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Found 22 results

  1. Purpearljellyblob

    Rocky Mountains

    Here is my entry to the Action Themes Building Drive: Wonderful Things. Enjoy! Rocky Mountains It appeared mysteriously centuries ago, discovered by our ancestors when they were hunting for food. No one knew its origins. It was believed that whoever owns it will possess incredible super human abilities. Many were tempted by its power, but many were against it. In the end, our ancestors decided that it was too much power for any human to bear. They casted it down the death ravines of Rocky Mountains, so that no one will ever find or retrieve it. The death ravines of Rocky Mountains, so dangerous and unpredictable. A look at those rock formations will deter even the most ambitious, for it reminds one of certain death. The Golden Statue of Rocky Mountains, a legend that is still being told today. Many believed it is just a story. Many tried to venture into the depths of Rocky Mountains. For all that went, None came back alive. But one.
  2. “Wonderful things...” Every archaeologist and explorer dreams of that magnificent discovery; A horde of unimaginable riches, the missing stone tablet in the jungle or that single artefact so long sought. This month you can bring that joy to a LEGO Adventurer with an 8x8 vig of their greatest discovery! Rules: Minimum of 1 figure in the vig. You can use any form of explorer or adventurer minifig. 8x8 plate with minimal overlap. To enter create a thread for the MOC and post a link to it here in this thread. LDD, custom parts and custom stickers are allowed Contest runs from 4th February to 18th February Judging will commence on all rule abiding entries linked in this thread before the closing date. So good luck chaps and lady-chaps! Seek out that treasure to earn some of your own!
  3. While out exploring in the polar regions, the now famous explorer discovered a letter in a bottle on a small ice mound out on the polar sea. It said, "I have escaped the desert and swamp, but in my unfortunate wanderings I have come to this region of ice and snow. My boat has sunk, my food is nearly gone, all I can hope is that this letter will be saved so posterity can learn from my example." I'm actually still not convinced shade is better, as you can see... Another (shade ) picture on my Flickr, hope you enjoy this entry - it might be my last one, but I did have a really good idea just a bit ago... (and this one only took me about 20 minutes, so if I can do another one that fast...) Comments are welcome!
  4. Listening to apples with cherries - what? It may sound crazy, but a renown explorer thinks he just might have found out how the ancients listened to music on their apple device! It seems the vikings might well have been the first to come up with it. "As we all know," adds professor Juzy Chary, "Vikings were far advanced for their time." So next time you're tempted to eat a cherry or an apple, remember to make sure no one's listening to it. Well, I'm probably not as funny as I think I am, but I had a lot of fun with this! Comments are welcome, thanks for checking it out!
  5. Hey guys! I built a small vignette for the Building Drive, so here you can see it. I don't think there's much to say, most of us know this legend from somewhere, comics, movies, games (Age of Empires 3 ftw! ) and other stuff. So built a conquistador finding the legendary fountain... I hope you like it!
  6. It was a glorious day when notorius treasure hunter Pete O'Neil found the long lost statue of the mysterious god Mon-chi-chi. It was a pain to set the angle squeeze the statue to 8*8 :D
  7. Here's my second entry to the Wonderful Things Building Drive, entitled: "Lost Temple". An intrepid explorer has discovered the Lost Temple deep in the thick jungle of South America. The Lost Temple shows its age, having been worn down by the elements over the centuries. It is now overgrown with plant life, but hints of its former grandeur remain. I realise now I should have taken a couple of shots without the base to remain within the 8x8 rule. Hopefully I can do that tomorrow before the contest closes.
  8. ACPin

