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  1. lowlead

    Fondor Haulcraft - where’s the MOCS?

    I noticed this as well - many similarities to the MF. Circular 'docking rings,' side boarding ramp, asymmetric cockpit, dorsal cannons. It's like a stretched Falcon, except more rectangular and faceted...with articulating wings...and light sabers. *nerdgasm*
  2. lowlead

    [REVIEW] 75336 Inquisitor Transport Scythe

    One of the most entertaining and comprehensive reviews I've seen in a while. Nicely done - lots of effort went into this, clearly. ...and who doesn't love a good Star Wars foldy-wing ship?? The motley crew of Inquisitors vs. the super-swell Classic Spacemen - that photo just makes me laugh for some reason. Probably lots of awkward small talk going on there.
  3. lowlead

    [MOC] Blacktron Energy Extraction Platform

    Excellent - thanks for the link!
  4. I would say Luthen Rael's modified Fondor Haulcraft would be a great choice. Apparently it does a trick we haven't seen yet...
  5. lowlead

    [MOC] Blacktron Energy Extraction Platform

    Great MOC! I'm particularly interested in the vehicle sitting at the very top of the platform. That's a great technique for the nose section - the combined use of cones and those long click-hinge panels (which I always considered rather useless) is fantastic! If you have the time, would you be willing to post a couple shots of that vehicle by itself? Good stuff!
  6. I'll take a good re-make all day long, provided it's a marked improvement upon the previous version. The Lambda Shuttle, X-wing and SSD could really use a fresh UCS upgrade. Having said that, there's still a hole in the OT stuff with a TIE Interceptor & Bomber. *edit* However, I'm probably veering off into the weeds here, so....
  7. Well they should! Both are overdue - perhaps a big Lambda could replace the ISD in October '23...or something like that.
  8. I'm here for a new UCS Lambda Shuttle.
  9. Wow - what a great presentation! LEGO should feel lucky there are customers out there willing to do set design & product packaging for them The box design is nearly indistinguishable from 2022 sets. Let's see if an official version is anywhere near as good... Downloaded - thank you!
  10. @l0renZo You're welcome! If/when I get around to constructing a mod for the stand that's worthy of display, I'll be sure to post photos. Have you started the Vigilance build yet, or? Either way, good luck!
  11. lowlead

    Mars Spacecraft Exploration Missions

    It's a pretty good space parts pack and I might pick one up eventually. Also, I could definitely see a 6 or 7 yr old having a meltdown because they can't finish the exact ship pictured on the box step by step. I'm not against apps entirely, but I'm strongly in favor of complete instructions always being available in downloadable pdf format on the website. Creativity, adventure, etc...yes, I get it. I'd like to think that LEGO already knows not all kids necessarily want this open-ended build experience, and some prefer to be guided to achieve the exact thing on the box at the end. $ .02
  12. I would venture the 3 less studs on one side of the stand would definitely affect stability, but not by a great deal. However, the stands as designed experience a lot of torsional stress, especially when resting on a low friction surface such as a clean countertop. I'm thinking of connecting the forward and aft towers by constructing a long rectangular platform for my own stability improvements. This might help in your case as well. The big question is: Does your display shelf hang on a wall, or is it a free-standing piece on the floor? Be careful, this model is heavy...you would require a very beefy shelf if it's wall-mounted!
  13. lowlead

    10497 Galaxy Explorer MOD

    No problemo! I did a similar mod using inverted slopes as well - opted for the 2x3s on mine. Now when I see the original design it just looks off!
  14. lowlead

    10497 Galaxy Explorer MOD

    Great mod! Trying to get the right code to embed a thumbnail for your photo.... ...so, scroll all the way down on the ibb page and just copy the last BBCode linked image for Thumbnail. Repeat for each photo - simple as that!
  15. lowlead

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    @Bornin1980something That's my kitchen countertop and a plastic cutting board I got at Target - propped up vertically to make backdrop.