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  1. [WIP] Castle Gate and Market

    I like the use of different colours in the wall. I'm wondering if it is all lego. What did you use to make the effect?
  2. Another airplane by Thomas van Urk, on Flickr Another airplane by Thomas van Urk, on Flickr
  3. [MOC] Modular building in Russe Bulgaria

    Thanks! I'm not inspired to make an interior for this building but I will photograph another building with interior soon.
  4. Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    I was really hyped for any new pirate ship but this turned out to be just a mess of parts. The blurred picture looked like a nicely curved ship, but that turned out to be the play feature. I hope this isnĀ“t the only set we get, or actually I do because that will save me a lot of money.
  5. First Set You Couldn't Buy

    5988 Faraos Forbidden Ruins Ultimate dream set. I have it twice now. The second time I bought it just because the beautiful box was included. The exact same story goes for 5986 Amazone Ancient Ruins.
  6. [MOC] Modular building in Russe Bulgaria

    Thanks everyone for your kind words! The gray tire is my favorite part too.
  7. Russe Bulgaria by Thomas van Urk, on Flickr Russe Bulgaria by Thomas van Urk, on Flickr
  8. light flesh 2x4 bricks. I got them from a friend of mine who told me he got them from a PaB wall years ago. I believe they were only produced for the big Basketball player sculptures at Legoworld.
  9. I really like the way you made the explosion. I've never seen that before. Your pictures look a lot better than yesterday.
  10. Thanks for commenting! The roof can be opened but there is no interiot yet. The instructions for the first plane were made by a friend of mine years ago. I will have to ask him if he likes to make instructions for the trimotor. Thanks! None of the planes are existing. I wanted to make a Ford Trimotor but halfway building I decided I wanted to make a Junkers Ju 52. The result is a mix of both.
  11. Trimotor by Thomas van Urk, on Flickr Trimotor by Thomas van Urk, on Flickr Trimotor by Thomas van Urk, on Flickr
  12. MOC Modulars Inspired by real buildings

    Modular Moc Madness Contest 2014 by Thomas van Urk, on Flickr Inspiration by Thomas van Urk, on Flickr
  13. [MOC] Another decayed modular house

    It is interesting to see experimenting with colours and you definitely inspired me with your unique style. I love your other buildings and your expanding lay-out, and this building does fit with the other buildings, but I don't think the blue and dark blue with dark tan works. It is a nice house but not as spectacular as your previous buldings.
  14. LEGO World NL 2015

    Video of our lay-out:
  15. [MOC] Block with old stone houses

    This is one of the best buildings I've seen. I think it would look really nice next to this building from Aliencat: 666 Market Street 4 by Aliencat!, on Flickr