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  1. This was really fun to make. It's no masterpiece or anything, but Id love to hear what you think.
  2. boomblocks

    (MOC) Mini X-Wing Display

    nice! Here's what I did with my mini X-Wing...
  3. boomblocks

    Best Lego Star Wars Vehicle

    I would really like to see a UCS Speeder bike.
  4. boomblocks

    Best Lego Star Wars Vehicle

    Tie between Snowspeeder and Speeder bike. Especially after the Shadows Of The Empire game (N64) Speeder bike level. Super Nostalgic! This is a Snowspeeder build with a pretty good skit.
  5. boomblocks

    Lego Chuck Norris Facts

    Lego Chuck Norris Facts - Animated Video Here is a short I threw together. Love to hear what you thought!
  6. boomblocks

    Millennium Falcon 75030 micro fighter build/destroy

    I just rebuild them, for now. Soon, I will have much better slow motion, so I can have some large crystal clear HD explosions. After that, they will probably go into color coded bins for spare parts and MOCs, if I can't at least partially rebuild. It's weird, but I actually have more sentiment for the broken destroyed sets than pre-destruction sets. It's like the beat up, old, dirty baseball that Babe Ruth knocked out of the park. There are some sets like this Kwik-E-Mart though, that I love so much I will have to buy 1 for destruction & 1 for me.
  7. boomblocks

    The Simposon's House Build n' Smash

    The corner pieces sometimes dent, or the top pieces if I drop something on them. I have created a few flat bricks, lol. I usually have 1 or 2 pieces that show some damage per video (aside from the torch video, total loss). However, I haven't lost any exclusive pieces, just bricks that have spares of lying around, so I still have these rebuilt sets that are pretty flawless... for the time being!
  8. boomblocks

    The Simposon's House Build n' Smash

    Here's the Kwik-E-Mart! and yes, I drop it, too.
  9. boomblocks

    Millennium Falcon 75030 micro fighter build/destroy

    No I actually got rid of it, it was definitely not recognizable. Pretty sure I now have lung cancer lol
  10. Can't wait for the kiwk-e-mart!
  11. boomblocks

    AT-DP 75083

    Stop Motion Build of AT-DP 75083