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  1. As soon as I saw RMPs mod on Rebrickable I had to build one! The mod as pictured on the Rebrickable site can be built from one 75383 set with lots of leftover parts. The version pictured below has only a few minor additions of my own. You can still store two Dark Eye probes, but the drop function goes away. This little MOC certainly packs a punch - it really captures the overall shape, proportions and sleekness of the Scimitar in a very compact model - something I really like from LEGO these days. Thanks to ron_mcphatty for making this one far better! The basic stand instructions will apparently be added soon, but it's the same stand from his Naboo Fighter with one 1x3 brick added. Image is link....
  2. Fantastic! The 'paint' scheme pops - perfect use of the 3 base colors! Great mash-up of the 2 types of ships, and the dragon nose art is perfect. It would make more sense if the wings could fold the full 90 degrees vertically in Flight Deck mode (assuming this position is intended for easier crowded staging on a flight deck) but either way, I love this MOC! Great photos, as well - thanks for posting this! If instructions for this MOC should ever find their way to BVT or Rebrickable, etc...I would definitely pay for them. Great work.
  3. ^^ If anyone is curious, YouTuber Tiago Catarino covers the designer reveal video. Jump to 2:00 minute mark to get to the business.
  4. lowlead

    Dune 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    At first glance the fuselage design looked a bit underwhelming or unfinished...until I watched the designer's video. This vehicle is so packed with functions, I'm giving everything else a pass. It looks like a great platform for modifying if I decide it necessary. Pre-ordered...and I'll likely end up with multiple copies.
  5. Great looking Scimitar! You have accomplished so much here, where other MOCs fall short. I'll try to avoid typing a giant TLDR post, but here's what I really like: - You absolutely nailed the color scheme. The dark/light grey treatment and patterns are spot-on. - Near, but not 100% studless design. Your choice to build out the wing roots in a 'studs sideways' orientation is a great feature. I like a few studs here and there! - Very effective use of those hinged light grey panels at the fuselage-to-wing area! - A truly 'screen accurate' minifig interior, complete with the two level [somehwhat] spherical cabin section and the utility crawl space - with the Bloodfin speeder, no less!! - The aft boarding hatch and engine exhaust area look great - very close to the ILM design. - The double-jointed folding wings are the perfect shape, and the detail looks great - just enough, not overdone. Love it! Which brings me to a couple nitpicks. Don't take this the wrong way, because I love this MOC.... The prow. it's very THICC. So much so, it's a feature I can't warm up to. Of course, to make room for this amazing interior, you required more room. But every bit of source material I can dig up shows a slimmer, sleek prow profile. The bulky thickness of your prow design is not accurate in my opinion, and distracts from this otherwise BEAUTIFUL vessel. Also, the cabin looks a bit too rectangular from the plan view, and should be closer to a perfect sphere, but ANYWAY...this is one of my favorite vehicles in the SW universe and you created a real gem here. I only make these constructive criticisms because it's close to being a perfect design that I would purchase...many times over! Thanks for posting these beautiful photos, as well. $ .02
  6. lowlead

    [MOC][SHIP] Neptune's Glide

    A kingly vessel indeed - wonderful work! I really appreciate the innovative bending technique you're using to get the curves on this one. The design screams luxury and opulence that only the high priviledged can attain. A striking and unique MOC with a masterful color scheme - I love it!
  7. lowlead

    [MOC]Dragon King

    WOW!! This is the coolest creation I've seen in a while - FANTASTIC! The color scheme is perhaps the most striking I've seen in LEGO. The orange speakes for itself, but the light blue / gold metallic combo is beautiful! I haven't even watched the video yet, had to log on and comment! Wonderful work, thank you for posting this.
  8. lowlead

    [MOC] Venator Star Destroyer

    Fantastic stuff! ...and way to make a splash in the forums! You have a great eye for scale and proportion with this trio of MOCs. I'm partial to capital ships, so your Venator is by far my favorite of the three - especially that wide shot of the side view - WOW! As mentioned above, there seems to be an affinity for capital ships done in a 'midi' scale, as evidenced by the initial high demand for 75356 (from my observations, at least). I must say I was hovering above the 'Buy MOC Instructions' button twice today! I'll probably build this one eventually - perhaps include it in a forced perspective display with the Vigilance. Thanks for posting these!
  9. lowlead

    Fondor Haulcraft - where’s the MOCS?

    I noticed this as well - many similarities to the MF. Circular 'docking rings,' side boarding ramp, asymmetric cockpit, dorsal cannons. It's like a stretched Falcon, except more rectangular and faceted...with articulating wings...and light sabers. *nerdgasm*
  10. lowlead

    [REVIEW] 75336 Inquisitor Transport Scythe

    One of the most entertaining and comprehensive reviews I've seen in a while. Nicely done - lots of effort went into this, clearly. ...and who doesn't love a good Star Wars foldy-wing ship?? The motley crew of Inquisitors vs. the super-swell Classic Spacemen - that photo just makes me laugh for some reason. Probably lots of awkward small talk going on there.
  11. lowlead

    [MOC] Blacktron Energy Extraction Platform

    Excellent - thanks for the link!
  12. I would say Luthen Rael's modified Fondor Haulcraft would be a great choice. Apparently it does a trick we haven't seen yet...
  13. lowlead

    [MOC] Blacktron Energy Extraction Platform

    Great MOC! I'm particularly interested in the vehicle sitting at the very top of the platform. That's a great technique for the nose section - the combined use of cones and those long click-hinge panels (which I always considered rather useless) is fantastic! If you have the time, would you be willing to post a couple shots of that vehicle by itself? Good stuff!
  14. I'll take a good re-make all day long, provided it's a marked improvement upon the previous version. The Lambda Shuttle, X-wing and SSD could really use a fresh UCS upgrade. Having said that, there's still a hole in the OT stuff with a TIE Interceptor & Bomber. *edit* However, I'm probably veering off into the weeds here, so....
  15. Well they should! Both are overdue - perhaps a big Lambda could replace the ISD in October '23...or something like that.