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  1. ...ah yes! The one with 'Leia on a Leash.' Not even sure that set would be allowed these days! Kylo's Shuttle and the Falcon was just dropped on the porch today, good looking sets!
  2. lowlead

    REVIEW | 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer

    Got an email this morning from CS - the dome piece has already shipped! I haven't even spoken with them yet, I just filled out the Missing Parts form in the Support section of LEGO.com - not bad! So, with support like this, I can't even be mad at the errors in the set. HA! Exactly.
  3. lowlead

    REVIEW | 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer

    Actually, yes. For the longest time I did not believe in the missing piece simply because of TLGs nearly flawless reputation and assurance that you'll always have each part required to complete the set. ...until now I'm missing one of the two domes for the bridge deflector shields. I immediately assumed it was my own carelessness when opening the bags, except I'm very careful opening bags. I looked everywhere for it, and finally gave up. Then I found this in my pile of pieces: It doesn't even belong in the set! But wait, there's more!! My instruction book is missing pages While building the sides of the bridge tower, the instructions skip from Step 707 to Step 742!! So, I had to consult the online instructions to finish the sides and build the back walls of the bridge tower. No biggie, but thank goodness the instructions are available elsewhere! IIRC, an occasional addendum had to be issued for corrections on instructions, but it's been a while. I'm not mad, necessarily, but I'm very curious if LEGO is even aware of this yet. I'm sort of looking forward to speaking with CS tomorrow. I love the set, it looks amazing on display - a bit wonky with only one shield generator dome - but I'm confident LEGO will send the replacement part in short order.
  4. 76274 Mishap at Corellia 8,223 Pieces Recreate the infamous heavy lift crane accident where every Star Destroyer interior module was inadvertently dropped into Corellia Bay.
  5. lowlead

    Should LEGO Star Wars take a break?

    timemail is a good example of why they'll never stop the SW line. In a way, he's lucky! timemail, and others like him, have a much different perspective coming into the SW line at a time when set designs are reaching a peak of accuracy and complexity. Granted, from the point of view of a SW collector since 1999, it may seem like the constant re-hashes are lackluster and well-trodden; but if you study side-by-side comparisons of recent stuff long enough, it's clear that most of these vehicles improve every time. Case in point: The latest X-wing is a great looking version - I never bothered with them until 75218 came along. They finally got the engine proportions right, gave the rear fuselage that hexagonal look, and designed a more innovative 's-foil' mechanism. Same for the Slave I - I'm floored by this one! In my opinion, it's the best looking version so far - even better than the UCS model if you ask me. The rest of those 20th Anniversary sets I left on the shelf, but they knocked it out of the park with 75243! The 75211 TIE Fighter is the best looking by far. The bubble canopy on 9492 just didn't work, nor did the bulky, ugly wing panel attach points. The Imperial Shuttle is obvious, having only two System scale versions - anything would be better than 7166. And who thought the System Millennium Falcon would always have gaps? Just when I thought this ship would always be a slight variation of the same mediocre design, the October set images proved me wrong. I like the Falcon well enough, I own 10179, but I passed on 75192. My 7190 didn't stay assembled for very long, but I might just pick up the new one next month - it's that much of an improvement. So, while I initially agreed with the OP, I think I would miss SW stuff on shelves.
  6. lowlead

