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  1. Scene


    I would nickname this great build as the "Shrimp".
  2. Scene

    [MOC] SHIPtember WIP- Orange Crush

    Absolutely love it!
  3. Scene

    [MOC] SHIPtember WIP- Orange Crush

    Loving the progression on this and looking forward to seeing the final design!
  4. Scene

    CS Fighter

    Thanks. I have to admit seeing it in reality, I agree wholeheartedly :)
  5. Scene

    CS Fighter

    Consider it done, along with my recently completed build as promised:
  6. Scene

    CS Fighter

    Thanks :) It was the 75974 Pneumatic Tanks that inspired the whole design in the first place, although they were quite costly to purchase - they were 50% of the final purchase price alone, but worth every penny! Thanks. I am currently in the process of getting the pieces for the second modular spaceship. Once I have that all built I will certainly put them all together for a group shot :)
  7. Scene

    CS Fighter

    A design I came up with a few months back digitally, finally realised in full today:
  8. Scene

    [MOC] Area 36

    Maybe black with yellow zig-zag lines linking the ground lines? And agree, really nice design overall!
  9. Scene

    [CONTEST] BSBA - Voting thread

    A: 1-3-2 B: 8-9-2
  10. Scene

    [MOC] Moon Dune Buggy

    Low gravity and magnetic boots. Always works in scifi ;)
  11. Scene

    [MOC] Moon Dune Buggy

    RL version:
  12. Scene

    [MOC] Moon Dune Buggy

    You're not the first person to hint the lawnmower look - I was almost tempted to place a small sat dish on the underside and call it a lunarmower after the first mention ;)
  13. Scene

    [MOC] Untitled Starship

    I actually went with the acronym H.O.G - Huge Orbital Glider Still, it was only your input that got me to that result, so thanks again :)
  14. Scene

    [MOC] Moon Dune Buggy

    I came up with this idea whilst working on another project. A modern take on the 886 classic space moon buggy:
  15. Scene

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Have you noticed that it is the same 5-10 people who support anything resembling 2 or more bricks stuck together with the exact same comment? I swear if I uploaded road kill in lego form with the pictures at 10x10 pixels blown to 1080p the same "people" would support and call it a genius idea with the same autonomous response they've given to every other idea posted... troll ideas with troll voting at the extreme.