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Found 21 results

  1. The Adventures of Edmund Cooke | S01E05 'The Challenge' We ended our story at William Parker's Shipyard: "I'll get this big vessel ready for you, come back soon." The story now continues... Click here for previous episodes: Click here for more info about the characters: A few weeks later, Edmund, Alexandre, Bernard and Jim returned to William Parker's shipyard. Immediately they noticed a mighty two-masted cannon sloop lying in the water. This ship looked very suitable to continue the adventure! Meanwhile, William was already coming towards them. "And..., do you like this vessel?", he asked. Edmund replied with a resounding: "Yes, definitely!" "Have you thought about a name for this vessel yet?", asked William. Edmund looked startled at Alexandre, who nodded reassuringly. "We have an extremely suitable name. We call her 'HMS Challenger". May she be with us over many challenges!". After a three-yard huzzah and a number of ceremonies, the men boarded. In the meantime, Bernard had found a number of willing sailors who were willing to join them. These experienced hands knew the dangers of the ocean, and were ready for a new adventure. The departure went smoothly and the HMS Challenger headed south. Before the expedition was started, a test run was first arranged. They sailed across the Drolitic Ocean. The sailors were able to get used to the ship and their new boss, Captain Edmund Cooke. Navigator Alexandre Bar-de-Fer steered the ship past beautiful atolls where natives lived. Sometimes they passed a lone pirate looking for a treasure, or they were welcomed by a colony of flamingos. After a successful test run, the course was changed to the north, into the direction of Arlinsport. The adventure could begin! The sea route to the Kingdoms of the Great Raider could be deployed. Finally, Captain Cooke gave the crew some words of encouragement, then he looked at his personal adviser, Alexandre, and asked, "Okay, so where are we going now?" To be continued... --- Collab build with @boeing_787_8_dreamliner. Vessel HMS Challenger will be licensed by @Bricksbypidy as a class 5. @Ayrlego, I would like to receive input from a game master for my next step in this adventure. Maybe you can give me some options to choose from (as an answer from 'Navigator Alexandre'? Property type: Ship Dimensions: 140 x 114 studs Total parts: ~15,900 Credits: - Design vessel: @boeing_787_8_dreamliner - Used some elements of Lego set 6262 King's Kahuka's Throne --- With this build I've achieved: - a total of licensed 6 vessels - a total of 4 collab builds with @boeing_787_8_dreamliner
  2. The Adventures of Edmund Cooke | S01E03 'The Basement' We ended our story at Edmund Cooke's house: "You need an ocean-going vessel to make a voyage to these western reaches of the Great Northern Ocean!" replied Jim. Edmund looked at Alexandre. He gave a little nod and said, "I know the right person in Arlinsport for this job... His name is Parker." The story now continues... Click here for previous episodes: Click here for more info about the characters: A few days later, Edmund and Bernard came to Alexandre's basement in his house in Arlinsport. Alexandre had a man cave in his house where he spent many hours devising strategies, preparing new expeditions, enjoying a good glass of whiskey or dusting off his trinkets. Alexandre was bent over the table. The table displayed an image of the map of the Northwest portion of the continent of Halos. Alexandre pointed with a stick at the white cross on the map. "Here," he said. "This is the area we're going to, the Kingdoms of the Great Raider. According to Jim Corbett, there should be polar bears. As I mentioned recently, I know someone who can build us a vessel to brave the Great Northern Ocean." "As I mentioned recently, I know someone who can build us a vessel to brave the Great Northern Ocean However, I recently spoke to the Arlinsport Harbor Master, who indicated that we have reached the maximum number of vessels in our fleet. We will have to pay an additional fee of 250 db to expand our fleet!" Edmund looked at Alexandre: "What do you think, are all these costs worth this expedition? A new vessel is already costing us a lot of money, and we haven't even left the harbor yet!". Alexandre shrugged: "I don't know, my friend, but sometimes an experience makes you happier than money..." Edmund nodded: "Okey, let's go! Arrange the extra contribution for our new vessel! We're going to Parker's Shipyard!" To be continued... --- Will not be licensed, because I've reached the maximum for this month. Build is made to increase my ship level from 10 to 35. (+25) No GM input needed at this time to continue the journey... Property type: Medium Residence (but wil not be licensed) Dimensions: 50 x 34 studs Total parts: ~3,700 Credits: - Design minifigures: @ Ktownbricks, @ Theminifigco, @ Brickmaniatoys and @ Lego (Instagram) - Design furniture: @ Nortonsevenfour, @ Brickdesigned, @ Marinbrickdesign and @ bricksbypidy - Design custom parts (carpet): @ Briquestore_officiel (Instagram) --- With this build I've achieved: - a total of 13 unlicensed builds (mostly because of reaching the maximum for each month) (36% of all my builds) - a total of 7 Medium sized builds (22% of all my builds) - a total of 3 Residence builds (9% of all my builds) - a total of 3 builds in Arlinsport (9% of all my builds)
  3. The Adventures of Edmund Cooke | S01E02 'The Book of Knowledge' After we recently met our main characters in tavern 'The Drunken Fish' in Arlinsport, the story now continues... (click here for S01E01) Characters Screenshot S01E01 Edmund Cooke quickly finished his drink... "Hey Jim", he asked, "are you interested in talking about these 'deadly predators' at my place". Jim Corbett accepted the invitation, but indicated that he first had to stop by his house to pick up something. In the meantime a number of hours had passed and it was already starting to get darker and darker... *knock - knock*, there was a 'knock' on the door. Bernard Claesen Speirdyke looked with his small sleepy eyes through the window in the door . "Who's there?" he asked. "It's me, Jim," came the voice from the other side of the door. Bernard unlocked the door and escorted Jim to Edmund's office. Here Edmund was already sitting at a long table, waiting for his guest. Alexandre Bras-de-Fer was also present. Edmund's good friend and advisor was also very interested in what Jim had to say. Bernard closed the door behind Jim and stood at the door. He half listened to the conversation between the three gentlemen, while he had to make an effort to stay awake. Jim pulled a large, old book from under his arm. "This, gentlemen, is 'The Book of Knowledge'; I affectionately call it 'Wiki'... It contains everything you need to know about the white predators we talked about earlier today - well, yesterday... Jim put the book on the table and opened it at the letter "P." "The Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus) is a hypercarnivorous species of bear. Its native range lies largely within the Arctic Circle, encompassing the Great Northern Ocean and its surrounding seas and landmasses, which includes the westernmost regions near the Great Alliance States. It is the largest extant bear species, as well as the largest extant land carnivore," Jim read. "The only other bear of comparable size to the polar bear is the Kodiak bear, which is a subspecies of brown bear. Adult male polar bears weigh 350–700 kg (770–1,500 lb) and measure 2.4–3 meters (7 ft 10 in – 9 ft 10 in) in total length," Jim continued his story. Edmund sat listening to Jim's story with an enthusiastic smile on his face. His mind wandered and he already saw himself on a new adventure, in search of this Ursus maritimus! "...and that's all there is to it about the infamous polar bear, in this 'Book of Knowledge'." Jim concluded. Edmund was startled from his daydream: "Okay, now what...?" "You need an ocean-going vessel to make a voyage to these western reaches of the Great Northern Ocean!" replied Jim. Edmund looked at Alexandre. He gave a little nod and said, "I know the right person in Arlinsport for this job... His name is Parker." To be continued... --- Will not be licensed, because I've reached the maximum for this month. No GM input needed at this time to continue the journey... Property type: Medium Residence (but wil not be licensed) Dimensions: 35 x 27 studs Total parts: ~1,700 Credits: - Design minifigures: @ Ktownbricks, @ Theminifigco, @ Brickmaniatoys and @ Lego (Instagram) - Design furniture: @ Nortonsevenfour, @ Brickdesigned and @evancelt (Instagram), @ Brick_Sanchez (Rebrickable) - Design custom parts (parquet floor, carpet & Mona Lisa painting): @ Briquestore_officiel (Instagram)
  4. The Adventures of Edmund Cooke | S01E01 'Beerhunters' This story begins in 'The Drunken Fish' tavern in Arlinsport, Tiberia. But before I take you into the story I will first introduce the main characters for this first episode: Characters Edmund Cooke Governor of the colony of Ethiopia, far away. Edmund is a War-veteran who recently fought in the Seawatch Campaign. In addition, he is a renowned captain who likes to conquer the raging oceans. Edmund had come to Tiberia to meet an old friend, Mayor Mason Denear. Bernard Claesen Speirdyke Edmund Cooke's right-hand man. Bernard is Edmund's personal security guard and assistant. Bernard is originally from 'Wullham, Panarium, a settlement/island in The Great Ocean. Alexandre Bras-de-Fer Navigator by profession. Takes care of Edmund's ship and navigates to the correct destination. He is also a good friend and advisor to Edmund. Jim Corbett Professional hunter and adventurer. He has seen many parts of the world and knows a lot about flora and fauna. No adventure is too crazy for him, no hunt is too dangerous for him! S01E01: Beerhunters After a long journey, Edmund Cooke, Bernard Claesen Speirdyke and Alexandre Bras-de-Fer have arrived in Arlinsport, Tiberia. They had already explored the city and finally ended up in tavern 'The Drunken Fish' for an alcoholic snack. Edmund entered the tavern first, looked around, and nodded in agreement: "Good people here." The tavern was filled with redcoats enjoying a beer. The room was filled with 'Highland' music, blasted into the tavern by the redcoat in the checkered kilt. Upstairs from the gallery stood behind the curtains a smartly dressed gentleman and lady surveying the spectacle. "Hmm, maybe the owners", Edmund thought. There were few places left. At the very back, a man sat alone at a large table. The man was dressed in brown clothing and wore a raccoon skin cap. Although the person looked a bit strange, there were few other options. The trio sat down at this table. Well three..., Bernard stopped just to be sure so that he could have a good overview of the situation. You never knew... While the men were enjoying a beer, their eyes fell on the white rug on the floor in front of the stairs. It looked like a bearskin, but they had never seen a white one before. The man across from them overheard Edmund and Alexandre arguing and joined in the conversation: "Never seen a dead polar bear before?" Bernard looked at the man suspiciously. What was this eccentric fellow meddling with? Alexandre looked at the man and indicated that he had never seen a white bear. "Jim Corbett," said the man. "My name is Jim Corbett, hunter". Confused by this sudden turn in the 'conversation', the trio also introduced themselves. Jim nodded in agreement and continued the conversation: "The polar bear lives in the cold colonies with a lot of snow." Alexandre nodded at Edmund as if to say they had never been there. "The polar bear is a deadly predator, and this skin was taken as a trophy by the owner of the tavern," Jim continued. "The story goes that these bears live in the far western colonies, beyond the Great Alliance States. The bears are rare and rarely seen." Edmund, an adventurous man, was mesmerized by what Jim had to say. His interest was piqued. He wanted to know more about this... To be continued... --- Will be licensed as a Large Artisan building to Arlinsport for the Crown (@Ayrlego). No GM input needed at this time to continue the journey... Completing GoC task 4.1 Purser's Network (license type 'Artisan') with this build. Property type: Large Artisan Dimensions: 72 x 52 studs Total parts: ~6,000 Credits: - Overall concept: based on a design by Damian Bonczyk (see picture below):
  5. Location: The University of Tiberia, Arlinsport, Tiberia Type: Royal Project Piece It was a pleasant day in Arlinsport at the University of Tiberia. Birds were chirping, and students pleasantly milled about beside the administrative office. When suddenly, the sounds a maddened horse and rider charged towards the building. "MOVE, NERDS!" yelled Countess Agnes Mesabi at the top of her lungs, as she charged her loyal steed, "Buttercup" into the main concourse. Students dived to the side as she fired her pistol into the air, and Buttercup reared aggressively. Countess Mesabi dismounted, and slapped Buttercup on the hindquarters. Buttercup raced towards the nearest body of students as Agnes walked towards the door of the Administrative building. Meanwhile, An adjunct professor watched in horror as students ran from Buttercups clomping hooves. Countess Mesabi arrived at the board of regents meeting a timely seven minutes late. She dropped a parcel of papers onto the table, and coughed loudly. "You're late" said the chair of the department of sciences. "And why was there screaming and gunshots outside?" "I come here to do business, and all you want to talk about is screaming nerds. I thought you were professionals!" said Agnes crankily. "Also, don't worry, it was a blank." "Countess Mesabi, we're a bit... alarmed by your entrance, but let's move past that. You're here on behalf of the WTC to help the university with budgetary matters?" "Yes of course," replied Agnes. "The WTC is willing to give a large endowment to the university, provided you name a building or two after me, and help us offload some WTC products that aren't flying off the shelves like they used to. I see it as a win win." "Meaning exactly what?" Asked another board member. "Well, we have excess Horse meat to get rid of, some of it cut with low quality Giraffe. That of course can be put in the cafeteria. Also, we want to be the exclusive arms dealer to the UoT." "We Will NOT have our students eating WTC horse slop!" Yelled a board member. Wordlessly, Agnes pointed to the endowment proposal on the table. The Board members looked at it, and glanced at each other. A collective sigh filled the room. "Which building do you want named after you?" Asked the chair. "Here Buttercup!" yelled Countess Mesabi, as she walked out of another successful meeting. Namere awaited once more. FIN Thanks for viewing my build! I've been wanting to get this royal project done for a while now, and this is a bit of a start on getting back to it. This build took a lot of work to get right, it went through quite a few design phases before I was satisfied. The entryway is the focal point of the build, and is based off of the entrance to The Golden Cat, from Dishonored. I ran out of a lot of bricks towards the end, which is why the top is rather plain, but I think it turned out alright. I really tried to improve on some specific things from my last build. The road is definitely more worn, and I think it looks good, although perhaps a tad modern. I also utilized the trick of putting plates behind the windows to darken them, as recommended by Ayrlego and Evancelt. I'm not sure how well it all comes across though, and I may need to re-photograph some of it. I'm hoping I can spark some interest in finishing the royal project. Though, the stories around this project might be a bit zany for other people's characters, and cause some people to not be interested. Either way, it's always fun to write for Agnes at her worst. C&C appreciated, per my usual list of sins: I'm sure some bricks aren't fully pushed down, this one used a lot of plates, and so it's kinda fragile. Fleshies inhabit the same world as yellow figs. You can see the blanket under my white background in one shot. I have the same table, and bookshelves prefabs as at least 10 other builds. I take my photographs with my phone camera, a sun lamp, and a super bright bulb.
  6. All-faiths chapel, University of Tiberia by Ross Fisher, on Flickr Brother François, University of Tiberia, Arlinsport, August 608. Your eminences, I beg your forgiveness, but I am beginning to suspect that I am not the right man for the position here at the University of Tiberia. When I applied for this post, I had hoped that it would be suitable for a man of action. I believed that by great labour, or sheer force of will, I might have an impact here. I had hoped that I could bring some of these Corlander intellectuals into the light of the Faith. However, in truth, I see now that this task requires someone with far more patience than I. Someone with a tolerant demeanour and a comforting disposition. The chaplaincy here is small. When I arrived here I was surprised that it would never fit the entire student body within. In hindsight this should have been my first clue. The school governors here regard my presence as a box-ticking exercise; something to appeal to prospective students, but not a part of the university in its own right. Moreover, I have been superciliously told that this temple is a "multi-faith" chapel, and that any old heathen can use my building for his own twisted rituals. Fortunately, after I ran the first few heretics out, word got around, and the titan-worshippers and "three goddesses" hippies have stopped coming. By Hades, it's all I can do to stop myself erecting a pyre on the quad! In short, I ask that you consider someone else for this position. Perhaps a priestess of Hera? Far too many of these feckless Corlanders come here in search of mothering, and I am disinclined to accommodate such pathetic mewling any longer. Please help me find a different path. Something I can really sink my teeth into - preferably not more horse. Your humble servant, Brother François
