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  1. 1980SomethingSpaceGuy

    Akiyuki's rotary engine

    May well be my favorite so far. This guy's a genius !
  2. 1980SomethingSpaceGuy

    R/C Motorcycle - Driver Leans to steer #2 + Cheating

    Very cool bike, and nice video! Thanks for sharing. I'd not reshape parts nor use non-Lego motors myself, but it's just my approach. There's nothing wrong using your bricks the way you like, IMO.
  3. 1980SomethingSpaceGuy

    [TC18] Vintage Rally Coupe

    Thanks for the insight! I'll give LDCad a try.
  4. 1980SomethingSpaceGuy

    [TC18] Vintage Rally Coupe

    Here you go: Vintage Rally Coupe.ldr Which software do you use? I was not convinced by TLG's Digital Designer, but haven't tried any other than Stud.io. Which is really good, IMO.
  5. 1980SomethingSpaceGuy

    [TC18] Vintage Rally Coupe

    @TechnicRCRacer @Rudivdk Modeling is finished! Stud.io file is here: Vintage Rally Coupe.io I now have to look into creating proper instructions. But I guess the model file as it is already allows to build it; anyone here should be able to figure out Grand total: 843 parts. You'll find most of them in 42098, but a few other sources are required; the trickiest may be the L-shaped 2 x 4 liftarms in dark azure; black should be a good enough alternative. There are 2 cases of collisions in the 3D model. One is due to a bug around the driving ring connector (axles driven all the way inside as they should be cause a collision detection); the other due to a very slight constraint on the A-pillars (which is barely noticeable when actually building them). Of course shocks are extended and the panels are not snugged inside, but you get the idea, right? Enjoy! Cheers!
  6. 1980SomethingSpaceGuy

    [TC18] Vintage Rally Coupe

    I've started modeling it! First thing I tackled is front axle, so I can already show you this:
  7. 1980SomethingSpaceGuy

    [TC18] Vintage Rally Coupe

    Thank you so much! Yes, in fact I'm in the process of modeling it right now. It feels a lot like reverse engineering indeed, even with the actual model at hand. And it's only the first step; I'll have to think a lot about how to create building instructions that make sense; some axle with stop for example are both structural and used by the steering: they go all the way through the chassis from the outside and hold small parts inside frames... Not particularly user friendly to build..
  8. 1980SomethingSpaceGuy

    [TC18] Vintage Rally Coupe

    I reinforced the transmission; it had a tendency to bend. It worked fine, but used to put the axle under constraint. Using one of those fixed the issue. Of course the teeth are unused and the transmission is kinda bulkier now, but in some sense also more realistic. All in all, I think it's an improvement. Was: Now:
  9. 1980SomethingSpaceGuy

    Eurobricks Flower Show: Voting

    3 - 1 point 5 - 1 point 7 - 1 point
  10. 1980SomethingSpaceGuy

    Servo Motor not fully centering anymore

    My pleasure ! Glad they handled your case exactly like mine. It's a bit sad these servos are so unreliable, but it's always a nice feeling getting mails like the above
  11. 1980SomethingSpaceGuy

    [TC18] Vintage Rally Coupe

    Thanks! I like small builds; with few parts and space one has to be creative! I would have loved to also add HOG steering; but I haven't figured out a good enough solution. It has, hasn't it? Thank you! Means a lot, especially from you. Finding smart solutions is what I love when building. And the satisfaction is even greater when I'm not alone to think some detail is elegant.. Cheers!
  12. 1980SomethingSpaceGuy

    [MOC] Greenhouse

    Took a couple of new pics for the show !
  13. 1980SomethingSpaceGuy

    Eurobricks Flower Show: The Showground

    Greenhouse Garden
  14. 1980SomethingSpaceGuy

    [TC18] Vintage Rally Coupe

    Thank you! Took me some time and a lot of tinkering to find a way to bring that steering around the engine. But I'm happy with that solution: simple, compact, easy Pythagorean triangle; it also gears the steering a bit down. Does the job nicely! Still, the angle of the steering column is a bit too vertical. And also a bit too much off center, but so are the seats because of the gearbox, so it's fine, I guess.
  15. 1980SomethingSpaceGuy

    [TC18] Vintage Rally Coupe

    Thank you very much! I like it a lot; it's simple yet not simplistic. It's realistic, yet still a toy that I feel safe letting my 3yo play with: nothing should be too easy to break or take apart. It may be my favourite MOC so far. It rocks!