    REVIEW | 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer

    Thank you, VBBN, for this thorough review - well done. I think you made some very good points, especially your comment regarding the size and accuracy of the model... That is exactly the appeal of this set and why I ordered it on Day 1. I have no interest in an interior, and I happen to like the choice of figures - it's as if the set was tailor made for me. The build, the price, the figures...it all just makes sense to me. I don't resent LEGO for the decisions they made with this one, and I feel very fortunate to afford one.
  7. ^^Same. Was expecting a fight with their new website, but order went smoothly. I was originally planning to visit one of the 4 stores in the Boston area, but plans changed. I'll be very curious to hear about anyone's experience at a LEGO Store this morning. The location in Burlington, MA received 15 Destroyers, not sure about the other 3 stores. Anyone visit Peabody, Burlington, Natick or Braintree this morning?
  8. At the risk of belaboring the point, I thought the Destroyer hovering over Jedha City was one of the coolest images in RO. We saw the Acclamator cruisers launch from the surface in Ep II and the Venators launched from the Coruscant staging area in III. So, despite the huge mass of a Destroyer, I figured in a fleet of hundreds there might be a handful retrofitted with high output repulsorlift tech...or something like that ...and I'm hoping to pick up the new SD on release day. I think I'm one of the few that likes this one better than 75192 - beauty and the beholder, etc... I've always liked the bad guy vehicles better! Imagine a 75252 hovering over a giant Jedha City MOC?? That needs to be a thing!
  9. lowlead

    Hoth Echo Base Medical Bay with Corridor MOC

    There are vendors that make specialized lighting systems for MOCs, but you can also get two lights in 8293 Power Functions. The resulting wiring at the top of the Bacta tank would probably blend right in as technical looking detail. Also, I saw your conference room MOC - very nice! You're churning out MOCs faster that I can comment!
  10. lowlead

    Hoth Echo Base Medical Bay with Corridor MOC

    Dang! Another hit! The detail and aesthetic is perfect - you nailed the look of Echo Base just right. I like everything about this one, from the detail of the corridor to the wall design of the med bay. Any plans to light up the tank? Thanks for posting!
  11. ^^Agreed...close. I would love to see another UCS Lambda Shuttle because there's room for improvement on 10212, if you ask me. The engine exhaust looked pretty bad, so I modified mine to my liking. Also, the taper of the cockpit nose section was too extreme. To be fair, it's probably one of the most difficult shapes to achieve accurately with LEGO elements, but it bugs me every time I look at it - which is dozens of times a day. I still haven't thought of a good solution... But a new UCS Lambda-class with the Emperor, 4 Royal Guards and an officer or two! YES PLEASE!!
  12. Good points, all of which I agree with. Sure, we would all love to have our own copies of the Monarch, etc...but a 12,000 to 15,000 piece magnum opus is a cost and time commitment that most of us cannot or will not undertake. So for less than half the cost and way less time invested, we can have a beautiful, giant SD of our own (taking up too much space) and maybe polish it up a bit with mods, or not. On a separate note, I wonder how much an identical re-release of 10030 would cost in today's dollars. Might shock me...pesky inflation...slow and insidious.
  13. ^^This. What would a mass-produced, worldwide release of a 15,000 piece Star Destroyer even cost?? ^^aaannnnd this
  14. Wow! Day 1 purchase for sure. Granted, all the Star Destroyer MOCs out there may be considered far superior, but I'm looking at the big picture. Purchasing this set and modifying it to my liking - if that's even necessary - is the most efficient way to acquire this mass of grey parts. I have zero interest in placing and tracking dozens(?) of Bricklink orders. Complex and detailed interiors in other builders' MOCs are wonderful to look at online, but they're not a priority for a display piece in my office. Only 2 figures is a little disappointing, but they look great. I can't really say the price surprises me. I passed on 75192 because I just don't like the Falcon as much as the SD. It seems like this set was tailor made for me, and I'm buying one. Maybe two eventually. What I like: the modular construction of the outer hull - looks much easier to transport or break down for storage. the dome underneath detail inside the main hangar bay is a nice touch, but ultimately pointless unless you hang it from the ceiling. no magnets! amazingly accurate look to it I really like reading everyone's reaction, but I think it all comes down to the perceived value - it's different for everyone, yes?
  15. ^^Same. I sat out 75192 for now, so yes, I'm looking forward to the unboxing experience as well. I will be fogging up the window of a LEGO Store on release day for this one. I'm glad to see the shape of the main reactor dome on the belly this time.