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  1. Yes, I do hope to bricklink it at some point in the next couple of months. It's only a bit north of 800 pieces, which is really pretty tame for a standard gauge steam locomotive and tender.
  2. Forgive me, but I am going to add a few more photos. I find that Bluerender does a very disappointing job (at least on my PC) with majority-black models. Also, here are some great videos of the real thing(s):
  3. For those of you who would like to read the specifics, they can be found here. Suffice it to say, this was a class of lightly-built American 2-8-0s intended for overseas service during WW2. However, a fair number of them found their way back across the Atlantic to see service in the United States (featuring heavily in Alaska, but also elsewhere). My version is semi-North American-ized, envisioned as potentially a Canadian incarnation of the class, but a few small modification would render it French, British, Polish, or U.S. in a heartbeat. Proto: Model: I didn't bother doing running gear, because if built, it would use custom rods. I also didn't feel like putting the effort into squeezing a motor into the tender, but I am sure it could be done.
  4. ProvenceTristram

    [MOC] Steampunk Airship Gunboat

    The problem is that I try (most of the time) to design things that can be built without spending $1000 USD, or.more. When using preformed Lego hulls, one obviously surrenders creativity for frugality - the longboat hull was a concession to numbers. The funny thing is, I can't even see it anymore. I mean, sure, if I squint, I can tell what it is... but I don't view it necessarily as something Viking. My dad upon looking at it, however, immediately said "oh, Vikings!" so clearly this is a product of me having stared at it for too long :P Basically, I wanted to achieve something that looked sharp and trim (a counter to so many of the pirate-themed Airships you see), but could actually be assembled one day, taking inspiration from some Spanish-American War gunboats. It's by no means perfect (I usually prefer bigger vehicles to have interiors, but no matter what I did to cram in a captain's cabin, it degraded the overall look), but I think for a ship intended to be a close-in patrol craft (rather than, say, a much larger destroyer, light cruiser, battlecruiser, battleship, etc.), it probably works. I am definitely open to criticism, though - I actually tore it apart a few minutes ago to see if lengthening the hull could give me a little more space to play with (it wouldn't; because of how much space the balloons eat up, in order to achieve this same neat fit, I would have to have blown it up by 4 hull sections, and at that point you're probably going from like 1,200 pieces to something closer to 2,000).
  5. ProvenceTristram

    [MOC] Steampunk Airship Gunboat

    Spent all night and morning, starting about 13 hours ago, working on it. I wound up settling on an open flying bridge with doghouses on the ends because nothing else really looked as good, in the end. It's a *little* funky to my eyes, but hell - it's steampunk. Haven't decided on a name yet. Surprisingly, this doesn't have that many pieces, relative to its pretty enormous size.
  6. Better know by her crews as "Thomas the Pain Engine." If you aren't singing that stupid song by this point, I have failed. This is the last one for a while, I promise.
  7. ProvenceTristram

    [MOC] Cascadian CAS-X4b "Grizzly" Steam Tank

    It can move up and down, and it slides 2 studs inwards to replicate recoil.
  8. The model features a recoiling turret, fully accessible interior via liftouts (though I just tore off the parts willy-nilly to show the insides), a rail and car system plus shell hoist, rotating sponson guns (which the minifigures can actually get to), a boiler and engineering area (not pictured, but it's in the rear), bunk beds (again, not pictured, but they are located in the nose). I only did one set of tracks out of the four because it just seemed like too much work.
  9. ProvenceTristram

    [MOC] American M24 Chaffee Light Tank

    Thanks! I went ahead and lowered the tracks by one plate level, thus lifting the tank slightly - I feel like this helps the proportions immensely, and also allows for some prototype-accurate strut detailing on the underframe. I plan to build the model - question is: tan or white? The Chaffee wasn't introduced into the European theater until 1944, and it saw its most extensive combat at the Battle of the Bulge (and later in the Korean War), so white might actually be more accurate, even if it probably doesn't look quite as good. Anyone have any opinions? Oddly enough, another possibility is dark green, which I had originally ruled out because I just figured those parts wouldn't exist. Aside from the black gun, it apparently is possible. Sigh. I can never make up my mind on things like this:
  10. ProvenceTristram

    [MOC] American M24 Chaffee Light Tank

    Completely rebuilt the front end, moved the turret forward one stud. Now I feel like this is as good as is possible (for me) at this scale.
  11. ProvenceTristram

    [MOC] American M24 Chaffee Light Tank

    I know very few people are paying attention to this, but I did want to post a small update regardless. I was very unhappy with the original turret - it was too big, very complex, fragile, and lacked the ability to mount an opening hatch (or minifigure). The supports for it also gobbled up all the interior space... and I like to have usable inside areas because I'm a big kid, and feel like models are incomplete without play features. All of that is remedied with the 2.0 version, which has a lift-out under the turret, a functioning hatch, and happens to be both smaller and - IMO - far more closely aligned to the shape of the real thing.
  12. My only regret with this one was there was no way to do an interior. Prototype: Lego Model:
  13. ProvenceTristram

    [MOC] British M3 Stuart Light Tank

    Nothing too exciting - an M3 Stuart light tank. I tried to keep it close to minifig scale (although I have seen some very nice MOCs of these vehicles which are a bit larger). The turret turns, there's a mount for a Browning machine gun, and the tracks should roll once installed, though I always find those things are better in theory than in practice. Also, it is missing a 6 x 1 hinge plate on each side, which exist (but not in LDD anymore :/). There's room for a figure inside, although he'd have to lean back a bit. Prototype: Model:
  14. ProvenceTristram

    [MOC] La Couronne (1636)

    I went back and forth on whether or not to post photos of this. It's my first traditional ship ever and... I'm not super happy with the results. And, generally speaking, if I don't like something, I don't put up pictures. On the other hand, I completed the whole thing in about 12 hours last night, so I figured what the hell - it's likely never to be built, so I might as well throw up some renders. Prototype: Model:
  15. ProvenceTristram

    Tower of Lothern

    But how do people get to the to-- oh, wait, no, I got it: catapult.