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  1. Brilliant job! I especially like the bluetooth version, because it allows low speed for the rotor and in this mode, I find the ship's movement quite elegant! @JoKo 's shot on a cyclorotor is very pragmatic and efficient, but not strictly speaking a Voith-Schneider. That's why I came with a better approximation on my own: The red 3L liftarms represent the thrust vector. Which are coupled and controlled with a continuous motor. The funny thing is the behaviour is not quite the same should you point forward with the vectors and rotate the rotors in one direction or with the vectors backwards and the rotors in the opposite direction. In all of our prototypes, the tendency was to behave more like a normal boat in forward mode and more like a drone (able to move laterally) in reverse mode, allowing the wide range of controlled movement as visible in the first video of this topic. My version has less aggressive angles of attack for the blades, which in real life would mean less cavitation and more efficiency, but here, it is just weaker and slower. With the above versions (that were later improved, these being prototypes), mine was marginally easier to steer, but the bluetooth version @JoKo showed in his video is by far the best of all of our cyclorotor prototypes. Anyway, I love this kind of projects; creative part usage and mechanical design to build something that is fun to play. I think we did a decent job with only 2 on/off channels on these remotes
  2. 1980SomethingSpaceGuy

    [TC22] Power Crane

    Weather is becoming hot and I figured this little crane could use a radiator fan. To implement this, I had to extend the engine shaft forward, then use a band to get around the direction and drive the fan. I really wanted to use this fan piece because it looks quite nice, but it's not meant to be driven. So to get it moving, it has a 4L wand stuck inside, which is then used as an axle with the help of a half bush and half pins. The propeller cone was intersecting with the grid, so I had to accommodate. The grid now has a little hump protruding in front, but it's also exactly where the hook rests against the grid, so I combined this with a cushion such as this modification serves two purposes. Finally, to have it rotate in the correct direction, I had to invert the differential, along with everything next to it. I think I achieved a decent level of detail, quality of build and playability. With Lego, I design and build toys, because in my mind, that's what Lego are best at. If I wanted a race car, I'd go full RC. If I wanted an accurate model, I'd go into modelism. It makes absolutely no sense to me to build something out of Lego that can't even bare its own weight, or implement impractical features. My MOCs have to be fun to play, not just look nice on a shelf. Anyway, it's always fun to take part in these TCs. I think the quality of my entries is improving and so is my satisfaction. Looking forward the next one! Thank you so much for supporting this little revamp of a Lego Technic classic !
  3. I expected you would notify us shortly before the voting ends, I was waiting for my fellow @JoKo to get his 50 posts to be allowed voting too. I guess that wouldn't have changed the result, but still.. Moreover, there's a small mistake: I got 28 points and am tied for 12 with him and @SaperPL. I think @sirslayer 's voting got skipped by your script: their format is inadequate, lacking the space after the semicolon. Anyway, congrats to all participants, there were amazing entries once again.
  4. 1980SomethingSpaceGuy

    [MOC] Tilt Rotor

    Topic title should be "[MOD] 42113". It's definitely not a MOC. Moreover, 42113 had issues, you don't mention them which raises a flag. This WiFi dongle looks nice, but looking at everything else, I doubt it's your design. Probably an Ali Express customisable item? I mean there's not a single problem with modding sets or using third party electronics, there's fun everywhere with Lego. Only, don't pretend it's your work when it's not, and don't try to BS people on EB: they know their stuff. What would interest people here is more how you integrated the motors: it looks like it got quite a big hump in the process. Maybe you could be given ideas on how to better fit that electronics in there.
  5. 1980SomethingSpaceGuy

    Technic Spaceship!

    Would be a great idea indeed! Sorry about the misunderstanding. Contests here are not prefixed TC, so I figured it wouldn't be taken wrong. I'll edit.
  6. 1980SomethingSpaceGuy

    Technic Spaceship!

    I can't help but build spaceships. This is my latest one, an order from the T&MT conglomerate: Of course, I had to make some compromises in order to meet the conglomerate's requirements; it looks a lot less like a spaceship from other angles. It's not armed but it's tough and will speed the building process of any project under gravity. Jokes aside, there's a new Technic Contest. You're welcome to see entries here and cast your votes there. Cheers, my fellow spacemen!
  7. Pretty neat indeed! Thanks for sharing.
  8. 1980SomethingSpaceGuy

    Grum's Shed

    Thanks for the news! Take care. Cheers from Switzerland!
  9. 1980SomethingSpaceGuy

    [TC22] City crane

    My precious! Thank you very much!
  10. 1980SomethingSpaceGuy

    [TC22] City crane

    Hi Erik! Excuse the curiosity; what is that shiny brass piece on top of the boom's work gear? I think I've never seen this one..
  11. 1980SomethingSpaceGuy

    [TC22] Power Crane

    It seems there is a consensus towards this Chevy COE truck.. There is some resemblance indeed, especially around the wheel arches, but it definitely was not my source of inspiration for this MOC. Something I think matches the kind of design I aimed at is the present day Peugeot face style: It has this short, rounded hood over a forward leaning grid.
  12. 1980SomethingSpaceGuy

    Grum's Shed

    I indeed haven't heard of him for a while now. Really hope he's fine.
  13. 1980SomethingSpaceGuy

    [TC22] Power Crane

    Thanks! I updated the entry pictures after a request from the admins to avoid dioramas. A couple of minor color swap had happened which I deemed didn't deserve another photo shooting, but now they're in too. Also, the sound was not good on the original video (chair moving, cars passing) so I replaced it with music. Afterwards, as I was looking at other videos for this TC, I realized the original sound, even if not perfect, is in fact useful to spot gear cracking or other details. I have none of those in this MOC, but it would have been nice not to only have my word for it. Next time, I'll leave it be. It's the first time I produce a video showing actual Technic features, sorry about that. Thanks for watching!
  14. 1980SomethingSpaceGuy

    [TC22] Technic Excavator

    I really love how it shrinks into that box. It turned out great! Good job!