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  1. snefroe

    10278 Police Station

    it's great to finally have a police station for Afols, after so many decades love it! gotta have it! i do think it's a shame though, not to have a tiled floor on the first floor
  2. snefroe


    It looks like a great set, even though this is quit different from the initial ideas MOC. That's why I'm a bit disappointed. On the other hand, the entire concept is brilliant! , unfortunately also quit expensive. I'll buy it, out of nostalgia, no doubt
  3. hmmm... it won't be over, but I guess the climax will be over by then. In any case, i'm not going to book my flight untill later on.
  4. ah yes, towels and stuff, i need too... right? ... yeah... kinda need those too...
  5. hey Doc! i'd like to share that 8 plus room too, if there's still room :-) sne
  6. snefroe

    [PRESS RELEASE] 21318 LEGO® Ideas Tree House

    I think this is a great set however, the tree itself, needs some extra branches and leaves, IMO.
  7. Sorry to say that I can't make it. I was checking out prices for transport and they're a bit too high for me, for the moment. But I guess I'll see youu all next year inBillund
  8. it looks really great. it looks like the real thing, nicely detailed, great colors... i will get one
  9. I'd like to come too, just not sure how to get there, without a car ah yes, need to check with work as well... and do I even have enough money... hmmm... good question... I'll let you guys know...
  10. snefroe

    10264 Corner Garage

    hmmmm... not so fond of this set, really... quite disappointed, even. it just doesn't look as great as previous modular buildings
  11. looooove the classic space dudes aaaaand a new color too gotta get me a couple of these
  12. yes, that brings up a lot of memories. Lego-wise, 1979 - 1983 was more or less my "golden era". I also still have several comic books with Lego commercials like the ones you're showing here. I guess Lego was pulling out every penny it had to turn the Minifig-lego sets into a smashing success.
  13. snefroe

    Review 60198 Cargo Train (picture heavy!)

    great review! i have no doubt that this is an interesting set with lots of playability and building fun. the design is great too. unfortunately, this is what you get with every cargo train: a locomotive, and a couple of different coaches. what I would like to see is a cargo train with three or four coaches of the same type, and not these open flatbeds but coaches to transport coal or something...
  14. snefroe


    I think these houses are a great example of what you can do with Lego these days! well done!