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  1. snefroe

    Billund 2023 accomodation topic

    Lalandia accomodations would be fine, for me. Never stayed there before.
  2. snefroe

    Lego Ideas 90th Anniversary Fan Vote

    I agree... "castle" ruined Space's chance to win this thing... still, didn't they say, they would not necessarily do a set of the winning series? they can choose whatever they want out of these four candidates?
  3. snefroe

    Fragile Classic Space sets?

    Actually, you're right... I have the same problem with the lego bricks of late 70's to mid 80's. Especially the sides of plates easily break. Be very careful
  4. snefroe

    Lego Ideas 90th Anniversary Fan Vote

    I'm thinking it's political. Cowboys... Indians... hmmm... I don't see Lego coming out of that as a winner... remember the Osprey helicopter, a couple of months ago? The set was hardly released when consumer groups made such a fuss about it that Lego almost immediately redrew the set. I think they learned their lesson... but then... I didn't see Insectoids and UFO either... or maybe that would 've been "space overkill"... anyway, hoping for classic space keeping fingers crossed... because... with Lego... ... you really never know...... ... still, it would be awesome to get an "expert" 18+ set with a black cover and a blue-grey spaceship... still... even when Classic space wins and gets a set... I can see Lego doing something stupid... like creating a white colored space base and trans green canopies or whatever...
  5. snefroe

    Lego Ideas 90th Anniversary Fan Vote

    well i voted for classic space, blacktron, M-tron. First, i feel you should pick a "heavy weight", not just a theme that lasted for one year and didn't make any impression at the time. Second, we've seen several sets of pirates in the last 20 years. I really don't think Lego should use this format to produce yet another Pirate set. Then "Castle"... you know, if Lego were to release a "UCS castle set" of 300 euro with at least two classic factions, sure, i'd be happy and buy it... however, you can use the "ideas" format to do the same. In fact, they just released a "blacksmith"... so... ... i think it's time to get Space in the picture. Space never sold really well, it was never the most popular theme, in fact, that still seems to be the case, even though the classic space dude has become a cult minifig... But, i think many older fans are dreaming of a Galaxy Explorer 'reboot'... just for once, as a salute to the old theme. We also have not seen any reboot of blacktron 1 and M-tron for decades... A shame as well... so i voted for those three. However, I'm guessing hoping it's gonna be Classic space, Adventures and Castle (whatever theme). sne
  6. snefroe

    10278 Police Station

    it's great to finally have a police station for Afols, after so many decades love it! gotta have it! i do think it's a shame though, not to have a tiled floor on the first floor
  7. snefroe


    It looks like a great set, even though this is quit different from the initial ideas MOC. That's why I'm a bit disappointed. On the other hand, the entire concept is brilliant! , unfortunately also quit expensive. I'll buy it, out of nostalgia, no doubt
  8. hmmm... it won't be over, but I guess the climax will be over by then. In any case, i'm not going to book my flight untill later on.
  9. ah yes, towels and stuff, i need too... right? ... yeah... kinda need those too...
  10. hey Doc! i'd like to share that 8 plus room too, if there's still room :-) sne
  11. snefroe

    [PRESS RELEASE] 21318 LEGO® Ideas Tree House

    I think this is a great set however, the tree itself, needs some extra branches and leaves, IMO.
  12. Sorry to say that I can't make it. I was checking out prices for transport and they're a bit too high for me, for the moment. But I guess I'll see youu all next year inBillund
  13. it looks really great. it looks like the real thing, nicely detailed, great colors... i will get one