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    Bionicle and constraction in general, Action & Adventure themes, sewing, D&D, and all kinds of games.


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  1. Hey, not sure if anyone would be able to help me out with this, but I remember seeing official Chima art (looked like it was used for the trading cards) that depicted one of the Spider Characters doing the 'Chi Up' thing. You could see a CCBS version of the character behind them, similar to the show when other characters 'Chi Up'. If I recall correctly, there was an image of one of the Scorpion characters doing the same. Would anyone happen to have an image of this art saved, and if so, would you be willing to share it with me? It would be very appreciated!
  2. RoadtripRobot

    [MOC] The Mummified Bard

    This Mummy is a Bard who rocks the oud. Inspiration comes from Zenyatta of Overwatch, Alieraah for the hand build, and the Flying Mummy from Pharaoh's Quest. Please let me know what you think Walk in Harmony Bardic Inspiration Close-Up Hand Detail Oud Front Oud Back
  3. RoadtripRobot

    Hello from abnormally warm Alberta!

    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! @dr_spock, it did, and further north where I am too, but it's been pretty warm since (thank goodness)!
  4. Hi Eurobricks Community! I'm RoadtripRobot, 24-year-old LEGO enthusiast (you may have guessed that bit). Long time reader of the forums, first-time joiner here, though I have been a part of various online LEGO communities for some time. I love to MOC and collect LEGO themes that just speak to me (eg. Atlantis and other underwater themes, Monster Fighters, Winter Village sets, and probably the upcoming LEGO Batman Movie theme). I typically MOC with constraction/CCBS parts as I'm more familiar with those due to my love of Bionicle since 2001. I hope to be able to contribute to the community here, and thank you for having me!