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  1. Scene

    [MOC] Snubfighter SF-1

    It's a known fact that go faster stripes add 200mph per stripe
  2. Scene

    [MOC] Snubfighter SF-1

    I've recently finished a new starfighter design which was partly inspired by something @Digger of Bricks had mentioned regarding my original Modular Starfighter design, and the curved canopy (amongst other things). I too prefered my original concept with the canopy, but felt it needed more functionality, so I changed it for the retro design. But a part of me still wanted to use that canopy. So... After mulling some ideas around in my head, I came up with something that incorporated the canopy into a functioning piece and then built a ship around that, resulting in the following design: Since then I have made some further design changes to the nose and have also come up with an additional alternative wing design: The design is up on both LEGO Ideas and Rebrickable, allbeit the rebrickable one has slightly different colouring due to part availability. I haven't included the alternate wing design yet.
  3. Scene

    There's a sci-fi building comp on Flickr

    Thanks for the heads up. I just entered my starfighter.
  4. Scene

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Half expected Mike/Joel, Crow and Servo to narrate this ;)
  5. Scene

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Indeed, which is why I always switch to discover and filter only project ideas. Unfortunately the default ideas homepage can get flooded, and projects can get missed by the inexperienced/lazy/impatient viewer Glad this finally got there. It was almost as touch and go as a TV drama.
  6. Scene

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    It’s one of the contests running at the moment.
  7. Scene

    No Man's Sky Starfighter

    Last pieces finally arrived today... Note: Cat and minifigure for scale
  8. Scene

    No Man's Sky Starfighter

    Just a few more parts remaining to be delivered, but it is all working out perfectly. It is well balanced, and the modules connect well together:
  9. Scene

    Sci-Fi Projects on LEGO Ideas - Discussion and Advice

    Superb choice here, all more than worthy of a mention in my opinion (and all supported too)
  10. Scene

    No Man's Sky Starfighter

    I had somebody comment on the LEGO Ideas page of my modular starfighter suggesting that a miniature version would be great, so I took up the challenge:
  11. Scene

    No Man's Sky Starfighter

    Buildwise it has been fairly smooth so far. I did make some alterations to how the wings attached to the cockpit as I felt the initial design was too weak. The only hurdles I’ve had to deal with are obtaining certain parts. I’ve been making the odd change here and there, swapping in more accessible items. This has caused the project to take longer to complete, due to reordering, and has therefore cost more than I anticipated, but it has been a worthwhile project overall. As a note, there are a couple of design features I have kept in that, at first could been seen as paradoxical from a build point of view, but I did manage to force the parts into place without much difficulty.
  12. Scene

    No Man's Sky Starfighter

    A couple of progress photos. I'm still awaiting some key parts to arrives, but it is starting to take shape: The main reason for the live build was to iron out any design faults. There have been a few redesigns around the wings mainly for stability/sturdiness, but over all the entire structure is very sound. More updates to come...
  13. Scene

    No Man's Sky Starfighter

    I decided to bite the bullet and pick one of the design variations from my Modular Starfighter MOC, and build it. I had to do a lot of cross-checking of parts on Rebrickable, but managed to come up with a solid design/style that I was happy with, and then went and ordered all the pieces on This is the final design I came up with: There are some slight modifications to this design, mainly due to the restricton of parts, but the biggest change was the landing struts. I was never really satisfied with how they were on the original MOC design. With this ship the struts actually retract/rotate into the undercarriage as seen in this pic: I'll post some photos of the finished product once all the parts arrive. For anyone interested, the total cost of the parts (1084 pieces) was around £165 including shipping fees on Brick Owl. Some of the part modifications I made drastically dropped the price down. The original design was coming in at nearly twice the price initially!
  14. Scene

    Best Lego Ideas projects

    Quite liking this idea: Retro Space Hero's Spaceship
  15. I purchased the horizontal display case and am very pleased with it. I went a little further though, and decided to create a hangar bay theme to fit inside as well as an outer framework so it can sit perfectly within a coffee table: Design instructions can be found here if anyone is interested: