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Found 8 results

  1. From Mad Morgan's diary, Professional Fortune Hunter February 14, 623, Dear Diary. Today I left Fiorentia, the island of flowers. My long journey across the sea has begun, in search of happiness. Unfortunately, my allergy to flowers made it impossible to live here any longer. February 21, 623, Dear Diary. Fighted with a shark today. Another normal day at sea... February 28, 623, Dear Diary. Today I had to face a heavy storm on the West Prio Sea. Unfortunately I had to say goodbye to my beloved vessel 'Rubber Duck'. I washed up on Sabre Island. February 29, 623, Dear Diary. People sometimes say I'm a bit 'mad', but just today I met a strange chap in Poppy Port. His name is Jolly Jones. He is a lonely wolf at sea. He claims that he once served under the infamous Captain Blackbeard. I'm going to get to know him more closely. March 17, 623, Dear Diary. I almost forgot about you. Sorry about this. I think I became friends with Jolly Jones. Recently he even expressed his appreciation for Corrington! Weird pirate, I told you. March 31, 623, Dear Diary. Today, after a few glasses of rum, Jolly Jones spoke about the rumors of valuable minerals found on Cocovia. If I was interested in pursuing new adventures... I said to sleep on it. April 1, 623, Dear Diary. I'm going on an adventure. No, it's not a joke. April 12, 623, Dear Diary. Our ship is finished. Well, ship. It is a raft with which we hope to cross the Cocovia Sea. Fingers crossed. April 19, 623, Dear Diary. We're well on our way. In the distance we see Cocovia. After a game of rock - paper - scissors we decided to travel to Quinnsville. April 20, 623, Dear Diary. Today we set foot on land. Here we immediately found an abandoned mine. We wonder if the previous fortune hunters have left something for us. You will hear from me soon! Love Mad Morgan. --- A prospecting build to find some valuable minerals on Quinnsville! @Ayrlego Property type: Prospecting build for minerals Dimensions: 48 x 27 studs Total parts: ~2,000 Credits: - Design raft based on a design by @ marinbrickdesign - Design Mad Morgan: Lego CMF Series 12 - Prospector (col186) - Design Jolly Jones: Tattooga (Appears in Lego Pirates of Barracuda Bay - 21322)
  2. With a WTC presence in Black Beach established, one of the first order of operations was to scout the surrounding area - for both potential danger as well as possible riches. The WTC had some encounters on Gunpowder Island in the past, so in accordance with recent plans it was decided to join forces with local Redshirt patrols. "I do not like this one bit! Dark volcano sand, rumours of savage tribes in the hinterlands... who knows what we come across? And now this WTC guy to keep an eye on as well!" Not long after grumpily muttering to himself, the small group came across a welcoming sight... ... but apparently the WTC Scout had seen something else of interest! A few hits with his pick, and some sample of this curious rock had been freed. What could it be? ================================================================ Another prospecting build on Gunpowder Island, may @Ayrlego bring luck! Two more pictures of the whole scene: As always, comments and criticism are welcome!
  3. Somewhere in the bayou, Ile Dyonisus, July 622 The outskirts of Nouveau Oleander, on Ile Dyonisus, don’t seem the best areas for mining activities… unless you want to start a mud mine, or unless you are convinced that crocodiles are actually mineral resources! However, now and then, weird shiny minerals surface out of the sludge, or are found on the banks of one of the countless ponds. Nobody really knows what those stones are, and they were considered simple curiosities… at least until the chaplain of a passing ship recalled to have seen something similar in the Mokolei Empire, near to some important mines. Unfortunately, he didn’t remember which type of mines, probably the most important point, so a proper geological survey was organised. Therefore, some of New Oleandia couriers du bois (the local hunters) left their beloved rifles and embraced some shovels. If they found something, governor would reward them well for the lost hunting days. Digging in the marshes is a boring job, especially if compared to crocodile hunting, but it has at least an advantage: a bag of mud doesn’t usually try to snap your arms off! One of the prospectors, in the meantime, was preparing the lunch: a thick soup of hardtack and canned horse stew (Explorer Special Recipe, WTC registered trade mark). That stuff is barely edible, but isn’t infested by maggots (the WTC “Can of Worms”, with extra maggots and crunchy weevils, surprisingly, never rose to international success) and is not crocodile, differently from most of the meat available on the island! Overall view: the MOC is quite simple, I played a little with the ground level but this is largely covered by the vegetation. I originally planned this prospect for Ile Sous le Vent, but then I decided that building a mine on a swamp island could be far more challenging… provided that I find something worth! @Ayrlego, I think this is up to you now… @Darnok, the WTC canned horse strikes back!