  7. Facing the main square of Arlinsport, the new headquarter of the Bank of Corrington has now been finished, and the bank is opening for business. The building itself is almost monumental in style, symbolising the stability and security it stands for (and offering some of the safest vaults of New Terra). The employees are well paid and recruited after extreme vetting to ensure their moral standards. ___________________________________________ The bank offers anyone to set up an account, whereafter access to any of the banks multitude of services can be arranged. Base service 24 hour access to accounts You can always find your current account here. Free and instant withdrawals and deposits to and from your account (within your credit limit!). (Simply fill out the proper transaction form and enter your transaction in the above sheet under "Deposits", as well as in this thread.) Interest on deposits All account holders with positive balances share in any interest earned on loans and credit lines. Optional services Credit line and loans Negotiate a credit line to help you when in need of extra liquidity, or take out a one time loan Anonymous accounts Should this be of interest, an anonymous account can be set up. Joint investment handling Are you tired of monthly payments to investors? Place your investment under the BoC, and let the proceeds automatically flow into the bank accounts of the shareholders to be withdrawn at their convenience. The BoC handles investments of all kinds, in return for a small set-up fee and share of profits. (Contact your personal advisor for details on prices and set-up) ? (The bank will regularly audit the accounts to check for discrepancies, and criminal or fraudulent behaviour will be punished most severely.) Should this lead to any questions, feel free to ask here or in more private communication. Also, do you think this 16x16 build can be licensed as a small commerce? For new players: Bank of Corrington Pioneer Loan Scheme
  8. Location: Arlinsport Type: Royal University It was a cloudy day in Arlinsport, as the Luca siblings walked into the department of Politik, Philosophy, and History library, next to the Great Garden of Tiberia. The University of Tiberia by North White, on Flickr "Tiberia could easily have been Nameren, you know." Said Maria. "Do South of Balmin, if only we hadn't been at war with the Bremerens, we could have sent our ships and taken it for ourselves." The University of Tiberia by North White, on Flickr "Ah, wouldn't that have been nice, sister. A united Namere under Gonda. A pity it was the Bremerens who won the war." Replied Luca The two entered the library. The librarian shushed them without even looking up. The University of Tiberia by North White, on Flickr "Greetings, my friends." Said Princess Isabella of Gonda, "Though I regret circumstances are not as I wish they could be." The University of Tiberia by North White, on Flickr "We're alive, and that's what matters." Said the pricessess's attendant, Antonio Barsotti. "Alive, but broke, our forces scattered, and our resources exhausted." Said Isabella. The University of Tiberia by North White, on Flickr "If we ever want to take back our kingdom, we'll have to find new allies." Said Maria, "We're in a Corrish Settlement. Perhaps these, 'Corries' can be of use." "That incident in Carno set us back. We can't trust outsiders again. Not again." Said Antonio. The University of Tiberia by North White, on Flickr "Unfortunately, we must. I've reached out to local governance for resources. The only useful thing I've found is a flier labeled 'Captain Wanted' for a ship. seems some organization is taking anyone they can get. If we ever want to recover the throne of Gonda, we must begin wherever we can. Luca, see if you can get the position. Take whoever you need." Isabella said. "I'll take Nico, and Maria. It's going to be a chore, but baby steps." Said Luca. "Anything else to discuss?" The University of Tiberia by North White, on Flickr "Nico, you go with Maria and Luca, we've got big plans." said Isabella, calling the navigator over. The University of Tiberia by North White, on Flickr The Three left the library. The Librarian shushed them again, as they passed uniforms from some pointless war between Oleon and Corrington. They had work to do. FIN Thanks for viewing my build for the royal university of Tiberia! As I am spearheading the project, it would be a sin for me to not get something decent looking out. I can't wait to see everyone else's builds for the project. C&C appreciated, especially on the story. I hope to develop things in Namere more like @Keymonus did with Varcoast. Thanks again, and let's hope this is the start to a great project for Corrington and the Brick Seas as a whole.
  9. Arlinsport AdvisorThe Economic Guide to the SeasIssue 1, Vol 2 Wealth on the Brick Seas Wealth on the Brick Seas has long been measured by the standardized unit of Doubloons. (replacing the antiquated term of piece of eight) But how is wealth distributed on the Brick Seas. Read along to find out! Notes: This analysis does not factor in everything. It does not include players who make extra income as mayors, and does not include any MCRA funds being added. Only assured funds are added to the counts in this analysis. Sea Rats The Sea Rats have long been known for their squalor and abject poverty. They have little and often resort to piracy and breaking agreements to make ends meet. Just last month, after agreeing to return a ship in return for some property creation, Captain Silas Pike ordered the ship scrapped to fill his own coffers. Fortunately, these wretches are poor, as empires are far better than a bunch of loners building small settlements. The Sea Rats Currently make the following: Sea Rats Summary Account Holdings Income Sea Rats 5,503 36 Settlements 2,613 292 Players 20308 770 Corporations 323 20 As one can see, most income generated by the Sea Rats comes from it's players. However, this has left their leadership poor and feeble. Making them easy pickings if there ever was a war... But the Arlinsport