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  1. Great! A new contest! With a lot of time too! And fun, cristal clear rules! Yay!
  2. Hi @DoH ! Thanks for your interest. The model I posted as the subject to this topic is 100% made of bricks available in the original set: it's a B-model, so there's no limitation on the parts you have outside of this one. I'll be providing instructions sooner or later.
  3. 1980SomethingSpaceGuy

    [MOD] BMW M1000 Roadster

    I was not happy with the headlight and couldn't find a good solution using the original trans tiles. Round definitely fits my theme better I think. Cheers!
  4. Hi there! On the first build, the gearbox was not working properly. I had to restart from scratch to have all gears run smoothly enough not to snap the chain. First time such a thing occurs to me in almost 40 years of Lego. On the other hand, something usual is how bad stickers look after a few years, so I'm using the bare minimum, or none at all. Here, only the dashboard and tank lid. As expected, this model with no panel stickers looks pretty bad. The idea was to strip it to a naked roadster to keep the original model's mechanical features while removing the need for fancy stickers. Here's what I have now: Thanks for watching and happy new year!
  5. 1980SomethingSpaceGuy

    12 Studs Wide Dodge Charger

    It's a beauty, great job!
  6. Hey hello! Thanks a lot for the interest! I couldn't spend a lot of time on this lately; the end of the academic year is near and I've a lot of less fun but more urgent matters to deal with. It's coming soon!
  7. Thank you so much @mla2 and @JunkstyleGio ! I think I would have managed to get my custom parts through PartDesigner from the LDD models by Gerald Lasser (https://library.ldraw.org/tracker/25164) but having them straight in .io format was a lot easier. Now I'll be able to start working on those instructions!
  8. Thank you! Well, it'll take some time to publish instructions, since the rims and back tire are not yet available on Studio. I found prototype models for LDD, but I'd have to adapt them for Studio, which is a new thing for me, so either I manage to do that or I'll wait until they're added to the Studio database. This seems a bit strange to me, since those parts appeared with 10269 in 2019...
  9. 1980SomethingSpaceGuy

    CVT using disk

    Yes, works now. Interesting idea, but mechanically weak indeed; I'm looking forward development on this!
  10. Thank you @Mikdun ! Thanks, @Teo LEGO Technic, using all the available slopes, it was possible to get the front deflector and the tank smooth enough. It involved creative part usage, though.
  11. Contest voting on EB could definitely be a subject of sociocultural study... The votes being public, I'm always amazed to see how criteria are chosen; how creativity, build quality, features, photography, model size, builder's track record, etc. get weighted.
  12. Thanks! Nice to see you around, Grum! :) Thank you! Yes, I'll be publishing instructions on Rebrickable soon (expect a couple of weeks at least).
  13. I think it's the first time I see a racing side car on EB. Well done, amigo, especially for an alternate!
  14. Thanks! I tend to prefer free building; it's easier when you have limited parts like I do, or for a B model as here. And indeed, it allows for smoother part usage. Thank you! Yes, I will most likely also publish instructions for it, within a few weeks.