    Quest For El Dorado

    [pid][/pid]230D At the New World's end, will these Spanish explorers have spent their lives in an ill-advised journey on their quest for El Dorado? The legend of the serpentine idol worshipped by a tribe of natives high in the Andes mountains is now a reality but a peaceful ending nowhere in sight. AC
  9. This is my Entry for the Action Themes Building Drive - Wonderful Things. The story... Adventurer "Iowa" Fortune has finally succeeded in his quest to locate the mythical shield of fabled Knight of the Round Table, Sir Lancelot. It is said to grant the bearer the strength of three men, and the power to persuade Queens from their Kings... Jungle Adventurer finds the Lost Treasure by mjfirefly, on Flickr Iowa has travelled to the ruins of the ancient castle using a map found in an a monastery in France. The castle was built in the jungles of Madagascar by a group of monks entrusted to the keeping of the Shield... Complete view of Jungle Adventurer vignette by mjfirefly, on Flickr However, Iowa was not the first to locate the wonderful treasure, the bleached bones of a previous explorer lay under the collapsed floor of the castle. The final hurdle for Iowa is to leap the chasm and not fall fowl of the drop... Close Up of the first Adventurer to find the Treasure by mjfirefly, on Flickr Our intrepid explorer will certainly succeed and lay his hands upon the shield as it teeters on the edge of the ruins - and then, of course, it belongs in a museum.
  10. Well, there's not too much to say about this one, I guess I went a little overboard adding words... But I love sandy builds, so this was the natural thing for me to do! Comments are welcome, and thanks for taking the time to check this out!
  11. Here is my entry to the "Wonderful Things" Building Drive. What does every deep sea explorer hope to find? A treasure chest full of gold! This one makes the diver look a little like a cyclops! There are a few more photos on flickr.
  12. The world has survived but the nefarious hands (or hooks. claws and other substitute limbs) of evil are still clutching at treasures, scientific discoveries and the earth itself! But right around the corner super spies and secret agents are prepared to foil their plans! Welcome once again to an Action Themes building drive Your mission if you choose to accept it: Build those heroic secret operatives or mad bad goons need your help. The challenge is simple, they need vehicles! Super stylish sports cars for the suave superstar spy. Command trucks for a field team. Well disguised surveillance vans, getaway vehicles or clever ways to sneak into the HQs of the good and bad. So, build one, build many just build build build! It doesn't have to be Alpha Team, Agents or their respective baddies, so long as they fit the spy tropes. You have until the 25th of January. Good luck operatives! (This message may or may not self destruct.) So: Post a link to a MOC thread in this thread. Any and all entries can be tagged/named Building Drive. You can build as many entries as you like. There are two tags up for grabs: The best Hero vehicle and the best Villian vehicle will be awarded. So long as you link the MOC thread here you will be entered into judging. LDD is permitted as are aftermarket parts and custom stickers.
  13. Here is my Secret Agent Stealth Submarine for the Building Drive, hope it's in time! For those necessary underwater incursions into Enemy Agent territory, the Stealth Sub comes equipped with quiet water drive, but speed propeller for fast getaways! Included in the sub are state of the art communications array, night vision sensor, underwater lamp, torpedo and harpoon firing systems and high-visibility deep pressure safe glass. There is also provision for equipment such as guns, knives, computer briefcases and spare SCUBA and breathing apparatus. Any Agent should be quite at home in this state of the art sub! Stealth Submarine by mjfirefly, on Flickr Dive! Dive! Dive! by mjfirefly, on Flickr Close up of Propeller and Quiet Propulsion System by mjfirefly, on Flickr Smart Torpedo Away! by mjfirefly, on Flickr Harpoon Fired! Also note Night Vision System and Underwater Light by mjfirefly, on Flickr Close Up of interioir space for SCUBA, Communications Centre, Weapons etc. by mjfirefly, on Flickr
  14. I present my secret agent boat. It looks like an ordinary water pleasure craft. Some gals and guys on the water. Looks can be deceiving, the front hides a secret missile launcher bay. The mast contains spying sensors. Below deck is a super electronic spying system--analyzing and recording data from the sensors above. It is equipped also with firearms.
  15. By popular demand ( i.e. a lone request from Captain Nemo ), I present my first ever MOC vehicle, the Secret Agent Support Truck! On the outside it looks like any other City truck modified into a refrigerated food transport / delivery truck: However, this truck is packed with the latest and greatest in surveillance and telecommunications equipment to support the modern secret agent, and enough flick fire missile power to blast any baddie into oblivion: A closer look at the state of the art surveillance equipment and the stash of spare flick fire missiles: Just in case there is any confusion, this is a support truck for the good guys. C&C welcome. This was a lot of fun to build, but I will fully understand if you feel a need to tell me that I should just focus on modular buildings!
  16. Here is my entry for the End of the World building drive. I enjoyed building it and hopefully we all survive to see who wins the contest. Looks like God, Death, and the Mayans have a hand in saving this guy! Definitely a sign of the apocalypse if he's here... Well, it's nice to know somebody actually cares about saving the world I hope you enjoy it and best of luck to everyone entering!
  17. Edit: With the end of the world over, I got a better version done: You can still check out the first one below: The one and only Apocalipsaur swoops down on it's prey, bringing death and devastation wherever it goes. Beware! An attack could well cause the end of the world! _______________ Whew. I was very surprised at how well this turned out (even if it didn't turn out that great)! I consider myself no good at building large creatures. One reason I don't think I've tried in quite a while! I'll take a few more pics tomorrow morning if the whether's good (and if we're still here...). It will probably be too late to post it then but you can check my Flickr! Comments are welcome!
  18. It’s the end of the world as we know it! Two weeks left to go until the final day... Still time to build then! Being the most Action packed forum on EB, we will not go quietly! Build something that represents the end of the world or belongs at the end of the world. Maybe it’s the world ender: The evil villain finally pushed the button of doom, Atlantis returns with the final pronouncement, a vile mystic foe has got his hands on the ultimate weapon? Maybe you are fighting to prevent it with the brave secret operatives and warriors? Are you perhaps the unlucky explorer (slash!) archaeologist who has discovered the earth’s epitaph? Or are you simply sitting back to watch the show or getting one last redline race in before we’re kaput? So long as it is Action Themed you can enter and a mystery prize will be revealed and awarded after the 21st... If we’re still here! From now (7th December) until 00:00 GMT on the 21st/22nd of December build build build and post a link to the MOC thread here in this very thread. The prize will be awarded to whoever gains the most points from judges. So what are you waiting for?! We only have two weeks left!!
  19. After detecting a strange moon slowly approaching the planet, the Power Miners performed some engineering type calculations. They determined it was on a collision course. The impact would end the world. Panic set in; they boarded and launched their escape drilling rig. Their escape route took them out through a pyramid. The Pharoah said, "Crap, there goes the neighborhood." As they headed towards the stars, they hoped never to see another Rock Monster again. Oh oh, they picked up a hitchhiker to the galaxy.
  20. During the World End On this World happened every catastrophe, like sunstorms, earthquakes, tornados, and tsunamis. After those disasters a lot of people was dying and the Earth gets other attacks. Aliens and a meteor came from the space and demons came from the hell. Some people survived those but they have to fighting for the surviving.