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  1. Belle Époche by Thomas van Urk, on Flickr Belle Époche by Thomas van Urk, on Flickr Belle Époche by Thomas van Urk, on Flickr So this isn't based on any real building. That is one reason why it was completed relatively quickly. The other reason is the current lockdown. I was mainly inspired by the architecture in Brussels. I tried to improve on my building techniques and I'm quite happy with the result. Thanks for looking!
  2. thomassio

    [MOC] Leiden restaurant [modular building]

    Thanks! Thanks! Groeten terug! Thanks! The first attempt did have some techniques which I didn't use this time but which I might use again in different Mocs. Yes they are custom printed tiles. I think I bought some from Brickizimo. One tile I got from Bricks am Meer. I did consider building the entire street, but decided the corner building was the most interesting. We'll see what future projects will bring. Thanks! I agree they should bring back sand red. It's a great stone color. They did it with teal, so sand red should be next. Thanks! Luckily they did. Thanks! I must say I agree. I was very confused watching Lego Masters for I could not see any zeppelin. Thanks! There is a link in the first post to the first version. I haven't showed it to the owner of the house. I've never even visited the restaurant. Maybe I will. Thanks! Thanks! Correct. Luckily they weren't expensive. The 1x2 plates on the other hand... Thanks!
  3. Hogewoerd Leiden by Thomas van Urk, on Flickr When I moved to Leiden I noticed one building that I really liked. A couple of years ago I made a first attempt to recreate the building in plastic bricks, but I was never quite happy with it, and demolished it. But every time I rode through the street I was confronted with it and could not resist looking at it. It was a very dangerous way of cycling in the city traffic. So I tried again and here it is anyway. Hogewoerd Leiden by Thomas van Urk, on Flickr Hogewoerd Leiden by Thomas van Urk, on Flickr Hogewoerd Leiden by Thomas van Urk, on Flickr Hogewoerd Leiden by Thomas van Urk, on Flickr
  4. thomassio

    [LEGO IDEAS] 24 Gun Spanish Galleon

    That's a real beauty! She only needs sails and a crew.
  5. thomassio

    [MOC] Bubble Building

    Great use of colors, great composition, I love it!
  6. thomassio

    [MOC] Pirate-hunter Airship: Leviathan

    Well you're actually not the only one who mentioned that. I kinda understand but I like it this way. Since it's multiple vehicles mixed into one I wanted to add some sort of airplane landing wheels. It would have been nicer if it had only wheels at the bow and stern but that would only work if the zeppelin was actually filled with gas. I think it turned out better than my previous airship the Lady Mczep, and my next airship will even be better. Thanks for commenting!
  7. thomassio

    [MOC] Pirate-hunter Airship: Leviathan

    Thanks! It's probably very windy out there. Thanks! Yes the Miyazaki films can be very inspiring. I still have to see Castle in the Sky. Thanks! The prow is from the Knights Kingdom 2 action figures. The captains cabin windows are from the Studios Moviemaker set, they're just printed 2x2 bricks, and it is my favorite part also. The hull is indeed achieved by bending strokes of small tiles, attached to headlights and brackets in the middle and at the ends. The large tiles are indeed just laying on top of the canons. The difficult thing is that a few of the canon holes aren't big enough to fit the tiles so the upper dark tan stroke is pushed up a little. There is no room for an interior. Unfortunately it won't fly to the USA but I will bring it along with my other airship the Lady McZep to Skearbeak Fanweekend this month and Legoworld Utrecht next month.
  8. Leviathan by Thomas van Urk, on Flickr The Leviathan is the ship of the pirate-hunters, led by the fearsome Lord Gaylord, one of the most powerful people in the empire, who was sent to hunt the McZep to keep him away from the political power-struggle at court. His crew consists of specially trained soldiers who are most loyal only to him. Taking his job seriously, Gaylord will burn down any suspicious looking airship. Leviathan by Thomas van Urk, on Flickr With the McZep I wasn't really satisfied how the captains cabin turned out to be, but this time the captains cabin is my favorite part of the entire moc. Leviathan by Thomas van Urk, on Flickr During his mission to end piracy, Lord Gaylord once battled the Lady McZep in the most epic way, in which he burnt a large part of his body. He survived, and is now determined to find the McZep, for he is working on a crafty scheme to surprise them. Lord Gaylord by Thomas van Urk, on Flickr My new airship is 130 centimeters tall, took me half a year to build, and three hellish days to photograph. I will try to bring it with me to Skaerbaek. Leviathan by Thomas van Urk, on Flickr I have got plenty ideas for more airships but I think I will take a break now with this project to keep the fun. I haven't built a castle in years to which my body is severely responding. Thanks for looking and have a nice day! Leviathan by Thomas van Urk, on Flickr
  9. thomassio

    [WIP] - HMS Providence - 34 gun frigate

    That's a very impressive model. I hope you can start building it soon.
  10. thomassio

    [MOC] House in Vilnius

    It is a great Moc! To be honest I don't see any mistake or anything to comment on. Yes I would have made different choices, but that depends on personal style. Dark Orange would seem to me a more obvious choise, but Dark Red looks also good. You are absolutely right. At the end I chose to prioritize fancy techniques above accuracy. The problem you describe about proportions is very relatable, but your replica is very accurate. The comparing picture is astonishing. You nailed it.
  11. thomassio

    Cool Oldtimers on Lego Ideas So I started a Lego Ideas Project. I have no idea if this is gonna make it. I thought of all my Mocs the oldtimers would be the most suitable for Ideas. Special thanks to Mahjqa for helping with photographing and photo-shopping. - Link Removed - Please support, vote and share if you like. Thanks for looking!
  12. thomassio

    MOC Attack on Puerto Leon - WiP

    Wow this is amazing!
  13. thomassio

    How to Design a Modular or a Non-Modular Building?

    Hey thanks for mentioning me. I don't have much to add that hasn't been said before. If you want to learn how to build a good moc I'd say just start building and then have patience. I actually don't know that much of architectural styles. I just look for real buildings that I like and let them inspire me. I never begin with the baseplate. I start with a detail of the building that inspires me the most. Often I design and calculate a lot in my head before I get to my lego. While building I decide the size of the building and how much it will divert from the original inspiration. Deciding can take long and maybe it's not me but the moc that decides. The closer I stay to the original, the more patience Is needed to find all the solutions: Teteven Hotel took me two years to complete. About color: I'm not a fan of using bright colors which is personal because I've seen some brilliant mocs here using bright colors. The reason I like to use dark colors is because I strive for a balance between detail and tranquility, so with a lot of texture I can't go wild with colors. For my next moc I'm trying to do the opposite which is harder than I thought: I'm not using difficult techniques but I'm constantly rearranging many colors. I haven't talked about techniques because you just need to look a lot at a lot of mocs which you are already doing. With experience it becomes easier to invent new techniques. If you have any specific question about techniques you can always ask. That's about it. Most importantly: Just start, have patience, and have fun.
  14. thomassio

    MOC, Modular Building: Cozy Pub

    Thanks for so many compliments! I also really like the Delftsblauwe tiles. They are really good quality and Atembo does have them on their webshop: They also have them in 2x2 size.