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Found 6 results

  1. Name: Apeface Allegiance: Decepticon Subgroup: Headmaster Horrorcons Alternate modes: Jet plane and gorilla Motto: Obnoxiousness is not a problem. It is an art ========== Actually this guy was never in my to-built list.. but since this is "year of triple changers" for me, and Apeface is sort of a low-hanging fruit compared to other triple changers when it comes to complexity, I give that a shot. Compared to the original G1 Apeface.. some compromises must be made in the form of a different-looking jet mode. Hope you guys like my rendition! The ball joints used for the gorilla rear legs are too weak to hold his body up. So he can't stand upright . With LEGO Snapdragon I rebuilt few months earlier. (He's not a Headmaster though). To view more photos especially how he transform between modes, proceed to my blog entry below: Follow me in Instagram please!
  2. Name: Stitchmaster Motto: I came, I sewed, I conquered Faction: Decepticon Role: Master interrogator Strength: Ability to coerce captured enemies into revealing secrets by applying various torture techniques involving needles Weakness: soft spot for soft toys. Tend to be distracted to help mend them instead of going out for battles. This LEGO Transformer was built at record speed of 3 days ! Not only that, I spent one extra day to make another copy of it just for photo shoot! Hope you guys enjoy 'em. For more photos showing the transformation steps, please visit my blog link below. Thank you!! And here's a video of him in action!
  3. Arcane arrives! This LEGO TF took me almost 2 months to complete .Arcane transform into a crane ,and *hic* ... a crane . The idea to make this guy came last year and it's been bugging me since , like a song that keeps repeating itself in my brain. I only managed to think of a name for him last week and to my suprise..... "Arcane" (despite being a pretty decent name for a Decepticon, on par with "Bludgeon" ) was NEVER used before in TF universe. Crane Mode My prerequisite for building this mode was that it should have basic functionalities of a typical mobile crane... the boom is able to be raised in excess of 60 degrees and full rotation of the crane using the 4x4 turntable plate. It's a pity LEGO has yet to produce a frictional turnable with maybe steps of 22.5 or 11.25 degree perhaps, as it would be very useful here for me. Crane Mode :D The slender legs of this bird are unable to sustain the weight of this MOC especially when the wings are spread further out. The tail helps alot here to ensure the following poses are possible: Robot Mode One of the last component to be built was the targetmaster chick. Before this I thought of making the weapon/gun to be concealed as extensions to the bird/crane's tail.... but then again buttmaster doesn't sound right. So it's scrapped. NO. Its not a partsformer . Transformation doesn't require parts to be taken off. I would say when it comes to building triple changer TF... Arcane is my tour-de-force. I am very satisfied with how the back kibble looks (thanks to the flexibility of crane neck allowing it to be tucked in fairly nicely on the robot mode's back) . Another thing I enjoy doing is "sculpting" a tight and lean abs for him. Drop by my blog to see more photos and how Arcane transform between modes! Thanks! =) My days are numbered after this. So I instead of building unique LEGO TF from scratch.. I will be improving/upsizing my past LEGO triple changers .. starting with Springer & Broadside.
  4. This project started last December and progress were averaging at one bot per month. After 7 months of gruelling yet challenging efforts, Liokaiser is finally done. However , back then (end of June) ... I was given a chance to showcase my LEGO transformers at a local store , so Liokaiser was whisked there for a month (video link below). After a month , he was put in storage as I was busy with another LEGO TF project. I'd guess I better put a closure to this now .So there :) >> As a LEGO combiner of this size, (more than 1.5 feet tall)... he is top heavy, so he can't be posed in more elaborate manner. Too much stress were imposed on the hinges . :| >> Due to complexity of individual bot , merging them to form Liokaiser caused a few weak points in connections. I'm forced to apply extra scaffoldings in a few areas to reinforce these connections, so that posing him about would not topple him over . >> Yes, it's SEVEN breastforce members I mentioned just now. In the original cartoon, Deathcobra was the 7th member of Breastforce (forming the arm) but was killed early in the show. So here, I decided to pay homage to this character by having him as a helicopter that transforms/separates into components for the combiner: Hands, head and a gun. If you wish to view more photos of Liokaiser and the whole breastforce team (more than 200 photos!) , the following blog link is a good starting point: As a LEGO TF builder, this project really pushes my limits and skills (and patience.. gawd... finding ways to merge the upper body was simply taxing). OK now I need find ways to outdo myself again. Lemme think what else I can build next. Thanks for viewing!! :)
  5. Devid

    MOC - Nemesis Prime (G1)

    My Nemesis Prime (G1) Link flickr
  6. alanyuppie

    [MOC] LEGO Beast Wars Dinobot

    Wrapping up my latest MOC, Beast Wars Dinobot. This one is a commission piece requested by a fellow Transformers fan, based on this guy below: Since I prefer to build LEGO TF inspired from G1 Transformers series (mostly cars or mechanical-looking beasts/animals), this MOC is a slightly different ballgame since the mode is organic-looking. I'm glad I got enough right parts in brown and similar tones to pull this through. One of the advantages of building LEGO Transformers with beast mode is that the robot arms literally form themselves without complex transformation ... like this Dinobot (or G1 Grimlock) where the dino legs become the robot arms easily.. The raptor arms were the final components I built. Without knowing how they will blend in, in robot mode, I'm suprised they turn out to be one of my favorite design techniques in this MOC (besides the raptor head which took me a while to built). The original BW Dinobot toy is pretty simple actually so its not hard to improvise upon it. But I dislike partsforming in any form (huge chunk of tail becomes weapons, duh). I took BOTH liberties in replicating the tail-weapon thingy (its a commission piece anyway.. cannot detract too much from what's expected by the client) , and also continue my no-partsforming policy in designing (the tail can remain there in beast mode until it end up on the back of the robot mode when done transforming). Attempt to fulfil the latter compounded in extra 1 week of building efforts. I build the raptor arms without considering how they will blend into the robot mode. To my suprise... they blended/tucked in perfectly without any form of redesigning. How I wish the back could be the front/chest instead compared to a raptor head .. but this is a commission piece.. so I gotta stay true to the original BW Dinobot toy =) Without dismantling the raptor tail , transformation to robot mode will cause the tail to end up at the back , facing up. Dinobot once auditioned for 'V' but was rejected due to poor range (he don't have a human /Pretender mode) Visit my blog in my signature to view the transformation sequence and even more photos of this guy. =)