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  1. marvelBoy123

    [K4-Muunilist-CS] The Muunilist Campaign Part 1

    Really great rock work and vegetation!
  2. Those are some great figures, love what you did with the colours! The droids are a nice addition too!
  3. marvelBoy123

    [M13 - Devaron - CS] Devaron Disaster

    Love that imperial platform, makes for such an atmospheric battle location!
  4. marvelBoy123

    [Factions Ep. 8 - Cat. B][S10 - Sleheyron - BS] Map of Pasaana

    Nice work on the building - definitely has that star wars feel. Not totally sold on the probe droid (feels a little cartoonish to me).
  5. Really good figures and a nice use of rusted effects.
  6. Really nice idea with the probe droid - so glad that someone used this episode to build something mech-like. I think the colours work really well especially with the bright sea. I think I slightly preferred the head design that you shared in the WIP stage - all the sensors looked really cool! The landscape is also really great!
  7. Love the rust effects and the texture on the pillars. Nice figures too!
  8. marvelBoy123

    [Factions Ep. 8 - Cat. B][P19 - Skynara - TT] Probing Manaan

    Great probe droid! Love that you went for a slightly larger scale and I think the overlapping dishes work really well!
  9. Nice probe droid - definitely captures the star wars aesthetic!
  10. Love the ship, it seems a really well thought out design and looks just as good on the inside as the exterior.
  11. marvelBoy123

    [Factions Ep. 8 - Cat. B][P19 - Skynara - TT] Probing Dromund Kaas

    Thanks! Thanks! I definitely wanted to experiment with some more interesting shapes and colours with my landscaping, it can be so easy to get stuck just building plain grey rocks! As for the interior below the facility I never like to have filler bricks exposed and all the space underneath always seems a bit of a waste so I tend to try and put in interior where I can!
  12. *Your entry has earned 14 XP* Story and more details coming soon...
  13. Really great diorama and a nice exploration team. There looks to be some really interesting shapes for those buildings and that Razor Crest is amazing!
  14. marvelBoy123

    [Factions Ep. 8 - Cat A] [K12-Kalist VI-TT] Departure to Exegol

    Really nice work with the white highlights definitely add to the imperial style! There is some good use of different textures as well!
  15. A nice way of showing a crashed ship. Do you plan to build a complete LAAT at some point in the future cause that looks like a great start!