Adviser would not be a quality magazine if it did not include graphics! Sea Rat Pie by North White, on Flickr Oleon Oleon's selfish nature may soon be their downfall, as they have concentrated much of their earnings in their central government. Almost half of Oleon's total income is generated by Oleon itself, not factoring out taxes or fees, something that was not counted in this review. Their holdings are far better distributed, but with their taxes, their players may soon begin to suffer. Perhaps their faith will lead to their downfall... Oleon Summary Account Holdings Income Oleon 23,375 2016 Settlements 4584 456 Players 47536 1620 Corporations 810 133 Little to none of Oleon's holdings are in their corporations, and citizen's income makes up only 80% of what the crown makes. But here's a friendly graphic! Oleon Pie by North White, on Flickr Corrington Long known as the greatest most orderly most scientific nation of the world. Corrington's efforts to help the Mardian people alone should be something to stand back in awe for. However, Corrington herself has not kept up the process of keeping one's coffers full. Despite being great, projects have lagged behind, including the Cocovia wagonway, which still needs to be completed. However, here is an overview of Corrington Corrington Summary Account Holdings Income Corrington 14059 660 Settlements 5110 810 Players 49858 2003 Corporations 16,923 1193 As can be seen, most of Corrington's wealth is generated by her citizens. But these numbers, while impressive, will seem inadequate compared to Eslandola. Corrington Pie by North White, on Flickr Eslandola Eslandolans are well known for their ability to rub two coins together and produce a third. They are money grubbing folks who make a ton of money and manage to hang onto a ton of money even though they were at war with the Mardians. Anyways, they have money. Eslandola Summary Account Holdings Income Eslandola 23,829 1446 Settlements 5660 791 Players 94986 3618 Corporations 15,216 2256 Most of the Esladolans earnings and income comes from their citizens. They also have a very healthy private sector, and public sector. Anyways, their filthy rich. Eslandola Pie by North White, on Flickr Overview But the Eslandolans true power can be seen when all of the nations are compared at once. Nation Total Income Corrington 85950 4,761 Eslandola 139,691 8146 Oleon 76,287 4225 Sea Rats 28,747 1128 Making almost twice what Corrington and Oleon produce, the Eslandolans are poised to take the Brick Seas with their money. BoBS Bars by North White, on Flickr (Blue is holdings and red is income) So, things will get interesting on the Brick Seas, as the gap between the nations continues to grow. Giving us a lot of things to fear... Advertisements Are you Hungry for Horses? Horse meat is the new in on the Brick Seas. So we'd like to ask you, are you hungry for Horses? WTC: Your solution to Chaos! The Wayfarer Trading Company is proud to announce the opening of at least 5 factories over the past month. Can your Trade Corporation say that? OOC: Thanks for viewing this analysis. Yes, I know the MCRA is a major source of income. No, I'm not going to argue about it, as it's unpredictable, and hard to measure. C&C welcomed
  10. Location: Arlinsport Type: Medium Factory Ever since the emergence of the WTC, horse life spans had decreased significantly. Sticky Business by North White, on Flickr But the WTC was never an organization to cause problems! Sticky Business by North White, on Flickr And so, Horse Skeletons were brought to the WTC's processing center in Arlinsport Sticky Business by North White, on Flickr A large loading dock allows for loading from both land and sea. Sticky Business by North White, on Flickr Sticky Business by North White, on Flickr Inside, skeletons are dismembered into small pieces. Sticky Business by North White, on Flickr Next, they are boiled into a sticky gel that makes an easy glue for uses throughout the colonies Sticky Business by North White, on Flickr All that's left is loading them into crates! Sticky Business by North White, on Flickr WTC: A leading pioneer in innovation. FIN Thanks for viewing my factory! This build should finally nudge Arlinsport into city territory, and bring Corrington into a new age of science, and innovation. I'm actually quite proud of this one, although I'm not entirely sure if my portrayal of glue making is accurate. Either way I'm happy with it. C&C appreciated!
  11. Location: Arlinsport Tags: Medium Factory Arlinsport had a moderate WTC presence. And today a new factory was opening. Hat House by North White, on Flickr "Those damn yellow jackets said their product was going to be very important if we fight a war." Said the chief inspector. "So this mission might be our last..." The oarman said nothing, but looked concerned. Everyone knew the stories of the WTC. Hat House by North White, on Flickr The inspector disembarked. The factory was located on the outskirts of the city, along the great sea cliffs that surrounded most of the island. Hat House by North White, on Flickr A WTC elite greeted him. "I'm Mary. Welcome to our little establishment!" She said with an evil chuckle The inspector said nothing, and the two walked over and into the building. Hat House by North White, on Flickr "The WTC is proud to present the crown with a place for creating Shakos!" Hat house by North White, on Flickr "We take black cloth, and make hats!" Hat House by North White, on Flickr "Then shifty pete slaps a gold Corrington logo on them!" Hat House by North White, on Flickr The two walked out. "And all this is provided to the crown, free of charge. Because the WTC loves Corrington.™" And so, the WTC actually did something slightly Corrish for once. FIN Thanks for viewing my build! This will knock out half of the factory points required for Arlinsport to advance to the next level. It is also to be licensed by Arlinsport, if that can be arranged. Originally, this was supposed to be my second Charlatan Bay build, but well, I'm not sure if we're allowed to build there. C&C appreciated!
