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    Aspiring to be a "hardcore" minifigures collector. And liking themes that are originally created by LEGO.
  1. Hey there everyone!

    Thanks :)
  2. Hey there everyone!

    Hello! My name is J.J. Tong, also known as zfogshooterz (really gotta shorten that to just 'zfogs') I live in the country of Malaysia. (If anyone were thinking of that local accent and speech...no, I don't speak that way) My primary interest is in collecting minifigures (from various themes) - kinda aspiring to be a major collector. As for sets, I prefer to collect themes that were originally made by LEGO. (Don't know why, but I find that I liked those themes more rather than licensed though I admit they are quite cool too) I'm not really a MOCer (yet) but do intend to be one day....just currently sticking to collecting first. Looking forward to interact with you fellow AFOLs here!