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  1. Scene

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    I ordered mine on Monday from LEGO. No deals, discounts, or regret. I did however, order replacement transparent parts because even 40 years later LEGO have no concept of port / starboard lighting on any form of ship
  2. Scene

    [MOC] Stargate Atlantis: Puddle Jumper

    This looks really good, although I'm not too sure if the extendable engine arms would have enough grip to actually extend the engines without pulling them off completely. Sill the shape looks superb! Oh wait, I am guessing the engine arms aren't moveable, they're alternative additions.
  3. Scene

    Concept: LEGO No Man's Sky

    Synopsis: Two of the my favourite Scifi ideas ever created - LEGO Classic Space and No Man's Sky. I grew up with the former from the very beginning (yes I am that old) and jumped on board the NMS hype train from the outset (actually from a musical stance of the the game - 65DOS, who wrote the entire score, have been one of my favourite bands for years). I was always impressed with the procedural aspect of NMS including the possiible numerous ship designs one encountered throughout my gaming experience, which was the source inspiration of the modular LEGO spaceship build I designed several years back. Granted, the initial NMS hype train led to a disasterous launch and a bitter aftertaste for most, but I have always been a fan of it; I stuck by it from the beginning, and have been constantly amazed at the content delivered over the years.... I digress.. ..Cut to the long winded chase.. One of my ultimate visions would be that LEGO and Hello Games could/would(?) collaborate together to produce wonderful modular interpretations of the NMS starfighters - HG did introduce the Normandy from Mass Effect in one of it's updates just as an FYI... This has been my goal from the start of my MOC venture. Granted my designs are not the greatest on the planet and could do with a lot more greebling, simplicity blah blah, but I seriously think that a toy company that has encouraged and inspired decades of imagination through - lets face it - a physical procedural medium, and a game that is literally built on a procedural algorithm to generate numerous wonderful worlds/ships etc, should be able to collaborate to bring forth some wonderful LEGO builds. Here's something I revisited and redesigned from an idea a few years back that I hope might spark some interest:
  4. Scene

    [MOC] Pulsewidth

    Love the description :)
  5. Scene

    [MOC] Pulsewidth

    Thanks. I do have some more renders fro different angles. The front guns/cannons were more of an initial concept, but I guess they could be considered as ion cannons/blasters. I also made some adjustments to the design that allow the top to be removed to allow access: I'm still trying to work on a better seat design as the current one is a bit of a rush job. Thanks :)
  6. Scene

    [MOC] Pulsewidth

    I recently found my design mojo after several months of what I'm going to call 'MOCer's block', but after an intense 6-8 weeks of replacing an entire Oracle and SQL infrastucture my brain was in desperate need of some creative downtime. This is the latest of my designs I dubbed Puslewidth after a track name of a tune on one of my favourite albums of all time. It's a hybri hauler/fighter with rear cargo doors, underside cargo ramp, opening cockpit, and retractable forward landing strut. The wings are also modular:
  7. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't TLG losing out financially on IP related creations? If this is true then surely reviving their own IP space (or any other self created IP) line would be more viable, especially since the majority of that genre are still thriving in their 30-40s and have the opportunity to pass it on to their offspring... or am I just being too naive to the fact that nobody under the age of 25/30 has any interest in anything original and would rather buy/vote for the newest fad/craze social media flaunts in abundance over the last 10 minutes (I'm pointing at all the so called original "Among Us" ideas that pop up at least 3 times a day on Ideas /endrant)?
  8. Scene

    [MOC] LL885- New Coalition Repair Freighter

    I love seeing your WIP construction pics, I find it is a great source of inspiration for building techniques :)
  9. Scene

    [MOC] NCS - Heavy Tranporter

    Completely agree. The detail is amazing! I absolutely love the utilisation of space for the vehicles, and the wheel clamps... genius!
  10. Scene

    [MOC] Heimdall

    This is utterly awesome!
  11. Scene

    [MOC] Borderlands Outrunner

    There were quite a few times whileI was playing the Borderland series and contemplating creating an MOC of the Outrunner, but I always put it off. Good thing too as this design is far more superior than mine would ever have been!
  12. Scene

    [MOC] LL-999 BAT HOP M.E.

    As I said previously, it's just a nautical stance I take when it comes ot ships of any kind :)
  13. Scene

    [MOC] LL-999 BAT HOP M.E.

    The front underwing and rear tailwing 1x2 plates specifically; right - green, left - red. The nose and centre tail I would make trans yellow or white to follow traditional ship lights :)
  14. Scene

    [MOC] LL-999 BAT HOP M.E.

    Very nice ship design. I personally would have opted for the port/starboard transparency plates, but that's just my nautical OCD kicking in ;)
  15. Scene

    [MOC] CS Tristar

    I added some accompanying vehicles/rovers that fit inside the hanger: