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  1. Piranha

    Marvel Superheroes 2015 Rumors & Discussion

    The Russo brothers (the directors of CW) confirmed she is in the film already.
  2. Piranha

    Marvel Superheroes 2015 Rumors & Discussion

    Press release for the Helicarrier will be on Feb 1st, depending on where you live when you read it, it could be the 31st. Just my guess.
  3. Piranha

    Marvel Superheroes 2015 Rumors & Discussion

    Loved the Ant-man trailer, thought it was awesome. Even more excited for the sets now.
  4. Piranha

    DC Superheroes 2015 Rumors & Discussions

    More summer DC sets is great news. I really hope we get a set with a well built Arkham Knight Batmobile, w/Batman and Arkham Knight in it. The game is coming out in June so it would be perfect timing. It was even featured in LB3 in the Batcave, hoping that was a teaser.
  5. Piranha

    Marvel Superheroes 2015 Rumors & Discussion

    Loving all the new Avengers sets. I am surprised how much I like the Hulkbuster, since normally I don't like those type of builds, it looks great and I think LEGO nailed it. The Quinjet is my favorite set, I did not like the 2012 one at all and passed on it even when it was on clearance, this one is much better and has really great minifigs. Avengers Tower looks good to me and I will get it since Iron Man is my favorite Marvel hero and I can never have enough suits/things related to him. Thor I wish had the armor printing on his metallic arms. Quicksilver is a must buy as he is my second favorite Marvel character. The fortress is honestly the weakest set to me so I might just get him on the aftermarket. Otherwise the best Marvel wave yet.
  6. Thanks for the pics, probably prelims but they confirm the list. On the box left to right: Unicorn Girl: Nothing new other than no design/print since this is a prelim. Snake Charmer: Bottom left is a new Cobra mold it looks like, sitting coiled. Turban looks two-tone. Disco Girl: No observations King: Awesome minifig, love the new cape, crown, printed legs and gold sword. Paleontologist: Confused at first but if you look closely this is that minifig. Tan legs, shirt is another of those short sleeve designs, hat/hair new mold combo piece, holding a bone and somehting else. Sheriff: Has a wanted poster. Really like this fig, didn't get the Robo Sheriff from the TLM Series so this is welcome. Lady Cyclops: Nothing of interest for me, pass most likely. Side of the Box, top to bottom: Egyptian Warrior: Looks awesome, like the design and another must have. Alien Trooper: Squid face. Unicorn Girl: Nothing new. Disco Girl: Nothing new. Overall this looks like another great series. With 7 more minifigs still to be revealed.
  7. That list is pretty much confirmed fake, although if there were ever a Thief, I would hope for it to be a medieval one like a member of the Wolfpack. The only other info on S13 other than the web store listings is from an LMO Wiki interview with a Funcom game designer. That means more historical, fantasy and Sci-Fi minifigs potentially.
  8. Piranha

    Marvel Superheroes 2015 Rumors & Discussion

    Wasn't Brickfan the first to bring us news about the UCS Tumbler? If yes, there is a good chance that is true as well. $300 is huge and awesome for AFOL's, and a good price point. I am glad they aren't skimping because this theme needs some good display models and the Helicarrier is perfect. I am guessing they are going to include in a ton of exclusive new characters or heroes like Moon Knight, Daredevil and other fan favorites. Really anyone would work.
  9. Piranha

    Marvel Superheroes 2015 Rumors & Discussion

    Thanks for that list. I knew we were going to get Avengers Tower, however I wish it was a $199 D2C. Will Marvel ever get one? No mention of Ant-man, could be included in one of the sets, or the set number hasn't been revealed yet.
  10. Piranha

    LEGO Star Wars 2015 Pictures and Rumors

    The Azure Angel? Never thought we would get that. A must buy for me and my personal favorite Delta JSF.
  11. Piranha

    DC Superheroes 2015 Rumors & Discussions

    Green Arrow in the Darkseid set! Supergirl and Martian Manhunter in the Brainiac set as well.
  12. Piranha

    LEGO Minifigures licensed series

    Star Wars, Marvel or DC would be awesome.
  13. How do we know the Director is from S13 and not just promo artwork?
  14. Piranha

    Marvel Superheroes 2015 Rumors & Discussion

    No. I do not like the bobblehead Flash and actually wish his head was just printed like Spidey and Cap.
  15. Those look great. I am going to have to track down quite a few.