. Unfortunately, they have changed colour theme again, but arctic bright orange looks much better than Jungle bright yellow. So until the next time LEGO everyone ^_^ p.s. Because we have snowmobile capacity problem, maybe we should convert sled trailer to dog sled, and put Buddy in it.
  8. Awesome, and transparent rails add a great touch to it. How long it was going on one charge? You monorail station is beautiful, nice piece of classic european architecture. Look forward for photographs from exhibition. @Doug72 thanks, were checking idea just with the parts i had nearby. @XG BC :) i was too far from my pieces for almost month, and hadn't returned yet. But i'm full of ideas, so will continue experiments after my return. 4 wide seems interesting, but it has problems with decorating everything, although it is hard but not impossible. Most likely i will concentrate my efforts firstly on 6 wide, with hopes to finish it before ongoing festival, but most likely my monorail will skip it :(
  9. tkf


    I think it is more like locust/timberwolf merge, haven't thought about it while buiding, but of course battle tech have influenced me very much, i am also fan of battletech universe. I was trying to cover legs with something, and using nexo knights shields have come to my mind, i was thinking more about killings marks of another houses. Or battle the mech have come through, but photo story didn't comply with it unfortunately. Why you wouldn't believe in master builder, and builder of decker-couch mech? Thanks, independent rocket pod was something i wanted to add as soon as started to built this mech, as non-contest entry for this
  10. @XG BC it is your build, just some ideas from me :) As @mrfuture correctly said, "it is beauty of Lego", we built on together to make something new and astonishing. I had to put motor one plate higher, and it is pretty usable on straight line, but either i failed with built, or it doesn't like any curves very much Also placing motor higher than gear with smaller gear gives better speed characteristics
  11. tkf


    Hello that's "Octan Studios TV" and today we will provide you with most actual news. Sometimes ago, whole world was excited with that strange shot, are there government hides from us? or is this some sort of evil corporations plan? To clarify this, we have contacted our sources in "Octan Corporation", "Octan" - the best oil in the world, and general sponsor of our TV company. And we were invited to new press-conference hold with President Business, regarding their new product. "Octan Corporation", "Octan" - the best oil in the world, were started as oil company, and when switched to voting cabins, after people have chosen President Business as their only rightful leader, LONG LIVE President Business, it's interests have spread all across the world. But military weapons never were their interest, before now. Let's present you Universal Walking Battle Machine (UWBM) "Shield". It is the new weapon, for many tasks - scouting, assault ,defence. "Shield" can change rules in all this fields. It is fast and powerful. It is something we never heard of before. UWBM "Shield" is 16 bricks tall. Legs gives it unbelievable mobility on hard terrain. Fast minigun allow it to easily counter light armored targets, such as minifigures. It's power supply... - HEY, PUT THAT WORKER OUT OF THE SHOT. We will need to cut it out later. WHAT DOES IS IT MEAN LIVE TRANSLATION?!!! So, we were talking about Power supply, it gives robot big autonomy, full specification will be published by "Octan Corporation", "Octan" best voting systems ever, later. Also it provide enough power for different weapons. Main weapon is triple laser gun. Two blue lasers can cut through any armor, while red laser inflame any flammable material. In addition to minigun it has rocket turrets capable of 16 rockets, with independent target system, it allows to target 4!! absolutely independent targets even with non-guided missiles. Captain Ace Speedman is piloting this "Shield" UWBM. Take a closer look at controls, joysticks and control panel help controlling the UWBM, while AR glasses allow fast and accurate targeting. Also you can see additional wide spector sensor to easily find targets in hard conditions, for example jungle night. Minigun is attached to the movable turret... - I SAID REMOVE THAT WORKER, HE CAN TRIGGER THE TURRET.... ----- TRANSLATION INTERRUPTED ------
  12. tkf

    Classic Space Outpost MOC

    @Captain Mutant Awesome build. I like the connectivity, although don't get how they connect between each others yet. You need to detach airlocks and exterior, and then it can be connected? Voted for it on LEGO Ideas, adding multiple hairpieces for more crew is awesome. Around how many pieces is one module going to be?
  13. @mrfuture very interesting solution, connector shoe and converters should help with this, also i heard only the best about old rail system, but unfortunately it is not so good for the ones that have no 12v/9v parts at all, yes bricklinking rails and some controllers seem to be not so cost as i thought it would be, but it is pretty hard to get all at once. You are talking about bb53 shoe, right, with putting 9v to rails instead of 12v and somehow converting it to PF? maybe vandalizing something like 8886. But there is always a question about is it needed or not, for exhibitions, old 12v with power from rails is excellent choice, no need to change batteries, remote controlled switches, everything is awesome. But to use any of modern trains with them, they have to be rebuilded. Buwizz and new Powered Up hub take not to much space, their size is not so much bigger than shoe + convertion stuff. So for not too long usage they are pretty good, also PoweredUp Hub with boost's sensor give easy way to program trains. PF's battery box and sensors are too big, that is big minus of course. Powered Up minus is just two connectors in hub, and no ability to use PF motors with some sort of converter for example. Of course there are many disadvantage. but i'm not sure if vandalizing wires to make connection is fully original :) But if i had 12v parts, your solution would be great, it is really awesome and clever. In fact i didn't know that old rails were just 2 brick width. Thank you very much for showing this. It can't help me, but it was very interesting to know.
  14. And add contacts to motor connector and place it underneath so it touches the rails? So there is a reason to make wagons more heavy for better contact. Do we have standard for electrically conductive rail already ? It could be great idea, because if you place train other side, it will still go in right direction :D
  15. sorry don't understand it, can you please provide picture if it isn't hard for you? You need to bring balance to force ! :) Because my monorail trains are PF ones, so i don't know way how to power them from track :)