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  1. Holodoc

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Hello there! From what I can tell (a bigger photo defintely would have helped...) this is not LEGO! A can't spot a single true LEGO brick. These bricks shown are even from different brands. LEGO bricks always had solid studs with their brand name on it. Here you can spot hollow studs ore solid stud without branding. The underside changed in the age before the 70's, but after that they had tubes, not a plain underside as can be seen in the white and yellow bricks on the bottom. I cannot tell what the blue part in the middle is - I don't think it's a building brick at all... (looks like Bloko) So either these bricks are very old (pink wasn't a color of that time) -> don't buy them or these bricks are not genuine LEGO -> don't buy them!
  2. For the next time: Resurrecting a dead topic is normally no good move! But I believe a lot of people are interested in how to display your own sets, so I'll let this one pass. Show you are a real smart guy and please add a link to the discovered new shelf (I hope it is one )
  3. Holodoc

    Review: 10197 Fire Brigade

    Reviving a topic that is kinda dead since 9 years (! ) normally is something we warn you for - but I do understand your arising questions when trying to get hold of retired sets. Asking in a review thread still is not the best place. For the next time please open a new topic for your requests. Thank you.
  4. Holodoc

    Coal mine

    ABSolutely stunning! What an insane amount of bricks and all those nice details and stories... (good you clarified the Czech movie scene ). You do play Minecraft, don't you? I really look forward to your video. Thx for sharing your build.
  5. Holodoc

    MOC: The Metropolitan club

    Wonderful MOC! It's sooo 1920's ! Brilliant color scheme for this era as well and an extraordinary curtain/wall deco, too! I like it all the way. Well deserved frontpage!
  6. Holodoc

    Eurobricks event 2023 countdown

    And with this answer Skalldyr shows us why he is the one-and-only winner of this contest! Again 5 points for the right answer! Congrats! These re the final results: Total: Skalldyr: 53 (+6) MstrOfPppts: 27 Redhead: 10 (+1) Soccerkid6: 10 (+2) CDKiii: 2 Peppermint_M: 2½ (+1) Eiker: 1 Thank you everybody participating in this countdown, the winner will receive his prize this afternoon. Let the fun in Billund begin!
  7. Holodoc

    Eurobricks event 2023 countdown

    Difficulty level - just to make you sweat in the end! And I guess the first one to reply has the right answer...
  8. Holodoc

    Eurobricks event 2023 countdown

    Thank you - but there is still one to come... Wait for the Zero. Still I doubt that you will not be the winner. I'll congratulate tomorrow.
  9. Holodoc

    Eurobricks event 2023 countdown

    Ladies and Gents - we have a winner! Although I thought this would have been more difficult. Total: Skalldyr: 47 (+6) MstrOfPppts: 27 Redhead: 9 (+1) Soccerkid6: 8 CDKiii: 2 Peppermint_M: 1½
  10. Holodoc

    Eurobricks event 2023 countdown

    +1 for skalldyr, +1 for Redhead
  11. Holodoc

    Eurobricks event 2023 countdown

    Difficulty level Total: Skalldyr: 41 MstrOfPppts: 27 (+6) Soccerkid6: 8 Redhead: 8 CDKiii: 2 Peppermint_M: 1½
  12. Holodoc

    Eurobricks event 2023 countdown

    yes, YES, YES! Coming in late, but with the right answer - congrats Andrac!
  13. Holodoc

    Eurobricks event 2023 countdown

    The calculation up to this point was really tough: Both of you have mentioned the 2 pyramids in front more than once... Well, I decided to reward these points. Total: Skalldyr: 41 (+ 4) MstrOfPppts: 21 Soccerkid6: 8 (+1) Redhead: 5 + 2 originality points (builds BC & 2 more minutes to solve ) + 1 be-late-and-mix-the-whole-thing-up-point -> 8 points CDKiii: 2 Peppermint_M: 1½
  14. Holodoc

    Eurobricks event 2023 countdown

    No, no, no! Shall I solve?
  15. Holodoc

    Eurobricks event 2023 countdown

    I wonder if I ever will be able to calculate the right points for today...