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  1. iamwhoiam

    One Word At A Time Story

  2. iamwhoiam

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    I forgot to post this on they day I purchased them. I visited the Troy, Michigan Store and bought three large cups there on July 18th. The next day I went to Fairview Mall in Toronto and bought four large cups. https://www.flickr.com/photos/129111518@N05/19841371736/in/dateposted-public/lightbox/
  3. iamwhoiam

    Large Scale Dwarven Hammer

    I feel like I could just reach into my computer screen, pick up the hammer and go into battle like a dwarf from The Hobbit! Great job!
  4. iamwhoiam

    [MOC]Summer is coming

    Awesome! I just started my Summer holidays today and this sums up how I feel!
  5. iamwhoiam

    CBS15 Jumpship

    Words cannot describe how awesome this looks!
  6. iamwhoiam

    REVIEW: 6245 - Harbor Sentry

    I actually am quite the fan of these smaller sets under $5 that Lego used to make. It seems like a great way to get a bunch of boats to fill with pirates on their way to pillage an island!
  7. iamwhoiam

    2016 action theme?

    I would love to have another Indiana Jones/Johnny Thunder like series with adventure and archaeology!
  8. iamwhoiam

    (MOC) Dol Guldur Battle

    This is one of my favourite scene from the movie! A worthy representation indeed! Keep up the great work!
  9. iamwhoiam

    [MOC] Rancor Library

    Very creative! I think a spinoff series about the rancor society is in order!
  10. iamwhoiam

    MOC: Days of Bricks Past

    AWESOME! I love the MOCs for each of the X-Men! If you plan on continuing this you should do one for Lucas Bishop and Kitty Pryde! Keep up the great work!
  11. iamwhoiam

    What did you buy today?

    Received a package yesterday from Bricklink with four Ultron sentries and some parts!
  12. iamwhoiam

    One Word At A Time Story

  13. iamwhoiam

    Your favorite snack while LEGOing? Shhhhhh!

    I usually don't build and eat although if I've been building for a long time I might take a break and eat some fruit or popcorn. But during building I tend to drink water and ginger ale.
  14. iamwhoiam

    Pick-a-Brick Cup....Cup

    That's awesome! I have a bunch of these lying around and I get de-hydrated really easily. Although I do have stainless steel water bottles, I have to fill them up every two hours or so. With these, I could fill up several PAB cups with water and then stack them for long building marathons!
  15. iamwhoiam

    buying from pick-a-brick

    Bricklink is often cheaper than PAB Online anyway. I wanted to buy some DBG 2x1x3 slopes today. They were $0.28 CDN each but I found them new on Bricklink for $0.11 CDN each! That's less than half of the PAB Online price!!!