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  1. marvelBoy123

    [O5 - Junction - CS] Snarky Gundark

    I agree, it is absolutely brilliant with so many details. In the smaller 'in-scene' shots the floor works well but it doesn't quite fit in the larger picture with the roof removed. The only other thing I can think of constructively is the lack of doors. I know that it takes up a lot of space and going without is probably best at this scale, but an open plan engine room and workshop might get quite noisy Great job overall though!
  2. Nice build. The curves on the star courier are great and the colour scheme is nice too. Love that outfit for Fnab kinda reminds me of Anakin's on Orto Plutonia during the clone wars. The Falcon's head works brilliantly!
  3. marvelBoy123

    The Brick of Nations

    President Dmitrievich of Alsarh BoN Honourable members of the Brick of Nations, I will keep this brief. It is evident that we are not working effectively. Our progress in establishing rules for the conduct of war has been negligible and our joint missions a disgrace. We have become a laughing stock and action is needed. These operations come at a great cost to each of us and it is important that we all cooperate and help one another in these troubled times. I therefore ask for your help in proactively dealing with our numerous shortcomings. Until, such point as there are signs of reform and progress, Alsarh will not operate with BoN task forces. My nation will tackle these issues independently in the mean time. If I can't rely on you the I won't. I do not intend to offend or cause any disrespect to any nations, I simply believe that a change is long overdue!
  4. marvelBoy123

    Post up your vehicles!

    Yeah, that is a nice ACV!
  5. marvelBoy123

    (GBW) Phase 2 - Information Reveal & Discussion

    Nice to see a new recruit! Check the first page of this thread. Any country name that says available by it can be played. Look at the map and choose one of those where the environment suits your building style. e.g. Deserts, forests, large towns. Alternatively look at the separate stories and choose which one you want to get involved in!
  6. marvelBoy123

    The Man With The Golden Gun

    Another great representation of an iconic scene!
  7. marvelBoy123

    Post up your vehicles!

    An SUV http://WMC-5 by marvelBoy123, on Flickr It has working front steering and suspension, opening doors, an opening boot, space for a driver and a passenger as well as a large storage area for supplies (it could also fit two injured soldiers on stretchers. The vehicle is experimental with different camo patterns on each side (some are pixel cams, some lines, others more classical). It has non functional details too such as the turret, windscreen wipers, smoke grenade launchers and a raised rear exhaust allowing it to travel through deep water. It is based off the Eagle IV and I will use it for the GBW at some point. I would love any feedback!
  8. marvelBoy123

    Post up your vehicles!

    Some really nice builds @Nom Carver especially liking that attack helicopter!
  9. marvelBoy123

    (GBW) Phase 2 - Information Reveal & Discussion

    Sounds cool, looking forward to seeing how it will play out. Happy New Year everyone!
  10. marvelBoy123

    Purist Superhero Figures

    I don't know, it is certainly a good idea to have a generalised one, but we are 232 pages in and if we opened it up we would lose so many great designs - it already takes forever to look back at old designs without tons more random ones on top of that. Personally I think that a general one would be better separately!
  11. Nice storyline and some great details, especially liking the barbed wire!
  12. I love the roof and skylights on this build and the truck is nice too!
  13. Map Grid L7 We had received the call from the BoN and had been partnered with Bandaud on our mission. Our diplomatic relations in the past had been strained to say the least but the president was keen to make amends and put aside our differences to ensure stability in the region. We quickly established that in this joint venture, we would do a recon of the area before Bandaud's forces detonated the facility, making sure to avoid contamination. We had brought along a TK-72FX, a reliable main battle tank that had been tested in North of Alsarh which had similarly snowy terrain. It was a good vehicle for the job with winter camo and advanced NBC protection - just in case something went wrong... http://IMG_20191229_142913413_HDR-01 by marvelBoy123, on Flickr The recon went smoothly and we gave Bandaud the all clear for approach and demolition. This has been a pretty quick build as Christmas has been pretty hectic. I have tried to get as much snow detailing as possible and the areas I have managed I am really happy with. Obviously the Tank is the star of the show and you can see a sci-fi variant on my flickr as part of Space Jam so go and check that out. I won't be building as much in the new year as I have started building for factions too, but still expect a few builds. Hope you have all had a good Christmas and a Happy 2020 to you all!
  14. marvelBoy123

    [Q12 - Nixor - TT] Life Day RnR

    Nice little festive build! Merry Christmas!
  15. marvelBoy123

    [MOC] Infinity War Hulkbuster Mark 2

    Brilliant build and such an accurate recreation of the suit!