  12. The mysteries connected to the Malto affair had roused many a detective in Terra Nova, and amongst those the renowned Corlander investigator, Herlock Sholmes and his assistant Dr. John Hudson. This had led to a month of investigations and they were now discussing their findings in the office in Miller Street 2b, Arlinsport "First things first, Sholmes. The very heart of the mystery - the explosion." Dr. Hudson said. "I find myself stumped - who would do such a heinous thing?" "Elementary, my dear Hudson. Do you remember what the informant in Fuerte Unido told us?" "Of course - a group of merchants had met with a... contractor believed to be the saboteur... But he could not tell us of what they had spoken." Hudson exclaimed with a raised brow. "But what motive would those traders have? To stifle a competitor?" "Ach, the WTC hardly represents a threat to the Eslandian TC's." Sholmes interjected. "Remember the Eslandian reaction: It was the perfect excuse for them to send in troops." "Are you suggesting that Eslandola would cause such a tragedy for mere geopolitical gain?" Hudson protested. "It was most convienient, was it not? But no, there is no evidence whatsoever for an official act of subterfuge." Sholmes said, shaking his head. "But consider the nationalist zealotry of ambitious individuals, who understood enough to know that the official response would be to march in troops." "But they would surely have predicted that Bradley's troops would deny them access? I must confess that I am most sceptical, Herlock." "It is the only explanation that fits the evidence, dr. Hudson, and when you have excluded the impossible, what is left, however implausible, must be the truth!" He said with great conviction. "As to Bradley's reaction, the Eslandians are a sadly pragmatical bunch, very unaccustomed to the firmness of principle typical for Corlanders. I doubt they ever anticipated the insistence of our troops." "So Eslandians blew up the Wolf's Blood?" "It must be so." Hudson pondered for a moment, turning over the evidence in his head. It would seem that no other chain of event would explain the meeting between the saboteur and the Eslandian merchants. And who else had a motive for the explosion? It really was all too convenient for the Eslandians... Looking back at Sholmes, Hudson said triumphantly: "But why should the Eslandians knock Lorenzini on the head and prevent his escape? Haha!" "Well, to ensure his prosecution, surely." Sholmes retorted dryly, taking down Hudson's mood significantly. "However, nothing points to that - as you may remember, they aided his escape. In fact, we know very well they were not behind the assault!" "But..." "May I remind you of our findings in Arlinsport?" "Yeeeeeesssss?..." The doctor said, recollecting himself. "The drunken guard, you mean?" "The drunken guard who told us of Pennington's agent indeed! Recount, please." "I must have forgotten. An agent purportedly in Viscount Pennington's service is to have met with a mercenary." Hudson remembered. "A mercenary which was to go to Malto to thwart Consul Montoya's efforts with any means possible, I believe." "Indeed - and what better way than to assault Lorenzini, the uniting figure of the populace? It could easily have led to unrest, and discontent with the negotiations, undermining Montoya. And further, it was likely to lead to Lorenzini being incarcerated and prosecuted by the Eslandians, another stain on Montoya's name. And all this while appointing Captain Mesabi, a known thorn in the side of the Consul, count." Hudson frowned once more, rubbing his forehead. This was more complex than he cared for. "But what about the group of Priests and Monks we found to have been conspiring in Breshaun...It was my theory that they were hiring a saboteur?" "Our sources could never confirm any of this, you might remember." Sholmes interjected. "But consider the escape and capture of the Lorenzini impersonator. Does it not strike you as rather remarkable how swiftly the impersonator was apprehended? There is no concievable way the Consul's letter could possibly have reached Oleander authorities in time of the capture..." "However, as you may remember, he WAS captured!" "So he was - it was almost as if it was planned in advance..." "Now, Sholmes... You are certainly contradicting yourself..." "Imagine this: The Order of the Faith, or elements within, wishes to confound and confuse Corlander and Eslandian relations. Afterall, Corrington and Eslandola at conflict, perhaps even war, might be construed as advantageous to Olean interests." Sholmes explained. "Giving the impression of 'rescueing' Lorenzini and then having him 'disappear', while in fact abducting and torturing him for information about Corlander plans and strategies, would serve that purpose wonderfully." "Another case of convenient coincidence, perhaps?" "Convenient coincidence, indeed, Hudson, particularly when the Consul's letter arrived. Certainly, as it arrived they already knew that the man was not Lorenzini, having tortured him. But now they had an excuse and could publicly admit to having captured the man." "But who was he, then?" "We cannot know. But they claim he has admitted to be the saboteur, which is by no means implausible." "You have got me quite confounded, Sholmes. Care to explain again?" "Certainly. Eslandian merchants arranged the explosion on the Wolf's Blood to give Eslandian troops an excuse to enter the city. Shortly afterwards, Viscount Pennington's agent attacked Lorenzini, and appointed Mesabi Count, to sabotage Consul Montoya's efforts and sow discontent in the city. And then, the Order of the Faith lifted a man thought to be Lorenzini off the island, tortured him, and used the Consul's letter as a convenient explanation for their torture." "And you are quite certain this is what transpired?" Hudson asked sceptically. "Elementary, my dear Hudson. There is no other possibly explanation." "Although unlikely..." "When you have excluded the impossible, what ever is left, no matter how...." Sholmes said, before being interrupted by Hudson finishing the sentence in a slightly irritated tone: " matter how implausible, must be the truth... I know, I know!" __________________________________________________ Ended up being longer than I had planned, but it was fun to build - sorry for the wall of text - C&C is, as always welcome. :) I would like to donate the Temple build (a small cultural, Breshaun) to the Order of the Faith ( @Phred?), while the Arlinsport city gate will be licensed by Arlinsport.
  13. "Young men of Corrington," Rear-Admiral Fletcher boomed in his best quarterdeck voice across the plaza in front of the naval academy in Arlinsport. "It is with great pride that today we hand you your epaulettes and title you Lieutenants of the Royal Navy" "From this day on you are appointed officers in the finest navy of the Brick Seas, and it falls to you to ensure the future of the Nation and to bring glory and honour to Her Majesty's Royal Navy." "Remember that neither a title nor a set of epaulettes makes a good officer. All of you have served as midshipmen on her Majesty's vessels and know better than most that the men respect professionalism, courage, and proficiency. These are the qualities you must demonstrate on the quarterdeck." Fletcher looked at the young men in turn, his usually rather stern face struggling to conceal his pride in these young men who would be the oaken wall protecting her Majesty's interests in the years to come. A build for Corrington to increase our ship limit. It will be licensed as a small educational in Arlinsport. I find I quite like building these little scenes. As always, C&C is appreciated.