  4. On the second day after their arrival on Panarium, a lightning storm hit and the settlers had to seek shelter. With no buildings erected yet, they were quite exposed in their camp. After seeking shelter next to a nearby rock outcrop, two pioneers began to wonder about what riches lay embedded in those rocks. As the storm broke, the two returned with pickaxes and began breaking off chunks of rock. Prospecting build in Wullham. OOC: What do we have in these rocks?
  5. Location: Mesabi Landing Type: Prospecting Coal continued to be found in Mesabi Landing in bucketfuls. But today, A WTC explosive experts prepared another attempt to find the minerals of Argentia. More prospecting by North White, on Flickr "This is not at all safe." Said a Corrish Soldier "Relax, what's the worst that could happen!" said the Explosives expert More prospecting by North White, on Flickr A massive pile of explosives sat next to a rock More prospecting by North White, on Flickr The Corrish soldier ran, saying nothing. The Explosive expert lit the fuse, and ran. KABOOOOOOOOM More prospecting by North White, on Flickr Just another day in Mesabi Landing FIN Here's to not getting coal (or stone)
  6. The log of Captain Aiden Coyle. 9th February 617: Having done such a fine job for me in Tiberia, I contracted Vernon Cloggs to do some prospecting on Serentia near Stormhaven. I do wonder what he will find. END OF ENTRY
  7. We buy your mines and your claims! Licensed Mines: Stone Quarry, Berreli, near Elysabethtown Iron Mine, Ferro Azure, near Salida Este Stone Quarry, Isla de Victoria, near Fuerte Unido Licensed claims: Stone Quarry, Berreli, active mine Iron, Ferro Azure, active mine Copper, Otono, mines in construction Stone Quarry, La Sombra, mines in construction Stone Quarry, Isla de Victoria, active mine Joint ventures: Stone Quarry, Cocovia, near King's Harbour (50-50 with the Montoya Estate) Monthly Revenue (see here): 51,25 DBs We are interested in buying both your prospecting scenes, your claims and your MOCed mines: 1. Prospecting scene only: MOC of prospecting scene - on Ferro Azure: 12 DBs - on Isla Philip: 10 DBs - on another Eslandolan island: 8 DBs - anywhere else: 5 DBs 2. Mine type known: (requires that the SetUp Cost of 25 DBs has already been paid) Iron: 50 DBs Gold: 45 DBs Silver: 35 DBs Mercury: 25 DBs Copper: 20 DBs Any other: 15 DBs 3. Mine has been MOCed: Iron, Gold: +60 DBs Silver, Mercury, Copper: +35 DBs Other: +25 DBs 4. Mine has been licensed: We pay the full licensing fee on top (e.g. +75 DBs for salt). Example: * You have MOCed a prospecting scene on Nellisa. We would pay 8 DBs (Eslandolan island). * You decide to pay 25 DBs and wait for the result. It's an iron mine. We would now pay 50 DBs (that is your 25 plus an additional 25). * You decide to MOC it. We would now pay 110 DBs. * You decide to license it yourself (cost: 75 DBs). We would now pay you 170 DBs. You decide to keep it. * Three months later you finally decide to sell it. We will still pay the 170 DBs.
  8. As a new settlement, King's Harbour is in need of almost everything. Naturally, prospecting for minerals was one of the earliest endavours undertaken on Cocovia. The sample will be tested for its composition, before a mine can be set up. Nothing much - just a little prospecting build for King's Harbour.