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  1. Event countdown 2018

    I will answer in colours. Red=0, green=1, bold=3 points. 1 2 3 4 5 6 = 6 points 1 2 that's what Skaldyr already wrote in his answer3 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20. = total: 19 points I have to admit I was tended to give just one point for alle the same answers, but answer 13 made me change my mind. THE FINAL RESULTS ARE: Skalldyr: 30 LasseD: 29 Redhead: 12 MstrOfPppts: 5 Quarry: 4 elleana: 3 L@go: 3 BobDeQuatre: 1 eiker86: 1 mechamike: 1 Congratulations Skalldyr! And a special mentioning goes to LasseD for very unusual answers and for being a very close 2nd! So we have come to the end of the countdown and I would like to thank all of you participating, commenting, being great friends and taking not all of it too seriously! I reckon we are in great mood for the upcoming days = mission accomplished! See you all soon in BILLUND!
  2. Event countdown 2018

    The finishing line!
  3. When we close the voting on Tuesday evening there should be enough time to gather votes from Monday morning. Nothing is decided yet, we can still shift the presentation to Monday evening. It will be a busy day though... Alternatively you can send me a photo of your entry and we add that when open the topic here.
  4. Billund 2018 trading post

    Is that light bluish gray? The set is from 1998. It should be light gray then. Which makes the offer better or worse - depending on what you build with. I checked my magazines and while reading your post again, I realized I had BrickJournals in mind... So I've got two of these you don't want, but I don't want to part with my blocks magazines, because I want to keep the issues 0-24 complete.
  5. Event countdown 2018

    Right and the master-answer: 4 points! The last answer refers to the sausage - which is not on the photo. I'll generously give points for the first 3 answers and the last one. New and used ... honestly? 1 point Skalldyr: 24 - I strongly believe we have an early winner - unless Redhead or Lasse explode creatively (and are awake/online at the right time...) Redhead: 12 LasseD: 10 MstrOfPppts: 5 Quarry: 4 elleana: 3 L@go: 3 BobDeQuatre: 1 eiker86: 1 mechamike: 1
  6. Event countdown 2018

    Bingo! Another right answer would have been: According to BL this part has been produced in 3 colours. We're closing in :
  7. Event countdown 2018

    3 Studs is wrong - I think you meant 3 bricks high, right? But... ...that is also wrong, the height of part 32333 is 2 bricks and two plates. 1 Ninjatown point. I regard this being correct. Total points stay the same (see above).
  8. Event countdown 2018

    Wohoo. Must be a Q part then! So the right answer is:??? I havent read it yet. (Hint: It's a combination of both answers with Valentin being very close ) I think I should start to subtract points with wrong answers like: weighs 3 gramm... - when it weighs 0.1g less. 1 point for Valentin, 1 Q-point for Lasse And this is the kind of answer you want to win the challenge with? 1 obvoius point. 1 connection point, 1 creative-and-all-new-angle-answer point. 1 fun point for the first answer! (Just 18 to win this challenge - don't stop right now!) Skalldyr: 18 Redhead: 12 LasseD: 6 MstrOfPppts: 5 Quarry: 4 elleana: 3 L@go: 3 BobDeQuatre: 1 mechamike: 1
  9. Event countdown 2018

    That is correct, but you more have to know it than that you can really see it. Nope:
  10. Event countdown 2018

    Escuse me for being late to the party! I needed to dry my laughing tears after reading all your answers here. You are making my day - thank you so much! YEP! And of course nobody was browsing NOW!
  11. Event countdown 2018

    First answer: , 2nd: , 3rd: roughly isn't exact enough. Loosing points? I have no clue what you are talking about. Skalldyr had 17 points. Minus 1 it equals 4x4. You had 3, plus 1 equals 4. Today it rained 4mm/m². In my family we are with 4. It took me almost 4 minutes to think about a stupid answer. Everything is perfectly right. okay, okay... Skalldyr: 17 Redhead: 12 MstrOfPppts: 4 Quarry: 4 LasseD: 3 (4/5 yet to be confirmed) elleana: 3 L@go: 3 mechamike: 1 @MstrOfPppts: You've got to try harder than just blaming me to win this!
  12. Event countdown 2018

    3+1 point. 1 I shouldn't have started giving pints for that. Yet I did: 4 points. Note to all: From today on no more points for these answers! Okay: I have to figure out if the first two answers are correct. This will take until tomorrow. The last one is perfect: 1 point. Skalldyr: 16 Redhead: 12 Quarry: 4 LasseD: 3 (4/5 yet to be confirmed) elleana: 3 L@go: 2 MstrOfPppts: 2 mechamike: 1
  13. Event countdown 2018

    Errr, no? But nice try!
  14. Billund 2018 trading post

    Thanks, buddy! I'll check tomorrow what I have got. (Still I can't see any pictures. Can you?)
  15. Go ahead, send me a PM. Good idea about voting online, too. Shall this take place while we are in Billund? We could open the topic let's say Sunday and close the voting on Tuesday evening.