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Found 8 results

  1. The Lost Tomb, is one of my latest creations. Our adventurer, Indiana Jones, descovers the lost tomb of the Islanders' King. I hope you like my creation, and I am open for your comments! Take a close look at the video that follows; by George Patelis, on Flickr The Lost Tomb is Revealed by George Patelis, on Flickr You can find more photos at my Flickr Account
  2. Foreword from the author Salutations, dear BoBS. This is my attempt at a story revolving around a young nobleman who is discovering himself, in the age of discovery. (How apt.) The story will be told in mini-episodes. While I'll try to build a scene for each episode, but due to time and material constraints, I may have to put the story first. I love pop culture and black humour, so you may expect some to be incorporated into the story.("I knew that was going to happen" cliches and "I see what you did there" lines.) Additionally, there may be scenario branches at the end of each episode in which the audience is invited to choose the next branch. So it's a little interactive in the sense that it will affect how the next part of the story is told. This story is a work of fiction and any resemblance to any persons living or dead are purely coincidental. Introducing the characters Lenny - Leonard Wilburforce Whitegate (20) The protagonist and budding adventurer is the youngest son of Admiral Percival Forsythe Whitegate, 2nd Earl of Granchester. He has attended Archeon College and also served a term as a midshipman in Her Majesty's Royal Navy and so has some seafaring knowledge under his belt. His true interests, however, lie in the domains of science and discovery,such as, in the fields of botany, zoology, geology and other natural sciences. Skills: Diplomacy, Languages, Science, Celestial Navigation, Seamanship, Swordsmanship The Whitegate Family The Whitegates are a prestigious family of naval men; all men in the family have served in some capacity in the Royal Navy. The previous patriarch, Adm. Pierce Rothwell Whitegate was created the Earl of Granchester for a series of significant naval victories scored during the 49-year war with Orleans. The current patriarch, Adm. P. F. Whitegate is a member of the Admiralty Board and holds considerable influence. [No picture] Miranda Merryweather (22) The owner of a rising trade house known commonly as 'The Emporium'. Her story can be found here. Skills: Appraisal, Accounting, Diplomacy Elliot (10) An orphan that works at Miranda's Emporium Skills: None Sandeep (35) The Emporium's accountant. Comes from somewhere in the far west. Speaks Corlandish with a strong accent, which makes him difficult to understand at times. Skills: Accounting Horace Higginsbottom (55) 1st mate of the Peregrine. A sailor of over forty years with a wealth of sailing and combat experience under his belt. He served under, then Commander, Percival Whitegate, in his younger days. Due to his age and old battle injuries, he was downgraded from active service to lighter duties in the Royal Navy. Skills: Seamanship, Gunnery, Fishing Miley McRiley (30) 2nd mate of the Peregrine. A seasoned sailor from the Isle of Tam. Wears his trademark Tammish "Tam". Even though he is a competent sailor, his Tammish heritage has prevented him from serving in more important divisions in the Royal Navy. People who have sailed with him say that it is perhaps his issues with discipline that prevent him from getting promoted. Skills: Seamanship, Gunnery, Hunting Ivoire Rouge de la Mer (22) A red-headed beauty who leads a team of women mercenaries. Dual wields the cutlass and dagger with precision and skill. Skills: Swordsmanship, Dual-wielding, Leadership Hildegard Freyja von Reign (27) Large, muscular woman who splits hulls and skulls with the poleaxe. Always leads the vanguard in all campaigns and boarding parties. Takes pleasure in dominating her opponents with her sheer strength. Skills: Polearm proficiency, Bare Hands, Strength up, Constitution up Isabella Zarana Cervantes(25) A physician by training with a wealth of knowledge in medicines and poisons, she serves as the team's doctor. Also enjoys making alcoholic concoctions while bertending at the Flask and Flagon. Skills: Medical knowledge, Poisons, Chemistry Anyssa Cardini (19) Steers(wo)man of the Valkyrie. Despite her relative youth, she has been sailing with her father's merchant ship since young and has many years of seafaring experience. Also very popular as a barmaid at the Flask and Flagon. Skills: Celestial Navigation, Seamanship Velvetine Remington (20) Firearms expert of the team. Adapt in using all forms of firearms and an expert sniper. Skills: Sniping, Firearms knowledge, Gunnery Muluhulu the Wise (56) Chieftain of the Mahanuhakepepepulupalo Tribe Story Links Scene 1 Scene 1b Scene 2 Scene 3 Scene 4 Scene 5 Scene 6 Scene 7 Scene 8 Scene 9 Scene 10 Scene 11 Scene 12 Scene 13 Scene 14 Scene 15 Side Story Links Miranda's Emporium of Many Wares Fort Redoubtable Merryweather Lumberjacks The Valkyrie of Corrington I have no voice, and I must scream The Flask and Flagon The Velvet Room Mr. Townsend's Scribing Service CorTéx Language and Cultural Research Institute This! Is! Sparta!