  14. Announcement from the Corrington Era II main thread: "Chaotic, haphazard, piecemeal and plain disordered" stated Brigadier Howe. "All words used to describe the army's current dispositions in Terra Nova. A most un-Corlander state of affairs. It will not stand Captain. We must immediately bring order to the situation." Brigadier Howe and Captain Wolf strode past the assembled guard at one of Arlinsport's large forts. With a polite nod at the guard commander, Brigadier Howe continued "Our first priority shall be to carry out a compete audit of land based military units in the new world. Then we shall review their dispositions and ensure they are best placed to protect and defend our possessions and react to any situation. Each settlement the size of town and above should aim to have their own colonial militia for constabulary duties and immediate protection. Crown units will be dispersed where we judge them most needed. I wish to have two battalion sized forces at central locations ready for a rapid response to emerging threats or situations." "Aye Sir, I have a preliminary list for your review" replied Captain Wolf. "Excellent work. Our second priority will be a review of fortifications throughout our settlements." "Yes Sir. Additionally we have received correspondence from Colonel Allcock in the paradise isles. He is growing concerned over the disappearance of Don Isaac Montoya, who was last seen heading to Tortuga for discussions with the notorious Sea Rat Captain Benjamin Morgan" "Hmm, our nearest sizeable force will be Major Bradley's battalion in Port Woodhouse. Dispatch correspondence to Colonel Allcock and Major Bradley authorising Colonel Allcock's use of the battalion for recovery operations if deemed necessary. I will discuss the deployment of a naval force with Admiral Fletcher. For now I am not too concerned. But we must be ready to act. This is the perfect example of the need to better organise our military forces." With that the two officers went their separate ways to carry out the Queen's business. ------------------------------- A build for the appointment of land commanders for Corrington in Era II, a scene from this MOC was used in the new Corrington Thread. Heavily inspired by @Sebeus I's scene from the Oleon front page (I Need to order some bright light yellow bricks!!!). Placed in Arlinsport but will not be licensed.
  15. Since the beginning of the colonial era, Arlinsport has been the seat of command for the Royal Navy operations in Terra Nova. Located in an elegant palazzo near the port, this is where the famous Corlander convoys and pirate purges have been planned. About a year ago, rear-admiral Samuel Fletcher was appointed commander of the Terra Novan operations, and has since then been in charge of all Royal Army and Royal Navy resources in the colonies. With the great success of Corlander explorers and diplomats, his responsibilities have increased with the increasing territory, and it is starting to take its toll on the rear-admiral. Thus, he has been granted leave to appoint a Royal Army counterpart to take over command of the land forces, and news have just reached him that such a man has been found. Now only the paperwork needed to be finished. That wasn't the only paperwork to get done, though. Her Royal Majesty had just issued a decree establishing a new noble order: "The Order of the Compass Rose", including stipulations that two prominent Corlander's were to be knighted for services rendered to the Crown. Certainly, such an honour would be welcomed by any Corlander, and drive others further in pursuit of similar greatness. Fletcher gave a rare, inward smile - These would be pleasant news to present. _______________________________________________________________ Just a little build (small culture) for Arlinsport to introduce rear-admiral Samual Fletcher, my leadership character, who has ever only been seen as a signature so far. Also, stay tuned on the Corrington faction thread to see who is to be knighted!
  16. Before departing Mooreton Bay, Major Dirk Allcock's agent in Arlinsport contacted him with the news that a small residence had been constructed there for Dirk's use when visiting the Colony. While not planning a visit to Arlinsport anytime soon, Dirk has heard rumours his younger brother may be travelling to Arlinsport to review Dirk's investments in the New World and decide whether or not to direct some of the Allcock family wealth into New World investments. Typical of the rows of terrace housing appearing in the colony, the house is a narrow property with a small street frontage which shares side walls with the neighbouring properties. A view of the back of the house. The house has three stories. The ground floor has a small sitting room and a small area for simple food preparation. The second level is a large room for entertaining guests, either for dinner parties or conferences. The top level is the sleeping quarters, with a large four post bed and an assortment of hats for a fashionable gentlemen! __________________________________ Licensed as a small residence in Arlinsport, Tiberia. While I have been away I have not forgotten BoBS! While I haven't had much of a chance to comment recently and my physical bricks are at home, I have had a chance to play around in LDD. It's been fun, having an unlimited supply of bricks is very cool. It's the first time I've rendered anything, and while it looks great, I feel alot of the detail is probably lost (although admittedly that happens IRL as well!). Looking forward to getting back to my real bricks, although I won't rule out future LDD builds!
