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  1. pogo

    [MOC] Coworking space

    Hi, this is my newest project (and the largest so far). It's a model of coworking space where I was working for 1 year. It was located in an old factory, but the building was sold and this place does not exist anymore. More pictures with descriptions on imgur.
  2. pogo

    [MOC] Water Tower

    Hi everyone, here's my another MOC - water tower from the end of 19th century, more pictures with description here. I hope you enjoy it :)
  3. pogo

    Local Church MOC

    One of my larger MOCs, local church. More pictures with description can be found on imgur :)
  4. pogo

    [MOC] Spaceship

    Aaaah, I'm sorry, I already resized them :) Anyway, thanks for your comments! :)
  5. Hello everyone, I have many old sets which are using this differential http://rebrickable.com/parts/6573 and as you can see, you can easily create differential lock using part http://rebrickable.com/parts/6539. But I was wondering - is there any official set which actually uses this parts combination?
  6. pogo

    [MOC] Spaceship

    One micro scaled project, you can see the pictures with small descriptions in my imgur gallery if you're interested