  3. This is Scene 8 from the main story, where Lenny and company have encountered a friendly tribe that has invited them to supper. Lenny quickly finds himself the object of attention among the lovely, topless ladies of the tribe. No prizes for guessing what's the inspiration for this scene.
  4. Another scene from the encounter with the Mahanuhakepepeppulupalo tribe. After the women, McReily now meet the men, who are, by the way, also topless. McReily tell the natives, very nicely, to piss off.
  5. From Scene 5 of Lenny's Chronicle. The first encounter with natives of the land. The naughty McReily takes a peek at some native women in their very native form.
  6. This landscape was the setting for Scene 4 of Lenny's story. Instead of a flat and shiny beach, for variation, we have an island surrounded by cliffs with heavy vegetation. Nice and lush :) The raised baseplate came from an old (and dusty) Enchanted Island set. Front and back views. (sea section attached for anchoring of ship)
  7. I've been making a lot of minifigures and it is high time to post some that have been on my harddrive for months! These three were an effort to make more female characters from an Action & Adventure Theme. It is a shame that the ratio seems to be around five guys and one girl with named character releases, most of the sub-themes have at least one female character. Reasons aren't important as to why there are so few and it was easy for me to make these from my collection. So on to the figures! Tia Thwait-Fuller Daughter of a well known archaeologist-adventurer and a respected historian, Hypatia ‘Tia’ Thwait-Fuller took after her father more. Libraries, archives and curating collections were her future and she loved it. However when a mystery map with a riddle and a story was uncovered in an old storage room, Tia began to obsess about solving it and finding where the map led. With her parents busy she decided to take off on an adventure of her own. She appeared in my MOC of an All Terrain vehicle Gelert. After getting the lady scientist CMF I had a head for the bookish character and built the rest around that. There is a lot of Twilight Sparkle about this character, with a hint of Evelyn Carnahan and just a little ‘hidden depths’ from Lirael. I used a torso from Pharaoh's Quest, CMF Librarian hair and the Map from Pirates of the Caribbean. Eleri She only goes by one name. Part mercenary, part adventurer and all independent. There are few clues as to Eleri’s past. Rumours have it that she is an heiress of titles and money who rebelled and ran away to the far-east. Whatever her past, Eleri is known as an expert tracker and outdoor survivor who’ll hire herself out more for the thrill than the payday. Also appeared in the Gelert car. I originally built this figure as a fighter of monster mutant plants in a posing/forced perspective MOC experiment that didn't go so well. There was basically a lot of homage to Ellen Ripley (in fact when my brother in law was having a nose at my LEGO he asked why I’d made a Ripley figure.) in the creation of a figure to fight mutant plant monsters. When that didn't work she became an adventurer. Chuck some Tomb Raider and a healthy dose of any runaway-rebel-rich-girl you can think of to get the character I was aiming for. Dino trousers, the CMF swimmer's torso, Space Heroine head and Frodo's hair. The machete is of course Brick Arms. Dr. Regina Thwaite-Fuller Adventurer, wanderer, a society lady that her peers both admire and stare aghast at. She set out for fun and discovery and gathered some extras on the way. Now having collected a doctorate and a family she is slightly less reckless and the handy firearm takes care of the other threats. The bone-kicking business can get a little exciting after all. This figure came about when I wanted to make a Mustrum Ridcully type character with a twist. Monster Fighter characters remixed into something new. With hints of a few female characters from fiction and history (Or, the popular perceived image of certain historical characters). A Monster Fighters head and torso, Indy legs all combined to make a character that, on reflection, might be a bit over-armed...
  8. This is my Entry for the Action Themes Building Drive - Wonderful Things. The story... Adventurer "Iowa" Fortune has finally succeeded in his quest to locate the mythical shield of fabled Knight of the Round Table, Sir Lancelot. It is said to grant the bearer the strength of three men, and the power to persuade Queens from their Kings... Jungle Adventurer finds the Lost Treasure by mjfirefly, on Flickr Iowa has travelled to the ruins of the ancient castle using a map found in an a monastery in France. The castle was built in the jungles of Madagascar by a group of monks entrusted to the keeping of the Shield... Complete view of Jungle Adventurer vignette by mjfirefly, on Flickr However, Iowa was not the first to locate the wonderful treasure, the bleached bones of a previous explorer lay under the collapsed floor of the castle. The final hurdle for Iowa is to leap the chasm and not fall fowl of the drop... Close Up of the first Adventurer to find the Treasure by mjfirefly, on Flickr Our intrepid explorer will certainly succeed and lay his hands upon the shield as it teeters on the edge of the ruins - and then, of course, it belongs in a museum.