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  1. lowlead

    [MOC] Humans of Layers City

    Unbelievable! One of the most imaginative MOCs I've seen lately - IT REMINDS ME OF BLADE RUNNER!! The sub-street level is probably my favorite to study - amazing detail. Nicely done!
  2. lowlead

    [MOC] TIE Bomber

    I LOVE THIS MOC Exactly LEGO, you're great, but c'mon. Most under-represented ship of the OT - and I can't help but feel that *sometimes* you're asleep at the switch. BARNEIUS fantastic work - I can't praise this enough! From proportion to detail it's just perfect...now wrap it in a 20th Anniversary box so I can buy one already!!!
  3. lowlead

    De Havilland DHC-2 Beaver

    I'll be 3rd! Beautiful MOC! I would fork over considerable cash for instructions alone, PM if interested....
  4. Looks GREAT Michal! I really like seeing so many command shuttles getting the redo treatment - this is my favorite vehicle of the sequel trilogy (so far). I particularly like your use of tile plates on the top and sides of the cockpit for that smooth, uncluttered look Also, the detail on the outside bottom of the wings looks great as well, as does the offset hinges on the landing gear 'feet.' OH! And a boarding ramp to an improved interior! Excellent. Perhaps all these mods floating around might get the attention of TLG to do it right next time around! I certainly think this vehicle has enough screen time to warrant a re-design, no? Finally, thank you for not putting any loud, obnoxious music on your YT vid!! Good choice - nice chill sounds, makes me want to stick around and watch the whole video
  5. Looks FANTASTIC barneius! I did the same project shortly after the original 75104 released - just couldn't handle all the inaccuracies With mine, I chose to leave some dark grey elements here and there just to accent all the black. And it's too bad because 75104 really had the potential to be a GREAT set! This command shuttle design is one of the most glaring examples of the challenge toy companies face with very secretive and changing movie scripts - Hasbro REALLY got it wrong A predominantly black ship with tilting wings (without those flaps on the bottom) would have been perfect! Oh well...maybe in a re-design some day.
  6. lowlead

    [INSTRUCTIONS] The Empire over Jedha City

    Wow. Had to chime in here - what an amazing MOC...from one of the most amazing visual moments in Rogue One. Everything about this from the originality of the subject to the proportions are just spot on. I’m considering a purchase for the Star Destroyer alone! Thanks for sharing this - incredible work.
  7. lowlead

    T-70 X-WING

    GREAT looking X-wings! The engine intakes are especially well done, and it's the feature that made me want to reply. It's really too bad that the 75149 and 75102 sets have the clunky, ugly engines - changes the whole look of the ships, and not in a good way IMHO. You really captured the 'split perfect circle' look of the engines here. If LEGO had spent a little more time with the new X-wing engines, they would have had a fantastic looking model. I know, I know - price point, piece count, illegal connections, etc... Sometimes I'm really baffled by the decisions they make. Your engine solution is awesome.
  8. Upon initial viewing, my immediate reaction after clicking the link to the first image was huh, that's kinda ugly.... After a while spent zooming in to images, however, this one is growing on me. Okay, it's not the prettiest item out of Billund, but one must admit the bar has been set QUITE high as of late *cough* $800 dollar MF *cough* For my part, I don't expect every single MB/UCS set to knock my socks off - different approach, different mission, etc... I'll buy one, I look forward to the build. I love a cloud car, Slave I looks pretty neat, I really like the dark red of the interrogation room - it's packed with every scene! Oh, and this... ...who are we kidding? This'll go EOL, skyrocket in value and become one of the most coveted sets for the next 1.5 decades.
  9. Speaking of the new X-wing... Just watched the 75218 set review from JANGBRiCKS and I was curious if anyone else noticed that this is the first LEGO X-wing version that actually has engines in correct proportion. Try this: Observe the images of the 75218 set, taking care to notice how well-proportioned the model is, then flash over to images of the 10240 set and look at the engines. The same parts are used for the engine intakes on both models. This made the 10240 look ridiculous, but makes the 75218 model look fantastic! The right part, the wrong model. This bugged me so much that I had to mod the 10240 engines right out of the box. THANK YOU LEGO for finally getting rid of the ubiquitous 3-wide engine piece on a system scale X-wing! FINALLY!! Perhaps revisit the engine design for the next 'UCS' X-wing?
  10. lowlead

    [WIP] Imperial Shuttle

    Nicely done! The Lambda cockpit section has always been particularly difficult to properly achieve with LEGO elements, but you have done a fantastic job. This is inspiring me to mod my 10212 cockpit from the windscreen forward. I like how you used the 1x8 with rail and trans black cheese wedges to make the windscreen pillar. Thanks for the photos!
  11. lowlead

    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

    Incredible stuff - just brilliant, every last one of them...and I'm not even a HP fan. Although it may seem like a small element, I believe the manner in which you used lighting makes these vignettes special. Your shadowy, ominous lighting perfectly captures the dark tone that is ever-present in these films. Bravo, sir!
  12. Jealousy. Unadulterated J E A L O U S Y Well done sir.
  13. lowlead

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Meh, I wouldn't say a great deal, but not terrible either. Did you get the instruction booklet? Just curious. Looking at the Brickset photo of 8038, it looks like you got roughly half of the set for half of the original RRP of $99.99. When I say 'half' I'm speaking from a value standpoint not piece count, btw. The minifigs and the AT-ST are the highlights of this set, and you got one of them.
  14. lowlead

    [MOC] BTL-GM7 Resistance Y-Wing

    WEIRD - I LIKE IT! That color scheme is fantastic! Great use of the planet dome, as well. I also very much appreciate the judicious use of detail all around the fuselage - just enough, and it looks great. Finally, I like the angular look of the cockpit section, especially with the new canopy. Nicely done all around!
  15. I'm aware of the other sticker topics, but I believe this warrants its own topic. The message bears repeating. May I suggest using the cardboard and plastic bag treatment when packaging sticker sheets of this size? Upon opening my 75140, I found the instruction booklet folded like a taco, and the sticker sheet mashed like an accordion. Really, LEGO? I am fully aware that customer service is always happy to send out replacement sticker sheets, and for that I am thankful! The better scenario, however, would be to open the box and finish the model in the time I set aside for building it, no? If I didn't care deeply for the LEGO Brand, I wouldn't bother typing this. Thank you for this great Star Wars set, and kindly take my advice into consideration going forward. -Matt