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  1. metallifreak44

    Mystery FREE Raffle!

    I like free stuff...
  2. metallifreak44

    Lego Baywatch - New Theme!!!!!

    Hahahahah, that was awesome. I was generally distressed when I saw that. I'm just glad it was a joke. Kudos.
  3. metallifreak44

    Who are all the Pirate Lego fans on this board?

    I spent almost every dollar I earned in 6 months to buy every Lego set that was predominantly Imperial Guards/Soldiers. And I have a bunch of other Pirate sets as well.
  4. metallifreak44

    Amazing Church!

    Those churches are disgusting... in that they are amazing. *drool*
  5. metallifreak44

    Rare LEGO Limited Edition Pirate Model #4260546

    Glued... I still want one.
  6. metallifreak44


    I wish instead of bringing out a 4 + clock, Lego would bring out A NEW PIRATE LINE!!!!
  7. metallifreak44

    My creations & modifications of original sets

    I wish I had enough extra pieces (or the will to take apart my Pirate sets) to make MOCs that cool.
  8. metallifreak44

    Huuuuge Imperial Sculpture!!!

    I wish I lived in a fort like that. But, y'know... With indoor plumbing and good food and such.
  9. metallifreak44

    Theme of 2005!

    I would probably have to say Vikings were the best theme. It's an interesting theme, it's never been done before, there are some great sets, and Vikings in general are just awesome.
  10. metallifreak44

    Harry Potter 05: Caption Contest 1

    Is your wand a lightsaber blade? Wait a sec, Darth Vader never went to Hogwarts... No, no none of this is adding up!
  11. metallifreak44

    its a birthday

    Thank you everyone. I am glad to be 18 and hope to get more Lego than is healthy or accomodable by my house. WHOOO!!!!
  12. metallifreak44

    4 pirates go down on a big white Dick

    Hahahahahahahahahah! That MOC is so cool! That inspires me to recreate scenes like that. I need to make a Captain Jack Sparrow figure or something so I can recreate some Pirates of the Caribbean scenes.
  13. metallifreak44

    Custom LEGO Mermaids

    I always thought a cool idea for a Pirate set would be something to do with a shipwrecked Pirate or something who hallucinates a mermaid. And, a good looking one, not a fishy one like in Harry Potter.
  14. metallifreak44

    LEGO Pirates - fictional or realistic?

    I think the Pirate theme is fine the way it is. It would be kind of cool to have a mermaid or something for a bit of humour for a stranded swabby who's been in the sun too long, but monsters and stuff is going a bit too far.
  15. metallifreak44

    Favourite Imperial Faction!

    I like the Redcoats. They're so Army and commanding. Plus, they're inherently British....