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  1. That's thumbs up for you, Jim, taking so much work for such a ... B-model. :grin: Pro: At first glance: Yeah - it's got pneumatics! Con: The overall look - the side-view of the A-model's front cabin is really awkward the colors (THE COLORS!) red, orange, yellow, light green, green, azure, blue, white, light grey, dark grey, black - and everything can be seen in the final model! the playability: you named all the technical problems, but besides that the cart isn't really able to cut the wood at all! pneumatics! (see above) Wouldn't have actuators and motors been a better choice for accurate handling? the price tag for all that! I really wonder what the concept behind this vehicle is.
  2. Nice review once more, Jim! First I thought: Why a forklift? Not a device of my favourites in general. :look: But then again it's 'just' 50€ - cheaper than expected! '16L beam' is the lifting height? I would have loved to see a photo of this. :wink: Or is the last phot of the A-model at maximum height of the fork?
  3. Holodoc

    REVIEW: 76112 App-Controlled Batmobile

    It has always been the same for years now. But when I made two versions of that tracked racer to battle against each other on a local festival, I felt the same way you did: Why has the sound to be there? Couldn't it be just silent? For the hot days right now (the hottest summer for the last 15 years) I made a LEGO fan out of a windmill: It's chilling capabilities are actually very well, using the L-motor and blades from set 9688, but it comes with a super annoying noise.
  4. Holodoc

    REVIEW: 76112 App-Controlled Batmobile

    Thank you for the review I have been waiting of. It's a fun read and contains most of the things I wanted to know. One thing would have been the comparison between this set and the old IR RC cars. I'm all into moving models, yet this set is not on my buying list, once because of the price tag and then because of the model itself. For my taste TLC could have skipped the Batman license completely. But maybe we'll see a similar RC car in another surrounding/theme soon. As a side note I was disappointed to see how bad the 'red mode' is working when it comes to precisely moving the Batmobile around (not moving at 50% at all? ). Good to see it seems to work on the 'blue mode'. All in all for me it would end up in a much lower overall score of around 5/10.
  5. Holodoc

    Monochrome Minifigures

    Very nice collection (and photos) indeed! And you have got the magenta legs! Well done. Where did you take them from? Absolutely seconded!
  6. Holodoc

    Congratulations New Ambassadors!

    Looking at Jipay's reply seven posts above, you could have come to the thought that replying 8 years later may not be the smartest move... In general we prefer not to dig out any decomposing bodies. For the future please open a new topic. Or in this case asking someone of staff to give you the ambassador tag would have been enough. Besides that I agree the topic could need an update. If we know about the current ambassadors... For "cycle 7" I can only assume it's the number TLC uses for each "round" of new ambassadors.
  7. What a wonderful and in-depth review this once more is! :wub: Especially when it comes to the history of the figures in the movies, you almost covered everything. I still enjoy looking at the crisp and clear photos, they are a class of it's own! From time to time they would have benefitted from a darker background though. :wink: For the series itself it's an easy pass for me. On the one hand I'm not willing to spend 4€ on one minifig, if it's not something special. As much as I would like to get my hands on the new briefcase or the new animals I am not spending this amount of money for them. On the other hand I do like the quality of the printings, but then again I already have some HP minifigures and surely don't need the x-th rendition of Harry or Dumbledore. Compared to the last collectible minifigure series, it looses creativity-wise and parts-wise.
  8. What an absolutely blasting in-depth review! You mentioned details I wasn't aware of they existed. There is one thing I would like to see, and I'm not sure if this has been covered somewhere else: A photo with both supercars next to each other? Pleeeaase?
  9. Holodoc

    [MOC] Tractor Trailer

    No, just images. Forgot to mention that. For me the link isn't working. Could be because I'm not registered to that website yet.
  10. Thank you very much for the step-by-step description of your solution! I am not using this kind of software, but if somebody else does (and I believe some do), could you please confirm if it works?
  11. Holodoc

    [MOC] Tractor Trailer

    Can you specify what your problems are? An alternative is flickr.com. I used to work with brickshelf as well (and it still works), but moved all my newer contect to flickr some years ago.
  12. Holodoc

    Hello from New Jersey, USA

    Hello BBT and welcome to Eurobricks! That is a impressive introduction here, nice that you let us be aware of your way of getting a job! Even better when it is LEGO related! So you are all into Technic? Or is there something else LEGO that sneaked in your collection? From the pictures of your Tractor Trailer it looks like you also have a Creator affinity! Have fun here at EB!
  13. Holodoc

    Hello Everybody!

    I Alex and welcome to Eurobricks! That was quite a small introduction, maybe this is the reason noone replied yet? Mind to tell us a bit more about yourself? What is your favourite theme at LEGO? Where do you come from? How long have you been playing with LEGO, well, if you actually did? What made you register here? Are you a pure builder of sets, a MOCer or a collector? See? We are very curious people and would like to know about each other! If you have questions using the boards never hesitate to ask! Have a good time around.
  14. Holodoc

    Hello from Johannesburg!

    Do you have a special relation to Germany? Ancestors...? Yep, the "Mannschaft" was really nice to have, they are still behind my desk on display! So what team are you going with now while the Germans are out? I don't know anyone at 1000steine who builds GBC personally, but still I can ask over there for help. What do you need? E-mail adresses? Or shall I ask on their website? Then it might be easier if you asked yourself - if you are familiar with German of course... But then again: You can also ask and look here!
  15. Holodoc

    Hello from Johannesburg!

    I'm not really interested in football. I support the teams who play well, with creativity and ideas - and that was definitely not Germany this WC. So I started to support the Belgian team now. (I would also have gone for Switzerland - a lot of Swiss team members are playing in our local football team Borussia Mönchengladbach - but Switzerland is (WS wise) also history now.) I am also member at 1000steine.de - the big German LUG.