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  1. @Naixin Length is comparable to the Eviscerator, the Vigilance is only 2 inches shorter at 43" (109 cm)...I'm not sure how the Venator Class should scale in-universe to the ISD, but this model is giant.
  2. @thire5 As with 2mpaired's ISD Eviscerator, your Vigilance model is a true masterpiece of design. I'm completely blown away by the build techniques and the final result - another amazing ship to behold on my kitchen counter. You have really achieved something great - thank you for the instructions!! It certainly is a privilege to own this model.... Image is link: As Floh1979 stated above, some of the edge treatments can be very finicky to attach - especially these underside assemblies: Lots of patience and perseverance is required for those.^^ There are a few other nitpicks, but I'll categorize them as typical for such a complex, challenging model. I'll let others discover them as the Fleet grows in number! What a great project this was!
  3. Skipping around the instructions to build larger, modular sections to make storage a bit easier during the project. Mixing the old and light greys to achieve that 'time in service' appearance. The command tower section has some incredible building techniques...with some very delicate parts here and there. The main drive engines are amazing, but I'm concerned about drooping issues over time....
  4. Bad kitty! Best of luck on the rehab, I've enjoyed following this project - great model!
  5. Instructions purchased! Spent two days sorting existing inventory and I already have 48% of the parts list - this is gonna be a blast!
  6. Wow! Another home run from the 'Master of Midi Scale!' The proportions are spot on - this model can pass for a much larger scale if you squint! Now I'm torn between two Venator projects - GREAT ship, nicely done!
  7. ...it's probly gonna be an X-wing anyway
  8. lowlead

    [MOC/MOD] Death Star based on The Globe 21332

    HA! Quick on the draw! Looks great...although a little naked without the equatorial trench.
  9. lowlead

    "future metropolis"

    Wow! Very cool build! It's Bladerunner meets The Fifth Element! I laughed at the guy fishing off the gantry. Thanks for all the detailed photos - I can browse these for hours. I hope it's not our future, tho
  10. lowlead

    (MOC) Boba Fett Battle Mech

    HA! AWESOME! Oh man, that sarlacc is sooo screwed....
  11. lowlead

    Issue with UCS AT-AT!!!

    Well for starters, you. LEGO HQ protests? ANTHRAX? I see you are a 'hyperbole man' yourself! Now before you get your feathers all ruffled, I completely agree that tripping over ourselves to come running to the defense of a billion dollar corporation is kinda weak. But damn! Some of the melodramatic posts over in the Brickset comments (and to some degree in this thread) were so over-the-top alarmist that many people felt compelled to fire back. I could paste a giant list of memorable (hilarious) quotes, but you read all six pages here, and the comments of THREE articles over at Brickset...right? In the meantime, I'm rapidly flipping through chapter & verse of LEGO Common Law Volume I to find a certain passage: Thou Shalt Not Use Thine Own Fingernails. After that search, I'll have to consult LEGO Tenets and Principles: A Behavioral Framework. And I really hope little Timmy's Christmas isn't ruined because of this FATAL DESIGN ERROR. Ugh, I just threw up a little. Also, it sounds like some are just refusing to open their AT-AT sets on principle alone! This is the language being tossed around - I'm not exaggerating. But you know, cuz you read all of it. Finally, I put myself to the test and selected the six infamous parts in question. I assembled them into the Impossibility Puzzle, then took it all apart - about 5 times in a row. It was actually a bit anticlimactic - I was getting myself all ready for a fight! Nah, The Henrik Maneuver works just fine. Yikes!
  12. lowlead

    Issue with UCS AT-AT!!!

    I know, I know I'll stop... ...and buy 'em a Duplo or something.
  13. lowlead

    Issue with UCS AT-AT!!!

    I know but...WILL THEY? C A N T H E Y ? ? I gotta say, I'm a bit worried for them....
  14. lowlead

    Issue with UCS AT-AT!!!

    [Jaques Cousteau] ...Three weeks lay-tare... [/Jaques Cousteau] Nostradamus?? Is that you?
  15. lowlead

    Issue with UCS AT-AT!!!

    A fatal design flaw?? Give me a f**king break. Good.