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  1. marvelBoy123

    [P9 - Kashyyk - CE] Mission: Free Kashyyk

    Nice ship and I love the minifigure posing in the last photo especially!
  2. marvelBoy123

    [P9 - Kashyyyk - CE] Among the wroshyrr

    Love the use of the boat for that tree, you have managed to keep a very realistic texture but also give a sense of the size too.
  3. marvelBoy123

    Murder On The Frozen World - Case File

    Sergeant Major Coomar Nervous under questioning `Inherits command from the victim Has a strong alibi - on the other side of the planet Clearly upset by the murder - Lantpenn was like a mentor Seemed to get on well with the victim - no history of disagreements
  4. marvelBoy123

    [P10 – Umbara - TT] Battle of the shadowy world!

    Some great scenes and I love your use of colour - particularly in the second build!
  5. Nice landscaping and loving your story so far!
  6. marvelBoy123

    Murder On The Frozen World - Case File

    You will all have to wait and see, I will come back to Q10 at some point but I'm working on a couple of other things at the moment. Some good ideas though, I still need to add a bit of information - there is one suspect missing from this thread.
  7. marvelBoy123

    [Q10 - Sneeve - TT] Mandalorian forge

    Thanks, I left a gap in the back of the roof to let some light in but my lighting setup is pretty terrible. I ended up shining a regular torch through the gap and it worked surprisingly well - definitely want to have some more cinematic shots of my builds in the future.
  8. marvelBoy123

    [Q10 - Yitabo - CFS] Imperial Oppression

    I agree, the hut is very good - nice curved profile.
  9. marvelBoy123

    (S12 - Nal Hutta - CFS) Mato II: Fleeing the Stench

    I've got to agree - I like that your going for asymmetry. I like where the story is going too - looking forward to see what happens next!
  10. marvelBoy123

    (S12 - Nal Hutta - CFS) Mato I: A Death Sentence

    I really like your character, a nice change from the warriors, spies and diplomats. Good to see another alien too!
  11. marvelBoy123

    [Q10 - Yitabo - CFS] Discovery in the Field

    Nice job with the waterfall and the rockwork is improving too!
  12. marvelBoy123

    [Q10 - Yitabo - CFS] Meeting on the Bridge

    The bridge looks great - so many good details!
  13. marvelBoy123

    [P8 - Gizer- CE] A turning point

    Nice work, you've managed to make all the angles fit together nicely!
  14. marvelBoy123

    [K4 - Muunilinst - CFS] Rooting Out Snipers

    I do like the monochrome builds, both this and the lavender one have a real impact with all the interesting shapes!
  15. marvelBoy123

    [Q10 - Yitabo - CFS] Credit Failure

    Oh, @Ross Fisher, I'd love to do an agri-world, I think building terraced rice paddies would be a lot of fun and give the opportunity for some cool techniques. I even made a Triumvirate Agri-trooper, a mix of hover tank pilot and 41st scout trooper parts with one of the Ninjago movie hats strapped to his back. I then realised that the agri-world that I had been interested in was Yitabo so I couldn't do it but I will one day. If nothing else an army needs food so I could see soldiers patrolling field or requisitioning grain etc. Nice build by the way @DarthsDonuts54, I like the pattern on the door!