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  1. Holodoc

    Monochrome Minifigures

    As far as I would second this opinion, I am not seeing many replies tooting the same horn. So I think we leave it as that. You can still open up a new topic for spotted new colours from parts of minifigs.
  2. Funny! I have seen this photo somewhere else on the internet and instantly thought: This is the CRS! Hooray for building such a nice display with this system!
  3. I have to second a lot of comments already posted: This is absolutely stunning Ciamoslav!! I have been inside the U2540 in Wilhelmshaven and your level of detail is really spot on. (Even when your MOC is representing an older version of U-Boats). I would love to see this IRL. Just to look at all the features you have implemented. I guess you could watch it a couple of hours and still see hidden details you have not yet realized. Thank you so much for working on it 4+ years - it really has payed off!
  4. Holodoc

    DB V60-366

    Wonderful train, I love those small shunter engines! What wonderful things can be done in 8-wide trains! I love the roller skates you used for handle on the door. EDIT: I just checked the original topic. It's from Asper. Would you mind and tell somthing about the extra wires and battery you used? And maybe point out what you made differently from Asper?
  5. Well - I couldn't be more disappointed. There is really NO figure I want. Like Alegrispa already pointed out: THIS is the 90th anniversary series??? They should call it the X-mas series, I even count 6 figures with connection to Christmas (turkey, elf, reindeer, nutcracker, snowman, sugar fairy). While there is nothing wrong with that, it's still not my cup of tea.
  6. Absolutely seconded! Can you show some more details on how you connect the 12V rails with the PF (I guess) motor? We see the old sleeper contacts (above) but from that point on I have no idea how you do it?
  7. Holodoc

    [MOC] [MOD] HUMMER H1 - 10265 b-model

    Very well done, Marcin! You captured the essence of what the Hummer ist. As you already pointed out yourself it's instantly recongniseable - and that is what counts when building a car - well - out of a car! And you did digital work and even instructions as well. Thumbs up for this extra. Did you start building digitally and then build the real thing or was it vice versa?
  8. Holodoc

    Monochrome Minifigures

    That clearly indicates where the story is heading to... Fishy from the beginning. It just strengthens my point of view in not investing in those parts/figures at all.
  9. Holodoc

    Monochrome Minifigures

    That's exactly how I look at it! I started collecting monochrome figs and now/some time ago someone found out how to make a fortune of the fact that these parts sell like sh** and some people are willing to pay absurd sums? Somehow someone wants to make us believe or triggers the (childish) collectors button in us that we have to collect everything that comes out of original LEGO production sites. You can all do what you want, but for me I'm not going to support the abuse of original LEGO material just to make some extra bucks. Q-parts by the way have never been produced for a second hand market! The keyword is the reason parts have been made!
  10. Supported of course - now at 2262 supporters. Though it doesn't seem to be able to run curves properly.
  11. Holodoc

    [REVIEW] 40518 High-Speed Train

    Nice review! What I would like to see is a) the train 2x, like suggested on the box, to show a 'proper' train with 2 ends. b) the train on straight (because there are no curves in that size...) tracks. (and maybe some green/stones underneath the tracks) EDIT: I see Darkdragon mentioned the black narrow gauge tracks - I believe that would work, too!
  12. Holodoc

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    The are also sold in Europe only and partially in large quantities. My bet: They have been available in the "Fabrik" in Legoland Germany. You can buy stuff by the weight there.
  13. Holodoc

    Monochrome Minifigures

    Okay I'll specify my question: Are these new body elements part of a set? Or are these - just like the transparent figs - super dooper rare parts from where ever and nobody knows exactly? I wrote it once before: In that case I'll easily pass, as I won't pay extraordinary prices just to have a collection more or less 'complete'.
  14. Holodoc

    Monochrome Minifigures

    Where exactly? What about the dark turquise and bright light yellow head?
  15. Holodoc

    Monochrome Minifigures

    So - where are the new heads (BLY/Coral)actually from?