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  1. Just stumbeld upon the new series. Wow, just wow! As far as I was disappointed about the latest LEGO Batman series as excited I am about this one. Two figures I will most likely NOT get are the policeman and the celebrating girl. But besides these... I am still wondering why they are doing so many new moulds just for this series.
  2. Wonderful review, once again! I do have one comment only: The most superfluous series so far... Just for nerds. Oh... wait ....!
  3. Finally I managed to get things sorted. Chalet booked! 1 Wild West cottage [FULL] Ecclesiastes Snefroe Skalldyr Vaionaut Holodoc PM to each resident on the way.
  4. Update for the room with Ecclesiastes, Snefroe, Vaionaut, Skalldyr and me: My e-mail contact, Mr. Christiansen, who needs 3 days to reply by the way, was able to confirm we may stay with 5 adults. What he didn't write was the manner how I should transfer the money. The official website is not able to handle 5 adults in the Wild West Cabins. Sadly Mr. Christiansen is off duty from now on until 3rd of January. And to top all that the reservation website now states there are no more rooms available at the end of May. Stay tuned...
  5. Monochrome Minifigures

    Looking at the picture it must be some sort of pink. Magenta is a lot darker: Be aware though thant "pink" is not produced any more. It has to be either bright pink or dark pink I go for the latter.
  6. I had email contact and they asked me if we stayed with 5 adults last year. They couldn't believe it we did (two, four and six ├Żears ago... ) It gets worse from year to year, but I think I can manage it.
  7. Okay. I'll look into it this weekend.
  8. Book what? You don't have to book the event itself, but if your talking about the accomodation: No, you can just sneak in the group, whenever you feel like. Staying all the time is recommended for various reasons.
  9. Good to read this! Head over here then.
  10. Hard to choose now! I'll go for the Skalldyr, Ecclesiastes, Vaionaut option this time. So there's still room for one more. Sne, do you read this?? Shall I take care of the accomodation for all of us, or will you, Ecclesiastes?
  11. First of all I'm in, too! I'll be on my own this time, most probably travelling with Aredhel once again. Anyone from the Netherlands/Belgium (if you manage to get to my place which is very close to Venlo [NL]) needs a lift? Let me know. I'd be happy to take the chalet-responsible part again. After all it isn't complicated. I'm fine with any suggestions of sharing the room. @Ryushi: Did you change your nickname? Actually not everyone drinks beer at the event (the Dutch people might be an exception ). Besides that I don't think there is an age limitation on any of the parts we take part in.
  12. Eurobricks Event 2018 - Heads Up

    Sorry to hear that (where have you been exactly, the eastern part?), but for all the past and upcoming events one thing is always the same: Eurobricks' language is English - on the boards and in real life, too. So everyone speaks (more or less :wink:) English, even the Germans :tongue: Of course we 'foreigners' can't keep up with you native speakers, and it's sometimes not ready for press, but that would be an issue for us, not for you.
  13. I completely missed it this year! Well - have fun guys and gals and enjoy the gifts Copmike brings!
  14. Some ideas for CMFs

    Thanks to the frontpage I finally found my way in here, too. Really fantastic creations, Robert8! Like some already stated: Thank God TLC didn't produce all of them (I spooted a few which have been issued in a slightly different manner), what would have blown my budget! And while you're not pretending to be a LEGO designer, TLC still should keep an eye on you!
  15. Monochrome Minifigures

    Me too! And the pink feet, the flesh torso, the dark azure head ....