  17. May 615, Arlinsport, Tiberia (Flashback: This takes place approximately a year ago, at the very beginnings of the rush to the new world.) Montoya was preparing himself, and, uncharacteristically, he was nervous. He was about to appear before the Society of Natural Philosophy. He had been personally encouraged by esteemed members he highly respected, and had now received the official invitation to become a full member. By any logic, he should feel confident. However, his acceptance meant he had to give an introductory speech on a scientific subject of his choice. The audience would be the members, some of the most prominent natural philosophers in the world, and Montoya was somewhat awed. His subject was one with which he was intimately familiar, and for which he had already achieved widespread acclaim, the Great Tiberian Sea Otter. His field studies were the first to fully describe the species and its behaviours. Yet, he was nervous. The society is a college of some of the finest zoologists, botanists, biologists, medicoes, and entomologists, as well as a multitude of other natural philosophers, many of them from the finer families of Corrington, and most of them affluent. As such, sizeable donations are frequently made by members and non-members alike, giving the society control over significant funds. These funds are mainly used to fund expeditions or experiments, or for other such measures the Society finds relevant for furthering the cause of Natural Philosophy. Having recently decided himself to purchase a ship… Vessel, he should say - His friend Cooke, a Captain of the Royal Navy, had often reproached him with the ridiculous notion that some ships were not ships at all! Sailors and their jargon! He was funding an expedition into the new world rumoured to hold such wealth, both to the natural philosopher, and to those of more worldly concerns. As such, he had every reason to stand tall before the Society. Yet still, he was nervous. He had taken refuge on the balcony of his residence in Arlinsport, and was now waiting for Cooke to arrive to follow him to the conference. Perhaps his friend's unwavering confidence on his worth as a scientist (if not a sailor) would keep his nerves in check… _________________________ The house was built by a wealthy merchant in Arlinsport's early beginnings, and was now situated in the midst of the city's finest quarters, conveniently only a few minutes from the Society's Tiberian Chambers. Incidently, this rich merchant was Montoya's Godfather, so apart from spending much of this childhood and youth here, amongst the interesting flora and fauna of Tiberia, he had recently inherited the house, as well as considerable wealth. Thus, this charming townhouse was now his home, and the home to many of his collections. The top floor had been converted to a study, and the warehouse at the ground floor now housed a multitude of specimens, most of them waiting to be described, catalogued, and dissected. ________________________ C&C is, as always welcome. In this and my next few builds, the story will be more elaborate than usual, so I hope it makes sense. Here, my purpose was mainly to introduce the Society of Natural Philosophy, which I hope in time will be one of the scientific fraternities recognised by the Crown of Corrington. (And then adding Royal as a prefix to the name! ) I intent to build for this Society in the Future, and hope to see it grow with more members (And donors... ) The building has been sitting around for a long time, in several iterations. First as a modular building for my city layout, then as a townhouse for GoH. However, it seemed to modern there and was thus discarded. Luckily, it fits perfectly here, I think, and will be registered as a small residence. Thanks for reading!
  18. Hi again, I've been busy for the end of the month! For my first plantation I've gone for what I think may be a slightly different approach. Tiberia is outside of the tropical zone and the information we have says that it is not suitable for typical cash crops. Being more temperate I've gone for a more traditional 'old world' type farm with a twist. The farmer's name is a nod to 18th century Swiss naturalist François Huber who pioneered our modern understanding of bees. Hope you enjoy! Also this is my third freebuild for February, so if you are not from Corrington, please feel free to show your approval!!! Dirk Allcock's third and final investment in Arlinsport is also his proudest. During his short stay he meet a very interesting character named Frank Huber. Frank and his young daughter had recently arrived in Arlinsport hoping for a better life after Frank's wife died in childbirth. Frank had it in his head to buy a small plot of land and farm lavender. He was convinced that there was a market for the dried flowers and oil amongst rich Corlanders to alleviate some of the awful smells of day to day life. While this idea held a certain appeal for Dirk, it was in fact Frank's ideas on bee keeping that made Dirk secure a small property just outside Arlinsport for the Huber family. Frank had a new design for a portable beehive that he believed would allow him to collect honey without destroying the bee hive and most importantly, the queen bee. Hopefully the combination of honey and lavender would make a wise investment.
  19. In every Corlander settlement, where sound scientific principles guide all aspects of everyday life, knowing the time of day is all-important. It guides meals, working hours, arrival and departure of ships and post-chaises, and sets the framework upon which meetings and the like can be coordinated. However, as timepieces are a costly affair, and often unwieldy to carry, most Corlander settlements have an office of the Department of Time, including Arlinsport on Tiberia. To outsiders, typically those from Oleon, these offices are often mistaken for temples, giving rise to many a surprise when seeking spiritual stimulation. Each office has appointed one Keeper of Time (a most respected position in Corrington culture), as well as a number of assistants, tasked with keeping the time. This is done through a series of measures, the most important being the daily noon-reading, where the sun reaching is highest point in the sky indicates noon. The clocks, timepieces and hour glasses of the office are then all reset according to this. However, the fine timepieces of Corlander engineering rarely needs adjustment, and the diligent attendance to the hour glasses of the assistants ensures great accuracy, so that even in periods where no reading of the sun can be made, time is kept close to perfect. Each hour is heralded by ringing of the big bell, while the small bell denotes the quarters. By these measures, Corlander settlements can be managed in a timely, scientific manner. _____________________ Thanks for looking, C&C is welcome. This is just a small build to utilize the free property license - I am going to license it as an artisan building, I think, considering that this is sort of a craft, more than a commercial service. It is mainly inspired by the church facades of so many small churches in Italy and Spain.
  20. Hello everyone, a small artesian build and my first property. I was very impressed by Mike S's modular style Amelia Street buildings and have attempted another in the same style. While his are obviously from the more wealthy and tidier part of town, I wanted a darker feel for what is supposed to be an (ever so slightly) seedy tavern! Not entirely happy with the result, but here it is. Oh, and in an unrelated note, this is my 100th post, and so I reach the dizzying heights of Eurobricks Citizen!!! Dirk Allcock's second investment in Arlinsport was a small tavern named 'The Captain's Daughter'. Some describe Tiberia as a gloomy place, but one thing is sure, it is full of sailors, soldiers, smugglers and adventurers, all of whom have a reputation as liking a good drink (or two... or four....). Surely investing in a tavern is a sure thing right?!!!
  21. Boat Yard at Arlinsport, Tiberia: